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Found 133 results

  1. I sold an item on Ebay. It was bought on 6th June and I sent it out 7th June. My Ebay account says that I will post goods within 2 working days. A month later, I had an email from the person who bought the item asking when I was going to post it. Yes - you've guessed it, he claims he never received it, and I sent it with a proof of posting and not by a tracker means. Ebay are being their characteristically unhelpful selves. When I responded to the buyer that I sent it the next day with proof of posting - it took hm a further 10 days to reply saying he still hadn't received it. I'm convinced this chap is a [problem]mer and liar, and Ebay will probably come down in his favour because he is the buyer and I didn't send the item using a tracking service. OK - so lessons learned by me about posting methods which means I'll add a slug of money to my postage costs However, the question I'm asking is of the forum is, if you order something online and it says it will be sent within 2 working days, how long do you wait before you chase it up? I'm trying to prove to Ebay that no normal person after buying an item that cost £170 would wait a month before asking if it had been sent. Many thanks Susan
  2. Hi I was wondering if one of the mods would be willing to put something in writing to reassure my other half. Six years ago TODAY (15th Aug 2006) I received the last of a series of defaults on my credit file following identity fraud. I have posted on this site over the years for help and won against DCAs, including ones that tried to issue me with CCJs. Thanks to absolutely rubbish help from the police I have never been able to prove who committed the fraud (I know who it was) so have basically had to wait for a few defaults to drop off my file: A couple of companies were more helpful including Halifax who wrote off £14,000 I alledgedly owed them when I proved it wasn't me. I would like to assure my other half that after today my credit file is clean, as in, the defaults are removed 6 years after being placed there. I am going to apply for my credit file to physically show him in about two weeks (give the credit company a little while to remove the defaults), but I would like to be able to show him something in the meantime - so far he has only been able to take my word for it and is worrying that it will affect his credit status and ability to get a mortgage in the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank this site, you saved a 24 year old girl who was scared of her own shadow losing sleep and turned her into a 30 year old woman who smiles at the 'threatening' letters full of ifs, buts and maybes and is no longer afraid to admit it is her speaking on the phone when random callers ask. Through this I have been able to help others and will always direct them to you guys. You are genuinely saving lives through this site.
  3. If your JSA is sanctioned you first submit a reconsideration form, then if that is rejected an appeal form. So i submitted my reconsideration form 2 weeks ago, i forgot to ask at my signing today if there was ny news though, but I've heard anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months. But I've also heard that the reconsideration should be quite quick as it's the appeal that takes forever. I was also told that i would receive something in writing as to the decision, but i also appealed for hardship and was told over the phone when i was inquiring about something else that the hardship request was rejected even though i have nothing in writing about the hardship as of yet. I guess they will come to a decision one way or another but just wondering time scales? Well all these new(i assume) JSA sanctions for missing back to work appointments will certainly keep the DWP on their feet, that's for sure they must be inundated with paperwork.
  4. Tesco Bank has made its long-awaited entry into the mortgage market but has no plans to offer its products through intermediaries. From 6 August it launches a range of two, three and five-year fixed rate mortgages and two-year trackers up to a maximum loan to value of 80 per cent. Rates start at 3.19 per cent for two-year fixed rate up to 70 per cent LTV, 3.69 per cent for a three-year fixed rate up to 70 per cent LTV and 3.89 per cent for a five year fixed rate up to 70 per cent LTV. Tesco’s two-year tracker starts at base rate plus 2.69 per. The lender offers a product fee-free option, which saves the borrower an £800 fee but makes the rate dearer. Up to 75 per cent LTV, the lender charges 3.59 per cent for a two-year fixed rate, 3.99 per cent for a three-year fixed rate and 4.19 per cent for a five-year fixed rate, while it charges base rate plus 2.89 per cent for a two-year tracker. Up to 80 per cent LTV, it charges 3.99 per cent for a two-year fixed rate, 4.39 per cent for a three-year fixed rate and 4.69 per cent for a five-year fixed rate, while it charges base rate plus 3.49 per cent for a two-year tracker. Customers opting for a tracker mortgage can move to a fixed rate at any time. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/tesco-bank-makes-long-awaited-move-into-mortgages/1055819.article
  5. Hi, I had my atos medical on the 11th June.. I was told the decision would be made in 2 to 3 weeks.. should I wait a bit longer or should I risk ringing and asking for the verdict. and if so who do I ring??
  6. Have sent several PPI claims to FOS in September / October of last year and received correspondence saying it would be 12 months before hearing anything so I put it out of my head till then. But I received the latest newsletter and saw the article about the 64k offer (well done ! ) and when I read the thread it said that he had put the claim in to the FOS in late Jan and had a reply in June; so of course I am now wondering what is happening with my claim ? Can anyone give me an idea of actual timelines for FOS decisions for real claims rather than FOS estimates .............. Thanks GS
  7. Hi, I have sent 3 letters out to various banks. All 3 came back with the cheques quoting no information on me. I have moved but gave previous addresses etc though. I also have an Ex husband and i have had loans with Lloyds which are connected to the joint account we had but he now has. We also had a car from Welcome car finance in Wales (the one that was advertised all the time but can't find the paperwork, I suspect he's got it all) I'd like to claim for the PPI on that because we were told in no uncertain terms we wouldn't get the car without it. I also had loans with Barclays many years ago all of which would have had PPI on them, but no one is giving me info on any accounts admittedly I can't remember bank account numbers or agreements but they should still have them on file but claim they don't. So how do I get started? thought i was doing ok till i got all the letters back. I am in a stupid place moneywise, my ex has just stopped child support again and EDf keep taking £95 randomly out of my bank. HELP!!! please. leonie
  8. In April i purchased a sofa from SCS sofas at Dartford. I was told they would be" delivered 5-6wks give a week either side".Today i phoned to complain and was told "it will probably be with you at the end of June"! I told her i would never had paid cash if i had known i would be messed around like this she said she would look in to the small print of the shops rights and call me back!!! so angry! i have threatened not to collect the sofa for which i paid over a thousand pound cash for! what can i do? please help advise if you can. Thankyou.
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