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Found 8 results

  1. Mac users hit by rare ransomware attack, spread via Transmission BitTorrent app Mac owners who use the open source Transmission BitTorrent client are being warned that a version of the installer was distributed via the app's official website, infected with a new family of ransomware. It is believed that hackers managed to compromise the installer of Transmission version 2.90 on its download site on Saturday, March 4, in order to spread ransomware that researchers at Palo Alto Research have dubbed "KeRanger." The outcome is that if you were unfortunate enough to install Transmission 2.90 onto your Mac, your computer may now be the digital equivalent of ticking time bomb. Because KeRanger waits three days before awaking, encrypting your documents and data files, contacting its command-and-control servers, and demanding a one bitcoin (approximately $400) ransom be paid for your data's safe return. According to the researchers, the KeRanger malware also attempts to encrypt Time Machine backup files, no doubt in an attempt to make it harder for victims to recover their precious data without paying the extortionists. And don't imagine that OS X's built-in Gatekeeper protection would have saved you, as it appears that the poisoned KeRanger app was signed with a valid Mac app development certificate. A message on the official Transmission website confirms the threat to users, and advises that they "immediately upgrade" to version 2.92:
  2. hi I am posting this for a friend. Recently diagnosed with cancer at 62. She's had surgery on 7th April. Is a self employed nurse, so, not working no income, jsut state pension. We rang her Mortgage company last week, who wouldn't do anything, got a supervisor to call us back, Again, they wouldn't give a payment break. She is paying £400 a month and total left is £3000. Today she got a couple of letters, telling her if her payments aren't made in full they will charge her £38 plus any letter charges and notify the credit reference agencies. She has never missed a payment or been in any arrears Is there anywhere I can take this too or appeal too? thank you
  3. Hi I don't know if this will help anyone but here goes. I was an Orange customer for landline and broadband but due to a price rise I was allowed to leave mid contract with no charges. I requested a MAC code and supplied this to Sky on the 1st March and EE wrote to me on the 5th March saying I had requested to leave EE and if this was what I wanted then do nothing and my services would switch on the 17th March. I requested my final bill but was told I would be billed for 14 days after the switch date and this was the notice period. So they wanted 14 days money for no service. I refused to pay this as how could they bill me for nothing. I was told if you don't like it go to Ofcom because they say we can. So I went to Ofcom who said they can't bill me after the switch date. They logged my complaint and gave me a reference number and a contact to make an official complaint to EE. I called and they took my details and said they would call me back. Ofcom did tell me they have 8 weeks to investigate my complaint. Anyway while at work the Chief Executive Office of EE called and spoke to my husband. He advised that EE could not bill beyond the date the contract ended. Within a few hours my account had been refunded. I'm assuming there are millions of customers not only with EE who have been billed after their service has ended and not thought anything about it. Most suppliers want 14/30 days notice but if you use a MAC code you can,'t be billed after the switching date.
  4. I have had a total nightmare with BT, so much that they have agreed that I can leave without incurring penalty charges for breaking contract. I currently have BT Infinity fibre but want to move back to broadband. I was given a MAC Code yesterday by a BT manager and tried to use this with my new provider. Problem is that it begins with the letter O but surely all MAC Codes begin with L ??? I had a look on Ofcom's site and its states that MAC Codes begin with L but what about if you have fibre - will it be different or should it still start with L ?? I have read that BT give out invalid MAC Codes so don't know if this is what they have done to me. any help appreciated
  5. Just as a favour I'm offering help with templates or amending templates too. If anyone needs help, or needs some custom changes made, I'd be more than happy to kick in and assist. Why? because CAG helped me loads and I think things like this need to be done on a free basis. years of IT experience, with years of experience with being in debt have honed my skills in this area to a diamond-sharp point What I don't do! You accounts or look through your books NOR want to see any of your personal details. What I do do: Help edit the templates (blank templates) to basically do waht you would like them to do Impossible No templates can't take out the garbage, do the ironing or wash the dishes lol, so if you have any mac or windows excel, numbers, word, pages help, I'm here if need be hope I can help! Cheers, A
  6. Someone please help! I'm running into some major issues with my extended warranty from comet. I purchased a mac from comet before it went bust... i took out an extended warranty with them and i swear they said if i got it fixed via their warranty it would be carried out by Apple or an Apple approved servicer. I had it fixed via the warranty but it wasnt with an apple approved service, this has now voided the manufactures warranty. I have a recurring graphics problem and apple said if i went in again they would replace my whole machine as they cant pin point the problem. (ive had a new graphics card an logic board and everything) so i feel that no matter what they replace my whole machine is just buggered!!! Ive checked all the ins and outs of the warranty and i get where apple is coming from.... but is there any way i can prove the warranty i took out with comet specified it would be fixed by an approved apple service? now they've gone bust i cant get a hold of any warranty information or anything? I might be wrong as they might have used the same warranty company before and after their demise but am i right in thinking they have passed over this warranty to another company? and if they've passed it over to a company that have different terms and conditions should i have been informed? and do i have a right to claim the warranty company is at fault and get them to replace my faulty product? Its all a right fandango... If comet hadnt of gone bust this would be so simple.... now its all confusing! I'm thankful for any help i can get! thanks!
  7. If I wish to leave a broadband provider (Sky in this case) but don't want to sign up with another (as I'm switching to mobile broadband) do I need to request a MAC code? What happens to my account if I don't request a MAC code?
  8. I am a Windows user but prefer the look and feel of a Mac keyboard and mouse - both of which I've used easily and happily for some time now. I bought a Mac keyboard from Amazon, it developed a fault so they sent me a replacement, that is dodgy too. I also bought a Mac mouse which fails to scroll down. I contacted them and they said I should take it up with Apple, in disgust I cancelled my Amazon account and am wondering what rights I have with the manufacturer (if any), both products are about 4 months old.
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