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  1. good evening. I look after my mum and she had a medical this past week and my question is for if she fails her medical and am caring for even though she has PIP and she is on ESA I think it is also am I still Entitled to be her carer and still be my job and still get my Carer Allowance if they had sense when looking at her issues and problems that she will never be fit for work and she won't get any better simple as that. if anyone can respond to my question would be great thanks.
  2. Hi, I am new here and hope to find somebody who can help me. I had an EU driving licence which expired last month. when I applied for the UK driving licence I had to declare a medical condition which I had six year ago but that it is no longer something I suffer from, infact I have been off medication for a couple of years and I am not under the supervision of any doctors. the NHS consultant I saw for driving licence wrote a letter summarising the history of the problem and attesting that I met all the criteria for fitness to drive, and discharged me with no further appointments or care required. After 5 weeks since I applied for the UK license the DVLA had received the medical questionnaire and the letter from the consultant (which starts by saying "I see no reason why she should not drive a vehicle), and have said that my case has been referred to a DVLA doctor who has to check that my condition meets the criteria above. and that this is not going to happen before January next year, which seems like a very long time to not have a license. I have tried to get more information but they are just rude, robotic call centre people who wind you up, and repeat that they have to deal with cases from all the UK. I wanted to try the complaint procedure or possibly to look at getting professional legal advice. I can't understand why when an NHS specialist consultant has written to the DVLA to say I can drive, it should have to go to their doctor who can't respond until January. I can drive under the law section 88 road traffic act 1988 but I do not feel confident without the driving licence. plus I cannot go to visit family abroad with my baby as is illegal there going around without driving licence with you. has anyone had any similar experiences? any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
  3. Hello I hope you can help - I have someone who is a decent human being but has been put is a difficult situation. Someone else was helping him before but I’ve been called on-board as the other person hasn't got the time. He has been on ESA for a long time, He suffers from severe social anxiety, depression, body image issues and also post-traumatic stress due to many issues; most of which are childhood-related, whereas the traumatic stress (I believe) was relatively recent (5 years ago) due a severe facial injury that required intense facial- reconstruction; (were talking hours of surgery and many surgeons) He has been on a continual downward spiral since as he has no support network and his heavy drinking with which he has used to cope with his social anxiety! This has now culminated with him having a psychotic episode a few weeks ago that resulted him being imprisoned for 6 weeks on remand. He received a suspended sentence plus counseling for drink. No one was hurt, though I’m assuming the experience hasn’t been pleasant for anyone that was involved. I cannot stress enough that the person Is decent human being that hasn’t had the help he’s needed for years. His ESA was such that even wrote him off (never needed a tribunal etc) but since coming out of prison he has found that his ESA has been stopped. Im assuming it was because he went to prison the last amount paid into his account was june 6th! and nothing after this. He doesn’t have the skills to get it reactivated on his own! I have done some homework, and found that he is classed (still) as a remand prisoner as just being locked up from June 6 to approx 5-6 later! I believe from my own research (limited) that..... 1 There is a 12 week period within which the EAS can be re-activated / or linked) is this correct? 2 and that this means that there is not major/ substantial extra information needed to be sent to the dwp? And that it is merely a case filling in a new form and re-activating the claim? 3 However he hasn’t been in proper contact with a DR due to him slipping off the radar in terms of doctors notes (he hasn’t needed them for over three years, so you can imagine that someone who suffers from such conditions has simply let things continue!) will he need one now? 4 Or is it simply a case of filling in the correct forms etc? He has no money since coming out of prison- his rent was paid by housing benefit but the short-fall which was made up by himself with the ESA which obviously means the current situation is-not sustainable 5 he will not need to see Atos, surely if it is simply the case of linking the claim? In conclusion I’m unsure which type of ESA he was on but I’m sure it falls within the category of not needed to attend any support group. He hasn’t needed to supply an updated Dr’s note to Atos or the dwp. I have not phoned the ESA yet on his behalf as I’m not sure if I’m up to the task. But the idea is I would like to get the ESA up and running the way it was before, but obviously to try and get him some type of support group as well. Can anyone help? As the 12 week cut off period is looming? Thanks
  4. Can anyone help. Due to depression and anxiety i was on esa, i was in the support group and allowed to do permitted work. I failed my assessment and have been taken off ESA. on all other occasions i have been told that permitted work will have to stop so that is what i did this time. I am now being refused full jsa because i stopped the permitted work. I did ask what i should do about permitted work when they told me i could not claim esa anymore but no one seemed to know so that is why i finished as that had been the case before.
  5. For over 5 years Myself and my Son have attempted to bring a case together for Medical Negligence against an Hospital in Sheffield from the time frame of 1996 -2010 where my son suffered terribly and was in critical conditions on 3 occasions. We appointed a solicitor back in 2011 to deal with this matter, In 2016 this firm of Solicitors went in to Administration, and we were passed on to another firm to carry on our case. It is a very complex case we as there are many issues dating from 1996-2010 with 3 Hospital stays. We have recently received a letter from this new firm of Solicitors stating that they are closing this case due to lack of evidence etc. It is evident that there is falsifications in my Son’s Medical records and apparent lost information. I have contacted my solicitor pointing these issues out, and explaining that we have solid proof that the information from my Son’s Medical records are false. We are waiting for a reply from them at present. We are unsure of what route to take with all of this, and we would greatly appreciate and advice or support anyone could offer.
  6. I got a decision for my pip yesterday, 0 points. I phoned today and asked for mandatory reconsideration. They need a medical report from my doctor. The thing is the dr doesn't know how i live day to day, they only know my diagnosis's I have and medication i take. Will the dr only list my conditions and medications, treatment etc...?
  7. Up at 4am talking to a friend on facebook, her situation is that she is the sole carer for her 61 year old Husband who has early onset dementia, she has had problems with the 'authorities' when her husband was in hospital, first of all there was a deprivation of liberty order put on him and then a DNR so she has total mistrust of medical professionals. Now he is out of hospital she has district nurses in once a week, only one of them decided to report her to social services because her house was 'dirty' even though the nurse KNEW that two days before she had broken 2 ribs and could hardly move let alone sweep the @@@@@@ floor buts that's another story. Now she has had visits from SS and has been worried they are looking for an excuse to put him into a home and again they seem to be more interested in the state of her house then her well being and her husbands condition. Talking to her today its clear that she is suffering from depression ( I don't blame her) the catalyst is Christmas as her family don't support her and she is dreading spending the day looking at 4 walls with no celebration I, alas am too far away to get to her on Christmas day and strangers actually cause her Husband extreme distress so my being there will only make things worse. I have suggested she sees her GP, but she wont as she believes that if she does so and is put on medication her GP will inform SS and that she will not be deemed fit to look after her Husband So I need to know the process, would her GP actually give medical information to SS as a matter of course or would her GP have to ask her permission or ask her to sign a confidentiality waiver before they did so. I have suggested respite care, but again she is scared that once he goes into a home he will be kept there.
  8. I have got my second assessment for ESA on Thursday, presumably with Maximus this time unless they too have been sacked? I had been away for four months from the flat I've lived in for 21 years and feel a bit panicked to learn of this appointment being so near ( and this time it's due so early in the day that the train fare will be double). This is in part because I am severely stressed out because I already have another concurrent fight on my hands with the local council over its handling of a violent and antisocial neighbour (documented on another subforum here). When I was coerced back to the flats by the council I began to get heart pains of the same kind I'd got when my neighbour threatened me for making complaints. The initial period of pain died down after thirty hours but has begun again. I will go to my GP about this but I'm not happy to be reporting a more or less new health issue within a few days of an assessment, because of how it might be viewed with suspicion. Having had something very like a heart attack at 29 as a side effect of antidepressants I'm seriously concerned about this heart issue, though a visit to A&E last week showed nothing up. I am vividly aware as I type though that something is not right. There is pressure in my heart or a feeling of a knot. It's actual and not merely chemical/ psychological even if aggravated by an emotional state I'm trying to combat with breathing. But I'm more concerned about whether I have the energy for another fight over all this. I am half angry, half exhausted. I believe that if I still allowed myself to risk the involvement of professionals I would have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder by now because of the extremity of the swings but it is some bind when you are utterly exhausted part of the time and full of rage the rest of it. We could say that having been through one of these assessments I know the lie of the land - and it certainly is a lie and not a lay - but I read that for example that some symptoms/sentiments that arise from mental health issues (which I've learned I cannot discuss here, which I accept) which six months ago were cause for assessors and DWP staff to treat an individual with caution, are now indiciators that an indivisual should be pushed firmly towards the workplace, despite an apparent overall impression given in the media that there should have been a moving away from the aggression of these asessments experienced from 2011-2015. I am going to ring to assert that I will be recording my assessment as last year's assessor lied repeatedly in her report, which I was going to use at the tribunal. A leaflet tells me I can use my equipment and that's how it's going to be as I have no reason to trust these people. I was put in the Support Group last year but only short term. I had applied to go to tribunal but this was cancelled without my say-so when the one year Support Group was decided upon. Someone senior in the Dispute Resolutions team actually rang me, and even by coincidence had agreed with a colleague on calling the dogs off on my birthday. I want to ask to speak to him tomorrow or am considering writing a letter to ask for this to be viewed in conjunction with Thursday's assessment. I do not have room for manouevre financially for any ESA cut. I have thirty quid in the bank to last nine days and no savings. I have nothing left to sell because the other business with the council led to me selling everything to pay to keep a roof over my head somewhere safe over the last four months, though I slept outside sometimes too. Last year as I was under attack by the DWP and my neighbour's behaviour at once I developed for the first time in my life a period of binge-drinking. In the second half of my 30s I didn't touch alcohol, and for most of my adult life I could take or leave it and went for weeks without a pint. For several months last year I was losing my memory about three times a week, falling over, having to bin clothes that became scuffed and torn. I was shocked out of it once a friendly waitress saw me staggering around, and then when a stranger approached me who'd guided me home. I'm not ashamed but it's pretty horrifying to be pushed into uncharacteristic behaviour without personal precedent, and I resent this period. I hadn't slipped back into this until Thursday just gone, and hope that was only a blip and not new stresses. Additionally, being angered by this new medical I have decided to stop being a mug over something that happened around twelve years ago. Before the advent of ATOS and the like I had a medical in the same building when I was on SDA. The doctor who did it carried out an act of aborted sexual abuse. I don't know if you can understand but at the time I could hardly believe it, and then felt fearful of rocking the boat due to my need for my benefits. Now though, feeling harrassed and angry I want to go to the police and pursue things. If a celebrity's abuse form forty years ago can be pursued then so can this. I would have no trouble identifying this person because I remember his manner vividly. At present I'm intending to go to the police station on Tuesday, will explain what happened and then ask if there are records of other complaints having been made with reference to the same building. I am not going to back out of this now but I suppose need to prepare myself. There are no doubts in my mind regarding what happened - it was nothing whatsoever to do with the medical and a clear assertion of power. I am absolutely aware that people do worse as one family member suffered horrifically and so did someone I was engaged to, but as this person has or had a position of power which has continuity with the comparatively respectable veneer of Maximus's power I want him dealt with. I will soak up anything helpful anyone wants to say here but at times I feel like walking off the grid altogether nowadays. I have thought of turning myself in to a hospital but fear losing autonomy regarding diet and medication. I spent a weekend in a particular creed's monastery a decade ago and remember they had a 'lay monk' there, a man who basically mucked in but had not adopted the garb, and who seemed to have retreated from comparable aggravation in the regular world. I've considered going there but do not really have the conviction of that creed despite sharing some agreement with it. Sick enough also, despite being aware of what I'd been put through last year several people in my family voted Conservative and didn't hide the fact. Sometimes sitting down with them and acting like they hadn't put a cross in box that could have a very dramatic consequence you do feel that family life has become farcical. Thanks for your time.
  9. On Monday of this week I was in a meeting at work with about 20 or so colleagues. One of them had only just joined the company and was staying over in Manchester (head office) as he was based in the London office. Unfortunately during the meeting this colleague had an epileptic fit, falling off his chair and banging his head. Our office first aider was on in the room in seconds, and asked for coats / jackets to be placed under his head to prevent him from injuring himself further. As my suit jacket was on top, it ended up being covered in blood. Later that day I took the jacket to Timpsons to be dry cleaned, however they refused to take it as the blood hadn't fully dried, so returned it again on Wednesday. Yesterday I picked it up to find that most of the blood / saliva was still on the suit. Timpsons have offered to re-clean the jacket, however say that there's no guarantee it will come out. I wasn't to bothered about the cost of cleaning the suit - A couple of pound is nothing compared to the guy having a fit and injuring himself, however I am a little bit more concerened if the jacket is ruined, seeing though it cost almost £200 only 3 months ago. My question is, if the jacket / suit is ruined, who's responsible for replacing it? I don't want to come across as cold hearted, however I also don't want to be massively out of pocket. Is it My employer - They specify that you must wear a suit to work. The culture dictates that this is a nice suit and the phrase "look like your going to a wedding is often banded about. It was my work's first aider who placed the jackets under my colleagues head, as well as the presentation video (put together by the marketing team) without no warning of flashing lights which seemed to set his fit off. My colleague - He was staying at head office for a week and didn't bring his epilepsy medication. He knew that he was prone to fits (as he said the following day) but didn't speak up when told we were going to watch some videos on the projector. Me - That's life. Things happen beyond our control and I have to live with it. As I say, I don't want to come across as harsh. I'm not particularly fussed paying £10 to have the jacket cleaned. I just don't want to be £200 out of pocket (more if the suit is no longer sold as the trousers would be useless without a jacket) when it wasn't my fault. I'm going to wait until I get the jacket back from the cleaners for the second time before raising the issue with work. Also, if you were in this position (had your clothing ruined) or my colleagues position regarding the ruining of someones suit what would you do? Thanks in advance Scott
  10. hi everybody , im so confused capita have asked me to go to a medical 40 miles away , especially when they know im aggraphobic . i have seen somewhere on the web that capita normally do home visits but i was sent a letter to attend this place , i cancelled once because i had a really bad panic attack , they told me i HAVE to attend the second one they booked for wednesday ? can i say anything to them ? im terrible with one to one situations the thought im going to embarrass myself makes me feel panicky , am i likely to fail by going ? and what will happen if i fail it ? really sorry for all the questions
  11. I am a detained paitent in a hospital and I am eeding to get access to my medical notes. The hospital wrote to me and said the DPA request I sent was valid and that it would tae them 40 days to respomd. But the hospital wrote to me again and said they wouldnt be able to meet the deadline . They gave no excuse at all. I would like a copy of one of my reports Please can you help me?
  12. Just had phone call from DWP telling me my ESA is ending today(8 weeks after my medical)??? I had my medical on the 1st July 2016,which as usual I have received "0"points! They have told me I have to make a claim today (so that I get a continuation of benefit??) Can somebody please tell me if they can do this with no warning? And will this cause problems with my housing benefit/council tax(which happened to me before, whilst waiting for my appeal and took months to sort out(but lost out on a lot of benefit) so now i'm terrified that its going to happen again!!!! Any advice would be welcome Thanks
  13. If you haven't already had an NHS leaflet entitled "Better information means better care" through your letterbox, you are likely to shortly. In my view, it is a disgraceful document inadequately describing a disgraceful project. Here's an online version of it:- http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cd-leaflet-01-14.pdf And here's s a well-written summary of the story so far, courtesy of the Independent,:- http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/your-life-in-their-hands-is-the-caredata-nhs-database-a-healthy-step-or-a-gross-invasion-of-patient-privacy-9042564.html Timetable (according to Pulse, an online magazine for GPs, at 10 01 14):- " Leaflets [without an opt-out form] will be delivered in four waves across different regions, starting with the North this week, followed by the Midlands and East, the South and London in subsequent weeks. Patients will have at least one month to read the leaflet and to register an objection with their practice, if they choose to opt out of sharing their data before the first planned extraction of data beginning in March." The principal, and frankly urgent, point I wish to make is that if you wait to be told more about this by your GPs' practice you may wind up with very little time indeed to try to 'opt out' (so far as possible). Secondly, a mere cursory glance at the leaflet might leave you assuming that the project is about joined-up medical information, potentially to the immediate and direct advantage of your own individual healthcare. It is nothing of the kind. It is about giving third parties, potentially hundreds or even thousands of them, not directly involved in your healthcare at all, access to highly personal information about you, now, frequently (probably monthly) and for ever. And a large part of the project has been designed and will effectively be run by ATOS, the French IT and outsourcing company which has received so much criticism for its handling of benefits claims over recent years. (ref. e.g: http://uk.atos.net/en-uk/home/your-business/healthcare/business-intelligence/gp-extraction-service.html) Typically, there is also a catch in the apparent 'opt-out'. The newly-created 'Health and Social Care Information Centre' (HSCIC) is already storing personal, identifiable medical information about you – and will go on collecting the same from e.g. hospitals and community services, including mental health out-patient clinics; and there is apparently no way to opt out of that. You can, however, stop the HSCIC giving third parties access to that information – and the way to do this is, oddly, through your GPs. . You thus have to tell your GPs:- a) that you don't want any personal confidential details uploaded to HSCIC by the GPs themselves, and b) that you don't want any personal confidential information shared by the HSCIC with anybody else at all, in any event. When the computerised "data mining" raid ("GP Extraction Service") on your GP records begins, it is supposed to encounter prohibitory 'codes' (entered by your GPs) linked to your NHS number, date of birth, gender and postcode, effecting the required restrictions unless and until you should decide otherwise. You are supposed to be able to give your instructions to your GPs orally – in person or on the phone. I have no faith in this as a route (even assuming you could get to speak to anyone who understood the project in the first place this side of next Christmas) and think it much better to write, preferably recorded delivery. Possible text for such a letter might therefore include:- " Please take whatever steps necessary to ensure my confidential personal information is not uploaded and record my dissent by whatever means possible. This includes adding the ‘Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data’ code (Read v2: 9Nu0 or CVT3: XaZ89) to my record as well as the ‘Dissent from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre’ code (Read v2: 9Nu4 or CTV3: XaaVL). I am aware of the implications of this request, understand that it will not affect the care I receive and will notify you should I change my mind. " (Extracted from the very useful and informative:- http://medconfidential.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Opt_out_letter.pdf.) A standardised opt-out form should, of course, have been included with the NHS leaflet, and also be available at all GP surgeries, right now. But that would have made it easy for patients to opt out, and it is disgraceful that the Department of Health\NHS England should, very deliberately, have made it more difficult and confusing for an entire nation-ful of NHS patients needing to respond within a very tight time-frame. Finally, here's a selection of links for 'further reading':- http://www.care-data.info/ http://bma.org.uk/practical-support-at-work/ethics/confidentiality-and-health-records/care-data http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/tsd/care-data/ http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cd-patient-faqs.pdf http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/records/healthrecords/Documents/cd-pati-faqs-06012014%203.pdf
  14. hi and thanks my husband had a medical 2 years ago and was declared fit for work we then took t to a tribunal which overturned there decision he now as to attend another in a weeks time we have been to see his GP and he said they have not sent im any form to be filled in regarding his medical condition i find this rather strange all though his condition as not improved as he as severe copd and been on none stop antibiotic and steroids over the last 6 months any advice would be much appreciate thank you in advance
  15. If you wanted to erase your medical history - or certain parts - is there any way to do it without moving from the UK altogether ?
  16. A couple of years ago the police broke into my friends house on a few occasions and discovered small amounts of herb which was for personal use, each time I got cautioned. Then letters started arriving telling me to go for medical tests Since then I have already had a drugs test then an eye test then another doctor's test then a psychiatric test and now it's come back to them wanting me to go for another drug test as I got letter from dvla yesterday morning. This is causing me a lot of stress. Are they able to do this? Thanks
  17. This has been designed for you to complete and once finished place the completed for into a clear container then place the container inside your refrigerator. Please remember to regularly update the form if you use it. Medical Emergency Information.pdf
  18. Hi guys, I'm currently in a sticky situation with the DVLA's medical branch. Approximately three months ago I stupidly decided to falsely inform my doctor that I was suffering from blackouts in order to get a sickline from work (the real reason being stress, but being so young I thought he wouldn't have listened to me). Well anyway, the Doctor knows my family and knew that I was a bus driver (little did I know..). He immediately informed the DVLA without notifying me he was doing so and referred me to a Neurologist with suspected epilepsy. I went back to him within a week to say I was indeed lying and apologised for any problems caused as I didnt want to fill spaces in the Neurology clinic that people genuinely needed. A day later I received a letter from DVLA revoking all of my licences (car, bus, lorry and motorbike). I asked my Doctor what to do and he told me to keep my Neurology appointment as did the DVLA doctors as they required contemporaneous confirmatory evidence. I explained everything to the Neurologist when I attended and he sent me for a brain MRI and ECG. He sent the results as well as a supporting letter of his opinion that I did not suffer any blackouts and that they were indeed fictitious through to the DVLA. Throughout this process the DVLA contact centre said they were just waiting on the MRI coming through. Well, they received all of the documents and they were reviewed yesterday and no further action was taken. I cannot understand how the DVLA can still revoke it after all my tests came back clear and the medical opinion of a consultant was that I was fine? Do I legally have a leg to stand on? Does anyone have any advice for what I should do?
  19. So i'm not sure on some of this but here goes... My mum went to hospital with a chest infection, her underlying condition was parkinsons disease. The week before she was in hospital, she was herself (so the disease was nowhere near final stages). She got to hospital and they assumed that she was "fine" before. They decided to do a CT scan. Hospital staff tried to get her to drink the horrid tasting dye but she refused purely for the bad taste. They gave me a choice, get her to drink it all or its tubes down throat to send it direct to her stomach. She wouldn't drink anymore because as she told me, it tastes so bad. So they tried forcing tubes down. That didnt work and they did the CT scan anyway... all clear. Within 3 days she went downhill according to them and dr's spoke to me saying she has pneumonia and has days left to live. They said they will make her as comfortable as possible but cant do anything else aside from a morphine driver to numb pain. I was told by a nurse "if she is still with us on the Monday, i'm working and can support you". Mum survived. She then started getting better. She was talking to me again saying she wanted to go home but they kept drugging her up. She would cry not because of pain, but because she wanted to go home but they assumed she was in pain and upped the morphine dose. Mum had done quite well. Progress was good. So how could it be "pneumonia" ? 1 nurse said she is doing so well they will start trying her on fluids again. I asked another nurse if this was true and she said "no it's not" and then she asked me "who are you anyway?". 2 days later and she was being given fluids. I asked mum if she wanted a drink. She said yes so I got a bottle of water out and she was sucking on the top of the bottle. Then told me when to stop. The staff all then said she is doing so well and it seems she had been transferred from an "end of life status". They told us they would move her to a local hospice when she had recovered enough since she used to go there regular for activity days and knew everyone. The next day when she clearly wasn't well enough they transferred her to the hospice regardless (probably to free up a bed). Within hours she declined and 2 days later she passed away. I'm thinking what the hell.... A few points apart from the obvious. I asked to see medical records at funeral directors. They said they would sort it but only managed to sort out the records from the hospice. The hospice notes were along the lines of "We were told she is on end of life care and wouldn't have long left to live". So why did they tell us they would only move her when she had recovered enough as she was recovering well? Why move her when she wasnt ready and tell them shes on end of life care? Then it comes to the death certificate.... Cause of death: parkinsons Nothing about pneumonia or other complications. It's utter tripe really. She was not at the end of life stage from parkinsons. She was actually at the stage before the final stage. Plus its medically known that people do not die from parkinsons, they die with it due to other complications. I personally think they assumed "Oh well, she has parkinsons, seems like pneumonia too. Nothing we can do" then deprived her of fluids and pumped her full of crap. When I saw her body in the hospice she was yellow. So its like her liver had failed... maybe because of the meds they wrongly gave her? I want full medical records but how do I get them? I know the NHS cover a lot up so is there even any point? Thanks
  20. I got behind with my TSB credit card payments because I have been off work due to illness. I sent TSB a valid sick certificate signed by my doctor. They have now sent me a large form which not only has to be filled out by a doctor but if I sign it will give them access to my medical records. I told them that they have a medical certificate and they are insisting I sign the form or face legal action. Can they do this?
  21. Hello. I am currently getting income based JSA for about 1 year now. I stay with my mum, But all of a sudden my mum is saying i need to pay £27 towards to rent as the council will only pay £109. So why now do i need to pay. I have a brother who gets ESA, and my mum gets income support. What are causing the housing benefit deduction, My brother only started claiming ESA this year in march, And all of a sudden the housing benefit is cut. So could someone help me because i am getting the impression the cut is because of me but i have been getting jsa for around a year and my mum has been getting full housing benefit since untill now.
  22. tellison

    Medical Negligence?

    Hi All, Everyone I tell my story to is telling me to seek legal advice and look to make a claim for what has happened to me. In November last year I damaged my knee and immediately went to the local community hospital who referred me to A and E at the bigger hospital. The doctor greeted me and went over my X-RAY which showed no signs of bone breakages or clear damage. He then did a few other tests asking myself to move in different places and after the normal ligament tests he then said to me 'he hopes its not meniscus damage and then proceeded to get another member off staff, my guess for a second opinion. He was introduced as a 'specialist' and was very rude and abrupt. He then put me in significant pain, by far the worst feeling I have ever experienced. He then raised his voice numerous times at me commanding me to RELAX my leg which was PHYSICALLY and mentally impossible, he never even said he was about to put me in pain. I had to push him off away due to the pain he caused myself. He then walked off and muttered a 'diagnosis' of bruised and that it will heal within a week or so. Baring in mind I could NOT straighten my leg, it had locked. I then rang my GP on Monday as a emergency appointment who did some tests (similar to the original doctor) and then came to the conclusion that I have done some serious damage to my knee, he then referred me to a specialist (a real one) on emergency admission who performed tests that again put me in 0 pain. He came to the conclusion that I HAVE meniscus damage and a 'urgent' MRI was required. Within 2 weeks I have had a operation to repair the damage which was initially missed.... My issues are :- 1. The amount of pain I was put in (no other doctor did the same) and I have never felt ANYTHING like it (broken bones and obviously done severe damage to my knee) 2. The diagnosis - If the original doctor stuck with his thought of meniscus damage I would of potentially had a MRI that evening. 3. The anxiety and stress caused from the doctor, I have had nightmares about him (sounds stupid but its true) Do you think I should take this further? I keep being urged to do so, even by a medical professional. But feel I will just get it thrown back in my face. Thank's for any advice.
  23. hi all i wonder if anyone could advise me as to whether this is common practice, basically i was called in for a medical 2 and a half years into my 5 year award and attended today, i was asked a few questions and then the HCP said he could see the pain i was in and he wasnt going to proceed with a physical examination, is this normal and would it affect my claim, thanks in advance
  24. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition. Unfortunately, due to many other serious family things I had on my mind at that time, I omitted to inform the DVLA. I fully realise that I should have advised them and intend to do so now. Since the original diagnosis it has never been suggested by the consultant that my ability to drive was adversely affected by the condition although I realise that it was my responsibility to enquire and disclose. In informing the DVLA does anyone know how they will react?
  25. When you claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), you have to send in medical certificates to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to support your claim. Medical certificates are also known as fit notes. Did you know that if you write your mobile phone number on the top right hand corner of the medical certificate, the DWP will text you to tell you when they get the certificate? They’ll also tell you if payment is due and the payday. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/news/employment-and-support-allowance-esa-medical-certificates/
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