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Found 180 results

  1. Hi Over 2 years ago I had a seizure and after that I had a few minor ones, but I had my license revoked (annoying but I see why) Anyway 12 months of being seizure free after an operation I applied for my license. Both my GP and specialist filled out forms and about 3 months later I got my license back. 2 months after that I then received a letter from the DVLA saying they had changed their mind and now want to review my case further and made me send back my license. I know everyone says this but I am now absolutely fine have been for 18 months. I have phoned, emailed, sent letters with them and just got no-where. They sent me for an eye test (i got 100%!). I have seen all the correspondance from my GP and specialist and no where does it say I am unfit to drive. My specialist has recently sent them a letter that categorically states I am completely fit to drive (I know because he sent me a copy of the same letter) yet they say they have not received it. This is the 3rd letter he has sent, I have even emailed a copy of the letter to them, but they just say they cannot accept it and they are "waiting on further medical advice from my specialist" The letters I receive from them are clearly being back dated as I am receiving letters from at least 2 weeks ago. What else can I do? Do I have anywhere I can turn to make a complaint or at least get compensation for the costs of buying, taxing and insuring the vehicle. The thing is I can't really appeal as they just wont make a decision either way. I am just lost in their internal processes. Could I go down the route of legal action based on the fact they gave me a license in error back in Feburary? Maybe this could kick them into life? Any advice people
  2. My ESA was stopped after I failed the medical 7 months ago. Today I won my appeal. I did not claim any benefits in the interim as I had been made redundant and was living off a very small amount of money, and my Mum helped me with my rent. Will I get the back-pay now that I have won my appeal, or should I have done something else in the interim? I didn't sign onto Job Seekers cos I cannot walk and was simply too ill to stand in a dole queue and declare myself fit for work.Anyone know about this?Also I have been put in the work-related activity group as I want to find part-time work. Do you know how much I can earn before they stop (or reduce) the ESA money?Many thanks!
  3. Hi, be really grateful for any advice..... Back in Jan I passed out, and hit my face etc... I went to the docs who said that we had to notify the dvla, which we did. I had to fill out a medical form and was instructed by the doctor not to drive at all, which I didn't for about two months, I rang the dvla to see how it was all progressing to be told that they were really behind by about 2 months, so they hadn't even got to my case yet, but if my doc said it was ok to drive in the meantime it was all up to him. By this time, I had paid to go private and had lots of tests, scans, ecg's etc, and all were completely clear, I had been well and had not had any sign of another episode... I had been involved in a very stressful employment tribunal at the time when the pass out occured and to be honest everyone thinks it was stress......anyway doc says I think you are fine, drive, so I have done so for around a month now. This morning a letter arrives from the dvla saying that they are revoking my license, not from today but from four days time and for a period of six months from the episode, it is then likely to take another eight weeks to officially get my license back on top of this!!! I am really peeved, I live in a village, am self employed and have three kids that need running around, and my partner is always working too. I think it is all really ridiculous, and more so when they say oh you can drive for the next four days but then that's it, why say it's up to the doc then say it's 6 months from date no matter what as that is their rule???I would be grateful for any advice anyone may have on how to resolve this, I have had every test going and no know that I am actually very fit and well!!! I have to be able to drive or everyone including my business suffers aswell, and all tests are clear! Thanks in advance if anyone can advise!!
  4. Hi all, I'm a bit confused with the whole thing. I was in a bus accident and my gp has signed me off (2 x 2 weeks notes, and 1 x 4 week note.) til the end of this month, possibly longer. I'm £1.30 off the minimum cutoff for SSP so I cant get that and I apparently earn too much for ESA cos I get WTC. So I was told to send my Sick notes in to get my NI covered while I'm off which is fine, but I dont understand why I'm being requested for a medical when they state I'm not entitled due to earnings. I've read a lot of awful stories about people with disabilities failing and quite frankly I have every intention of returning to my job as soon as my GP says I can as I'm losing nearly £100 a week cos of the incompetence of a bus driver. Why am I being requested for a medical and can I refuse as I'm not in the receipt of the benefit money anyway? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone , i'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with the Start / Finish time given for their Examination and Interview on their Medical Report Form (ESA85) . I have recently failed my ESA medical ( with the customary 0 points ) and so i requested a copy of the medical report in order to appeal the decision . I was shocked when i read the report . It is a complete fabrication . However , the thing that concerns me most is the recorded start time of my examination/interview on the front page of the Medical Report Form . It shows it as being 15.28 , but i know this must be wrong as i distinctly remember checking the time on the clock in the waiting room shortly before i was called and it had just passed 15.30 , so i would estimate that the actual start time was about 15.33 . The whole examination/interview seemed to be rushed and i remember commenting to a friend , who met me when i came out , that i was surprised how quick it all was . This 5 minute discrepancy could be very important to me and my case as it reduces the total time of my medical from the recorded 25 mins to actual 18 mins . For example , i suffer from severe back and leg pain and one of the "descriptors" that was rejected was " Cannot sit on a chair with high back and no arms for more than 30 minutes " . This was rejected because the HCP stated that during the interview " The client was able to sit on a chair with a back for 23 minutes " . I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice on what , if anything , can be done .
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