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  1. I need your advice. I believe that my husband was miss sold products by Barclays bank. We have lived overseas for the past 6 years. In that time he could not be considered a UK resident. He opened an account with them whilst overseas, and he used his sisters address as his own address. He did this as the last time he was over in Northern Ireland. While he was there he opened bank acc with Barclays using this address. This was in June 2008. He was then advised to open up a More4more acc. over the telephone. This was opened in April 2009 from Thailand. After reading their small print,
  2. To whom it may concern I was wondering if you could help? My partner, Nasim an Iranian National, visited West India Quay LA Fitness gym on 31/01/2013 with the intention of using the gym one time only, to see if she wanted to join. With respect to Nasim, her English is bad, she is naive when it comes to procedures in the UK, and she is not IT literate. When asked to use the gym as a trial, she was told of an offer which was about to expire where she could use the gym for 1 week or 10 days for the small fee of £1, which she duly paid. The representative went on to inform her she nee
  3. So after years of being abused by my mortgage company inwhich I have been dragged to court 4 times, and all times the judge kickedthere repo claim and gave there solicitor a little verbal bashing, I was in themiddle of doing a claim against them for all the fees they added to my account,when I stumbled across a well known claims company who was looking into missoldmortgage selling… So after a while I thought sod it I give them a call… We gotthe ball rolling with an SAR, but what the mortgage company sent was basicallypointless, so they was made to send all the paper work. A week later it
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23791252
  5. In 1992 I took out an endowment policy with Scottish Provident which was sold via a broker paying around £50 a month. At the time all I wanted to do was save £50 a month and was persuaded by some financial person who used to come round the Army Barracks where I was based to take this savings plan out. I never even knew what an endowment policy was till a few years after. More than likely I was missold this policy is it too late to do anything about it, I cashed the policy in with Scottish Provident in 2002 and have no idea who the broker was unless I SAR Scottish Provident. Any ide
  6. My original phone contract was £30.00 a month with 1 gig per month internet. On the 14.11.2012 at 11.30 pm A salesman from vodaphone contacted my daughter on her mobile ( I have the contract) and said he had noticed she had large bills from her internet use and that he could solve this for her. He said that for £10.00 a month more she could have unlimited internet along with her unlimited calls and this would save her (me) a fortune, plus she could have an upgraded phone ( she had a Blackberry Torch ) for an extra £60.00 she could have a Galaxy s3. My daugh
  7. Hi All, I have searched the threads for any similiar questions but to no avail, so apologies if someone has already asked this question. A quick overview of where I am. Complained to Lloyds TSB October 2012 for mis-selling of loans and credit card. Received payout for 2 loans (6 complained about) and rejection for the rest in December 2012. Response letter referring to FOS dated November 2012 for rejected claims. The credit card agreement clearly showed the NO box ticked for payment protection, however when I received my SAR folder, the protection had been applied
  8. Hi all Im having a real struggle with the sale of a leasehold masionette I own. So I originally purchased at the value of £175k as a leasehold. As it was my first ever purchase I wasnt exactly "street wise" when it came to the buying. The leasehold currently has 71 years to run but at the time of purchase I was not informed that anything under 80 years would have serious issues when it came to either extending the lease or selling the property. Neither my financial advisor, estate agent or solicitor mentioned the potential costs (being quoted £13k to extend by 90 years!) and th
  9. Our 02 Toyota Corolla got flooded up to the top of the front wheels a couple of years ago, and the only problem since was that the airbag light was constantly illuminated. This is now part of the MOT, and my local independent was unable to reset it - the light was now flashing. So I took it to a local Toyota dealer. The car was also subject to a recall notice also related to the airbags so that work was carried out (for free) first. They then said that the (still) flashing light was due to a faulty side passenger airbag, which would need to be replaced at a cost of £1300:!:. A huge sum gi
  10. Hi Ive put in a complaint about the miss selling of my select account I was told at the time in order to get a loan and a bigger over draft I had to take out the account, they also said loans would be cheaper if I had select account. Was also told had to have account as no free accounts. lloydstsb have said via phone call complaints department. That i was not mis sold as I had select account so my loans would have been cheaper.Then in another breath he said I was mis sold account but would only refund first year fees. I said can you put that as your final res
  11. Hi Ive put in a complaint about the miss selling of my select account.2001 to now. I was told at the time in order to get a loan and a bigger over draft I had to take out the account, they also said loans would be cheaper if I had select account. Was also told had to have account as no free accounts. Lloydstsb have said via phone call complaints department. That i was not mis sold as I had select account so my loans would have been cheaper.Then in another breath he said I was mis sold account but would only refund first year fees. I said can you put that as your f
  12. Hi all, this is my first post. I booked a holiday yesterday with jetline. When I phoned up for to make the booking I was advised that the flight I required was not available. However, they had a cancellation that was available from my required airport and was the same apartments. During the conversation I asked on numerous occasions if this was all inclusive as this is what I was wanting and was assured that it was. On receiving my paperwork via e-mail and reading through it, it transpires that it is all inclusive light, which only allows drinks at meal t
  13. The Advertising Standards Authority has forced claims management company Money Boomerang to pull a ‘misleading’ television advert. The watchdog said the advert had exaggerated claims that homeowners could receive thousands of pounds of compensation for mis-sold mortgage loans. The TV advert, which had been running since April, promised settlements from £1,000 to more than £10,000. The advertising campaign targeted homeowners who had taken out a mortgage since 2004 and received advice from an intermediary. In the advert the voiceover stated: “Have you taken out a mortgage since Nove
  14. Customers are due redress having been mis-sold credit card and identity theft insurance - we answer all your questions. Seven million people are to receive an average £200 each having been mis-sold useless credit and debit card insurance. The payouts, which will be made automatically by banks, have been ordered by the City regulator. Customers affected will be contacted by post from August 29 and be asked to vote on whether they feel the redress scheme is fair. Those victims of the scandal will have paid between £30 and £80 a year for extra insurance cover provided by CPP. This was
  15. In 2006 I was given a 100% mortgage, interest only. This was even though I had serious debts. The only question they asked was how was I going to pay the mortgage off at the end of term. I replied with a pension (now not possible) I have had letters from the broker asking how I intend to pay it off, but I never replied as I thought it was a ploy to get me on the more expensive capital. I did ask to be switched at one point, but they said I couldn't because of my debts. My mortgage has increased because of arrears and charges, but I am currently not in arrears. I wond
  16. Hi I have not been on here for a while, but could really do with some advice. I will not drag out the whole tale. I have recently been mis sold a telecoms lease. Thankfully I took my complaint to the Ombudsman and they have found in my favour. The problem is the Ombudsman can only award me £ 5000.00. and to get out of the 7 year lease it is going to cost more like £ 7 to 8000. The Ombudsman has given me 28 days to except there offer but have also stated I should be put back into the position I was in before the mis selling took place, but they cannot do this as it is over the £ 5000 limit
  17. Hi all , I bought a new car on the 25 july. from evanshalshaw I traded in my Ford focus which had a settlement figure of roughly £6400. They gave me £4800 for it and put me on a negative equity loan for the rest. then got a vw polo on Hire purchase. through motonovo finance. Now before i went ahead with anything I explained I cannot afford the first payment with the admin fee on top. as its basically a double monthly payment. the person that was selling me the car said it will be all ok and promised they will contact motonovo and explain this and get the admin fee spread over
  18. Hello All, Do we have a Mis-Sold Mortgages Forum?? or does it come under the umbrella of PPI mis-selling. All advice/info will be as usual gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  19. The City watchdog has said it will not investigate further into whether interest-only mortgages were widely mis-sold. The "vast majority" of borrowers with interest-only mortgage deals understood what they were taking on, the head of the City watchdog has said, further diminishing the chance of lenders facing mass claims for mis-selling. In response to a letter form the Treasury Select Committee, Martin Wheatley, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, said: "The vast majority of customers understood the product they were sold, understand the need to repay the mortgage baiance
  20. Hi I am hoping to get a little bit of advice from here. In December 2010 my husbands business started to get into difficulty and we were struggling to make HP payments, pay bank charges etc. There was literally no money coming in as I had just had a baby and had been made redundant while pregnant and any money my husband earnt had to pay the mortgage/household bills etc. We didn't want to go down the bankruptcy route as we didn't want to damage our credit rating and the thought of doing that scared us but the debts that we had were in excess of £25k and we could s
  21. In October 2012, I took out a contract with Vodafone which was a rolling, 30-day affair. I was assured 4 times verbally before the sale by the same sales agent that I would have 3 months of unlimited internet for free. Once the contract was printed and the agent noticed that this unlimited internet had not been written down, but again assured me verbally that it definitely would be included. Needless to say, it wasn't included. I only took this contract because of the free internet because there were other deals on the market that would have been better value otherwise. After 2 pay p
  22. hi everybody. I bought a flat in 1990, I was advised at the time to take out an endowment mortgage by Birmingham Midshires, no longer around I think. I paid in for 10 years, got into financial difficulties, and sold up in 2000 just in time to avoid repossession. After 10 years I had to sell for virtually the same price as what I paid, so annoying at one time I was working 3 jobs to try and keep my home, to no avail. Is it too late to do anything about it:???:
  23. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise, on the way forward, back in 2008 We purchased a sofa and managed to get some discount off the sofa and put it on finance, part of this was the purchase of the guardsman policy for 5 years, we were told that we had to take this as part of the finance deal, even when asking could it be removed!! In any case we were told that it would cover Accidental damage for any stains rips burns etc.. "we could even sit on some scissors and puncher the leather, this will be covered" their words not mine, they were almost reading out of the leaflet we got as part of th
  24. Hi Last week i bought a Shogun from a private seller for the intent of useing it for work,I live 29 miles away from the place of work,{He did state that the car was very able to take me to work and back withnout any problems, Bought it last weekend, Insured it on the monday,used it on the monday night,Returning from work the car lost its power and would not drive above 35 mph blowing out lots of smoke ,a total of 65 miles altogether, I inform the seller who said he was a mechanic, He took the car back ,said he worked on it friday and cant fix it as he dont know whats up with it, He als
  25. Hi All I am so confused with all of this and going round in circles looking through the forum. So please help if you can.. I was called by Lloyds Tsb back in 2002/3 to ask if i wanted a £5000 loan. I needed a new car so said i would love it... When i went to the bank they said they would add £1500 interest and £1500 PPi onto the loan. I said i did not want the PPI and the girl said i prob would not be able to take the loan if i didnt as they might change the decision. I know the account number even though it is closed... I do not know the exact dates of the loan.
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