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  1. Hello Guys, I am looking for advice on best place to start with my issue. I have 2 years 9 month old Bosch washing machine purchased from online retailer washtech.co.uk which suddenly developed sevaral cracks in the outside plastic drum. Washing machine was working ok for a first year then touch screen controls started playing up and I got it repaired under warranty in October last year. No problem with controls since then but today my garage got flooded by the water during drum clean cycle. I took back panel off hoping it was a pump or waste pipe. Unfortunately external plastic drum had at least two long cracks. I understand I can try and get it fixed by retailer as it not lasted a reasonable amount time or fix it myself and then take them to small court if they refuse to pay for repairs. I just wonder if I could try to start with Bosch to see if they agree to repair it free of charge or provide some sort of report or their view on the fault? I was told by their technician that after repair they made I do not have any warranty (original warranty was running out in two weeks after they made repair). I know some manufacturers extend warranty after repair by another year. And Bosh themselves say they will give 12 month warranty on the appliance if they fix it. But I guess it is meant when you pay them or could it apply to any repairs? Thanks for reading!
  2. Been helping someone who has got themselves into a bit of bother with a PBC [pawnbrokingcompany] over the renewal of a large logbook loan against a hypercar. Just wondered if anyone else has had an success in getting a LBL extended on the value of a vehicle that was clearly valued at 10+ times the amount of the advance, against the trade resale of said vehicle, without it being "re-valued" by a 3rd party on behalf of the PBC? The issue is the vehicle has gone up considerably in value, over the period of the original LBL and the PBC have called the full amount in, against the value of the vehicle 2 years ago... a single extension to the LBL was made 13 months ago, again, against the value of the original vehicle value. Can the LBL be called in based on the valuation of previous paperwork and called in early? Weird one, but sure a Gagger will know a Gagger that knows the answer!!
  3. Hey, I just thought I'd throw this out there... I spend a lot of life at work so when I come home the last thing I want to do is cook! I've found that I can kill two proverbial birds with one stone! On a Sunday afternoon when I'm busy cleaning up the house and catching up with the weekly chores, I start cooking big "one pot meals" like Bolognese, Stews, Casseroles and things like that. Intentionally, I cook enough to feed about 5 or 6 people! (and all for a great reason)... I snagged some plastic punnets from the 99p store (which look oddly like the ones you get if you order a Chinese), but they're the perfect size for a portion. Once everything is cooked, I pack it all up in a bunch of punnets, set them to once side till they're cool then freeze them. That way, in the evenings (or nights) when I get in, I can nuke the punnet in the microwave (usually about 5-8 mins on 60%) which gives it just enough time to flash build some veggies, pasta etc... I you live alone, this is an amazing way to save some cash as you won't have to fork out for cooking very night, plus you can eat healthily with the delight of it being "Fast food"... Hope this helps! Hasta la pasta! Ade
  4. A few months ago a male, who is a live in employee at a property opposite my girlfriends house aggressively threatend to smash my face in and knock my teeth out, when I asked a delivery man to move his van that was blocking the driveway, the delivery man moved his van and drove away but the other man made more threat and demanded I fight him in the street and telling me what he will do to me, so I called the Police. Police never came out because they said I was safe inside my girlfriend house. The Police investigated but the male employee who made the threats denied it, the delivery man was traced and also said he didn't see or hear anything, but he had already moved his van and drove away before the threats wre made. Since this occurred the male employee is always outside in the street when I visit or stay at my girlfriends house,, always staring at me and now always parks his van outside my girlfriend house very close to the drive but not blocking it, he never parked there before.
  5. I placed an order with Parcel2go via MyHermes on 20th July. I dispatched the small item on economy service which I would assume 3-5 days max. My Ebay customer started ranting and set up an issue that he didnt receive the item after 5 working days. I tracked it and sent a copy to him and contacted company that assured my parcel would be delivered within 24hrs. after 10 days my customer refused to accept the parcel in annoyance 1st August. I assumed the parcel would be returned to me. I checked yesterday and it states that its been signed for. This is now the issue I have contacted Parcel2go and they want me to pay again to have the parcel returned to myself???? In the meanwhile Ebay have sided with the customer and refunded the item and the postage however I am left is debt now as the tracking states - endless excuses why it wasn't delivered. I have have now had money withdrawn out of my account and the parcel is in the hands of someone who can prob resell the item - surely this is illegal practice as it hasnt been delivered. Is it worth complaining and threaten with small claims?
  6. In 2010, a warrant for repossession was suspended on my property under the condition that I pay of the arrears which I did earlier than expected. last year I was having a problem with my business and fell behind with payment. I informed my lender and we agree to that I should continue with paying the mortgage with a little extra on top. All of a sudden my lender changed their mind and were asking for a huge sum that I can't afford when I refused they have applied to the court to re-enforce the old warrant which is over 6 years old. I am in arrears of £5000 and the property is worth £400k I have 17 years left on an interest only mortgage. can anyone please advice.
  7. I would welcome some suggestions from Forum Members please as to what I should with regards to a landlord who is taking her time in restoring central heating in the house which I am renting. I have been without heating now for a week. Prior to this, the boiler had broken down a number of times and the landlord was told by two of the engineers that the boiler was obsolete and needed replacing. I have been in touch with the LL and made the point that the situation is becoming untenable, but all I got back was that she is dealing with the matter. I would be grateful for some suggestions about what options are available to me so that I can use some leverage to get the LL to act and act urgently? I hope members can help. Many thanks in advance. Mack
  8. Hello, I just received email from Graham High Group Limited - Loss Adjusters that insurer approved our claim. Does Anyone know how long takes to have refund ? We have to pay our Contractor to start do works and no idea how long takes the payment process THANK YOU
  9. Hi guys i work for a company who look after the virgin media contract, i am working at the moment over 70 hours a week which is tiring me out to be honest, i have a family and have very little time for myself or my kids you keep telling them about it in the nicest way possible even though its hard to keep your cool sometimes and they take Sh*t all on aboard what i have to say. I am on template pay (pay per job) now i can make some decent money when i get the big jobs like quad's, triples and duals. But lately ive been finishing my own work by 3pm ready for home and i always seem to get lumbered with other peoples because they simply cannot keep up or had worse problems than myself in the day i never seem to get any help my way when im struggling and all my manager can say is swings and round abouts, seems to be enough swings but no round abouts my way. My biggest concern is the pay im owed, i am missing money from June, August, September and October and when i keep submitting my wage query's i hear nothing back this goes on for months and up to this day i still have not received any money im owed. I have joined the cable workers union but obviously want to the company to rectify this problem first without involving the union, a lad i work with has also submitted a grievance to the HR of the company and said they are looking into it he has told me to look on google for the template letter regarding pay but not having any luck could anyone be so kind to point me into the right direction and is there any law to me doing more than 12 hours a day can i refuse to work after 12 hours ?
  10. I applied for ESA for the first time (and not transitioning from other state benefits) dated mid April and am currently receiving assessment phase payments. Should I have received the ESA 50 form yet? I know officially assessment phase is meant to be up to 13 weeks, but not sure to what extent this matches reality. How long have other recent applicants waited i.e. those receiving their first ESA50 recently, when did you apply? Has anyone else applying around April for the first time received their ESA50 form yet? Thanks.
  11. So, I was an irresponsible student who racked up some defaults for a small amount of 2500 I am in a position to settle these debts now, but many of them are very close to being statute barred, my main query is, if I was to settle these debt, how long until I would expect to see an improvement in my credit file?
  12. Im in Scotland. I have sold my house, the sale date is Fri 29th Apr. I asked my solicitor how soon i will get my money. They told me 5 working days. The money needs to clear blah blah, I can get it in 3 working days if the other solicitor agrees to use a different type of payment, which of course involves a fee. Does this sound normal. I desperately need this money to go and find myself accommodation. Im shocked why it takes so long. Can you guys advise please.
  13. Hello, I recently VT'd my car with advantage finance. I got in touch with them regarding it, after which they sent me a letter with the outstanding amount available. The letter was dated 01/02/16, and it stated that I needed to return the car within 21 days in order for the letter/sums to still be valid. The car was returned to their "drop off" point (transportation company) on the 22/02/16. I am still to date waiting for them to complete their "inspection" and send me a final sums due. A number of things have seemed a little "off" with the whole process, is this typical AF? They offered me a drop off point that was about 70 miles away, or a pickup for £80. I was able to be present for an inspection with the transportation company, in which we both agreed that the car was in good condition. AF have said they do not accept a conditon report from the transportation company, so how am I able to be present? Thier communication is TERRIBLE. They literally reply once I mail them 2 or 3 times with a vauge "its not done yet" They will not accept me paying off the remaining HP sums, and then whatever damages separately. I want this so I can get it in writing from them that the agreement is over. It all seems very unprofessional to me, I mean sure they are losing out here ultimately - but I would expect to be replied to in the very least, and a degree of urgency so they can sell the car on. My next step if I don't get anything back by tomorrow is to follow up with a formal letter, would this be wise? I did opt for a drop off point even further away in the end as it was local to where I picked my temporary car up from.
  14. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. My daughters boyfriend has just received a letter telling him that he has to attend a meeting due to his sickness levels. Now before I go any further I should explain that he ruptured his ankle ligament 7 months ago and was initially signed off sick and then returned to work but with difficulties. He works for xxxx and obviously has to wear safety boots which he found difficult and painful at times but nonetheless he did so. So alterations were made for him despite asking for them and so he just struggled on, probably doing more damage. At the beginning of February he had an operation on his ankle and is now on strict non weight bearing instruction from his consultant for at least 6 weeks. He informed his employer as soon as he knew about his operation date and has kept them informed overstep of the way. He has today received a letter telling him that he has to attend a meeting, at his work place, on Tuesday to discuss his sickness record. Naturally he is very upset at receiving this letter. I should point out that he has also had other issues with the company i.e. not being paid correct and when he has questioned this he has been told that there is nothing that can be done for that month and that it will be sorted in the following months pay and that he will have to pay basic rate tax on that amount even though he doesn't earn enough to pay tax. He has read the letter to me and I found it very threatening. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  15. Hi, new member here I had a big issue with Lloyds due to a number of transactions that I didnt recognise. Lloyds however didnt do anything to resolve the problem therefore I submitted my case to the Financial Ombudsman last week. I wanted to ask how long did it take you before they acknowledged and logged your case? Its been 5 days now, and the 2 representatives I spoke to seem to given me 2 different answers. One of which saying logging your complaint takes 48 hours, while the other told me itll take up to 2 weeks. On average how long has it taken the ombudsman to log your case.
  16. Hello, I have a question and I was wondering if someone could help me. My manager has some health issues ( depression among other stuff) and during the past 3 years he has been off for a total of 9 months. 5 and 4 months continuously during 2 years and has now been off for over a week. I have a feeling he will get another long term leave which of course as it is health related I totally understand he might need it. But the issue is that every time during his long absence , I end up doing his job and it involves allot of stuff. For the 9 months I did his job I received absolutely nothing from the company and only a thank you after i complained about getting a pay rise ( which of course i did not get). So i would like to know if I can demand or is my company obligated to pay me more if my manager goes on another long term absense. If I do not receive anything can I refuse to do his job even though I am the 2nd in command? I am happy to the job if he is on a short term sick leave ( 1 -2 weeks) or if he goes on holidays , but for more than that , I have had enough Thank you in advance
  17. Hi, I was called in for a compliance interview in June 2011. I admitted I saved all my DLA up for something that would help me medically (I did have savings over and above limit for this reason). I get higher rate on both components of DLA. I was told I could spend my money on the said medical aid within a few days and they wouldn't consider this deprivation of money. I am paying the overpayment and have been for quite a while. But what I cannot ascertain is whether they will take things further. I have a lot of physical and mental health issues, but I can't seem to get over it until I know the case is closed, but that's something I never managed to get them to say. I did offer to pay a lump sum off my debt and debt management contacted dwp and they said I don't have to pay anything other than the £10.80 pw. they also told me I have no named investigator that I could talk to. Hence I have no one to discuss the matter with and still feel at a loss. Should I expect further letters from them? Do they just turn up at my house? How can I know for sure, I got tired of asking if things were over as they just won't answer. It's still too much on my mind. Thanks for reading.
  18. How long is a assured shorthold tenancy valid for one the original 12 months have run out ? Reason i am asking is another person i am helping has been given a s21 notice to quit followed by a n5c claim form for property. The original ast was for a year. Then it was signed up for another year but no paper work exchanged hands. Now in the paperwork provided with the summons the deposit has been protected till the tenancy ends it second year. Two questions 1. Is the s21 notice valid ? 2. The deposit although again protected seems to not have been protected with in 30 days of the satrt of the second year. How can i find this out.
  19. Hi, I've been employed by my ftse 100 company for approximately 14 years. Our payslips are complex with overtime, benefits, car allowances etc but I noticed on a yearly statement I have received £600 last year. On further investigation of the payslips it appears I've been being paid a £50 allowance monthly for additional responsibility. About 1%ish of salary so I didn't notice a huge amount going into my account. I've informed my line manager that I am receiving this payment and to my mind shouldn't be as I've no idea what it is for. I assume he will discuss with the elusive HR team. I don't have any issue paying back over a long period. Are there any legal threats to my employment position? I can't see anything specific in my terms of employment? Thanks
  20. Can anyone here confirm how long it takes Parking Eye to process their charge notices and when the charge notices was actually received. I received a Parking Charge notice long after the statutory 14 day period had expired. Their envelopes don't show a postmark so I can't date when the notice was sent although the "Date Issued" shown is within within 8 days. I know this to be untrue, what can I do?
  21. I have been on a DMP with the charity Step Change for a number of years, the original debts being a Lloyds Bank loan I was encouraged to take on as a "consolidation" during a bad patch back in 1999, and a credi card still with Lloyds going back the same period, totaling about 20.000 plus couple of "minor" cards and an overdraft, totaling around 25k. After few years of re-payments, I managed to bring back the balance which currently it's around 12.000, however I have recently separated from my wife and this has had a pretty devastating effect, on the financial aspect of things as well as everything else, I have 3 children and things just don't add-up. I currently have access to a relatively small amount of money which is the result of a share of the sale of an old property, about £6'000 and rather than seeing it disappear as they will I am thinking of trying to offer a settlement to the various creditors, who are Akinika Debt Recovery (5.500.00) Pira Group Barclays (1000.00), Npower 707.00), Lloyds PLC (397.00) plus Cabot Financial, who just took over from Allied International Credit and is not currently included in the DMP. As I haven't test spoken to them but they are writing about their acquired balance of £6'321, it seems a bit of a long shot to put an offer to each of them totaling £6000, but the truth is I will have to ty, failing that, due to my new circumstances I wouldn't be able to keep up the £357 monthly payments to Step Change and the only other option I can see would be filing for bankruptcy. With all the consequences of the case on my job etc, in any case I wouldn't know where to start with offering settlements, and above all without risking losing the sum, or how to make sure that they would actually agree for it to be a final settlement and not just an extra payment, and would it be better to approach them myself, as I suspect Step Change wouldn't enter any hard- negotiation of this sort on my behalf? Is there a template letter I could use to get me started? Have I got any real chance here? any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry to be so long
  22. I feel the sorting office at the tax credit office is in adequate for the job required, now over the last couple of months I have sent mail, which was requested by the tax credit office Oct 2013, they would reconsider my claim, but I had to send them prove, which I did, didn't hear anything back, so tried to contact them a further 3 time over 3 months, still no reply When I make threat to go back to the tribunal service, they reply, but they make out, Im at fault for not sending the items as requested, which I know is untrue, as they were sent recorded delivery At this pointy Im forced to make a complaint, but they wont deal with me while my claim is on-going at the tribunal service, as of 8 March 2014, my appeal came to an end, and wont being appealing any further Right now Im trying to sort my claim, either by changing my details to include the disability element or allow me to end my claim, and make a new claim, which I want backdated from 9 Oct 2013, as this is when I was told the tax credit office would reconsider my claim, and because of this my appeal with the tribunal service was put on hold till I knew what was going on On 17 March I wrote to the tax credit office, asking for my claim to be sorted, or closed, now I know there is the help line, but I have no intention of phoning them, as the calls to the tax credit office for Oct/Nov 2013 cost me around £10 I think I give them until 28 April 2014, which is 6 weeks after my letter was sent, after this I think I have to lodge another complaint , to see why there has been such a delay in getting a reply
  23. I was/is on SEETEC, but my doctor told them that I was travel sick, they've given me 3 sets of tablets to help me. I do 9-5 job search which is 5 days a week, Thursday and Friday I go to a city 45 minutes away via bus. They knew I was travel sick, but ignored the doctor's note, I wasn't well. On Monday I was ill and kept retching, I told the receptionist that I felt ill but had to wait for the manager. Well, she came back and told me I had to stay at tehe centre till 5pm, it was 12.30 and my stomach wa shurting and I felt sick. So I walked out and had a doctor's appt and he gave me the 7 day sick not which has ran out. Because I have now got the month long one I can sign off JSA and onto ESA.. I'll ring them on Monday, but I don't understand if I have to continue with the job search or ring SEETEC to tell them I won't be in. I will on Monday as they need a copy of my sick note. Can anyone help me? The doctor wrote down anxiety as cause for me being off sick. He also said this place is stressing me out and making me ill. I would gladly get myself a volunteering placement myself.
  24. Hello, This morning I drove to Totnes station to get the 10:19am train to London for a few days. I had checked on Saturday that there is long-stay parking in the APCOA parking at the station and the machines do long-stay tickets and offer the option to buy tickets in advance. So you would think if you can buy a ticket in advance there would be enough space. However there were no spaces except one in the parking allocated for maximum 1 hour stay. As far as I am aware there is no other long-stay parking in Totnes and with panicking about what to do with only a few minutes before the train I parked in the 1-hour area, ran over the bridge to buy a ticket for 4 days and ran back over to display the ticket and catch my train. Otherwise I would lose an expensive train fare. Maybe I was foolish to e-mail APCOA explaining the situation and wanting assurance they would not capitalise and they replied: Good morning, Thank you for your email. Is it possible to advise us of your vehicle registration number and for your arrival and departure dates and we can log this on our system? Unfortunately we cannot prevent a parking charge notice from being issued, however we can give you a reference number for you to appeal against should you be issued one. Kind regards, APCOA Parking (UK) I didn't send them my registration number (which I don't remember anyway since I just passed my driving test) but said I would be seeking legal advice. I believe they will try to get £100 profit from me for having to use the last available space. I do not know if they use wheel clamps. It is patently ridiculous to a. offer advance parking payment in a car park that was full the first time I used it and without reserving spaces b. to claim they cannot prevent a parking charge from being issued since it is they who are issuing it. Any advice on what to do in this case would be welcome. Please advise on what I should do! Thanks!
  25. Hi All As have many on here, I've been doing battle with the DWP over moving over to PIP. I was re-assessed for PIP and had my medical with ATOS on 15 September. My standard rate care was upheld but they only awarded me 10 points for mobility. I had been on HR DLA since 1994. I have RA and Osteoporosis and have had since 1973 when I was 9 years old. I've had 6 hip replacements, a major fracture to my femur last year from which I'm still recovering and which happened whilst merely standing in my living room (doctors not sure how it happened but think it was a stress fracture which suddenly got worse causing the prosthesis to fail) and I'm now recovering from 2 unexplained pelvic fractures. I've got nerve damage to my leg (from another hip replacement that went wrong) which means I'm prone to trips and falls which have resulted in broken bones. The ATOS rep asked me how far I thought I could walk before I needed to stop. I said I was in constant pain so in reality couldn't even stand without being in severe pain and in any case I wouldn't be safe as I'd broken bones just by standing still. She kept saying "yes, but if you had to walk, how long do you think you could do it for? I said I didn't know as I'd never timed it but she kept pressing me for an answer. In the end I said "I don't know. A minute or so I suppose but I couldn't do it comfortably or safely". She wrote in the report that I could walk 1-2 minutes 3 or 4 times with short stops in between, then added an equation and concluded I could walk 40-80 metres. However, she then said that she thought I could only walk 40-50 metres which says to me that even she thought her equation was being over ambitious! The upshot of all this was that I was awarded the 10 points and not the crucial 12 points I needed to keep my car. The MR was upheld which I wasn't surprised about as they persuaded me to request it over the phone under their "pilot scheme" (if you're asked if you'd like to do this when you ring up in a state after receiving your decision - say NO. You do it in the heat of the moment and don't end up submitting any further evidence to back up your claim). I've now submitted my tribunal papers with the help of the adviser at the CAB. My adviser is pretty sure we can get it overturned. Along with x-rays and medical notes, I'm going to cite this which is from the DWP's consultation papers on whether the 20 metre rule should be upheld. Example 3 – Juliet 4.24 Juliet is able to stand and move with a walking stick but suffers from hip pain when she walks. She can walk about 100 metres, but her level of discomfort increases as she walks and her pace slows down until she has to stop and rest. 4.25 Juliet also finds that walking even very short distances takes a lot out of her. If she walks more than about 10 metres, for the next few hours she is unable to walk more than a few steps without experiencing severe hip pain. 4.26 Although Juliet can walk more than 50 metres, she cannot do so as often as would be reasonably expected because of the pain it causes when she walks again. As such she is not considered able to walk reliably. The furthest she can walk in a way that is repeatable is a few steps using her stick. Therefore descriptor E best describes how she is able to move around. 4.27 Juliet therefore receives entitlement to the enhanced rate of the PIP Mobility component. Does anyone know how long it will be before I hear whether they've granted me the appeal hearing? I've requested medical records from my NHS trust including X-Rays and scans showing the state of my pelvis and hips and I've been evidence gathering but will I have months to do this or is it quicker. I only had to wait 4 weeks for my ATOS medical and 10 days for the decision which seems to go against the timescales reported by others. My car went back today. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. That was the only thing that made me feel normal. I can't walk anywhere but I could get in my car and drive and I felt like everyone else. Now I'm stuck indoors. The £2k they offer you is very welcome but won't buy us another car that is adapted for me to drive as well as pay for the insurance, tax and everything else that goes with it, even with the standard rate PIP I'll get.
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