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  1. I have made a claim through Barclays as I believe I was mis-sold on several credit cards and loans, they have accepted on of these was mis-sold and paid me £1893, I received a letter from them today stating that another one was not mis-sold as the application was done in the branch and I would therefore have agreed to the PPI, as the application in the branch dates back to 1997 I am not sure how they could prove this, is this likely to be a way of them getting out of accepting it was mis-sold and not paying me, and should I tell them I want this reinvestigating as
  2. Hi everyone, I've been a BT customer for the past couple of years. My Phone/Broadband contract was coming up for renewal so as you do you have a shop about. I found a cheaper deal with Plusnet which I was happy to go with. I phoned BT for my PAC code and a nice lady then started to try and talk me out of leaving. She offered a discount on my current monthly bill (I had to sign up for another 12 months), free caller display for 12 months and the full BT Sports free for 12 months (inc ESPN). Great I'll stay with you for another 12 months then! A month into my new contract I check my bil
  3. Hi i'm a taxi driver and was on the lookout for a new 8 seater cab with wheelchair access as my current vehicle was ready for the knackers yard and after shopping about decided to use a company call cab direct. I ordered a peugeot eurobus with them on 27/7/2015 on finance and paid £1000 pound deposit. I felt after speaking with salesman on the phone that things were a little rushed by him and he didnt quite explain things but i assumed with them being suppliers to the taxi trade and after looking at the pictures of vehicles on their wesite that they would know what they were doing. W
  4. Hi there I am yet another person with problems with The Community Network TV. I had an appointment with a Sales Rep of the company who sold me a package which, it turns out, was mostly a complete fabrication. Here is what was offered: Two 42" screens in a GP practice, which were to be used to flash the name of the next patient to call them into their appointment. Full screen display of adverts, which would freeze when a patient's name popped up. I signed a contract on the basis of those promises, however, I became a bit suspicious about the company, when
  5. I'm looking for some advice if possible as I believe I've been mis-sold a car. The car in question is a 2015-plate Mini Cooper SD and picked it up back in March this year. It was 'bought' on a 4yr PCP deal and the car was already at the main dealer premises having been 'pre-reg'. I stressed to the salesman on three separate occasions that I go kayaking and therefore the car must be compatible with roof bars. On the evening when I collected the car I explicitly mentioned it again and he responded by saying that "yeah, there is something available that clips onto the trim a
  6. I purchased a car yesterday from quite a big dealer approx 100 miles away from myself. A company went and collected the car after negotiation over the phone and emails with the seller. Upon delivery last night I was quite happy with the car albeit a scratch on the driver inside leather and the anti chip protection that had been poorly fitted, however the car was sold and advertised as a 2013 62 first registered july 2013 to be precise the log book quite clearly shows that it was in fact first registered in 2012. The date of 2013 was when it was first bought into the uk.
  7. Good Morning All, My dad took out a couple of loans and credit cards in the early 1990s with TSB (Later part of Lloyds). He was advised at the time that he could not take out the products unless he also took out PPI. He did not need the PPI as at the time he had a very good job which had an excellent sick pay/redundancy policy. He recently tried to claim this PPI back through a claim company. The claim company were eventually sent a Data Subject Access Request showing basic details of the accounts my Dad held with the TSB. Lloyds (TSB) claim that
  8. Hi everyone A couple of years ago I looked into trying to reclaim PPI that was brokered by Norton Finance as part of a secured loan I took out in October 2004 to consolidate some debts. I borrowed £ 40000 repayable over 25 years and the broker insisted I have the PPI which was to cover loan repayments for accident, redundancy and sickness for the first 5 years of the term of the loan. they added £ 9790 for the PPI. In October 2006 I decided to remortgage and so the secured loan was repaid after just two years. Now, when I enquired to First Plus about the mis-
  9. A unique Which? poll of bank staff at the five major banking groups found more than one in four who work in sales sometimes feel they’re expected to sell regardless of whether it’s appropriate. Which? gained unique access to hundreds of bank staff for the research, which was designed to test whether banks' public statements about scrapping sales targets have translated into real changes in staff behaviour and culture. We found evidence of improvement in some areas - for example, 78% of staff told us there is currently a greater emphasis on customer service than on selling pr
  10. Hello I am looking to see if anybody can give me advice. We (my family) have just come back from a holiday in Belgium. We rented holiday accommodation in a holiday centre. When I booked the accommodation, I talked to the sales people and explained that I needed a property that was disability friendly. e.g. At least one bedroom downstairs, with a walk in shower and toilet. We booked a 3 bedroom house. I have arthritis and very bad circulation and very thin skin. I can't afford to have accidents. I do have a blue badge and use a wheelchair when the distance to walk is too far
  11. I am new to this Forum. Thanks for the great works you all do here. This is my first post. I am helping my wife who made a claim against Lloyds Bank plc, for refund of mis-sold insurance protection products (IPP) premiums. She obtained judgement in March this year. But Lloyds applied to set it aside and filed a Defence. The amount claimed is £1,274. We have drafted the Reply to Defence, which we have to submit on 17/08/15. But the Reply, (together with the Defence) need looking at or reviewed before we submit. Please, I should be very grateful if someone or the admini
  12. Hi My wife and i got a new phone for our son for his birthday. We got it from carphone warehouse on their iD network. We were told in the shop that the contract would be limited to £5 above the monthly contract amount. Several days after he started using the phone the service stopped completely. We were not notified as to why. We had to first examine the handset to establish usage and second contact iD customer support. The whole reason we rushed to get a phone was because we were going on holiday and our son was flying out to meet us after the first week so we really
  13. Hi My name is Yasmin. I live in London. And I am about to show consumers what 02 are capable of. I want to sue 02 because while I was in dispute with them over a contract they mis-sold to me - they refused to listen, did not once pick up the phone to me. Moreover never answered my questions nor launch an investigation into how they sold me a contract when I expressly told the sales agent I wanted to buy a mobile phone meant for a minor then aged 10 who needed it for her first day at new Secondary school where she would be travelling alone to and fro. Prior to this I had been using
  14. Banks could face even bigger bills for mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance after the City watchdog said it was considering new rules following a landmark legal decision. In November last year, the Supreme Court said that Paragon Personal Finance, a secured loans company, had breached the Consumer Credit Act by failing to disclose that the PPI premium paid by a customer included a hefty commission fee to a credit broker. This means that even if the loan insurance was otherwise fairly sold, banks could be liable for mis-selling compensation if PPI was bought via a br
  15. Whilst helping a friend sort out their PPI claim I was glad to find a link regarding the FOS and what they do/have done in the past here is the link http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/ppi.html It maybe of use to others but I must warn you that the reading in this link is very long winded and this also links to the decision/s that the FOS have taken to date. see the section on "case studies" then you may want to read about the Court case in the section marked "legal challenge".... I hope this is of use to those wanting to reclaim PPI....
  16. Hey there, i had this account sold to me 4 years ago. I hadn't opened a bank account in the UK for some years. I was not presented with a possibility of a free account at any time in the meeting. I have never once used any of the packages or so called perks. I complained to RBS they through it out, stating, "having previously lived in the UK i should have known that free accounts were possible to attain". I didn't. I then moved onto the Ombudsman, who have sided with the bank. How can I take this further, it is simply not fair! Any adv
  17. Help Help I have spent years trying to establish I was mis sold a mortgage with all the typical faults..Took me past retirement, unregulated, unsecured to secured etc. Now established I have a good case, but outside the six years,. My last correspondence to the lender was only 2 years ago when they took my property off me. Broker went out of business four months after the he did me up like kipper also. Can any one give me some advice please!
  18. My boyfriends Ex-wife took out a bank account before she left him in 2009. My boyfriend was a joint account holder and signed to say he was happy with this. The account was then changed to a packaged bank account (called a Gold Account) without my boyfriends knowledge. The account was never used and it went overdrawn with charges until Natwest closed the account and added a Default to my boyfriends Credit File in April 2010 which we have only just found out about. My boyfriend wrote to Natwest asking them to remove the default from his Credit File. Natwest replied with a straig
  19. A relative had a Monument card many years ago which had PBP attached. Not sure if they asked for it or not but they have made 1 or 2 claims on it due to ill health. However, if was never explained that they could have sort alternatove products or that the balance never reduced, it was just a 'payment break' during your claim period. The card facility was removed many years ago but the debt is still increasing each month from the PBP premiums being added to it but no interest is being charged. They have received a letter from Monument approaching them to contact them
  20. I purchased mazda 2 sport in march 2012 along with a 3 year service plan (bristol street motors) I clearly remember the salesman describing everything that was included in service plan & him telling me that it would be a good buy as my car would be due a "major service" during the 3 years that would include a change of belts (cam/timing). I even got him to write this down and sign it ! as i had heard about people being promised all sorts & then that not being the case! I still have the piece of paper he wrote this on - says * belts* included .. after problems with
  21. Hi, Last year I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and it transpires that I've had this condition since childhood. I'm now taking Methylphenidate, which has given me a bit more focus with detailed finances and small print etc. The effects throughout life have been subtle but profound, and very destructive in a number of ways; though I masked it somewhat due to being quite intelligent in other areas. One of the effects was (and still is) a difficulty working with figures and managing finances; it takes me about 4 times as long as a 'normal' person to deal with spreadsh
  22. Now I have all of the old paperwork out, I have found a forgotten clerical medical pension that I have that seems a bit dodgy to me. Brief history of the policy; Originally taken out with United friendly in the 80's, who were then bought out or merged at a later date with Royal London. This is /was a mutual with profits. In 2007 I was contacted by an independent financial advisor who said he would take a look at the pension as I was considering transferring the pension to an occupational scheme. The advisor advised me to transfer the existing funds (admittedly not much a
  23. Six weeks ago i was in the market for a new car and havinf decided to spend $30,000 plus I decided to limit my searches to main dealer outlets. I had decided to purchase the new Range Rover Evoque SD Prestige as this had all the bits I wanted and the power I needed. I went on Land Rovers web site and found a car that had all the bits I wanted and the power I needed and went down to the dealership to strike the deal. The online advert (I have the original copy) said the car was a SD prestigae with 190 BHP. The car check came back and confirmed the car was the one described . I ma
  24. Hi I have pasted a letter that I have written. Basicly I am not sure if this is the norm but my Mortgage company are charging me £50 for each month that i am in arrears. I have currently got an agreement set up with them via a court repo hearing and it turns out that I will apying the arrears for 5 years and the whole time they are charging £50. So I have decided to complain to the FSA for unfair contract terms and if they have a go at Kensington then I can apply to Kensington to stop charging. Well thats the plan anyway. Can somebody look at my letter please and see what you think
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