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  1. hi I have had a lengthy phone call with Occupational Health who said i have high stress and high anxiety levels, at the moment so i have been signed off stress - 'not fit to work' for 2 weeks minimum as the doctor will re-assess me in 2 weeks time. My employer has now asked me to attend a stage 2 absence meeting ( as i have previous absence for stress at work and at home), during this period that i am off on sick leave. So my question is simply.. is this a reasonable request from my employer and do i therefore have to attend the meeting? please help me, your knowledge and
  2. Could I please ask for some advice regarding an investigation at work.I returned to work on phased return after sick leave due to an operation. On my third day back I was given a letter stating I was under investigation but not told why. ten days later I received a letter by post stating the investigation was due to an "alleged mismatch of data between my manual actions and actions taken on customer database" which occurred seven months previously. Basically, stating I had made a telephone call on a certain date and time but the notes I made detailing the call did not match the telephone conv
  3. Hi, I have been signed off work with anxiety and depression for a month. My manager keeps calling and asking me how I'm feeling. He now wants to meet with me to discuss my sickness. I find it very difficult to talk about my problems and have a feeling he just wants me back to work as soon as possible. I do not feel ready to go back to work yet and my doctor has advised me to take some time to get better hence why he signed me off for a month. My question is, can my manager force me to come back to work before the end of my sick note ? Will it look bad if I say I'd rather not come ba
  4. Hi, I wondered if there was anyone who could give me some advice. I've been off ill from work for 19 months from PTSD after an incident at work. I've been asked to attend a disciplinary meeting for a dishonesty allegation made against me. They have said I can have a work companion at this meeting. I asked my employers if I can attend my work place to find a work companion to attend the meeting with me. I know a lot of people have left and I really don't know if anyone is still working there that I will know to ask. They have refused to let me go stating that my condition of anx
  5. Hi all I wanted to seek your advice in how to present myself in an impending probationary meeting. I was informed today I would need to have a meeting with 2 team leaders in my department (my current one and my previous one) because I have been late 4 times in the last month. This is my first month and the first 2 times were in my first 2 days, which I will admit is very very bad. But on all of the 4 occasions they weren't more than 5 or 6 minutes, and the last 2 were only by 3 minutes. Furthermore the 2nd time I was late it was because I had not been given a security pass at that point and
  6. My colleague has been given a letter inviting him to a meeting to investigate 1) Inappropriate conduct and 2) Breaching of company confidentiality. He has asked what inappropriate conduct and what breach of company confidentiality he is supposed to have committed but they are refusing to tell him and he cannot think what it could be. He wants to go into the meeting forearmed with the information so he can defend his position. Can the company withhold this information before the meeting? It means he goes into the meeting very much on the back foot. Would be grateful for any help on this. T
  7. Hello all, panicking a little bit here. I found you're site today and I must admit it's a great source of comfort to know I'm not going through this process alone. So I have an investigation meeting today and I haven't received any correspondence from them at all in the 4 week period that I have been suspended apart from a phone call on Tuesday asking me to attend this meeting. They've said that they have tried to contact me a number of times, which just isn't true because I've been glued to every possible means of contact for the last 4 weeks praying for some communication. S
  8. So today, I was pulled aside in work for an informal meeting regarding alleged misconduct, some notes were taken in regards to the incident and I was told that I would be updated as soon as possible - Two hours later, I was pulled aside again and informed that I would be suspended with pay, HR would be in contact via mail with full details, and I would be invited to attend a formal meeting. Alleged misconduct; It has been alleged that I was in possession of illegal drugs in the workplace, nothing was said about the use of said substance (herbal cannabis). After work, I had changed in
  9. Having no one to talk to, I thought I could post here. I have spoken to my manager at least four times about a member of the team I work with who never even acknowledges me whilst at work, this person seems to be angry at everything, my manager has not done anything apart from the fact she says she will talk to him. Today whilst on holiday I receive a letter to attend a Formal Investigatory meeting because this person has raised a formal grievance against me, no details have been given apart from my alleged behaviour towards them and my percieved attitude, no other detai
  10. Hi and thanks for any who can help. I raised grievance for bullying, and periodic aggressive attacks on me by secretary (relation to owner). last straw was when the owners "secretary" said she was giving my admin work of home office stuff and staff files to senior care assistant. she is studying her NVQ sorry now QCF level 5. my roles are admin and Activities as per my contact. I have had attacks on me since 2011 but was unable to do grievance until now as 1. did not have employee handbook until 2012. 2. because of aggression 3. changed of matrons' who did not want to deal with my concerns
  11. Hi Guys, was wondering if anybody can throw some advice my way. Upon finishing my shift today, I went into the office with a colleague to find out what job i had tomorrow, and was told I didn't have a job tomorrow, and to open a letter I was handed (In front of my colleague). The letter states as follows: Dear XXX, ABSENCE MANAGEMENT HEARING Since you have started work at XXX Ltd, you have had a total of 26 days absent from work in the last 12 months. Due to the level of absences that you have incurred, you are required to attend an Absence Management Hearing whic
  12. Thought i would post up my experience with the DWP this morning as a lot of threads on this subject never seem to finish with a solution. Last week i received one of those compliance invite meetings which i had this morning. like most people you spend the week worrying about it as their invite is sort of in your face compliance. It seems someone had taken a comment off my face book profile page and sent it to the DWP fraud hotline web page link. The allegation was that i was claming housing, council tax benefit, and ESA when fully fit This was totally bogus and malicious. The ad
  13. Hi, I joined a company around 4months ago and I travel to get there around 2hrs each way. The job basically required me to work on site for my companies client. Every week I am suppose to complete a timesheet and I am suppose to complete 37.5hrs a week. On a daily basis especially the last 2 months, I reach work after 9am and I mostly leave the office by 3:30pm (I skip lunch) so I get in time to see my baby son before he sleeps but I work off my phone and remotely. I make sure all my tasks are on top of, I believed until this email that the client was happy with my work a
  14. Just came home from a meeting, which is a community group that is like a Residents Association, but for the whole borough, In my area its called STRF, Which is the Southend Tenants and Residents Forum. Someone dropped a clanger and stated that Moorcroft have been retained to collect rent arrears, I asked do you know how bad this company are? or the aggressive tactics they use? The person was quite shocked that I knew of the company, lol. Are any other council areas being serviced by this company? if so what are the results if any that have come to light with a Dca such as Moorcroft col
  15. Just need a little bit of advice really, i have a disciplinary meeting soon for 'high sickness absence' My employer has a strange sickness policy, it is a rolling year sickness that has no set start date?!?! So they pick and choose presumably what date my sickness started for that year. I always thought it was january to december then i thought they changed it to april to april and now it seems its a random rolling year. So firstly, has anyone heard or had experience with this type of sickness? I have been employed for 5 years with this employer and probably taking 10 days sick
  16. Hi, I'm preparing everything for a disability discrimination tribunal and I wondered what should normally be in the bundle. Is it all the evidence to help prove my case or is it something standardised? Thanks for any help.
  17. Hi, After all my issues years ago, I decided self employment was for me. However, My partner is still employed. I have booked us a hol in December after she was refused a holiday in October. Now, the December holiday is being refused?? She currently has 3 weeks entitlement left, but can't seem to book any of it! The employer has dragged her into a meeting without warning and given her a copy of her contract that states holidays must be taken to suit the employer. But holidays cannot be carried over. Her employer has said, "you should of took them by now".... And "Why do you want
  18. Hi I need some advice please. My husband is a PSV driver and was called in for an informal chat last October. He duly attended and was told that a complaint had been made by a clients (special needs) parent. The complaint was over some banter which had offended her. He agree to tone it down and apologise, which he did. On the 20th June 2013 he was called in by his employers for an informal chat. Again he attended and was told that the clients father had complained again about something he had said. She told her parents that he had said that she was full of **** and from his recollection h
  19. Hi all, I have recently submitted a grievance/appeal for unfair dismissal and discrimination. I have been invited by my boss to a 'without prejudice' meeting just between the two of us. Is this something I should be wary of? I have googled a lot of info and advice protecting the employers position but not much for the employee. Any advice or tips about how to handle this type of meeting would be much appreciated many thanks
  20. I don't wish to attend my disciplinary meeting. I've suffered from anxiety/depression for years and I don't feel up to it. I am expecting to be sacked anyway and wouldn't go back even if I wasn't sacked. They've not given me much notice. Can I send them a letter which they'll likely receive on the day of the planned meeting saying that I am unavailable and that they have permission to go ahead without me? Thanks.
  21. I have recently (Nov12) been diagnosed with Menieres disease, which consists of head pressure, tinitus, vertigo, Migraine and hearing loss. It is not cureable and likeley to get worse over time resulting in "drop" attacks and deafness. MD is mentioned specifically in the Equality Act 2010. Anyway, I have worked in the same role for 6 years (with the company almost 8 years) and have only had one absence in all that time until February this year, when I collapsed and had a vertigo attack and was off work for 2 days. Then in April, I contracted a flu virus, which combined with the MD knocked
  22. Hi All, Apologies in advance for the long post. This is my first time posting on this page but I really need some advice and help. In November 2012 after being in my job for a year and three months I started having health problems in regards to bowel and epilepsy. I was signed off work until March 2013 and then I returned back to work. Work had involved occupational health which I agreed to and we arranged for me to go back to work part time for 3 days and then full time straight away after. There was a virus within the work place which I caught and unfortunately set off my co
  23. Hi all, I received a recorded letter from my employer today, inviting me to a meeting. This meeting is on 15/5/13 at 11am. It states " This meeting has ben arranged because we are in the process of investigating allegations that have been made regarding your conduct in the workplace." I would like to know if I have the right to know what these allegations are before I go into the meeting? Many thanks
  24. Hello CAG! Hope everyone is good & enjoying the sunny spells I work as one of the managers for a store. I have been working with my company for well over a year so permanent employee. I have been performing really well and been given feedback about the good stuff I do. Until very recently when I wanted to apply for a bigger role in my store I was told that I am not ready for it. It came as a surprise because I thought I was ready but anyways after a heated debate with my line who said he will work on the things that he thinks I need work on and we will get there. I left it at that
  25. Hi everyone, I posting on behalf of my wife who is due to have a disciplinary meeting tomorrow due to her absence. I'll try to describe how this has managed to come about. First off my wife has Type 2 Diabetes of which she does not have great control over and uses insulin to manage her diabetes, she is currently and has been treated for long term depression for which she takes medication, she also has carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Her depression the doctor believes manifests itself from her Diabetes, we also have a disabled son who has a serious problem with his heart and has rec
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