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Found 12 results

  1. HPV vaccination programme for men who have sex with men READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hpv-vaccination-programme-for-men-who-have-sex-with-men
  2. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellbeing/fitness/chubby-older-fathers-are-more-attractive-to-women-and-live-longer-scientists-say-20161102-gsgnm7.html According to research, older chubby Men are more attractive to Women and live longer. I have been saying this for years, that having a beer belly is a real chick magnate and what makes you happy helps you live longer.
  3. http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bailiffs-visit-leads-three-hour-7906246 Police were called out after a man allegedly brandished a knife during a row with a bailiff about a car. Police said the three-hour siege began just after noon after a bailiff was sent to an address in the road to recover a car. As the situation escalated armed officers were called, the street was blocked with police vehicles and the police helicopter hovered overhead, reports A police spokesman said: “Merseyside Police has been in attendance following an armed containment at a house in St Helens this afternoon. “At around 12.05pm, a civil enforcement officer attended an address on Litherland Crescent to remove a car from the location. “Following an argument with a man at the house, patrols were called to assist and the man was seen to approach officers in possession of a knife. "As a result, the area was contained by armed officers to ensure safety of the public"
  4. "Sitzpinkler" is a derogatory term used in Germany to describe men who sit to urinate The finding was made when a landlord claimed his tenant had ruined a marble floor by sprinkling it with urine. The disgruntled landlord tried to retain a €3,000 (£2,300) deposit for the damage allegedly caused by his guest's acidic spillage. Despite growing domestication of men in this matter, urinating while standing up is still widespread But Judge Stefan Hank today ruled that men who stand up to relieve themselves cannot be held to account for any collateral damage. The Judge conceded that men who chose not to sit "must expect occasional rows with housemates, especially women". However in Germany, the debate over whether men should stand in the toilet continues to rage. Some toilets in the country bear red traffic-style warnings signs – expressly forbidding the standing position. "Sitzpinkler" – is a derogatory term used for men who decide to rest their legs and urinate. The insult implies that sitting is not masculine behaviour. "Despite growing domestication of men in this matter, urinating while standing up is still widespread," said Judge Hank in Court in the city of Duesseldorf today. That's a shame, it would stop the moans if we all sat down, we could never get told off for leaving the seat up
  5. Disabled men lose high court bid to stop Independent Living Fund closure Judge rules that Mike Penning, former minister for disabled people, had not breached equality laws over ending support to live in the community. More Here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/dec/08/disabled-men-lose-high-court-bid-stop-closure-independent-living-fund
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01zxmrv/the-men-who-made-us-spend-episode-1
  7. We need some advice and or help. We got our Samsung TV a few years ago. Recently it has become slow coming on. We googled this and found it was a common capacitor(?) problem and when we contacted Samsung they agreed and organised a free repair. So the TV was still able to be watched. It still functioned as a TV. Then today their repair men came round. They took the TV apart and replaced bits. Then fiddled a bit more. Then the picture wouldn't come on at all and the TV started making a horribly dangerous sounding loud crackling noise. They said the repair had blown the screen. They hummed and hawed, tried to phone their boss who wasn't in because he's on half day today. They laughed when I said they'd killed the TV and agreed they had but Samsung only paid them to change the capacitor and left. My husband immediately rang Samsung customer services to complain. They say it is nothing to do with them, it was a free repair and the TV was out of warranty. We tried to point out it was working as a functioning TV before they sent these two men round to "fix" it. But they had paid two men to come round and break our TV. This went back and forth with Samsung saying they had no idea IF it was working before the men blew the screen. We said we have witnesses if necessary. After an hour of getting nowhere and not even an apology we took the name and address of who to complain to because they wouldn't even let us speak to someone higher up. What can we do? The TV is vital to us. My son is autistic and has a routine which includes certain things he "must" watch at certain times. So we now urgently must go and grab a TV, any TV we can afford otherwise he will literally go a bit off the rails. It's a nightmare on a low income where we are his carers and he is already not very well at all at the moment. We were happy enough with the TV this morning and if they hadn't come round it still would be. I now its a few years old but it was working fine apart from coming on increasingly slowly. If we had never had them come we would not need to go out tonight and buy a new TV. I know it was older and would need to be replaced eventually but not when their repair men came and wrecked it. But what can we do? Have they no responsibility at all? If I paid two men to go to their office and break their computer I would be responsible- no matter the age of the computer I would think.
  8. Len McCluskey and the Unite Union tried to bully and blackmail a Scottish company into increases in pay and bigger pensions despite the company losing £10million per month. This stupid person and his Union who will lose nothing and is assured of his pay and pension had their blackmail threat of strikes backfire on them when the company said it was closing with the loss of all those employed. So 800 men now face a bleak future because of one mans intransigence. They are at the moment trying to backtrack on their demands and say that isn't what they meant. More ... This plant is the mainstay of Scottish Economics, so a country wants to go independent with one factory to support them - I can't see anyone falling for this stupid independence rubbish.
  9. I have been involved in a long running legal battle and ended up the loser with a judgement of £42,000 made against me. This was to do with a business partnership that started in 2003 and was dissolved in 2008 with much acrimony. The other side then made claim against me on an address where they knew I was no longer living (as they owned it ) and obtained a judgement by default in 2008. I knew nothing about this judgement until September of 2012 when out of the blue a Debt Collecting agency wrote to me demanding payment of £41,000. The other side had waited for FOUR years before pressing their claim to allow the statutory interest on the original judgement to accrue to a nice healthy sum. I lodged an appeal for set aside but lost on a technicality in January of this year but the judge ordered a stay of 2 months before enforcement could begin. It may as well have been £42 million as I am unemployed and have no assets whatsoever other than talents in the I.T. area. However my age is against me in that I am 64 years old and trying to find a job is not too easy although I have never stopped trying to find work. The two months passed and enter stage left The Sheriffs Posse aka The Sheriffs Office of the Croydon Corral with a visit to my very small flat on the 9th of April. An attempt was made to levy on goods for the now increased sum of £46,700 but as nobody was at home a form 55 was simply pushed through the letter box. I telephoned the HCEO on the 9th of April and he simply laughed at the thought of being able to recover anything at all from where I am living and said the writ would be returned. No Walking Possession Agreement was signed nor any list of goods made - the endorsement was for 'all goods up to the value of the debt'. This would not appear to me to be a valid levy on goods but I stand to be corrected on this. I would not in any event have allowed the HCEO peaceable entry to my property had I been at home nor will I in the future. I have no goods, no money and no other assets and have beeen in receipt of benefits for the last four years. I made an application for stay of the writ of fifa using form N244 and this was granted by the District Judge with a 15minute hearing date scheduled for next week (W/C 29th April). Accompanying this was an application on form N245 giving an offer to pay - basically a token monthly payment which is now up and running with the other side and awaiting their response since the 18th of April. So, it would appear that I have two stays of execution in effect and under court process and a little relief from the nightmare world and stresses of the Alice in Wonderland logic of HCEA enforcement. Not acording to The Sheriffs Office who despite my co-operation with them say that 'they will proceed anyway' and 'unless the debt is settled in full the HCEO will reattend with the van to remove your goods and chattels' on Monday 29th or Tuesday the 30th of April. I have kept them fully informed and given them copies of all of the courts orders as well as my benefit claim documents to prove I am unemployed but this does not seem to matter to them. They are above the law it would appear and spurred on by the claimant who is utterly malicious they are doing their best to harass me. What do the learned members of the CAG forums think of this ?. Should I apply to the court on Monday for an injunction with form N16 to stop their enforcement attempts ?. Or perhaps I should ask the Judge who issued the original orders to clarify whether or not they can disregard his orders. Can The Sheriffs Men simply ignore the Courts orders and do what they wish - if so what is the point of having a due process of law ?. This I believe is a classsic example of the utter mess that this area of enforcement has fallen into. It truly is the Wild West. I am asking my M.P. to complain to the Justice Minister as this is symptomatic of the treatment of vulnerable people usually the least able to defend themselves by these HCEA's . Your thoughts and advice would be gratefully received. With thanks and regards
  10. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2012/08/15/nl-olympic-athletes-touched-by-timbit-815.html
  11. The number of women plunged into insolvency is equal to the number of men for the first time in history, official figures are expected to reveal on Friday. The landmark highlights an extraordinary social change in Britain from a time when a female bankrupt was ‘virtually unheard of’ to the current debt explosion among women. The report, from the accountancy firm RSM Tenon, says its analysis shows around 28,000 people were declared insolvent between 1 April and 30 June. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2182340/As-women-men-going-bankrupt-figures.html#ixzz22LThVQtQ
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