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Found 68 results

  1. Hi, In may 2013 I got on a bus where I swiped my oyster card but somehow lost it on the bus, when the inspector came over to me I went to retrieve the oyster card from my bag but couldn't find it. I got off at the stop that I needed with the ticket inspector. I still couldn't find the oyster card in my bag and figured I must of dropped it on the floor. If the inspector wasn't so in my face and didn't distract me I may of found it on the floor/seat in time to show it to him before I got off. Anyway, the inspector took my details, and because I didn't want to have to pay an extortionate fine I gave him my old address, which was a bit silly because obviously they have tracked me down. So, thus far, letters have been sent to my old address including a summon to court. Obviously I didn't get these letters and now the fine has piled up to almost £500. The court hearing was heard without me being present. I have a few questions, I am grateful for any advice/help. 1. If I said that the person given the fine on the bus wasn't me, will they be able to prove otherwise? 2. I have actually been staying a few doors up from my old address, and was at the time of the fine, i.e. I was staying at number 1 and my old address was number 7. - My question here is as follows.. If I say to the court that actually when I wrote my details down I wrote number 1 which is where I was staying and that it is not my fault that they have seen this as number 7, which is my coincidently my old address, will they accept this? -bearing in mind I have no utility bills in the current address (number one) Again, any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  2. 2008 - Take out a mobile broadband contract March 2013 - Write to Vodafone UK to cancel contract April 2013 - Cancel Direct Debit August - Receive communication from Frederickson International on behalf of Vodafone that there was an outstanding amount of my account. August 14th - Contact Vodafone to be told my account was cancelled and Vodafone have no record of my request. I pay the outstanding amount and believe all to be ok. Sept 13th - Informed my credit file has been affected by 3 missed payments recorded against it by Vodafone. Sept 13th - Speak to Vodafone customer service who apologies and confirm that it will be removed in 48 hours. Sept 20th - Contact Vodafone customer service as missed payments still showing on credit file. Assured that this will be carried out in 14 days, express my disappointment and advisor goes away to confirm that it will be done instead within 7 days and to check daily and contact again in 7 days if still on. Sept 27th - Missed payments still remain contact Vodafone via forum and online form expressing concern and disappointment. Sept 28th - Receive communication from Customer Relations Team asking me to contact them on 08700740233. When calling I speak to advisor who explains that the 'missed payments' won't be removed and that no one should have advised me otherwise. The effect that this is currently having on me is significant. The mortgage offer that has been withdrawn as a result of the above was issued in relation to a property I am currently in the process of purchasing as my new home in November. As a new build property we had to exchange contracts in advance and therefore I have already paid £7,000 plus various fees in excess of £1,000 on the basis that I had a mortgage offer. Unless these late payments are removed from my credit file as a matter of urgency I will not be able to complete the contract in November and therefore I will lose the £7,000+ that I have already paid. I don't know what to do. I have asked the 'advisor' if Vodafone can guarantee that they have a process in place to prevent any external mail from going missing. They are unable to do this. Help!!!!! Jonathan
  3. hi Hope this is in the right section, basically i had a bill with british gas so they told me to pay in installments every month to clear the outsatnding balance, i was told that this wouldnt affect my credit file and i set up DD, payments were made and 1 payment was paid a few days late by card, and then also another payment was a week late.4 months apart i was told that it doesnt affect my credit file. i was checking my credit file and see i now have 2 missed payments on my file. i have contacted BG and they apologised for the information I was given and said theres nothing they can do i even went to the energy ombudsman who said they cant do anything and that bg offered me £25 compensation for the bad service. they tried to locate the recording of the information i was given b ut coulddnt locate it, so my tough luck my problem is i dont want £25 so i refused it and they couldnt close the case as i wasnt satisfied. i want to clear the late payments on my credit file as i was told by a bg rep that my credit file wouldnt be affetced i have never recived a t & c, or signed any agreemeent any options how i can sort this out thanks ang
  4. Hi. I found a part-time vacancy at a jobs fayre, in social care and was offered an interview (along with many others). The most they could offer IF I passed the interview, would be 20 hr per week. The problem is, I didn't realise there was help available and misunstood my adviser when he told me to check a council website for housing/council tax help. I didn't go to the interview, believing that I would only be living (and paying rent and all bills etc) on £100. If I hadn't mentioned the interview to him, he wouldn't have known but now I'm worried sick that I will get sanctioned. I have to see him next week and I'm dreading him asking me how it went. (I've already been sanctioned, back in June or being 15 mins late for an interview with him, so this would be 13 weeks) Please can anyone advise on what is the best thing to do? Many thanks for any replies - I'm worrying myself to the point that I haven't slept all night. x
  5. please help i moved out of a rented property two monthes ago and today the new tenent gave me a letter that was a court summonds for the 15/7/13 its now the 26/8/13 so i have missed me date i am in such a pankic as i dont know what to do or who to talk to is there anybody that can help me feeling very desperate.
  6. I injured my ankle back in 2007, it was originally diagnosed as a sprained ankle and damaged ligaments. I would like to point out that x-rays were taken before this diagnosis. I have been under the specialist at my local hospital, and i has come to light over the past couple of years that I had actually fractured my ankle in two places. I have undergone physio through the nhs, and also through nuffield health, but still have constant problems with my ankle. I cannot put weight on the ankle some mornings, and cannot walk any decent distances without experiencing pain. I don't understand how trained professionals can miss bone fractures? I have also had ct and mri scans on the ankle, but still nothing done by the nhs. Has anyone else had any experiences like this? I have put a complaint in with my local hospital, I am just worried what the future holds in regards to arthritis etc.
  7. Hi guys I just realised today is the day my car insurance premium comes out I have no money at all until the end of the month If i call elephant what should I say? If they could change the DD to 30th that would be great... i tried to do this online but it said i cant do if my payment is due in the next 7 days... Thanks for help
  8. Hi all Im desperate for help. GE Home lending are my mortgage company. I was being evicted last May 2012. I went to court and asked for a stay. I lost The day of eviction I appealed and won. I was told to pay the monthly fig and 140 of arreas. April 2013 I emailed GE asked to change DUE DATE. They messed this up. I asked for 5th of Month they sent letter after 31 the date they gave me. I didn't get letter in time to pay by 31. I made payment on the 4th the day I gave. I received a court app dated 2 May with was court stamped on the third May. going for possession. I made a complaint to GE stating they had given the wrong date. They had the hearing without my knowledge and got judgment. They had the 18th June as the eviction date TODAY. I have stopped this using the FOS complaint. What I am trying to find out is the law that say a payment is late or missed. I have asked GE but they wouldn't help. I need the exact information for my up and coming hearing if FOS complaint goes against me. They went for judgment 2 days after their new due date 31 April saying no payment had been made in April. This is true to a point but I had asked for a date change which went unchallenged by GE. Now they are using this to evict me. also they have charged me £560 for a repossession fee for 2012. A repossession that never took place. This is fraud but they wont do anything about it They have also put incorrect payments dates on my statement I have sent the proof of this but they refuse to change it. I have a complaint with ICO prin 4 but until the 2 dates are chaged it shows missed payments for Jan Feb and May June and with April as no payment it has given them grounds to evict. Please help On 20 April 2007, In the House of Lords, Lord Lucas asked Her Majesty's Government: (See under Crime Fraud) Whether a bailiff who repeatedly charges for work that has not been done commits a fraud within the meaning of Sections 1 to 5 of the Fraud Act 2006; and, if so, which sections of the Act apply; and whether it would be right for the police to claim that such an action is a civil and not a criminal matter. The Minister of State, Home Office (Baroness Scotland of Asthal): A bailiff or any other person who dishonestly charges for work that has not been done will be committing an offence under the Fraud Act 2006. It means if a bailiff has charged you fees in advance then you do not have to pay them. That includes "van fees" or "attendance" fees and other unusual fee descriptions then they may be committing fraud. This is confirmed in paragraph 62 of Complaint numbers 95A01890 and 95A04826 against London Borough of Ealing the Local Government Ombudsman decided the bailiff is not entitled to charge a van fee when no goods have been levied. If a bailiff company is training bailiffs to defraud debtors then the directors of that company are guilty of an offence under Section 993 of the Companies Act 2006 and/or Section 8 of the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861. LIkewise, the Local Government Ombudsman is under a duty to refer fraud cases to the Serious Fraud Office, paragraph 33 of the Local Government Ombudsman's report into Complaint number AB CDE FGH against Huntingdonshire District Council February 2013 See Also: Daily Telegraph
  9. Had brokers fee taken from myloan, I don't even remember using them and certainly didn't get any referral or loan as a result of them I stupidly put in my card details thinking they were a lender. So their t & c state 14days to cancel, now it was almost 2 weeks before they took any money and I realised what I must/could have done. Pretty convenient waiting 2 weeks. I've missed my chance to contact them in writing, although I did email them in time, within the 14 days, although as you can imagine, no response from email, do I have any hope, can I show the FSO the email? Total crooks.
  10. Hi, I'm new here and was just wondering if someone could give me a little advice please. I've been on Job seekers since May 2012, on the 12th of April I had my usual sign on and interview, the advisor can be a bit temperemental, some days she's super nice and others she's horrible.Well at my last interview she more or less told me I'm' weird'. I already have confidence issues as well as really bad anxiety and this upset me deeply, I almost cried sitting there. Anyway she told me she was going to phone me for a phone interview the following Friday (not sure what for to be honest, she never says much when I'm in the room with her), thing is I missed the call, and didn't know I'd missed it until Friday evening. Me being anxious with bad panic attacks I've been too scared to phone and explain that I'd left my mobile on silent. She also wanted me to attend this thing on Wednesday (24th) about interview techniques, however I live more than 20miles away from the JC and couldn't afford to go down. It also seemed pointless as I'm quite intelligent, just shy and nervous. I'm now scared that I've messed up. She didn't give me a letter saying I had to do either of the things, just that I might benefit from the interview technique thing. Can she sanction me for missing the phone interview? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi Everyone, I recently reviewed my CRF from 2009 and noticed i had missed a MBNA loan that had PPI I think (thanks Nationwide) Ok details of loan Initial amount £5000 Period 72 months Monthly repayment £113.95 APR 7.9% So using CAGS Loan analysis spreadsheet if I didn't have PPI my APR would have been 19.5% I think not so I therefore had a higher initial amount and hence a one off PPI premium. Strangely I claimed back PPI on a CC in 2011 they never told me about the loan PPI or included anything about it in my SAR dated 2009. Naughty MBNA. Ok so using CAGS spreadsheet in reverse the initial amount comes out ~£6560 an eye watering 23.7% PPI element (egg still hold the crown for me with nearly 29%) This works out to approx £27 per month on PPI. I will send a spreadsheet breakdown with each payment as usual. 1. The PPI was very expensive 2. I was never made aware that PPI could have been purchased from third parties much cheaper. 3. My job would have paid sick pay for 6 months. 4. Prior to sale I was never asked if the policy was suitable for my needs or told of a cooling of period. 5. I simply was not given enough information to make an informed decision about the policy and its suitability for myself and my needs. 6.On early settlement of the loan the full rebate of the PPI premium was not refunded. 7.The PPI was pre-selected on the loan application (online) 8.The loan agreement had PPI applied and hence I felt locked it to purchasing it. 9. The site indicated that it was a good idea to purchase PPI. Thanks PT
  12. We are currently paying BH £130 a week (TV, washer, sofa, laptop and fridge freezer), I have worked out that in OSC we are paying a whopping £18.95 a WEEK! I have read we don't need this as everything comes with a warranty, which it does as TV, washer and fridge freezer all came with them from the manufacturer. Plus the £9.08 a week for DLC. We don't have home contents insurance, and were told we need DLC because of this, also we were misled in to accepting the OSC on everything. I know we can cancel the OSC, but can we cancel the DLC as well? And can we claim back everything we have paid in regards to both? If we do cancel them (or just the OSC) and claim everything back, is it likely BH will terminate our contracts and want the items back? Any advice is really appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hi, A while ago I attended my GP because I was ill. They did numerous blood tests and said I was fine. I kept getting worse and going back, which only seemed to convince the GP that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was some kind of malingerer. I am self employed and was too ill to work so I asked, several times, to be signed off sick and he refused. A little less than a year passed from my first attendance and it was discovered that someone had overlooked a blood test I'd had when I first went that proved I was indeed ill. I then went to another GP and explained the problems I'd had and she agreed that I must have been unfit for work during the time the blood test had been overlooked and signed me a backdated sick note for that period. Obviously during that time, because I'd had no option, I'd still been registered as self employed even though I'd hardly been able to earn anything. Now I am being told that the sick note isn't really worth anything. That I can't claim backdated benefits even though I should have been entitled to them at the time due to my GPs oversight and in reality I was very sick indeed. Can anyone shed any light on where I could get the correct advice or help - solicitors are no good, they are only interested in 'causation' not negligence.
  14. Hi, I'm new to this and forums, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. My ET1 was accepted. The employers submitted an ET3. Due to 'an administrative error' (Employment Tribunal's phrase), there has been a very long delay between my being physically attacked by my employers and the submitting of forms by them and the employers. I have literally just received the hearing and due process dates and today I have received a letter from my now ex-employers' solicitors, asking for an unbelieveable amount of information, that I would have to get together by this coming Monday. It would take me more than three days under perfect circumstances, but I am on new medication, from the GP, and have been referred to crisis intervention and a psychiatrist, as well as other health care professionals, as in their words, I am very ill, due to the stress of the attack, incidents leading up to the attack, subsequent court case and continuing intimidation and threats. I am too ill to get this replying information in this time frame. How do I word an email to the Employment Tribunal people, to ask for an extension, to get myself together enough, to answer all these questions? I am also suffering side effects from the medications and clinical depression. Also, I have been asked by the tribunal people to describe my disability (also present at the time of employment) under some kind of regulation rules. Do you know how I do this please? I take about ten medications to maintain my hormone levels, including Metformin as I am pre-diabetic and I am diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, which is triggered by things like stress, including someone trying to kill me. At some point, I will post a full explanation as to what happened, but I need to first remove the stress of being expected to answer a whole heap of intricately detailed questions by Monday. Thank you for taking time to read this; I hope it makes sense (it's hard to concentrate at the moment) and if anyone answers, I thank you, in advance, for your help. If possible, I think I have to ask for the extension today. C
  15. Hi, I took my Triumph off the road in 2003 and informed DVLA it was SORN. I thought that was that until I wanted to tax it again. Wrong!! I read in the press that new rules insist you declare SORN every year otherwise your car could be crushed!!! This is where it starts. Informed DVLA in 2011 I wish to renew SORN, they can't find any record of my car and want V5, birth certificate etc to reunite my car and me. DVLA sent confirmation of SORN but did not return V5. After a couple of letters and about 6 months I receive a new V5c to my disgust, wanted my old one back. Anyway I was happy because now everything was legal again. Then the June 2012 deadline passed and I completely forgot to declare SORN again as there was no reminder. This was until I received a late licence penalty in Sept. This is when I made my mistake, I told them I didn't want it taxed, didn't have insurance or MOT and the vehicle is off road, and submitted a late SORN.....If only I had said I had posted it.....But I guess I'm too honest! I now face a fine and arrears of duty for a car that has not seen tarmac since 2003. If I take this to court, do I have a leg to stand on? Or should I just pay-up?
  16. Hello. About 12 months ago I told t-mobile that I was starting a new job and I would be a few days/week late with my payment and they said that is was fine. Anyway I have recently checked my credit report and it says I have a missed payment for 2 months because they carried it on for 2 months. Do I have a case here? if so what should I do? Thanks.
  17. Hi all I have pretty bad credit, 8 defaults (yes I was very stupid in the past) and luckily they will all of fallen off by March next year so happy days! I now have a Halifax account and so far they have been brilliant with me and ive had no issues. My problem is with my old HSBC basic account that I had as a emergency account for my wages before the Halifax was opened. I misses one direct debit to my car insurance which was a couple of pounds short (stupid I know) and then checked my credit file a month later. It says im 1 payment late with a balance of zero?? My first issue is that its a basic account with no borrowing of any kind, just a cash card that can only be used in a hole in the wall so why is it on my credit file? My second issue is that I am aware that if I have a agreement in place i.e. a loan paying £100 for 12 months and I missed a payment that would show a 1 payment late. But why does a missed DD or standing order now get recorded? Is it because you dont get charged for missed DD's with a basic account so they try to f*?k you another way? I have many many missed payments over the years where I have payed a couple of days later and never had this problem, is this just a basic HSBC account thing? Any help would be much appreciated James
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