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Found 68 results

  1. Hi all Our car insurance has charged us £25 missed direct debit fee because there wasn't enough money in our account to cover the insurance payment , this wasn't our fault and as caused by sky,they didn't warn us that our payment to them doubled as our special offer had ended and it clashed with the motor insurance payment. Is there any point in trying to get the fee waived or not. Thanks for any replies
  2. Hi there, Hope somebody can help? About a month ago/6 weeks? I was shocked to open a letter of intended prosecution, in relation to an alleged 'speeding offence' where I was caught on camera, doing 38 in a 30 zone. I was also surprised, that the paperwork, indicated that this had been the third notification, that had been sent to me and they wanted me to identify myself as the driver and plea by post - giving a time scale of 14 days or so, to respond. Failing to do so would result on the matter proceeding in Court anyway etc I gathered my thoughts and set about completing the relevant information and signing as required - returning promptly via post. I gave the matter no further thought really. However, to my horror - I have received notice from the Court that it had been dealt with, in the absence of my submission /prosecution papers. They have fined me £811.00 for payment straight away and 6 points on my license. I am mortified - I am in receipt of welfare/disability benefits and cannot afford to pay this money to the Court. Is there anything I may be able to do to rectify this situation, maybe write to the Court that have issued these penalties and explain circumstances and events - in the hope of their showing some leniency and perhaps amending the penalty and allowing me a reasonable time in which to pay this to the Courts? I really don't know where to start? Any hints or suggestions would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance!?!?
  3. Hiya, I would really appreciate some advice on my specific situation. I have been a member of x4less since may 2015 and have paid my membership by direct debit with no problems until my latest payment (may 2016) I didn't leave enough money in my bank account and the direct debit bounced. My bad . Yesterday I received a letter from Harlands saying they are going to take £9.99 (instalment amount) and £25.00 (admin fee) on 2nd June. I have been reading through the forums and know that these admin fees are not enforceable. What is the best way to go now? I am thinking cancel the direct debit asap. I also now want to cancel my membership. Any advice on the best way to go about this would be appreciated. Thank you Emz87 :)
  4. Mystery missed call on your mobile? It could mean a bill for hundreds of pounds as new phone [problem] hits Mobile phone regulators and operators have warned that customers are being be left with bills running to hundreds of pounds after receiving mysterious missed calls that then trigger outgoing calls to premium rate numbers lasting several hours. The communications watchdog Ofcom said it was looking into cases where huge bills had been generated from calls to 0845 and 0843 numbers following missed calls to the victims that were not answered. Several instances reported by the Daily Mail involved calls to claims management firms that pursue flight delay compensation. In the cases detailed by the newspaper, the premium rate calls lasted up to 12 hours and generated bills of up to £300. The report said all cases seen by the newspaper involved Vodafone. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/mystery-missed-call-mobile-could-145434862.html?cache=clear
  5. I purchased for 15,000 euros for a market sales wagon (a Fiat Ducato van, fitted with cooling units, shelves and such). Prior to the purchase I paid for a "car inspection" and purchased the van on the basis of a generally favorable review. However, the review missed the fact that the van was completely rusted underneath. It was purchased 2-3 weeks ago. I do not see how the inspection missed this. As the inspector's request, the van was taken to a garage so that he could see everything underneath (this was expensive as the license plates and insurance had lapsed, so needed to buy for short term transport). It is so rusted underneath, it is requiring 10 hours of welding work. On the report, it is stated that there is minor rusting under edge of one door. Not that the entire thing is completely rusted underneath. For what it may be worth, the garage has taken photos. All this was done in Germany by ADAC (local equivalent AA / RAC). I know that the forum is UK oriented, but I cannot post on the German forums (I speak almost no German) and hope that the advice for the UK is likely applicable to me in Germany. So, is this simply a case of bad luck for me or do I have any legal rights? Thanks for any advice on what I can or should do? Regards, Doug
  6. Mystery missed call on your mobile? It could mean a bill for hundreds of pounds as new phone [problem] hits Mobile phone regulators and operators have warned that customers are being be left with bills running to hundreds of pounds after receiving mysterious missed calls that then trigger outgoing calls to premium rate numbers lasting several hours. The communications watchdog Ofcom said it was looking into cases where huge bills had been generated from calls to 0845 and 0843 numbers following missed calls to the victims that were not answered. Several instances reported by the Daily Mail involved calls to claims management firms that pursue flight delay compensation. In the cases detailed by the newspaper, the premium rate calls lasted up to 12 hours and generated bills of up to £300. The report said all cases seen by the newspaper involved Vodafone. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/mystery-missed-call-mobile-could-145434862.html?cache=clear
  7. Hi guys I was just wondering if people are still having success with reclaiming all of sharkleys hideous fees etc from times gone by. It's sort of my own fault for not getting round to doing this sooner.....but at the time I didn't know about it, and it completely just went off my radar while my finances were a mess. I've just received my old statements bank from Barclays. I've just gone through and worked out that I was charged a total of £826.00 over an 11-month period in stupid reserve usage fees, returned transaction fees and guaranteed transaction fees. As you probably guessed I was up to my neck in debt, had payday loans galore and was in massive, massive trouble. The shame of admitting this to my other half and family was too much, so I buried my head for a while, until I finally fronted up to the problem and a relative kindly lent me some cash to remove this reserve and get me out of the cycle. This was back in 2011 (so a while ago), but I still feel its relevant. I'm still in some debt now, and although I'm not in any trouble, this year of torture made me fall behind on other payments that got missed, defaulted etc. Any advice?
  8. Hi I was made redundant at the end of May and had enough foresight to take out redundancy insurance. The insurance people want the claim form signed by the JobCentre (fair enough), but trying to get them to do this is proving v frustrating as they won't do it until I'm "in the system". This means it looks like I won't have enough to pay the full mortgage this month. Any advice on if I should contact Capstone or what will happen if I miss a months payment. Cheers. p.s. It looks like I could have got a job with the council (fingers crossed), but they're taking ages to confirm it and get the documentation out. Can't believe how slow the public services systems are
  9. Hi, Not sure if i'm in the right place. I have revisted an old property recently and found a ccj for an old orange debt passed to lowel. With Brian Carter acting on behalf of them. The ccj was issued in December 2014 for the debt of £733 and i was ordered to pay £50 a month. This is nearly 12 months old and Carter is in a right flap, obviously. The address correspondence has been sent to, i own, and is rented out. The tenants say no bailiffs have been around. I can't understand why?, if it's nearly 12 months ago. this is my second ccj the first one for £1000, i was ordered to pay it immediately. I didn't have the money so i ignored and heard nothing more about it. I owe around 40k to various, whom i have agreed repayment plans with. Anyone have an idea what Carter will do next if i don't pay? Can he get a charging order on my house? And why has he not taken more steps after nearly 12 months? Many thanks if anyone can give me guidance.
  10. A simple order placed with Parcel2go this past Saturday evening (18/8/12) with Yodel48 meaning the item was scheduled for collection on Monday, and delivery by Wednesday. They didnt turn up. A bit frustrating, but I knew the drill by now, having a missed collection was common. 3 out of about 10 previous orders, the first collection attempt failed. As usual I speak to their customer support Live Chat. They agree to upgrade the service to a 24-hour City Link service, ensuring Wednesday delivery. Since the same thing happened with my previous order with Parcel2Go, I expected this as standard, and wanted to know what they would do about the fact that I had 2 missed in a row. All they did was try to convince me that I was better off with the "upgrade" since this was now a "guaranteed" service. I hadn't gained anything, they couldnt prioritise an early collection, I was offered 10% off my next order, which equates to £1.00. This was eventually changed to 50% which I said I would reserve judgement on using depending on the service I recieved. Tuesday, the second day waiting in for this to be collected. The GUARANTEED collection by City Link never happens. Yodel48 turned up (a day late) but I can't hand it over as that collection was cancelled and parcel now has City Link delivery label on. Another wasted day waiting in and another evening spent talking to Parcel2Go Live Help. All I get is an apology, and a re-arranged collection for the next day. This is not goodenough, even if they collect Wednesday and deliver Thursday, that is still later than orignally scheduled, and doesnt make up for inconvenience. I am not interested in waiting in again, and demand a refund. They eventually agree to refund me. I also have to prompt them that their next step should be to give me a 100% discount code so they can prove to me that they can actually get this job done. Eventually they agree. I re-book the collection using the code, so it's FREE. It's nice to get something free, I leave on good terms thanking them, and feeling satisfied with their resolution. Wednesday comes, 5:30 deadline rolls around. NOT COLLECTED!! I ring City Link direct, I get told driver is still out and we are on his list, he is working late. I am told that previous day collection failed because driver claimed no access to road (blatant lie, 2 ways into street from 2 major high streets). Nobody turns up. I speak with City Link on Thursday, the driver is now claiming to have attempted collection at 3pm on Weds. Another lie, there were 2 people in, our bell is loud and works, no card was left. I understand that the delivery driver is at fault. But Parcel2Go are responsible. Simply re-arranging collection at this point is not enough. They offer me nothing else. Whilst waitng in for a FORTH day on Thursday I become angry out of frustration, they cancel my order, ban me from their Live Chat and walk away. Customer expecting this on Wednesday, I still have it on Thursday!!! Pathetic Service. I am disgusted that this company, faced with a justifiably angry customer, chose to wash their hands of it. I am a reasonable person, I do not lose my cool easily, and try to reason with people rather than have an argument. But when a company just takes the stance of "we can't do that sir", "all we can do is re-book you collectioin sir" that is not offering a resolution, it is not understanding the situation, and it is so frustrating to deal with. When the collection was scheduled for Monday, and it is now THURSDAY, and their GUARANTEED service has failed twice they should be doing more than offering me yet another day waiting in. If they had good customer service they would be either 1) priortising the collection for early morning 2) covering my petrol/time expenses and tell me to drop off at thie depot (One hour away), or 3) Give another discount for a future order. Any of these solutions would have been acceptable, and would have stopped me losing my cool and giving them the easy way out. All they offered was just "all we can do is re-book your collection, and we can't specify a collection time". They couldnt wait to take the easy route out and cancel the order. They should have understood that I had more than good reason to be angry, had been pushed to boiling point by their horrendous service, and been determined to at least complete this order. They take the easy route, and walk away because their service failed. I feel like my entire week has been ruined by this, and now they won't even take responsibilty and sort it out. I now have to re-book the collection with a different company for Friday, and it wont be delivered until next week. Meaning I have an unhappy ebay customer, I have also lost the "free order" because that is the order that they cancelled. So, I have received no compensation, no good will gesture, absolutely nothing, just a refund and cheerio. Absolutely disgusting company.
  11. Hi,hope someone can help,last oct(2012) i missed an apointment for a medical assesment because i got my dates mixed up.April(2013) I attended my reschedulled appointment but the medical asseser said she wasnt qualified to give a decision on my condition and i would have to attend again and see someone who could I got an appointment for 10am 24/10/2013 about a month/6 weeks before the date,then i think it was about the 6/10/2013 I recieved what i thought was the same appointment,and a "cancellation of app" letter,but the app was for 20 mins later,now because i misread the letter and didnt attend the app there stopping my benefit. they have told me there is no appeal,but i can request that they reviewe my reasons for not attending, can anyone tell me if the 2 missed app ruling still aplies if there not consecutive,or any other advice would be helpfull ] Thanks
  12. Hi, I've just joined Cag after stumbling here with the help of Google I have missed the last 3 months of payments to Very due to a number of circumstances mainly just my own stupidity to be perfectly honest... I am now in a position to start to pay some of the debt off they have put a number of charges onto my account (late fees, telephone call charges etc.) which has pushed me beyond my credit limit on my account (I daresay they will charge me for that as well?) I have been looking on the site and reading other peoples posts and so far I think what I need to do is this Contact Very.co.uk and suggest a payment plan and ask that they stop all interest and charges due to financial hardship Send a Full Subject Access request to find out how many of these fees I have paid over the life of the account Send letter to re-claim these fees? They have also been calling me every day for the last 2 months (call blocker on the mobile is a wonder!) I'm also answering the next one and telling them I will be corresponding only by letter and then sending the Harrasment by telephone template Is there anything I have missed or would also be good to do? Many thanks
  13. so back in august i had an appointment for a meter change,sat in and no one bothered to turn up. called them to be told that someone had cancelled the appointment the day after it was booked even though i had a letter confirming date/time etc dated 4 days after the day i booked the appointment. anyway,they said i'd get £22 cheque because no one turned up...okay great i thought. i was dealing with the CEO's office for something else at the end of september,and i just happened to mention the cheque as it hadn't turned up to be told that the person who said they'd issue it on the phone hadn't bothered. The person from the CEO's office put it through to be sent out at that point. receive a letter on the 16th october saying i'll receive the cheque within 10 working days,nothing had turned up so called them. issued another cheque to me,told to wait 7 days if its not arrived call back. again nothing so phoned back,cheque issued again last monday and was told if it didn't arrive by friday to call,friday comes and nothing to another phonecall. person said oh wait til tuesday,yesterday nothing came. gave them an extra day and nothing arrived so called them to be told the cheque will be issued for the fourth time. im getting sick of this,its been going on since august. its always me chasing it up. where can i go from here? it may only be £22 but thats a lot for me and it was going straight on to the gas considering its getting freezing these days. so frustrated. sorry for going on a bit.
  14. I missed the first payment of £18 (wasn't told when it would be taken out so didn't have money in that account to cover it!) They have sent a letter stating that they are charging a returned payment fee of £30 in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement and the following line states "In addition to this, a default penalty of £15 has been charged to your account in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement"!! lol Are they serious!? its ridiculous really. There is no issue of affordability of the monthly payments, they have since taken that months payment and the following months payment together with the default charges. I took the finance out on some bike stuff to avoid the wife going mental when she saw another large expense on them going out haha but the whole agreement was for only about £490 and they charge nearly 10% on a default. I've written citing unjust enrichment and will await their response but has anyone else had such dealings with them? I know some companies take the mick with default charges but this seems a bit much even for others standards!!
  15. Hi there, I have an online account with Next Directory and a monthly standing order set up. I realised last week that my standng order for the past 2 months had not quite covered the minimum payment required. Once I realised I contacted Next and brought the account back up to date. Whilst I realise this was my error, and I accept the £7 charge (per month) for not making the minimum payment, I disagree with the 2 'missed' payments that are now reflected on my credit file. I have contacted Next to discuss this and explain that this isnt a case of 'missed' payment, it was an error on my part for not checking and subsequently increasing my standing order to pay my monthly bill. I was spoken to by Customer Services in a very patronising way, when I tried to reason with her and request that they re-consider the data held against me, she point blank refused to assist in any way. My credit score has taken a massive hit based on what can only be described as human oversight as apposed to shirking responsibility for paying my debts. This is creating a bigger strain as I am currently in the process of applying for a mortgage, these supposed missed payments are effecting my creditworthiness. Can anybody offer any advice here? Many thanks in advance.
  16. Hey! I joined Lifestyle Fitness on the 08/07/2014. When Harlands debited my account on the 08/08/2014, I was unfortunately short of money this day and the direct debit was returned. Unaware I received a letter from Harlands days later notifying me that the payment had not gone through and that I would incur a fee on top of the £17.99 direct debit, which I was more than happy to pay for my own recklessness. Unfortunately on the 21/08/2014 Harlands made a direct debit of £30.49 and on this occasion I was short by a couple of pence and my direct debit was returned yet again. I realised immediately and was very embarrassed to find out that this had happened a second time! I contacted Harlands to apologise and ask if it would be possible to arrange for the money to be taken out again. The woman who I spoke to on the phone was very polite, understanding and reassured me that it was fine because I contacted her straight away. I received no more letters from Harlands during September or October. As far as I was concerned money was in the bank and direct debits where set up to come out of my account as they where arranged to be. However, on the 27/10/2014 I received a letter from CRS explaining that my membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to me. I have not received any letters from CRS it came as a total shock when this letter came notifying me that my account balance was an astonishing £320.13. Confused, I decided to contact CRS on the 28/10/2014. The man who I spoke to was extremely patronising and condescending. He assured me that it was my fault, despite the fact that I had spoken to somebody at Harlands and had arranged for them to debit my account again. I want to continue my gym membership. It is a 12 month contract, I have only paid for 1 month so far! I want to reinstate my direct debit and pay Lifestyle Fitness back for the months that haven’t been debited from my account. The man on the phone explained that I could either pay them £320.13 and be free from my gym contract and that I could set up a payment plan that incurred more fees. £2.50 charge every time I make a payment. Total nonsense. I explained I didn't want to leave the gym and he said that it would cost me £44 per month instead of £17.99 per month. Again total nonsense. I am appalled at how quick CRS have been to add their admin charges without warning! When I explained to the man over the phone that I hadn’t received any letters previous to the one I received on the 29/10/2014, he told me that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t notified anyway and that I still had to pay the fee because it was my fault. I found this obnoxious, rude and pretty unfair seeing as though I had actually made an effort immediately having realised payment hadn’t went through and was mislead into thinking that another direct debit had been set up. I have decided not to discuss anything further over the phone and I have written out a letter explaining this that I will send by recorded delivery to both Lifestyle Fitness and CRS/Harlands or whatever they decide to call themselves tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has any advice they can give me I'm only 21 and I've never really dealt with anything like this before! Thanks Roxanna
  17. Hi. my frind had 4 PCN`s issued by 2 different councils, he did`t pay them within 14 days and now they want him to pay about £180 for each. Is there any way to reduce the penalty to its original reduced amount? if anyone could help resolve this issue will be nice as he is got financial problems now and would like to resolve this issues but due to financial hardship he can`t afford to pay nearly £800. thanks in advance
  18. Hi I have a 11 month old female beagle puppy, I noticed her front legs bowed slightly and asked my vet about it, who just said she might be a beagle cross which could explain the front legs looking odd. She then starting limping about a month ago and I noticed her right foot was twisting when she walked!! My vet said she must have sprained her leg, I questioned the bowed legs again and was dismissed with pain relief and told to come back in a week or so if she's still limping!! He noted that her leg was deformed but didn't seem bothered! I went back after a week and saw my normal vet who NOW seemed very concerned and said she wants to refer me to Davies hospital (Who charge a fortune and demand payment immediately or they wont help!) I wasn't happy with this, as my vet still hadn't done any tests or xrays and just seemed to pass the buck! I went to another vet for a second opinion, one who came very highly recommended! He examined her, and said it was worse than I first thought and would probably need surgery to correct. they did blood test and xrays of all her bones as it could be a bone disease, they came back that both front legs are deformed and need immediate surgery, she also has advanced hip dysplacia!! He has had a online conference with the UK leading vet's who all criticised him for not picking it up earlier, he then explained it wasn't his mistake! Basically this should have been picked up months ago, and if it had it would have saved her surgery and pain!! Plus it would have saved me £1000's Can I complain or get some financial help from my previous vet?? Thanks for reading, I will keep you updated as we go Niki & Bailey (Beagle Pup)
  19. Dear all I took 3 court actions against hsbc based on BCOBS unfair treatment and breach of data protection act as well as breach of contract The deadline of the witness statements was on 17th July which I (claimant) provided them within the deadline I received a letter on 19th July dated on 17th asking me by CPR 3.8 extension of this deadline I gathered some information on the internet and this website and responded to them the following (as I did not want to be seen who is not co-operating but at the same time I don't want to allow them to get away with their mistake as thee is no valid reason given) "The claimant may wish to not oppose your request of extension however at the time that claimant received your request (19th July) the deadline had already expired. According to the claimant's interpretation of CPR; 3.8 (as you mentioned in your letter) might have not been effective in our current position unless the court were persuaded therefore any extension is a matter for the court at this stage" So they ignored this part of the letter and they provided their statements and last one I received yesterday, the court is on 31st July So far they have not filed any application to the court What do you recommend? Shall I provide these correspondence to the court? Regards
  20. Hello I agreed to take part in a mandatory sector based work academy placement that I didn`t have to agree to but I took the opportunity to agree as it was only for 1 week. The big question is on the 4th and 5 th day I was and still am having some serious personal trouble at home. I sent an email to one of the work programme staff at the centre to let them know that I was having personal trouble and I received an email saying "OK Kevin," in that exact format. I saw my work coach advisor the following week and he never said anything to me but I did tell him I was/am having trouble at home and told him exactly what face to face but that was it. The sector based work academy ended approx 3 weeks ago and I haven`t heard anything about being sanctioned or received a letter asking me questions about what the reason was and I do get paid Universal Credit in a week. In the past I have received letters when I have informed them about a change in my circumstances and have also been told by letter when there was a slight rise in Universal Credit payment and when there the local jobcentre gave a wrong appointment date and I received a letter asking me questions why I did attend on that day which went in my favour due to the jobcentre admitting it was a fault on there part. I still feel uneasy and anxious maybe its due to matters at home but a touch of it is because I keep thinking I will be sanctioned and not receive anything next week on my Universal Credit. Really sorry on the long winded message on this issue. I`m just in fear if I have been sanctioned or could still get sanctioned as this whole system confuses me.
  21. I have given my goods back to Brighthouse, due to me not having the money to spend on it, but now im in a safe financial state, I would like to ask if I can have my goods back. Im not sure sure if they have sold it on, or they kept it. Its obviously to late to ring and ask. So wondering if someone on here could shed some light on what they have done with the goods. Thanks.
  22. Hi, I'm on JSA and currently attending the Work Programme at Ingeus. My question is about my JSA Agreement, I looked through the site yesterday and the replies to a similar question just confused me as there were so many different answers. My JSA Agreement states I have to apply for 2 jobs per week. Yesterday my Advisor at the WP told me I had to apply for 8 jobs per week (3 more per week than I have currently been applying for - I was told to apply for 5 per week when joining the WP). As I live in one of the areas of the highest unemployment in the UK; applying for 8 jobs per week is pretty much mission impossible. I was struggling to apply for 5 per week. I was also told to set my sites lower and apply for entry level jobs! My questions are: is my JSA Agreement still in effect?- I read conflicting advice about this when looking for an answer yesterday. I can't remember if I signed an agreement with the WP Provider but I must have done. Can the Advisor I'm dealing with (who seems to be a right a/hole) get my JSA sanctioned if I'm unable to apply for 8 jobs per week? I will appreciate any replies/advice given. Thanks
  23. Bit of a long story but here goes: I moved house in 2012, called Vodafone to change my address and they said it had been processed - end of phone call. It became apparent some months later it had not been processed, I called again, advisor said it had been processed, end of phone call. Fast forward to January 2014, I wanted an upgrade but couldnt get the phone I wanted through Vodafone (wanted me to pay for that handset). Went via phones4u instead, got the phone I wanted, on a Vodafone contract, but new phone number. called Vodafone, made what I thought was my final payment (on the call I was told that was the final payment and no further payments required). Set up new phone and cancelled my old account (old number deactivated). And now we reach April 2014, I receive a letter from a debt collector. Thought it was a [problem] as I dont have debts, binned the letter. Received another letter, this time called the debt collection agency and was informed it was related to Vodafone. Called Vodafone immediately, and once I provided them with my old phone number it became apparent I had £32 left on that old number to pay, so I did immediately. I had never received a single letter from vodafone, no emails (my email address never changed) and they did not contact me on my new mobile number (after all I am still a Vodafone customer, I never left). Now I have a missed payment on my credit rating, appalled at this I spoke to someone on the customer relations team who was very apologetic and said they would remove the missed payment. I was happy with this resolution, until I got an email today from another person in the same team who now has decided I cant have the missed payment removed because they have no record of me contacting them to change my address, therefore it is apparently correct. What I want to know is where do I stand and what can I do? I dont remember the 2 phone calls I made to them (it was definitely one in 2012 and the other could have been any time after May 2012 and before January 2014). I cant exactly remember when I rang them to change my address, but I know I did and I'm furious that I now have this on my credit rating, especially when I want to purchase a house with my fiance in the next 18 months or so. It also infuriates me that they have no 'processes' in place to link an old account with a new account - my full name, email address and date of birth is the same on the previous account and the current account, why would it be so difficult to quickly check if I was still a customer so they could have obtained my new address (on my current account) and contact me to let me know about the missed payment? Does anyone know where I might be able to find the rules on how a lender (i.e. Vodafone) should act when a payment is missed? I've tried the OFT, Financial Ombudsman etc. I just cant believe that they would be allowed to pass on a debt and mark someone's credit rating without trying different avenues of contacting the customer, they had an active email address so why not use it? I have asked Vodafone for transcripts for the time period in question for each call I made to them (I have all my phone numbers that I have ever contacted Vodafone on) to prove that I never requested a change of address - I am hoping that if I push a bit harder I will eventually get them to accept their mistake. Its just so awful to be promised one thing by an advisor on the phone, and then to have it taken away again by another new person. And even worse knowing I changed my address at least twice yet they are claiming to have no record of this - I have never missed a payment for anything in my life and would not dream of being late on a payment. One thing is for sure - when mine and my partner's contracts are up we will leave Vodafone and never look back, this could well mean we wont get a mortgage for 6 years and that is a horrible horrible place to be all for the sake of £32 that I didnt even know about! Sorry for the essay and thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  24. Hey forum users, I have a question about whats happened as of recent. I have a plan set up with chandlers to repay the amount owed on council tax, I was a SINGLE day late of a payment and now they are saying that they are coming to take my stuff, the reason the payment was a day late were due to losing my job not only have I lost my job there is also a high chance of losing my flat too. I've had to sign on to job seekers allowance and claim housing benefit until I get back into work. The guy on the phone said I have to now pay a extra £125 for them to come seize my possessions, what can I do in this situation I wont lie, i'm scared and I don't even know where I stand in this situation. Please help me, I just don't know what to do!
  25. Hello, Just wondering if anyone can help or offer insight on what i should do next regarding my situation:- I finished working a 6 week tempory contract on 20/12/13. I applied online for JSA on 21/12/13. I assumed as it was so close to the Christmas holidays that i wouldn't receive notification to attend an interview until January, i also thought the 24th(christmas eve) was a bank holiday or atleast that the jsa would've been closed by then - i guess that was rather daft. I received a text from JSA on 23/12/13 at 19:35 informing me that my appointment would be on the 24th at 12:40. Now i did'nt read this text until the 25th(christmas day) once i charged my phone from the dead to send well wishes to the family. What concerns me is that i wasn't given 24 hours notice to attend, i also received no letters informing me of my appointment & i know once i call on the 1st of January(when they open) that i'll be given grief, likely get asked to re-apply. Should i re-apply online now or should i wait until 1/1/14 to try and fix it? Thanks, Lee
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