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  1. Hello all, this is my first time posting so please be gentle. The long and short of it is my daughter has been extremely hard work from birth and only when she reached 9 did we get some answers and diagnosis or her problems. These include hypermobility, attention deficit disorder, sensory processing disorder, dyspraxia and sleep disorders. Her primary school were very restrictive and actively prevented us gaining outside help for her but we applied for dla (my dates are very rough so please excuse me!) around 2011 when she was around 9/10 and were refused, we eventually went to appeal in around 2012 (yes it really took that long!) the appeal was informal and not too stressful and we were awarded middle rate care which was awarded for 2 years but about 20 months of that was backdated so it ran out within 4 months and we reapplied in 2014 and again were refused, again we went to appeal which took until May this year (her now being 13)... the appeal was highly distressing so say the least, it took place in the magistrates court 2/3 of the panel were very aggressive in their questioning .. constantly almost trying to catch me out ... I felt like i was on trial for murder rather than just trying to get what my daughter is entitled too! We were awarded lower rate care backdated and in place until feb 2016 (2 years again with only a few months left until reclaiming), but were told there was more recent information that they couldn't take into consideration but we should submit that information to a super cession for care. So we did this and last week received a no for care and the reclaim pack for her mobility/dla claim ........ I am now in a predicament .... they already said no for care and the mobility is up for renewal. I categorically know they will not award it and I know for a fact I will need to return to tribunal which I honestly do not think I can cope with, the stress of the situation has put me on higher dose antidepressants for anxiety and stress! Yet I feel an injustice that I am having to go through all this? The money massively helps replace items such as clothing my child eats/bedding she ruins and carpets and such like, it also allows her to partake in activities during the holidays especially for her, so it is important. I even had input from somebody from the disablement action group with the tribunals but they appear to be very busy and I cant think about doing through all this again, does anyone have any advice? Thank you x
  2. Hi Background... I had a loan from nat west in 2006 funds paid to me were £9400 Nat west own statement confirms this. They say the loan was for £22400 ( or thereabouts). I had problems with my finances .. the bank account went overdrawn, got divorced, house went to the ex. In 2009 i snet CCA request for the loan agreement - they coudl not find it. They tried and failed to take me to court ( because they coudl not find the agreement) I know there was an loan but acording to what the bank statement shows it was for £9400 not £22400. Nat west of course argue that its the higher amount. Since 2009 ive been on a DMP with payplan and I have to keep arguing about the nat west loan amount. What I want to do is get the amount of the loan confirmed, they ( N west) say ist £22400 i say whats left is about £2200. Llast contact I had with nat west was to confirm that unless they proved otherwise i will treat balance as what i say it is. I want to look at doing some final settlement offers in about 2 years ( when i can get some pension money) Couple of questions ... How should i approach this ? - write and complain to NW ? then go to FOS ? I was looking to complain that the lack of the £13000 plus missing funds from the loan have put me in the debt situation im in .. ( at the time i took out the loan i had debts with multiple cards. ) any help appreciated Rob
  3. A lady reversed into my parked car causing considerable damage to front bumper & near side wing. She apologized at the scene which a witness overheard. I went through my own insurer who put me in touch of Accident Management Company. My car was deemed a CAT C total loss. The accident report was submitted to the 3rd party insurance who 1 month later are unable to get in touch with their client. I am left with out a car or without liability being admitted. Where does that leave me ?? I was insured 3rd party fire & theft so my insurer has told me to contact accident management company, who in turn tell me they have nothing to do with it now as no hire car was given due to total loss. Please help I want to settle this asap because im buggered without a car
  4. Having moved to Northern Ireland, i bite the bullet and register with the local electoral services. Seems they also send out an Electoral ID Card with your photo on it as well. All my past indiscretions are now well and truly statute barred (Default date) and the final account reaches the six year mark in January 2016 to be removed from the credit agencies. Now i am expecting to be deluged from the likes of Robinson way etc chancing their arm. I realise they will have to take any action through the Northern Ireland courts if they are that stupid and not Northampton So my Question is: 1/ When will the credit agencies be updated with my new address 2/ How best to kill these bottom feeders with one hit when the contact me . I have made a new life for myself now with a fresh start
  5. Hello I am new to this forum I really need some advice. I am currently on long term sick leave from my job as a GP's receptionist. There is no likelihood of me being able to return in the near future and my latest certificate from my GP covers my absence until 10th August 2015. My GP is being very supportive and I am on medication and have been referred to specialist services where I have had my initial assessment and I am on a awaiting list for additional treatment. I know that my long term absence has an impact on my employer, I feel guilty about this, but it does not change my ability to work, I have not control over my condition at the moment. I am in receipt of SSP, my employer does not offer any occupational scheme, and I have asked them to provide me with an SSP1 form as my SSP is due to end soon. I have now received a letter informing me that a meeting has been booked for this Thursday 2nd July and that I need to attend to discuss my sickness in detail. The meeting will be with the partners (husband and wife team) and the practice manager, and I can bring a colleague or union representative. The reason for my absence is anxiety and depression and there is no way that I can attend this meeting at my place of employment. It would not be fair to ask one of my colleagues and I am not a member of a union. I am concerned that although the letter I have received states they want to assess my ability to return to work, I think that the senior partner in particular wants to assess my illness. I am very vulnerable at the moment and I am seriously considering resigning as there is no way I am well enough to work in any job let alone the stressful one I have. The senior partner is extremely dismissive of his staff, he is basically a bully and has made things difficult for staff members who have handed in their notice to leave to go to other jobs, and he has made things difficult for other colleagues who have been off ill. I don't know what do. I am going to ask that they given me more time to get advice and I want to try and see if my local mental health team can offer me some support. I cannot attend this meeting alone, my husband has said he will attend with me, but I know my employer will not allow this. The senior partner has made it clear to one of my colleagues & immediate line manager (who is the only person from work who has been in touch with me before this letter), that he doesn't believe my illness is genuine and he has even threatened not to pay my SSP, which he hasn't done. What should I do? I am so stressed which has made my anxiety and depression so much worse over the last few days, I am not due to see my GP for another few weeks, not sure whether I should go to him to discuss my fears. My employer has not asked to see a medical report, although he has on several occasions told my colleague to inform me he will be doing this if I do not return to work. I have no problem with agreeing to access to my medical records as both my GP and the local mental health services information on medical record would back up my version of how I am feeling at the moment. I feel that I am being forced into to making a decision I do not have the mental capacity to do so at the moment, I feel bullied, and paranoid. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. Sorry if this post is long and rambling, it has taken me ages to write. R
  6. How long after non payment on a credit card can a default be applied on credit files?
  7. Hi everyone, I am trying to get some advice on a secured loan that was taken out with Welcome Finance in March 2005 that was repayable over 10 years. Due to redundancies back in 2008 and 2011, I fell behind with repayments and I think it was November 2010 when the account was officially defaulted. When I took this loan out, it was secured on my home. However, a while back I managed to get a copy of my title deeds from the Land Registry and I discovered something quite interesting - under the section listing financial organisations having an interest in the property (e.g. my mortgage lender) I noticed that Welcome Finance was NOT listed. The account has done the rounds of a few debt collection agencies but now am repaying the debt albeit at a reduced rate. Now, if the loan had been secured, it should have been registered with the Land Registry and, if it was truly secured on my property, I would probably have received a repossession order by now ! What is also a mystery, is that in the original paper work, listing charges that they added to the loan, they added a mortgage indemnity fee of £ 1100. If the loan was not 'officially' secured, they had no right to charge me a mortgage indemnity fee ? ( as it was technically not a 2nd mortgage/secured loan, as it was not recorded with the Land registry ?) . Do I have any right to get this fee refunded, considering how long ago it was taken out and do I have any right to make an official complaint for the charges incurred when the loan was not secured, as such ? thanks Dean
  8. Parents in private rented property were given s21 notice as landlord wanted to sell. Daughter has been trying to get a mortgage to buy the property and in the meantime the parents have stayed put with the landlord's permission. Notice expired over 2 months ago. The sale is taking longer than the landlord would like and they are threatening to pull out. If they do, will they have to issue a new s21 notice? Am I right in advising that the parents are under no obligation to allow access for viewings etc whilst they are still living there?
  9. We are moving back to the UK in a few months time after six years living in Australia. When we moved over here, initially I was paying my credit card debts until I just couldn't afford it anymore due to living expenses, and the charges the banks charged every time I transferred money to the UK. I have never been contacted by anyone during my time here or heard from anyone at all, although I did receive a letter regarding a strange account number, which could have been from a DCA,- that was two years ago. All my creditors knew that I was in Australia. Once we are back, I'm planning to not to have anything on my name, no bills, not a car, not on a rental contract, will definitely won't go on the electoral roll, I won't even have a mobile contract and most importantly will never ever apply for a credit card or a loan ever again. The only slight problem might be having a bank account, but I have one joint account with my OH. I was just wondering how long will it take before the threats start to arrive?
  10. In 2010 I had a hysterectomy due to cancerous cells in my ovaries. Following the operation I was very ill and didn't cope well with the immediate Menopause. It was also discovered at the time that a heart murmur I had, had for years was more serious than I was aware of. So serious I needed to have the Aortic Valve replacing. I was also diagnosed with early stages of COPD in the right lung. I worked full time and had held my position for 6 years. Just before I was diagnosed with Early stages of Ovarian Cancer my employers wife had come back from her maternity leave. On her return she made it very clear she wanted me out of the office. I was demoted but my pay stayed the same. When my boss was around she was the perfect office buddy. When he wasn't she would make back handed comments and accused me of being an emotional wreck. I felt bullied and humiliated at a time when things were just not good for me. I developed complications during 2011-2013 and my heart operation was delayed. Then in January 2013 I had a series of small heart attacks and I was rushed into hospital for heart surgery. My employer was on my back all the time asking me when I was returning. Which I understand as a small employer he needed to know. But I was just to ill for working. I was also a little scared to go back because of the way my bosses wife had treated me. Last week a lady who I used to work with contacted me as she needed to talk to me about how my boss and his wife had treated her. She has breast cancer and has just gone through chemo and breast reconstruction. She told me that they didn't beleive she was so ill she couldn't work. In distress she had sought advice from ACAS. They had informed her that whilst she was of from work that she should have been paid holiday pay as well as her SSP. We wondered if anyone can clarify this for us? We are both still employed by the company despite the time we have been of. They do keep asking me when I shall be returning I was recently told by the consultant I wasn't fir enough medically to return to work. I have been of work since October 2011 and my colleague has been of since October 2013.Have we got a claim ? TIA
  11. I've now been waiting 5 weeks since I put my application in. Is this normal? My circumstances are very simple; no loans, no credit card payment facilities, no overseas transactions and no bad credit history. I've just been promised for the 5th time that the account will be open in 2 working days.
  12. I have had a default which started on February 2010 from T Mobile and I was wondering how long it has to be on your credit file before being removed? Thanks
  13. Hello Can someone please tell me how many days you have to make a chargeback from the time of the transaction? Many thanks
  14. I have recently been kicked off ESA by Atos, scoring zero points with mental health issues, I recently seen citizens advice which done the mandatorily reconsideration for me, I should have scored about 30 odd points but none of the questions that citizens advice showed me were asked, the mandatorily reconsideration phoned me the other day asking me questions, I got so stressed I couldn't do it so put the phone down due to my condition, she then phoned a few days ago telling me I still score 0 points I explained I got stressed and couldn't speak but that didn't help so I lost my cool with her and swore, anyhow I got the letter through this morning saying they uphold the original decision, also on the letter says that the Atos medical examiner said I looked fit and well and was well tanned and muscular, it was the middle of August of course I would look tanned I think anyone did the summer we had, I was even crying in front of her due to not seeing my children and my father recently passing away, but she lied and made out I was alert I couldn't even keep eye contact with her, but she said I did, what are you supposed to do go in there with a rope around your neck is it, anyway I'm thinking of appealing what do you guys recommend? i seen my doctor on Monday he give me a sick note for 13 weeks as he agrees I am not fit to work at the moment and said he was not surprised with the decision as they are doing it to everyone. Thank you
  15. Seperate question totally different issue; how long can a job be left advertised - just curious if no expiry date for applications - I assume can be short or as long as anyone likes; then decisions to be made on who needs to be seen; size of firm take them longer - how long should I wait before I assume not heard; as I know after a while I wouldn't; just trying to get a learning curve here - one for example 3 weeks ago; very small firm so I guess they'll need time to decide, staff sickness before another person decides
  16. I was rang by my decision maker today and told I had failed my medical with no points but when I explained that the woman didn't listen and was a horrible person she said she would put me in the support group and I could go to a medical in 12months I put my claim in approximately oct 2013 I was wondering will I get an arrers payment and does anyone know approx. how long thankyou
  17. Hi All, Seem to find myself on here everyday at the minute ! I am cancelling my car insurance as presently have no valid driving license and recently learnt the insurance isnt worth jack while I dont have a valid license, but am keen to keep hold of my No Claims Discount (I have the maximum 9 years). Can anyone confirm that the NCD is valid for at least 2 years while it sits in situ and not tagged to a policy? I've got this 2 years from various googling, but all the posts are years old so I wanted to check this is still the case. Also, when I cancel, what should I do - Ask them to post me my proof of no claims, or should I leave that until I actually need it when I take out a new policy later this year? Thanks, James
  18. I took my PPI claim to the FOS back in April and had a letter from them asking for clarification on some points that I had to respond to by 30th June. I assumed that a decision would then come not long after but it is Sept now and still nothing. On their recorded phone message it does say claims can take 12-18 months so should I just forget about this for now? I am in some serious debt and really need the claim to hopefully get my life back on track.
  19. Hi, First of all, unlike a lot of people on this site, I did shoplift. I knew what I was doing, I made a stupid choice, and I don't really understand why I did it. Just was trying on a bunch of stuff, and then thought I could get way with it, and walking out of the shop was stopped. I knew I was doing something wrong, I felt guilty even before I left the shop but wanted to see if I hd done it (and whilst it was a one off, I had previously taken small things - to see if I could- I think 2 other situations both a while apart. A scarf once, and a hair product once. In this situation, I put stuff on and put stuff in my bag- about 50 pounds worth. Not that it's relevant to the wrong doing, I had had some pretty awful stuff going on - my brother's girlfriend comitted suicide not ages before this, and I was waiting on a hospital appointment for an MRI scan, as I was in pretty major pain at the time and on some pretty funky pain killers (I had an operation not long after that sorted that). I don't think it's relevant, but the security guards and the police kept saying who put you up to this, is something wrong, why do this etc (I suppose they didn't expect someone like me- at the time mid twenties, polite, and super regretful - there was a woman in there swearing and saying they couldn't do anything to her etc.) Anyway, I answered every question I could as best as I could, no one was rude to me (I emptied my bag out for them, and while they questioned a necklace I had, they accepted the receipt I had for it, even though it was from a pound store and those receipts just say 'item', (I did buy it.) The police gave me a caution, as it was a first offense etc, and I co operated. (Actually, it's Scotland, so they said they would recommend that I be given an adult warning but because I tried to take 50 pounds worth this may not be allowed, and it might be referred to the Procurator Fiscal, in which case it was likely that a fiscal warning or fine would be recommended. They said a police adult warning would be on police records for 2 years, but not on criminal records, and I have been struggling to find out about the fiscal warning, but a fiscal fine apparently stays on your records for 2 years as well and is meant to be worse. {I'm not allowed to post links, so I'm including in blue information to allow you to find the data yourselves, but I can post them once I've made 10 posts.) Adult warning info: ask the . scottish . police . uk Q562 Fiscal stuff info: victimsofcrimeonscotland - alternatives - to - prosecution I offered compensation at the time, and the store staff gave me a letter saying notice of intended civil recovery. Like others, I do feel I owe something as I did do wrong, and god I wish I hadn't been such an idiot. It makes me feel sick that I did it. I'm old enough to know better, and I don't even understand what was going through my own head. At least I can be relieved that I'm awful at breaking the law- in a weird way I'm glad I was caught, I'll certainly never be tempted again! Weirdly they didn't ban me from the store. (Not that I've been back, far too embarrassed by my own idiocy). They just said they'd be watching me carefully if I ever came back. (I wish they had banned me - might make me feel more like I was being punished.) Anyway, the letter received (a few weeks ago) includes the following paragraph at the bottom: "In principle the Data Protection Act 1998 does not prevent the use of data for civil recovery and employment screening purposes provided that the data protection principles are complied with. You are notified that the personal information held about you may be passed to the Police for criminal proceedings and to Retail Loss Prevention for civil recovery proceedings. Your personal data may be stored and used by prospective employers within client companies to make employment decisions and for the purposes of crime prevention and detection including verifying details on application forms and protection of the rights of this company and other companies as appropriate. We will pass this personal data to Retail Loss Prevention Limited and it will be shared in accordance with data protection law with appropriate commercial organisations and crime prevention bodies. The use of this data will at all times be in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998." Soooo, the crux of my questions relate to the fact I think I've stuffed my future up by being a complete moron. I am a (mature) uni student, and I had thought to either go into teaching, or a management role, or library work (which usually means spending time with vulnerable adults or children), or possibly social work or if I stuck on the finance ish side of things, becoming an accountant (some friends recently became accountants, they say you don't need a degree in accounting and that you get a great introduction to business.) All of the professions I was considering are probably ones that (understandably) don't want to employ someone who has shoplifted. I looked further and found that in Scotland they have a system called disclosure Scotland. ask the . scottish . police . uk q642 And that the disclosures for the jobs I was considering are all eligible for (I think) standard disclosure, which show spent and unspent convictions (hopefully not relevant) and cautions. (are these the warnings? Does that mean they don't go away, ever?) disclosurescotland information standarddisclosure If you click on the 'eligible positions legislation' the link comes to ssi 2013 /50 / schedule 4 This lists a load of professions who are excluded from the 'rehabilitation of offenders' legislation per the explanation at the start of the thing which says "5. There is excepted from the provisions of section 4(3)(b) of the Act— (a)any profession, office, employment or occupation specified in Schedule 4;" I found the act and section 4(3)(b) says: (3)Subject to the provisions of any order made under subsection (4) below,— (a)any obligation imposed on any person by any rule of law or by the provisions of any agreement or arrangement to disclose any matters to any other person shall not extend to requiring him to disclose a spent conviction or any circumstances ancillary to a spent conviction (whether the conviction is his own or another’s); and (b)a conviction which has become spent or any circumstances ancillary thereto, or any failure to disclose a spent conviction or any such circumstances, shall not be a proper ground for dismissing or excluding a person from any office, profession, occupation or employment, or for prejudicing him in any way in any occupation or employment. BUT:- I am confused. I understand that this means, that (if the above does not apply) failure to disclose a spent conviction or any other circumstances SHALL be ground for dismissing or excluding me from an office/profession/job etc, but is this the case as concerns an adult warning? I don't understand the difference between an adult warning and a caution per disclosure scotland. (I still haven't received anything from the police so don't even now if it will be an adult warning, a fiscal warning or worse.) I think I will ask disclosure Scotland this, but post it up here anyway. Also, this leads me back to the letter from the store RE RPL (the abbreviation I've seen around this site). I have highlighted the bits that ring bells for me. "Your personal data may be stored and used by prospective employers within client companies to make employment decisions and for the purposes of crime prevention and detection including verifying details on application forms and protection of the rights of this company and other companies as appropriate. We will pass this personal data to Retail Loss Prevention Limited and it will be shared in accordance with data protection law with appropriate commercial organisations and crime prevention bodies." Obviously, my concern is not with re-offending, so, whilst I'm unsure of the use of them passing my data to crime prevention bodies, I'm less concerned about that (though I don't understand what that means). As it says specifically "within client companies" does that mean just the retail companies that employ the firm, or anyone that might want to do pre employment screening? What do they mean by "appropriate commercial organisations?" A lot of the work I want to do is within the public sector, not commercial. I'm not to concerned about not being able to work in retail at the moment - I would be crazy to apply to the company this happened with, anyway, and I would hope if I end up in retail in a few years, that it didn't come up? I didn't know that only the police had the legal right to all my details, so they have my full name, address, date of birth, everything. I had to give it again to the police later. I'm basically wondering if I should write off ever getting one of the jobs I'd like, because of this stupid thing. I think the social work registry goes through disclosure scotland, teaching definitely does, and I don't know if accounting or more commercial things. And, as I'm nearing the end of my degree, I was looking at applying now, so everything would definiitley be within 2 years, so even if the warning goes away after 2, it would still be on my disclosure now if they do it, if it's a fiscal fine at least. And that's before even considering if they are letting anyone willynilly check their data which according to the website ( integrity screening uk) they do. (Though I don't know if any of the areas I'm working in would be checking whether I'm subject to civil recovery proceedings.) I also checked the company name (cireco) and it is not on the data protection public register, although rlp is. Interestingly, the 'purposes' for data processing are listed as "We process personal information to enable us to provide investigatory services, to trace debtors and purchase debts and to collect on behalf of creditors. We also process personal information to maintain our own accounts and records and to support and manage our employees." None of the above purposes relate to my situation, or this 'integrity database' being maintained to sell details of my integrity. What they say they will do with my data id not what they say they are doing with it per the register. Additionally, I understand from reading this site that I am not a debtor - that they cannot charge me a fixed fee for my wrongs. (I would be much happier paying the company directly an apology piece of compensation.) They also say they share the data in this way: We sometimes need to share the personal information we process with the individual themself and also with other organisations. Where this is necessary we are required to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA). What follows is a description of the types of organisations we may need to share some of the personal information we process with for one or more reasons. "Where necessary or required we share information with: voluntary and charitable organisations ombudsmen and regulatory authorities business associates and other professional advisers associated companies suppliers financial organisations credit reference, debt collection and tracing agencies police forces private investigators courts and tribunals government traders in personal data family, associates or representatives of the person whose personal data we are processing; current, past or prospective employers examining bodies" I think this is a misleading statement. They say "Where necessary or required" but I do not see any circumstances where it would be necessary or required for them to share the data with traders in personal data, and I think sharing it with anyone who might be a prospective employer is highly irregular, they're obviously making money off of a horrible situation, and why have a disclosure system if someone can not be found guilty of a crime and have their whole future wrecked anyway? I don't know what to do. I think I need to write to the information commissioner about this as well as disclosure Scotland. As concerns the credit statement issue, I know I'm going to need a credit card at least temporarily as I have an overdraft that will be reducing following graduation, and at least at the moment I have not got a job that pays enough to cover my rent. As you can tell this has been bothering me for ages! I still haven't decided how to respond to RLP, and I'm so worried about the possible implications. Some of the jobs I've applied for already are ones in the public sector etc, but no one has asked me for a disclosure, and I think you need to give permission for a disclosure to go ahead. I have kept applying for jobs in areas I'm interested in and I have kept volunteering for kids groups for which I have already got a PVG (this is a disclosure to work with kids and vulnerable people) but I think I should tell someone about this, or it might get worse. I don't think I'm a danger:- I mainly help tidy up and split up arguments and suggest games for the teens and kids to play. I certainly would never suggest anyone break the law. I'm wanting to wait to say anything to find out whether I get a warning or a fine... and to work out what the implication would be for all of this before I say I can't volunteer anymore! I also do office work - and I don't remember there being any disclosure for that job, but we do look at financial info sometimes (for paying for services and buy goods) but I don't do any processing of the payments or anything. I know that if I was convicted they would fire me as even if I don't deal with stuff, it would look bad on the company to have me there. But obviously I'm terrified that if I don't tell them and leave that retail loss prevention might contact them and I'll be fired, even if I do pay them the money. Please help with any advice. I would really appreciate it. I can't believe how stupid I've been.
  20. I have been working for an agency for 4 years now, doing the same job, on the same site for 3 and a half of those. A couple of years ago, the company started taking on 'flexi' workers. A couple of months ago, i was advised to apply for this round of 'flexi' jobs. I asked if the job i have been doing is available as one of those jobs, and was told, in no uncertain terms, that no, there will never be a flexi worker doing that job. On that basis, i didnt apply. I have discovered yesterday, that indeed the flexis are taking over that job. Is there anything i can do? the flexis they gave the job to, are less skilled, and much less experienced, and at least one is waiting to get his qualification so he can even start training.
  21. Hi, I invoiced my boss two weeks ago just after i left my job there (I was self employed so had to invoice) and he is yet to pay it even though he usually pays a couple of days after, but now i've left he is obviously being stubborn. I have emailed him and he hasn't responded to any of them in the last few days. I have tried to call him but he doesn't answer so he is obviously just ignoring me. The amount is only £120 as i only done a days work for him last month so i am not overly worried about it, but it's just the principle and him being an idiot about it for no reason (baring in mind i left on good terms as well). One of my friends worked for him as well and then left, and my boss owes him £700 as well. So how long do i have to wait before i can do something? What can i even do about it anyway? My friend has been waiting 4 months for him to pay his £700 invoice. Thanks for any help.
  22. Hi i hope someone can help me with a question regadibg time limits on payment of bills for services like talktalk. I wanted to know how long do you have to pay your bill once the due date has passed before they restrict your services thankyou cher69
  23. Hi, I'm just wondering whether anyone has any experience of court for a personal injury cases. There are two companies/organizations that the claim is against - each denying responsibility and pointing the finger at the other. The accident I had severely exacerbated an existing but well managed condition and a medico-legal expert has found that it brought forward my need for surgery. I know the particulars of the claim have to be with the two organizations within 4 months - but as they both deny liability I am assuming this will go all the way and I don't really know what to expect. Any ideas?
  24. I am really needing some help. I have a house valued at £110,000 and a mortgage of £105,000 which I may need to sell. The only problem is I have a secured loan of £34,000 on my home through Picture (or whoever they are now) which has arreas of £650 and they will only get bigger as I am no longer able to afford the loan. What I am wanting to know is am I allowed to sell my home even though the secured loan won't get paid off. I am intending to rent if I can sell my home. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't want to sell if I don't have to but will Picture?? take my home even if they won't get any proceeds from the sale.
  25. I bought a car a few weeks ago, which after a couple of weeks, refused to start. The dealer was very good and agreed to have the car back without argument. The car was recovered back to him at his expense. However, that was now over two weeks ago and I've yet to see the money in my bank and he's now stopped replying to my messages.The car is now readverted on his website. What's my next step? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. P.
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