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Found 2 results

  1. this morning I've received a Valentines from CP plus, a "charge notice", issued on 10/2/17. However, it seems they have misread the car's number plate. Someone has apparently stayed in a private car park on 3/2/17, and they "do not have evidence that a sufficient payment was made for this vehicle to cover the full duration of the visit". They show photos of the vehicle entering, and leaving. In one of the photo's the only barely discernible feature is its colour, as it was nightime. In the other, the car is clearly red, and one can guess at its make and size, and probably thus the model (or at least it being one of 2 models of roughly that size). The registration of that vehicle is "xx yy zzC". The vehicle I'm the RK for is "xx yy zzG" They clearly have gone to DVLA with my registration mark, and been supplied with my vehicle's details (which is definitely NOT the same model, nor a colour anywhere close), and also been given my name and address by DVLA. The notice doesn't clearly mention or describe "keeper liability" (would a [suitably redacted] scan be useful?), nor state if a NtD was left on the vehicle. So, they haven't a chance in hell of me paying anything, nor of a win if they were foolish enough to go to court (which it seems is rare for CP+). So, my questions are: 1) Best way to bat them away with least hassle, but ideally 2) How to avoid them correcting their error, and then them sending a PoFA compliant NTK to the RK of the vehicle that they show in the photos?. Are they treating their "charge notice" as a NTK?, or is this their opening salvo and I should expect a missive entitled "Notice to Keeper" to follow?. Their letter doesn't mention a NtD, so I assume that if they want to rely on it as a NtK following a NtD, then they aren't following para 8(2)© of Schedule 4 of PoFA 2012. If (instead) they want to rely on this as a NtK in the absence of a NtD, they are within the 'relevant period', but don't follow Para 9(2)(f) of Schedule 4 of PoFA 2012. They mention payment required within 28 days, the driver being responsible for the charge, them not knowing the driver's name and address, and that if I wasn't the driver at the time I should "provide us with the name and current postal address of the driver and pass this notice to them". They don't actually clearly warn me that keeper liability might attach if I don't identify the driver, though ........ Under "appeals and complaints" they state "errors can occur". (I'm shocked by this!). I can write to their Appeals Section within 28 days of the date of the 'Notice' Under the separate heading of "Contact Us", the address for appeals remains the same PO Box (except it is now Appeals Department, not 'Section'), but they also give a URL for online (www.appealpcn.co.uk), and a telephone number (like I'm going to phone a PPC!). I know I can appeal on any grounds ("it was February!", "I don't like PPC's!"), but "you've read the number plate wrong" might prompt them to correct their error. So, A) if I appeal online, can they claim they said I should write? B) have I had a NtK or can they claim that is to follow? C) when should I best appeal to reduce the likeleyhood of them sending a POFA compliant NtK to the correct RK? D) Would an appeal of "Keeper liability does not attach here due to non-compliance with PoFA Schedule 4, para's 8 & 9" be better than "you've read the number plate incorrectly, that clearly isn't the model and colour of my car"?. My appeal will ask them for a POPLA code if they reject my appeal .......... I assume that if it goes to POPLA: a) The BPA ends up paying POPLA to consider it, b) I can appeal on the grounds not only i) that keeper liability wasn't created, but also ii) The vehicle shown is not my vehicle, the ANPR has misread, and the alleged breach of contract by MY vehicle never occurred. Anything else I should be considering?.
  2. Hi I will try to say it as short as possible due to late hour I was going to change energy supplier, so in order to get best possible estimates on comparison website I searched for a first bill I submitted in my newly bought house about year ago. But when I digged into it I found out that provider issued to me wrong meter readings. They switched LOW and NORMAL readings on E7 meter. From my calculations I could underpay between 200-300 quid as I almost never used night tariff. The switch/mistake was not really possible to happen - as during this time I had 3 meter readings by a authorized person, which has taken GAS readings [they appear on a bill as Actual readings] but Electricity readings appear only as estimates or customer readings ONLY for a whole period. Looks like 'meter reader' discovered cock up but never was bothered to put it right. On top of that electricity meter is much easier to read from gas reader because of better access. My question is what to do? One thing is underpayment but what about the period before I have moved in here, wouldn't they want to charge me for whatever loooooong period? I know it sound ridiculous, but I've read stories and peoples got plenty of problems with debt companies because of mistakes in utility companies. And since I will want to change my mortgage lender in some time I need good rating. I want to simply avoid any problems with company that unprofessional contractor/reader didn't do his job properly. Pay whatever estimates they will come up with, change supplier and start on a fresh page. Any help please.
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