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  1. Hi Guys, Jan 2007 - Policy arranged in person at HSBC (£270k 12 year policy covering HSBC commercial Mortgage) Oct 2008 - Realised the policy didn't cover inheritance tax. I would need a policy 'written into trust' HSBC confirmed this would not be possible. Nov 2008 - New Policy with a new company. HSBC confirmed it was mis-sold and upheld this compliant. Ombussman confirmed these details. HSBC offered to refund one premium. Ombussman suggested three premium and £100. The shortfall has the issue come to light would have been £108,000. As everyone confirms it
  2. I've 3 secured loans on my property with my mortgage lender. They are in arrears and I'm being charged 60 pound a month for this on each loan plus interest on this 60 pound and the interest on the loan. Do I complain to my mortgage lender or go straight to the FSA? or somewhere else? I've been looking into my mortgage to see if it's been mis sold. i was sold a remortgage prior to this I only had a secured loan on my property with my current mortgage lender. They sent out a direct mail addressed to my husband and myself sta
  3. Energy supplier SSE has confirmed that it will pay out around £1.5m in compensation to customers after an investigation uncovered mis-selling. Alistair Phillips-Davies, deputy chief executive of SSE, told the Energy and Climate Change Committee yesterday (16 April) that the firm has already paid out to around 400 customers in the two weeks since Ofgem’s penalty announcement. An investigation by the regulator found failures “at all stages of SSE’s sales processes” during a three-year period from October 2009 and fined the company £10.5m earlier this month. But Phillips-Davies said that it will
  4. I have been approached by a good friend because of my experiences with banks and claiming PPI and unfair charges but I would like to run this by my family of Caggers please. My friends mother took out a small loan(Llyods TSB) back in Aug 2009 and repayments included PPI (I have seen agreement) but she was retired and in receipt of a pension at the time so PPI should not have been applied. Unfortunately she was taken ill in the Autumn and one payment was missed/late. However her son paid the loan off in full and the late collection activity charges of £25 was refunded. It is not
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and forums in general so please forgive any lack of etiquette. I am in very serious trouble and have been for years, and will shortly be going bankrupt and making myself homeless in order to get out of it. With what i'm reading and hearing, I may have cases to bring which I've decided to look into before going Bankrupt. I'll try to be as brief as possible. Below is a list of what i have going on and my comments & questions. I appreciate any assistance or advice for any of it. My problems stem from setting up my own business and it subsequently failing in th
  6. Hi kaz320, I have just written out a long winded message detailing where I am upto, only to be told I don't have a high enough score to send it to you and then it was lost. Pretty infuriating but there you go. I have an interest-only mortgage with Spml/ascenden/capstone. it was sold to me by a broker in 2005 for 92k. it now stands at 98k. What can you tell me about mis-selling of mortgages of this type? Do you know of cases that have been successful? How do I go about it? I am going to be chasing them for charges also, but this is a s
  7. Hi all i am new to the forum and would value any opinions or advice. I am posting on behalf of my in laws as they do not know where to go from here. Basic story is last year they went to a travel agent and paid deposits on a package holiday for themselves and there daughter and her boyfriend. They received the usual contract and confirmation and the information when the balance etc was to be paid. they wanted to go to this particular hotel and on pacific dates and this is why they used this agent. Unfortunately around 6 weeks ago the daughter and her boyfriend had to cancel as they
  8. Hi Yet another one that believes they have been mis sold gym membership. I need some help in wording a letter if anyone could help id be really grateful. Basically - i signed up for a small local gym October 2011, and asked that if my job moved me ( which it sometimes does) if I could cancel. I was assured yes I could ( verbally )- so I joned the gym. I left that day with just a welcome letter - no terms andconditions of membership, no copy of financial agreements, no copies of anything I had signed for, but basically a piece of paper telling me gym opening times! I only ever
  9. Hi, Can someone please help me with cancelling memberships with Bannatynes which I feel I have been mis-sold. The reason I feel this is because when we went in for the intial chat and look around, I specifically asked: 1. Are the childrens clubs full ? (this is a huge thing for me as I didnt want to be paying £12.50 per month for my 5yr old daughter is going to be alone) I was told "yes, they are really popular" 2. Are there any inflatables in the pool for my child? I was told.... "no, but you are more than welcome to bring your own" 3. So, we can attend anytime at the wee
  10. Hello all I was sold a "Company Pension Plan - I was a one man band" when self-employed with Ltd company, my company had been running less than six months when sold this pension, based on the information given at the time. I still have the original document where the financial advisor states/recommends that "The only option is a "Company Executive Plan"" - lie he was not whole of market "The pension is fully transferable at no additional cost" - lie, almost half the pension would now be eaten up by transferring it. The reviewer has completely ignored the above commen
  11. Hi all, At the end of December I ordered a brand new DS4. The dealer managed to find me a pre-registered one elsewhere but said it was exactly the same spec as what i've ordered a 1.6 HDI 115BHP D-style. I've had the vehicle since the 21st January. I firstly had issues with the lights, with there being a high pitched noise in the dash and then my trip computer saying I was only getting 31 mpg - now its a 1.6 HDI so i'm pretty sure this is really poor. Anyway they checked it over and reset the perimetres and told me to return after 1500 miles to let it 'settle'. Im upto 1000 now and ca
  12. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/uk-watchdog-sees-leap-insurance-mis-selling-cases-000836875--sector.html
  13. Hi I've had a Barclay's Credit Card which I was paying £29 - £35 per year for card protection. After reading up about it and finding that this insurance policy wasn't needed because you are covered by the bank anyway, I was thinking of reclaiming. I cancelled my policy in 2010 as I just couldn't afford to pay it any more. After looking through some old documents the only thing I can find is a letter from CPP (York) in 2010 saying that my policy has now been cancelled. I've also found a renewal notice letter from Barclaycard but it has Sentinel Gold (2008) on it. If I was to reclaim
  14. My wife and I to took out a mortgage with Northern rock and life insurances from L&G from a broker(The mortgage shop) in derry n ireland in 2007.Well i say took out a mortgage, i was pretty much told this was the only option available to us for a mortgage otherwise we where snookered. I have just looked through all the old letters from The mortgage shop, L&G and Northern rock from the time and i do believe we where mi sold a few insurances.... Mortgage decreasing term assurance x2...Mortgage decreasing term assurance with critical illness cover x 2. Mortgage payment protec
  15. Hi, first time posting here, but just after a bit of advice. I bought a contract tablet from here: Cant add links, but it's the note 10.1 on the EE website the site at the time clearly states includes unlimited calls and text, also quotes: "With unlimited minutes and texts, you never need to worry about going over your allowance" Having recently setup and logged into the ee mangment site I found I am geting charged for call and text. spoke to their customer service and they inform me that as it is a table it falls into their tablet charges which doesnt include Text and call.
  16. I am in the process of preparing to reclaim the PPI payments on a particular credit card account. I requested a copy of my original application form in order to see how the cover was originally applied to the account, and I have now received this. It was a postal application, which I had already believed I recalled being the case, and the PPI option box was not pre-ticked - I ticked it myself as I had always previously believed cover to be a useful safety net. I was therefore not *sold* PPI but added it voluntarily, though I understand there is/was still an obligation to re
  17. Barclays Ups Its Mis-Selling Funds By £1bn http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/barclays-ups-mis-selling-funds-072229626.html
  18. Two issues were investigated, both of which were Upheld. Ad A page on the website http://the-healthy-insider.com, which promoted weight loss supplements, was presented in the style of a news article and was headed "'Flat Belly' Raspberry Ketone Diet Exposed: Really A New Miracle Diet?" Further text stated "Stacie Reid, our Health and Diet columnist put the celebrity diet to the test. After four weeks of testing the effects of Great Britain's Newest Diet combined with a Colon Cleanse, she has reached the conclusion to what this diet is all about, and the results were surprising ...
  19. Hi all Just before December 2012 I left Orange after 8 years and moved over to Three. I called their sales line and the person I spoke to sold me a 1 month rolling contract for £12.50 a month. During our conversation, he offered (without me asking) free tethering. I remember this clearly because in 8 years, Orange had never mentioned tethering to me, I just used it normally on my Android phone and it worked - so I was perplexed by this offer, but obviously I did not turn it down. This month I have tried to use tethering and I got a message in my browser saying Three does not allow te
  20. Hi there I'd be really grateful for some advice about my gym membership. I see there are lots of other posts on here about being mis-sold memberships, but can't find anything exactly like mine - although I'm sure they are there! I signed up with Nuffield in May 2012 for a 12 month contract. I was concerned I might not use the membership as much as I hoped as I am a stay at home Mum with a young daughter (now 18 months), and I wasn't sure whether I would have the energy to attend (she's exhausting), whether she would be happy at the creche, how often I would be able to fit a visit to
  21. Hi all. i hope there is someone who can help with this. Me and my partner recently bought a used car from a vauxhall dealership. A first viewing the car, we asked the salesman (sadly we didnt get his name), if it were possible to connect the phone to the car. he said it was possible. we looked through the window and could see there was a "phone" button on the radio and controls on the steering wheel. Although we didnt know how it would connect, Ie usb, bluetooth, etc, we didn't think about it again. a few days later we purchased the car, but on getting it home and trying to connect i had
  22. Does any one know please how to complain re mis sold mortgage? I had a company look at it I have a case but they said to pursue it my self as having debts would be unfair for them to add their charges to my debts. I am not sure what to write and do I go to the mortgage company (db mortgages) first? Any help appreciated. Thank you
  23. i believe i have been tricked into a contract with bes electric. my problem started when my daughter move into a new hair salon in chatham kent, she had a call which we believed to be our existing energy supplier edf and because she was busy with a client asked them to ring me at my home address. although it was clear i thought i was talking to edf with our present meter reading she made no attempt to introduce herself. she quoted different energy prices and naturally i chose the cheapest, when i finally realise who she was i tried to raise several issues to deter
  24. Hi my mortgage was with gmac from 2001 to 2009 hit with dd charges and late paments 50 pounds a month these were added to mortgage arrears i calculated at least £3500 in charges what can i claim back plus interest
  25. I have read of many individuals considering attempting to recover mortgage arrears charges and I have read the FSA's statements on the subject but I have never read of anyone successfully recovering a meaningful amount of mortgage arrears charges back. Have you?
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