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  1. My wife felt her glasses that she uses for driving were not as sharp as they used to be and called Boots to make an appointment. Off she trotted for an eye test. They told her that she needed new glasses for reading, but she told them she was happy with her reading and just wanted her distance vision correcting. They then tried to sell her varifocals, but once again, my wife reiterated she just wanted her distance vison correcting for driving. When she told the optician that her eye consultant told her not to have them due to a slight issue with a cataract, she was answered with a "pfffft
  2. My wife bought a Mini Cooper from Masters Mitsubishi in September 2014 - They sold it saying the car had run flat tyres - She had an issue with a flat tyre and took it to a tyre specialist who told her they were normal tyres not run flats. We contacted Masters and told them that they have not provided the tyres as detailed in the sales pitch - The managers said nothing he could do now and said the sales agent does not remember saying they had run flats and that there was nothing he would do for us. As far as I am concerned this breaches SOGA / Trading Standards - pleas
  3. Hi folks, This thread may be over as soon as it's started... Back in the 1990s I was one of the many people who were mis sold a private pension. There was the Pension Reiview in 1994 and the company who sold me the pension admitted they were incorrect in doing so and offerred redress of around £27k (to be added to the pension pot). Of course, muggins here didn't follow it up and I now realise that there was a time limit (31st March 2000) to accept their offer. I think at the time I must have been under the impression that they would just add it by default, which of course they wouldn
  4. Hi, i bought Nissan micra today from a private seller. Seller didn't mentioned us about any car accident history. It was unluckly rainy weather today.. i couldn't check car properly. When i reached home i noticed car radio security code is locked. then i opened bonnet and noticed that front light is broken as well. then i checked HPI online and findout its category 'D' previous. I did mentioned all this to seller but now he is not picking up my phone call. Please help, i will appreciate your advice.. i paid £2700.
  5. Hi all I have recently been on the look out to purchase a Nissan navara on contract hire, while browsing the web I found a site called contract hire and leasing that gives prices from a number of different companies, I requested a quote from several company asking for a Nissan navara inc. sat nav.(I have all the emails) the following day I had a quotation from a company First Call Leasing which looked competitive so decided to opt for them and pay there £250 acquisition fee, because we were in a hurry to get hold of this vehicle I pushed the agreements and contracts through "without
  6. Hi I purchased a 2 1/2 year old 14,500 mile DS3 THP from Randles in September the advertisement stated that it had a full service history and excellent bodywork and I was assured that because of the age it was fully covered by the manufactory warranties as well as their own limited 3 month warranty. I paid £10,000 when I got home I washed the car as it was covered in dust/grime immediately I notice body work damage on the passenger side and around the back panel /light cluster there was clear evidence of a poor re-spray with creasing and flaking to
  7. Hi, Back in 1996 I was mis sold 4x insurance policies by Lloyds bank. London & Edinburgh - Commercial Overdraft Repayment insurance LTSB General Insurance - Health Cover 5 Star Ambassador Insurance Co - Private Medical Insurance Royal Sun Alliance - Hospital Income Plan Consolidated M&G - Accident Protection Plan All policies were sold by Lloyds. If anyone has any additional information on these policies it would be appreciated. At the time I run a small business with two employees with my father as a partner. After ten years of trading and being with Ll
  8. I have posted below a copy of an email I sent to jeremy darroch @ bskyb com. In the past when I have hit a brick wall with Sky customer service this usually resolves the matter fairly quickly. On this occasion I have not even received an acknowledgment let alone a response. I sent the email on Wed 26/11/2014 at 18:26 so maybe I am hoping for a response too soon, but I need to plan my next move should an adequate response not be forthcoming. My main question is that given that Sky mis sold the fibre broadband can I cancel my whole Sky contract? Retentions dept seem to think not as I am ap
  9. Hi there, I have a Lloyds TSB Credit Card debt. Until 3 months ago, they were happy to recieve payments via my DMP Payplan. Despite that, they havent actually written to me for 2 years. No sign of being passed to a DCA. Now my PayPlan account is closed as I have decided to deal with all my creditors myself. Not sure if I should just wait to hear from them or take some other course of action? The outstanding balance is confusing because of PayPlans shoddiness, and my over-reliance on them. For example, I have another bank a/c debt with Lloyds. Payplan said the outstanding wa
  10. Hi my girlfriend was recently mis sold a vehicle by a main dealer we asked if it had ever been in an accident which we was told no, we recently found out that it was reversed into by a lorry causing extensive damage to the rear of the vehicle. They have then told us the repair was carried out by them but will not provide any proof of this, what action should we take and what sort of outcome should we be looking to achieve. Obviously she does not feel very confident driving the vehicle now. The garage don't seem interested with any of our
  11. We have a Paragon secured loan and were told we couldnt have it without PPI. I wrote to them about it and was told I would have to contact my PPI company direct. This was news to me because I thought all my dealings were done direct with Paragon and I certainly did not employ my own company. I have no idea what to do now. Can anyone help please. It was a very large loan and the PPI adds up to about ten grand not to mention any interest on it as it was all front loaded. I dread the interest rates going up.
  12. Hi there, On July 31st a Vodafone Sales Representative have promised me the following: - Upgrade to 4g - Unlimited data for 3 months - 7 GB of data - Free upgrade in January instead of Apri - Vodafone Insurance - Free Spotify All of this just for 5 pounds more a month. Unfortunately I found out with my greatest surprise that the Insurance was not there. Now they don't have the recordings anymore because they only keep for 60 days, is there anything I can do? Thanks, Marcello
  13. There's a Code of Practice for dealing with cases of "misdirected" payments, where just typing in one wrong digit when transferring money results in it going to a stranger. Trying to get it back, though, is nigh on impossible. But now the Nationwide, HSBC and First Direct have made a change in its customers terms and conditions that will allow them to deal swiftly with "misdirected" transactions. From November, if you accidentally transfer money to the wrong account, you might actually have a fighting chance of getting your cash back. http://www.theguardian.com/money/20
  14. Can anyone please help me. I have been advised to make a written complaint to the bank who gave me a considerable amount of money as a personal loan in 2006. I don't have a clue where to start. Thank you
  15. Have been an avid reader of CAG for some years and am interested to know your thoughts on mis-selling of consolidation loans. We are well aware of the PPI scandal. But of even greater harm is the banks mis-selling of conslidation loans. My wife was sold one 'under best advice', when she clearly had insufficient income to manage it. Lloyds have admitted this. They also stated in their 'agreement that they would be responsible for clearing any lloyds group debts from the consolidation loan. (Credit card/overdraft). They neglected to do this. My wife, being
  16. Hi there, I am looking for some advice as in November 2013, we went into the Vodafone store, as I had two phone contracts (mine and hubby's) and one iPad contract under one account which were due for renewal. At the time we felt pressured into getting a 4G contract with the promise that 4G was being rolled out to our area very soon. We have been into the local stores on a number of occasions since, asking when it is likely to be rolled out and each time are told that there is no set date yet but it is likely to be soon. After beginning to get fed up of waiting we decided
  17. We took out our mortgage in Nov 2004 and we believe it was mis-sold. We fit more than one of the criteria in the recent Which report. Can anyone recommend a claims company as we are not confident about a DIY claim. Thanks.
  18. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/news-and-analysis/regulation/fca-hits-insurance-broker-with-30m-fine-over-misselling/2006613.article
  19. Hi I have a few areas where I need some advice. I was a FTB in 2006 when my sister & I bought our first flat. I am a hairdresser & my sister is a project manager. We still live in the same property. We bought our Legal & General insurance policies & our Northern Rock mortgage through a Financial Advisor who was working at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward. It was face to face & not over the internet or telephone. There are a few points I'm concerned about & need a bit of advice of where we stand. I've just been having a look through all of our insuran
  20. Hello there guys! My father had a credit card for many years and since divorcing was unable to make significant repayments to the credit card thus was simply paying the bare minimum required of him every month. One day he was in the bank and they said that he could be elligible for a bank loan to pay the entire credit balance and then pay the loan off with a set amount of interest. He was taken to a side room and his circumstances were discussed and he was given a loan of £1000 which would cover his credit card balance and give him the first few months payments without
  21. Hi I bought a cooker off a seller on gumtree yesterday. I met the seller halfway from his starting point and my home at another buyers address to pick up the cooker. When I arrived they bundled the cooker into my van, it was wrapped in plastic wrap, I had a quick look and handed over the money. I was in the van having a look and never noticed them leaving as my partner was on the phone at the time. I noticed through the plastic wrap that the enamel was damaged but this wasn't a problem as I was willing to fix it. But I then realised that the cooker wasn't a double oven as the seller had descri
  22. I have recently taken a complaint to FOS, regarding us being mis sold our mortgage by Halifax. We approached several mortgage companies in 2007 for a mortgage and were refused by everyone except for Halifax. At the time my husband was working and i was and still am on benefits as i am disabled. They offered us a mortgage at fixed rate. In 2009 my husbands health deteriorated and he had to take early retirement which meant that we began to struggle making repayments to the mortgage. Halifax were very unhelpful in assisting us with how to sort our problems out. Everything we suggested such
  23. Purchased a mechanical reclining 3 seater sofa last year from Cousin's Furniture Store on interest free credit. Repayments have been accurately made on time and in accordance with my agreement. They also sold me an insurance plan to cover staining, mechanical failure of the motor etc, together with structural faults including excessive loss of resilience of seat cushion foam, broken buttons, broken zip operations and peeling of covering leather or broken stitching.It also covers for accidental damage. Now, unbeknown to me the sofa seats, foot extentions and arm rests are filled with foa
  24. Hello everyone. (I am a newbie) I am trying to take up a complaint of the Mis-selling of a pension. I have all the details of the pension, date sold, policy no, value etc and also the company who sold me the pension. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the companies by name, don't want to get into trouble with my first post On the 22.10.2013, I phoned the company who sold me the pension and they advised me to send an email, to which I did on the same day. I never received any confirmation of my email, and nobody contacted me. On the 29.10.2013, I phoned
  25. Really appreciate your suggestions on how we can take it forward, many thanks. We signed a 24 months contract with EE as a small business customer (we are also running a charity) a month ago. As we do international calls and travel a lot, we were suggested to get on the 24 months roaming contract. My colleague and I both spoke to the sales guy. We asked questions about making international calls and making calls while travelling (US, China, South Africa etc), we were promised the roaming contract's unlimited minutes covers it all (it actually covers more than 30 countries I believe). The
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