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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I have been getting harassed nonstop by MMF - regarding a debt which I settled via MacKenzie Hall for a Wageday Advance debt. The debt was paid off 2 years ago - incurred due to moving house and new bank card / account etc - and eventually the debt for a payday loan was cleared with MacKenzie Hall. I have a screenshot and emails to substantiate this. MMF are now chasing me for additional charges on top of this it seems...........of over £120! I have asked them to substantiate the debt and all they have done is provide some numbers - which does refer to the sum that I
  2. Dear all A long time since I have posted on here and hopefully it is in the correct forum. I have been receiving phone calls from PRA Uk who I believe are connected to Mackenzie Hall. I don't have any reason for a DDA to be contacting me and they are using my previous name before I got married and that was 13 years ago, I have an IVA back then but that settled and all done. Somehow they have got my work number and I get numerous call per week, its annoying, I am aware of their tactics and I haven't given them any info, not even confirmed my name. Just said the person they want
  3. I had a credit card with I think Citibank, which I defaulted on due to not having a job. This debt has been 'sold' to Cabot and this is on my credit file as an open account, and they are reporting each month as default. First question, the debt default date was 07/06/2008, so I am presuming that this will drop off my credit file in July this year 2014? As this will be 6 years from default and I have had no correspondence with Cabot about the debt or even acknowledged it. Next question, this debt has been passed on to Mackenzie Hall to chase and I go through phas
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on how to start putting my life back together after spending the last 6 years looking over my shoulder! To cut a long story short after a relationship breakdown and some other personal issues my flat was repossessed in 2008 and Northern Rock sold it on at auction. The flat cost me originally £38500 on a together mortgage and I also took out an additional £6K loan on top of that to clear some debts as well as a £10K loan from Blackhorse (secured) a few years later. I now have NRAM chasing me for a shortfall of £29500 and Blackhorse £17985
  5. I made £148 of Additons catalogue purchases in october 2008. i got my first [Additions] 'arrears collection dept' letter in february 2009. i got my first letter from a debt recovery company [Nationwide debt recovery ltd] in march 2009. in april 2009 Additions sent me a letter with the heading 'default notice'. are companies allowed to start using a debt recovery company before sending the default notice? by may 2009 the debt had got to £251.82p...because of charges and interest...and has stayed at that amount since then. in june 2009 Lowell bought my debt...they star
  6. We moved house in 2008. About a year later Mackenzie Hall contacted my wife about a Studio cards debt of £127 relating to an order made from our old address in November of 2008. Although my wife had expressed an interest, and asked for a catalogue from studio Cards, she never actually bought anything, or opened an account. Seemingly, when they send catalogues out the order form is already preprinted with the name and address of the recipient. My wife explained that we had moved long before this order was made and it was not her responsibility. Mackenzie Hall want
  7. Dear All, I hope you can help. I had a payday loan with Debitcard Loans. When it became evident that I could no longer afford to pay them back, I ensured my wages went into another bank account and then let Debitcard loans know I could not afford to pay them back and requested their banking details to draw up a repayment plan. All requests were totally ignored. they attempted for about 4 months to take the money from my empty bank account, this forced the empty bank account to go overdrawn. After the first time, I went into my local branch and requested that t
  8. A company called MacKenzie hall have left at least half a dozen messages on my 1571 service since sometime in November. I rarely use my home phone, so I only noticed them yesterday. I looked up the number, and the company, and they look to be a debt recovery company. I signed up for a 30 day trial of the credit reference agencies, and can see that MacKenzie hall have made a trace search on me! I do have debts (who doesn't) but they are managed, and all in good shape - the reference agency information all appears correct with nothing untowards showing. So, this morning
  9. Hi forum people, I've been reading a lot of the posts here and I'm fairly sure I know what I need to do but would appreciate your advice too. I've been receiving letters/e-mails/texts and phone calls from Mackenzie Hall over the past couple of months all saying the same thing, i.e. we ned to contact the named person in relation to a personal matter etc but nothing more. I've recently come back from holiday and have received a letter from them finally detailing what they're chasing me for, the letter is below: Date of Letter: 28th August 2012 Ref: M******** Clien
  10. Ok my post yesterday was a little long and a complete rant!! In short, I have been getting phone calls from Freds about an account which is in dispute with MH, no letters were sent prior to this from Freds to say they had been passed the account and nothing has been heard from MH since Sept last year when I sent them a letter in response to the CCA they sent (2 months after the cut off date) I have stated I will not discuss the account over the phone and any communication should be in writing, after I stated this they sent me a letter asking me to phone them to discuss the
  11. Hi all...Im new to this so please bare with me.....I had a payday loan with the dreaded Quick Quid all was fine until I had a bit of an personal issue and couldnt afford to pay my loan in full the amount to pay was around the £1500 mark. I contacted QQ and explained the situation and they agreed to split the balance over 4 equal payments. I payed the first two months fine but then my car imploded (Timing Belt) and I couldnt affort the full paymnet the next month. I expalined my situation to QQ and asked if I could either delay or re-arrange the amounts so id pay less this month/more next or e
  12. Hi, My partner has been pursued by Mackenzie Hall for a credit card debt we know is not his for years. The first and surname is correct but the middle name incorrect. We have asked them a number of times to cease their harassment and requested a copy of the agreement and who the debt is owed to. Today an agreement arrived but it is NOT my partner's as we knew because we have never had a credit card. This agreement lists the other persons date of birth, no of dependants, address, previous address and bank account details!!!! It also has a letter attached to it that the debtor has writt
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