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Found 99 results

  1. MISSING a parcel delivery while you are at home is annoying - but a postman has been caught posting a missed delivery card without attempting to deliver the package to the addressee who was inside the house at the time. In the time-stamped CCTV stills which will trouble anyone awaiting important Christmas deliveries, the Royal Mail postman can be seen rushing towards the house with only the Sorry We Missed You card in his hands. He is also not carrying the electronic pad to collect the signature and returns to his vehicle just seconds later before driving off. Royal Mail has apologised for the inconvenience caused to the customer. http://www.malverngazette.co.uk/news/11668932.Caught_on_camera__Rushing_Royal_Mail_postman_who_does_not_even_attempt_to_deliver_parcel/?ref=rss
  2. Anybody bought vouchers from High Street Vouchers.com recently? I ordered £40 worth of Leisure Vouchers on Saturday 29th September and opted for free First class Royal Mail delivery which was confirmed on the acceptance email I received plus despatch email. Thought 'First Class Royal Mail' meant ordering them on Saturday meant I'd get them by Tuesday October 2nd at the latest but they haven't arrived. When I phoned to inquire the company said that in fact it's not Royal Mail they're using but TNT which can take up to 5 working days. I was also told that their 'delivery information page' states free delivery is by TNT not Royal Mail. Is this misrepresentation?
  3. What is the procedure for job centre advisers to check your private email account on your phone to see if you've actually applied for jobs and have proof of it? I currently have proof on my email account of jobs which i've applied for which I can retrieve on my phone but what is the actual procedure for job centre advisers to physically see these emails which counts as my proof in looking for work? Can the adviser demand I hand over my phone then open each email to read them or do I just need to turn the phone screen to the adviser and show them the emails listed without actually going into them and showing them every single email. The reason I ask is because I was informed by an adviser this week while signing for my JSA that they have the authority to ask me to hand over my phone so they can check through my emails themselves otherwise I may well be sanctioned. I know there will be a data protection breach in that somewhere and know they can't force you to hand over your phone so they can rake through the emails but I'm just asking around for a little clarification before next signing day.
  4. Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces today to crack down on [problem] mail in the postal system across the UK. Under the initiative, Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a [problem] and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop posting the items. Alongside this, Royal Mail will warn the company about its actions before cancelling its contract if it continues to post s c a m mail. Here's how you can now help stop s c a m mail – just cross out your details on the envelope, re-address it with FREEPOST – S C A M MAIL and pop it back in a post box. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/crackdown-on-[problem]-mail-delivered-to-residents-homes-sept14
  5. http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2014/10/05/typical-daily-mail-front-page/ Although this is funny, it is close to a headline that might actually appear in the newspaper.
  6. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/06/royal-mail-parcel-promotion-bigger-gift-christmas
  7. any one else either getting no or little post been waiting on some parcels for 2 weeks now, not had any letters and only post thats arrived has been for the wife royal mails stated that they are in a "low staff period" the seller cant trace them their not at the sorting office i can understand the one from hong kong being delayed but one from amazon and one from something geeky as well?
  8. I have just had the postman knock at my door asking if i will take a packet in on behalf of my neighbour. Talking to him he has stated that it is now compulsory for him to knock on neighbours to try and get rid of the packet and if he returns to the office with packets then he has to explain why he was unable to leave them with a neighbour. Looking into this Royal Mail brought in this system and the decision was left with the postman as to if he will leave the item with a neighbour unless the household had opted out of such an arrangement. Now that Royal Mail have now made delivery to a neighbour compulsory and taken away the discretion of the postman if the addresse is not in Can Royal Mail just "Opt in" peoples implied consent that they agree to this delivery to a neighbour without their express prior consent I thought legislation was brought in stopping companies just to "Opt you in" to business terms without prior consent. After all the sender makes a contractual agreement with Royal Mail to deliver the item to the addressee, not a neighbour, anything else can be breach of contract??
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2707810/Menace-new-parking-cowboys-Drivers-fined-100-overstaying-minutes-fast-food-chains-shops.html No heads up from the site team?
  10. Can anyone throw some light on whether or not email correspondences can be used as evidence in court. The emails clearly show the sender and recipient thanks
  11. I received a letter telling me I had a medical at ATOS. I have a form of heart failure which means I can't walk distances without considerable issues. Since the ATOS building in Glasgow is located far from a bus stop I asked that a taxi be arranged. ATOS procedures require that I submit a doctor's letter explicitly stating my need for a taxi. I managed to get this, and sent it first-class "signed-for", last Wednesday. I was getting a bit frantic when tracking this letter over the weekend, to have it reported on the Royal Mail tracking website that it was undelivered. Having checked yesterday, I found it was still undelivered . Half a dozen phone calls later, I established from Royal Mail Customer Services, that ATOS refuse to sign for any letters (this could be a responsibility-issue). Effectively my letter is now in limbo, but will probably be returned (...in a few weeks). I certainly don't expect to hear when I should expect my taxi before my appointment date. Has anyone else on this site had a similar problem? I've got in touch with my MSP to try and get this bureaucratic situation resolved. If ATOS are asking for letters on one hand, and refusing to accept them on the other, how are we expected to manage this frustrating bit of red-tape? ATOS are not just moving the goal posts - they're moving the whole football field.
  12. Hi all Posted a job application last September - the closing date was 12 noon the following day - so I used Royal Mail 9AM Guaranteed delivery - paying £19 for the privilege. I tried to trace the letter the next day but no information was available - tried again the next day and was shocked to discover the item still hadn't been delivered. To cut a long story short - the HR department refused to accept my application. I filled in a P58 form to complain about late delivery and the loss of my time it took for me to complete the form. 3 months later I get a generic letter - they couldn't tell me why it was delayed but sent their apologies and sent me a cheque for £19 "compensation"!. Spoke to customer service - and told them I don't consider a refund as compensation and what could I do about the loss of my time - due to their incompetence I wasted approx. 10 hrs of my time (it was a VERY long form) - she told me I wasn't guaranteed to get the job anyway (not the point) and that £19 was all I was entitled to. Is this right - if 9am guaranteed mail is delayed are you only entitled to your money back?
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-2592294/If-parking-ticket-heres-escape-paying.html I believe the PPCs are commenting... you'll spot them I think.
  14. Advice appreciated. I sent a rare atlas to The National Library of Congress in Washington DC USA. The sale price was £550. I normally use Fed Ex for this sort of thing. This time I very foolishly used Royal Mail Airsure, without taking additional insurance. It looks like they have lost it. As interested parties are aware their terms of business & standard of customer service together are appalling to say the least. I consider that the product Airsure was miss sold and advertised in a misleading way (the name to start with) is there any chance of getting redress in the small claims court beyond the standard £50 compensation? Tracking indicates that the package has been in a UK sorting depot for about a month. I have paid for tracking and would not have used the service had I known that items would not be effectively tracked. Many thanks to responders
  15. Hi Everyone, Could anyone help me as i dont know what to do again, i sent my document to DVLA applying for my first Licence on 29/01/14, i understood clearly how they lost people's documents and that was why i had to inserted a 'SIGN FOR' return envelope in the application envelope and i received the tracking number at post office. After just a week i got the Driver Licence at my post without the documents submitted, i expected the Document would be received few day later, i waited for couple of weeks without receiving my documents then i rang DVLA to verify why ive not receive my documents, i was told that Royal Mail has taken it away since 29/01/14 from them that they have the Barcode evidence of the documents departure to Royal Mail but when i tracked it with the tacking number given me at Post Office, i got this "Information on your item is not yet available online. Information on your Royal Mail Signed For™ item is not yet available." then i rang RM and i was told that DVLA hasn't given them the said document! both of them denied so am so annoyed and confused. but DVLA told me they have sent a letter containing the Barcode evidence of document receoived by RM and until this morning RM keeps denying they never took any said documents from DVLA..... please help me here as i do not know what to do again and am afraid of ID theft! What can I do please?
  16. Hello all, Out of the blue today received an E-Mail from mmf Nationwide Doorstep & Legal Collection Specialists, re an alleged debt to Uncle Buck. Circa £200. One of our Doorstep Agents will shortly be attending your property and this is a formal request for you to provide an agreed appointment time and date, failing which, our agent will have no option other than to arrive unannounced. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS MATTER AS COSTS AND INTEREST WILL SHORTLY START TO BE ADDED TO THE ACCOUNT BALANCE AND WILL GREATLY INCREASE THE AMOUNT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY. Please contact us urgently on 01138 876876 Yours Faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept. Motormile Finance UK Ltd I have read several threads re them and their threatogrammes but need further advice/info on the best way to respond/react to their initial E-Mail as above. All advice/info will be as usual gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  17. I have had problems previously with royal mail and their in-ability to deliver letters on time I several months ago sent a letter 1st class and to sign for it took 7 working days to deliver it, and the address was not even 100 miles away from where i posted it , After several attempts to complain to the post office/royal mail i eventually got a book of 6. 1st class stamps More recently i had to return a faulty item to an address in Denmark so i used Airsure and payed the extra to cover the value, The tracking provided wasn't what they advertise, according to the royal mail tracking my consignment is @ copenhagen &still undelivered , when in fact it was delivered nearly 1 week ago , the Danish post tracking did slightly better it tracked it to a local sorting office ,But i paid for a service that is supposed to provide proof of delivery track to point of delivery they have failed to do this , should i be entitled to some form of compensation ? And if that wasn't enough yet another 1st class letter using to sign for service, posted on the 6th of this month seems to have gone awol according to the tracking it has been delivered but the place is different to where it was addressed ,Onliner tracking reports that it's @ north west midlands PDO when it should be in Chester !!!!!! ??????????? Are royal mail really so incompetent ?
  18. Hi all I'm looking for some help and advice please. It's regarding the amount of junk mail that gets pushed through my front door on a weekly basis. You know, local free weekly paper stuffed with the usual rubbish. Today is Thursday, this is an inventory of what has been dumped behind my front door so far this week (4 days worth)... Estate Agents ad card Chiropractic ad card (A5) Direct Line mini booklet Pizza Hut vouchers in ad leaflet (A3) Local shopping centre Christmas leaflet (A4 folded) Indian restraint booklet Toys R Us mini catalogue Ernest Jones watch and jewellery mini booklet Pizza Hut voucher leaflet (A4 folded) - yes another one! Bus travel leaflet Specsavers booklet Sainsbury's £15 off turkey leaflet Clique fashion magazine (100 pages) BT Sport ad leaflet 2 envelopes non address specific This is just since last Saturday and to be honest I'm getting a little hacked off with this unsolicited rubbish constantly being dumped in my house. I've recently had a new front door fitted and I put a Dymo label printed message across my letter box. It says "Addressee Only - No Junk Mail". This sort of worked for a few weeks but it's being ignored now I feel. I know there is usually an upsurge in this unwanted marketing strategy at this time of year but seriously, even at the best of times it's got beyond a joke. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to put up with it? I don't want to have to put up with it, I see it as nothing more than littering to be honest. I can't afford to get a new front door fitted that has no letterbox (letters to go in small box fitted to the wall). Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance. Scott
  19. Hi guys, I ordered some things a while ago from America. I was taxed by the customs as the parcel was valued at over £15. Previously, I had ordered similar items (at an even higher value) from the same company but did not get taxed. On this occasion, I received a card saying I had been taxed and that there was a handling fee of £8. I wasn't expecting to be taxed in the first place let alone the handling fee. It seems ludicrous that there should be such a big charge. I don't mind paying the tax if that is what is owed by law but for Royal Mail to profit because something was ordered from abroad seems absolutely absurd. How can they be losing out, if I'm expected to pick up the item from the depot?!?! Is there any way I could persuade Royal Mail to drop the handling fee? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  20. How do you register??? Can't find anything anywhere on this. I see how you log in but not how you Register.
  21. I am not sure if I am in the right place. I have just been sent this by the local neighbourhood watch alert system An email circulating purporting to be from Action Fraud, threatens legal action because of failure to provide Western Union details to PayPal [22 August 2013] Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team”: Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team” Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team”: Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team”The personally addressed email mentions a recent transaction with "Mercy Peters" and threatens legal action because of refusal to provide Western Union details to PayPal. The [problematic] claim that "Mercy Peters" has contacted Action Fraud to make a report about the violated PayPal agreement and request a scanned receipt and Western Union details within 24 hours in order to stop your name and address being sent onto law enforcement agencies. The fraudsters are sending the emails from this address: action.fraud@cyberservices.com. Action Fraud would never contact you and make threats in this way. If you want to verify communications claiming to be from Action Fraud you can call 0300 123 2040 or email action.fraud@nfa.gsi.gov.uk. Follow the tips provided by Paypal to stay safe from PayPal scams: Log in safely: To log in to your PayPal account or access the PayPal website, open a new web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome) and type in the following: https://www.paypal.com/ Look out for attachments: PayPal emails will never ask you to download an attachment or a software program. An attachment found in a PayPal [problem] email will often contain a virus that can harm your computer or compromise your PayPal account Never give out personal information: If Paypal require information from you, they will notify you in an email and request that you enter the information only after you have safely and securely logged in to your PayPal account. If you receive one of these [problem] emails report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or by using the online fraud reporting tool. Please use the buttons below or click here to reply and here to rate this message Click here to reply to this message Please rate this email by clicking here Click here to view a printer friendly version of this message Click here to view the various options for forwarding and sharing this email Click here to login to your account Click here to unsubscribe or edit your message settings Click here to tweet this message to your followers Click here to forward this email Click here to share this message on Facebook Let the system builders know about any faults you spot by clicking here
  22. My complaint is with RM parcels sizes. I would like to point out that the checking apertures at the Post Office Counters are INCORRECT. It seems they ALL measure exactly the same size as the parcel sizes, and so cannot correctly measure sizes. It is the same for letters too. Eg. Small parcels must measure UP TO 45cm x 35cm x 8cm, yet the aperture checker at the counter measures a depth of EXACTLY 8cm!!!!! How can 8cm fit through 8cm???? It can't. To add to the rediculous state of affairs, RM state that any parcels must fit EASILY through the aperture too. For this to work, the small parcel has to measure 7.6cm. (0.4cm less than the Royal Mail leaflets state) These warped measurements not only apply to small parcels but right across the board. Letters too. This means that the RM are falsely obtaining monies from customers, because for example, someone with a correctly measured 8cm depth small parcel would be forced to send it as a medium parcel, at a falsely increased price of £2.60 more! I have complained to RM, but they have totally disregarded my complaint and tried to placate me with 6 x 1st Class stamps! I have complained to Trading Standards, but RM are outsdie the remit of TS. (what a surprise) I have complained to WatchDog, but they failed to mention this problem when doing a slot about RM the other week. I have complained to Citizen's Advice, but they have failed to answer. I have written two further letters to RM but they seem to be ignoring me! I don't have a problem with RM catagories/sizes etc, although a little complicated and expensive, they won't always have a monopoly on parcels, so that will eventually backfire on them. What I DO have a problem with is the sly and incorrect way they are doing it. Telling customers one thing, and doing another, then denying it. Leaflet PL8160 Your Guide To Customer Service, states that any complaint made will aim to be "resolved" within 10 working days. other than that it has to go through Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme. That's my next step. I just wanted others to know what to expect at Post Office Counters when sending a parcel that is within certain catagories. Take a tape measure and stick to your guns, although PO Counter staff are told to stick to their's even in the face of OBVIOUS WRONG DOING and MISINFORMATION. :mad2:
  23. http://www.cwu.org/news/archive/ballot-result-postal-workers-say-no-to-privatisation.html http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=8&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CFcQqQIwBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fuk.reuters.com%2Farticle%2F2013%2F06%2F19%2Fuk-britain-royalmail-union-idUKBRE95I0OX20130619&ei=tsrBUdHWPLOv4QSi3oC4AQ&usg=AFQjCNHmadm3L0K8RP0PvAdAviZlH9AimA&sig2=kAsufsK8AZgZ5XQ4wOCvmQ
  24. Just a quick moan about r mail. i work for and use internet retail sites as iam sure most people do. As a user of their services i have seen at first hand their shoddy attitude to fullfilling online retailers promises. example one.... guy orders item for next day before 9am we as a company get charged £50 for the service. guy calls following day at 9.35 calling our company all the names under the sun, We contact royal mail to find out what went wrong, answer fill in a claims form!!!. THIS HAS HAPPENED AT LEAST A DOZEN TIMES. .Example two i purchased an item from an online retailer and paided £6.00 for next day express delivery this was on thursday as nothing has turned up as yet (sat evening) i will now be looking at tuesday earlest(item was needed over weekend). How does this company manage to continue trading, hilst dragging all the firms it does business with down with their appealing standards.
  25. Just had the following e-mail from Muck Hall: Am I on a phishing list and should I ignore them? I've read A LOT of bad press about these clowns... I have only one call from them and that was nearly 5 weeks ago. Didn't answer as my phone was switched off! It seems they don't even know if I am the person they want and mr is spelt Mr! Have checked the CRA's (All Three) and nothing on there that it could be. Ignore the best course? Had no written correspondence either!
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