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  1. New research on the long-term health of 2 groups of older veterans READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-research-on-the-long-term-health-of-2-groups-of-older-veterans
  2. Good morning all, I've been with Eurodebt for 179 months, yes over 14 years and yes I know I've been pretty stupid. I can't remember exactly who the original creditors were but it was credit card companies. Having got myself in a mess when I was not paid for work completed I borrowed on cards to keep me going, much of the debt rocketed with the addition of interest and PPI's, I claimed back the PPI's but I was still in debt and struggling, foolishly it seems now ended up with Eurodebt. I've just been blindly paying this each month, there is no realistic chance of me paying this off, I'm paying £71 per month, to three companies CapQuest, Cabot Financial and DLC I can't remember who the original creditors were but I think these have changed hands more than once. What can I do? Advice gratefully received!
  3. I wonder if any one can help. My husband works as a Chef, he has been working as a chef for over 20 years. he has a medical Condition Called Menierse disease. He has had it about 5 years. It causes him to have attacks where he colapses, becomes extremely, dizzy, vomits and he can’t stand up. He has to take medication when he has a attack and ends up in bed for 3-7days. After an attack he is left feeling very tired. He does not have attacks that often, but they are normally triggered by stress, being over worked and tired among other things. His employer knows about his medical condition but does not seem to care. They force my husband to work 6-7days a week 10 hours a day whilst every one else gets 2 days and 1/2 days off each week. They were working him so much that by end of November he had a attack, luckily he had just started his holiday so did not need to take any time off work sick. He ended up in bed for 4 days. When he went back to work he told them he had had another attack and that he could not continue to work 6-7 days a week and that he needed 2 day off a week. But they don’t seem to care as they are still making his work 6-7 days a week whilst every one else gets 2 1/2 days off. He is starting to look unwell and I’m concerned he is going to have another attack soon. Would a doctor be able to write some kind of sick note stating that they need to accommodate his medical condition and that he needs 2 days off a week, or slightly reduced hours for a while. before any one asks he has looked for another Job, he has been looking for a while but have not been able to find any thing. Quitting is not a option as we need his salary as well as mine to pay bills, we have 4 children to support. We would never cope on just one salary. On top on this their extraction system, in kitchen is not good, it’s useless and does nothing and when in kitchen all the chefs are breathing in very greasy air. It’s taking its toll on my husbands health and other staff. My husband now continually coughs and throat clears, worse when he has just finished work other staff are too, we are worried as to what effect it will have on his health long term. Is there any thing we can do to get employer to emprove condition in kitchen so they are breathing in clean air. any advice much appreciated thanks in advance
  4. Hi - I was caught by an ANPR overstaying by an hour and a half at Lidl, Hayes. I was a customer in the store that evening and have proof of payment of purchases that did take a long time (kids winter wear in the aisle of shame...) but did subsequently overstay beyond that. Details are below. Is it worth appealing to Lidl on this one or do I have to suck it up as it was such a substantial amount of time overstayed? Thank you very much 1 Date of the infringement 29.11 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 3.12 3 Date received ? 6.12 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] NO 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? YES - ANPR 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] NO Have you had a response? [Y/N?] 7 Who is the parking company? ATHENA 8. Where exactly Lidl, Hayes For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. Letter says IPC
  5. My girlfriend and I went along to a trial session at a local fitness centre we had been told about. After the session, we sat down in the café and received a free (freshly ground) coffee as we discussed joining permanently with the trainer. The conversation was brief, 5 mins max. It involved an iPad on which she showed us the booking app they use and details of the different memberships. We opted for the couples membership at £88.20 per month (endorphin levels were sky high so this sounded like a great deal at the time) plus we get some free gear and a club-branded item of clothing of our choice, each. The club was only a few weeks old at the time, and it seemed like the trainer who was signing us up didn't know exactly how to navigate the sign-up procedure, but we got there in the end. We handed over personal details and my girlfriend gave her bank details for the direct debit to be taken out each month. We immediately had to pay a pro-rata fee of £67.62 for the first month (September), oh and a joining fee of £50 (!?). A few weeks later and reality hit, we were never going to get our moneys worth from this club and had only been a handful of times in the first couple of months (lets just blame it on our 'busy' lifestyle) We paid again at the beginning October but then my girlfriend finally rang up to cancel. This is when she gets told that actually she can't cancel the membership as (duh) we signed up to a 6-month contract. Instead, they suggested that 'we had joined for a reason why don't we just pop down and give it another go'. My girlfriend expressed her surprise at the fact that we were committed to anything, to which they told her all of the details were in her contract. She went on to ask for a copy of this contract, that she had never seen before. They did email her a copy of a black and white contract, which was filled in with her details and with all of the terms and conditions. It included our joining date and commitment period end date. At the bottom, there is an Application Declaration section, with signature boxes which were (obviously) blank, because this was the first time either of us had seen this contract. Page 2, there was a physical activity readiness questionnaire (blank with empty signature box) Page 3 was a copy of her direct debit (blank with empty signature boxes) She informed the club that she was cancelling her direct debit as these contracts they had sent were quite clearly unsigned by herself, and that she was never informed and/or agreed to the long-term contract. They never acknowledged this email. Fast forward a couple of months and she receives an email from a debt collection agency after a payment of £610.26. She rang this agency and told them the whole story. They agreed to put everything on hold and contact the club. The next day, she receives an email from the agency stating that they had contacted the club and they had been advised by their client, that we set up our membership via a tablet they handed to us, that we had agreed to tick and had agreed the terms and conditions in order to proceed. And that they had no written confirmation of us wishing to cancel our membership (bull****) Therefore they look forward to our payment (of which late fees had been added) Their t&c's actually say they may charge a fee of no more than £15 for failed direct debit payments and any unpaid fees referred to a debt collection agency will be subject to a charge of no more than £30? But that's besides the point. We/my gf were never told about the commitment period, and never signed anything. They sent us a copy of a completely blank contract. We're only 24/25 and have no experience of anything like this, do we just ride it out? Could we be caught out somewhere along the line, even with them having no signature? We've watched hours of Can't pay we'll take it away, should we expect to see ourselves on Channel 5 next year? Thanks in advance for any help. P.S. We never received our t-shirts.
  6. Hi, I have just received a letter from a debt company that I haven't used for over 15 years. The letter says data protection laws have changed. This means thy need to provide me with an updated explanation of how they use my personal data. I do not want then to use my personal data. Do I ignore the letter? Thanks in advance.
  7. I received a parking charge in 2013 for 2 mins stopped at the side of the road at Liverpool Airport. VCS took a photo and sent several letters in 2013 from various "debt collectors" etc - I ignored everyone like the advice given and about 12 months later they stopped. Out of the blue BW legal seem to have bought the data and sent me a claim letter for an alleged office in January 2013. for £100 PCV charge plus £54 legal costs? is there a time limit for these and can they go back to all that time and start again?
  8. Hi I signed up to a gym in august this year. I was pressured into signing & have been a few times. I have tried cancelling with letter from GP stating due to anxiety i wouldn't be able to attend anymore. I heard back from ashburn saying they would hold my membership & add unused months onto end but i would have to continue payments of £51 per month. It is now making me ill & my consultant has written a letter stating i will not be able to attend anymore due to lifelong illness (ulcerative collitis). I fear i am going to have issues cancelling so any advice is greatly appreciated.
  9. my credit score had plummeted. I used Clear Score to do a bit more digging recently and found a CCJ for £316 in April of this year. I am now assuming this is some sort of PCN for the same car, after I had sold it. This is very stressful for me as I already suffer with anxiety, currently have a 4 month old baby and have a mortgage. I know I cannot defend myself against the CCJ by applying for a set aside as they will just argue that the whole situation is my fault. My question is, has anyone ever been able to negotiate with the original creditor? I'm wondering if it's possible that I pay the CCJ in full but that they might have the power to remove it from the Public Register. I'd even pay more if it meant that it would go away. Do they even have the power to do this? I feel I have suffered enough for a very silly mistake. Yes, I know I have made a mistake. Yes, I know I've been ignorant. I'm already very upset and beating myself up about it as it is. So, I please ask that there are no comments making me even more aware of this.
  10. Hi Guys, Date of Infringement : 21/08/2018 Issue Date : 23/08/2018 Date Received : 25/08/2018 Mentions Schedule 4 Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 : No Photographic Evidence : Yes, entering and leaving Have you appealed : Not yet, rang Lidl Parking Company : Athena ANPR Where : Lidl dedicated Carpark, 21 London Road, Blackwater, Surrey, GU17 9AF Operating Under : International Parking Community's Accredited Operator Scheme Permitted Stay : 1:30 Apparent Stay : 1:42:10 Hi guys, Received a named letter today. Pretty disgusted. Apparently the car was parked there for 12 minutes longer than permitted. We are regular Lidl customers and have a bank statement showing money spent during the 'offense'. Rang customer service, who weren't interested at all in helping. The letter came today, pretty upset by it, especially as money is tight at the moment. Spent time looking through newbie threads here and elsewhere, Would like to email the CEO as I see others have done this, couldn't find it though. Still unsure as to how exactly I should proceed. Any advice is really appreciated.
  11. In November 2005 I was called into my bank for a “financial review”. At that time, I did not realise it was going to be a hard sell of bank products. I was sold a £20k loan. When the time arrived to sign the paperwork, the local printer couldn’t produce it – I guess an IT issue. They managed to get part or maybe all the first page printed (on screen it had many pages), which I was asked to sign or initial – I don’t remember what, in the footer area of the page. The £20k was deposited into my account the same/next day. I was advised a full agreement would be sent to me which I had to sign and return to the bank. That full agreement never arrived, despite me asking for it many times (I can prove). Contacting the bank was getting nowhere, so on advice of a Solicitor/Barrister I stopped making repayments in May 2009. The bank did then contact me. They said over the phone (I have a recording) if I resumed re-payments they would supply a copy of the agreement. I resumed re-payments, they did not supply the agreement and eventually agreed they did not have a copy of the agreement and could not produce a “re-constituted” agreement. Hence in Sept 2009 I stopped making re-payments again. The bank took 2 payments under “set-off” rules in June and July 2011. Amount outstanding according to bank is around £12k In November 2012 the bank put a default notice on my credit file. That did as intended and really fouled up my life. I spoke with the bank and they offered to remove the default, but I would need to repay the original loan (fair) interest for all the loan duration (not fair, duration/interest rate unknown as no agreement) and interest at 8% on the entire outstanding balance. I said “in your dreams”. I have engaged a few legal firms over the years to try and resolve this, total costs to date are around £20k. I am advised it could easily cost over £150k to continue. However, I see this as a simple problem. Bank don’t have copy of agreement (legally execute or otherwise). They have put a default notice on my credit file, in my view without any evidence I have defaulted – I don’t know the terms any more than the bank does. I feel I could issue a summons (pre-action protocol letter previously sent by solicitor) requesting removal of default notice. If successful, I would ask for compensation and my legal costs to date. Problem if I keep the quantum claimed under £10k (about 50% of my legal costs to date) if I am not successful, I can’t be hit by banks legal costs. If I issue for more than £10k I could have a large bank legal costs bill if I am not successful. My inclination is to go for more than £10k and take the risk, question is how much? Any other views considered. I did try the FoS – seems to be a waste of time in my view.
  12. Hi Just received my credit file and after getting into a bad financial situation I have a total of 19 defaults on my credit file!, 11 are due to drop of this year and 3 next year the rest are around 2022, for the latter do you think my credit file will improve If I pay them of so they are marked as satisfied? or should I just wait, none of them are chasing me for payment at the minute Just edited to add one is for a mobile phone debt that I was paying for 2 years at £35 per month, it says I owe £550.00 now
  13. Hi, question - how long is a warrant of control issued for an unpaid council PCN valid for? I thought it was 12 months but the relevant bits of CPR 75.5 have been struck out (I can't post a link as I'm new, but if you google CPR 75 you'll find it) so I think the law might have changed. Any ideas?
  14. Hi all, I had a judgement registered against me which i paid in full within 28days. I have spoken to the court and they have confirmed it is showing as cancelled however the lady said that it can take time to filter down to credit reference agencies, does anyone know what sort of length of time this may be as it is having a significant impact on my score and i need to get a letting agency check done. Is there anything i can do to speed up process??
  15. I have been off sick since the end of july due to the fact my knees starting giving way (I do a lot of walking in my job ) I had to wait for the op that sticks a camera in both knees and trys to repair the damage . Had the op and the specialist comes in and says ive got good news and bad news , Good news is ive repaired the damage to the cartilage, bad news is I found something I was not expecting so I took a biopsy fast forward to just before Christmas and she the next specialist and he confirms it as rheumatoid arthritis, my scores they use were off the scale and it had spred to shoulders elbows writst to a lesser extent. The company has paid me all I am entitled to due to SSP and sick pay and now I'm on contribution based esa . However they do not seem to be in a hurry to get me back when I talked to the union guy in November he said its because they are not paying you now it doesnt come out of their budget . The problem I have is I cannot forsee me returning to the job I did before due to the damage done to the joints however I would be capable of a desk job/office . The problem being is they are few and far between . Also if I return to work and have to go off again then they could get rid of me due to attendance ie sickness . because they would count it as 2 periods of sickness . They do not want to make me redundant due to ill health because it would cost them a lot of money due to a deal with the union at the company , I have asked the union rep to talk to the manager to see whether they could arrange something for me to return to work in the office that I could put in front of the specialist so he would agree for me to return to work at the end of the month but so far not a whisper . I really need to push this issue because of financial pressures building as well as my sanity not being at work
  16. Hi All... I hope you can help... I'll try to make this as short as possible. I was a victim of the financial crash.. the business I was in suffered massively and as a result, in 2010, my income reduced by almost 90%. I made arrangements with all my creditors when I could see this on the horizon (totalling around £100k) which have been in place ever since. The arrangements reflected my reduced earnings and most reduced to around 10% of the normal payment with the interest frozen. Most of my creditors subsequently registered defaults against me.. some quite soon after the start of the problems, some a few years later... which, now we are 8 years down the line, is great... a lot have dropped off my credit file and a few have only a short time to go until they do... BUT... i have 2 creditors, Nothern Rock (as was) and Nat west Bank, who refuse to register a default.. they just show late payments every month even though I am thousands in arrears and show as 6+ on my credit reports.. My question is, should they have registered defaults many years ago or can they effectively keep on punishing me, which will ultimately be, for the rest of my life, for an event out of my control? My business will never return to its former glory so I will never be in a position to clear these two debts in full. If I had declared myself bankrupt when the crap hit the fan, this would have been done and dusted many years ago and I would be pretty much back to normal but because I chose to do (what I thought) was the right thing and keep paying my creditors. Would the FOS agree that defaults should have been registered all those years ago or can nat west and Northern Rock keep causing me problems (and they are now becoming quite significant as I need to be credit checked for my work and for business accounts) Any help gratefully accepted Thanks H
  17. My ex employer (LTD Co) has found a novel way to avoid the companies debts. The director dissolved the company while still trading, without informing employees, or any other creditor, until after the strike off. Redundancy notices were issued, but now the director is trying to avoid paying. any suggestions welcome. Thank you!
  18. daxuha

    quick DVLA medical Q

    my doctor will be sent a form from the DVLA to fill in re my medical fitness to drive. In the past 3, 4 or 5 months my mental health has been excellent no problems. BUT earlier this year like 7 months ago I (voluntarily) admitted myself to a psychiatric ward and was there for 3 weeks. I know the doctor will have a question to answer along the lines of "has the person been admitted to a hospital in the past 12 months for psychiatric treatement?" Does this mean I won't be allowed to drive until a year has passed since my admission date, even though I have been fine in recent months? Or does it depend on each circumstance? I'm worried about this, I need my driving licence and my life is on hold until I get it back.
  19. Hi there, I recently fell asleep in a services area because I was too tired to drive. I then received a Charge Notice from the lovely people at CP Plus. Below is the relevent information for my case. Any help would be very greatly appreciated. 1 Date of the infringement 11/2/18 2 Date on the NTK 20/2/18 3 Date received: Didn't note, just screamed profanities. 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No, it mentions the Data Protection Act. 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? I sent this email to MOTO which they kindly forwarded onto the appeals email. Good afternoon. My name is ..............., I am writing to you because I recently received a charge notice from CP Plus. I work in the railway and I was working at an area called Grately. I was driving back to Leyton in London where I live when I became too tired to drive and pulled over at the services area in MOTO Heston Services. I remember I was around 45 minutes from home at that time but I was just too tired to continue safely. I fell asleep almost straight away and woke up leaving the services area and overstaying by 32 minutes. I’m just an honest working guy and felt it was dangerous to continue driving. I’m appealing to you to please cancel this charge notice as it was an sincere mistake made in the sake of safety. he notice reference number is ................... I can supply any other supporting information that you may require to verify my case. Thanks for reading my email and considering my situation. Kind regards, ........ 7 Who is the parking company? CP Plus 8. Where exactly? MOTO Heston East I'm looking at an appeals template and it has this as a possible argument in it: Your Civil Parking Notice constitutes an invoice for payment. Accordingly your invoiced charge must include an element of VAT. However, your civil parking notice does not state either a VAT registration number or an invoice reference number and so cannot constitute a lawfully valid demand for payment. Any success, with this approach?
  20. I have been granted a Tier 2 ICT Long Term Leave to Enter Visa valid for the next 5 years. I just wanted to clarify a remark which says 'Restricted'. Just wondering what restrictions apply to me in terms of employment. Can I continue working with my current sponsor and take an additional job in the same profession and at the same level as my main job for up to 20 hours per week?
  21. Attempting to put order into chaos, one such chaos is the forest of old paperwork I have on long since gone debts. I'm not talking about anything current (as in live accounts) but more on old credit card alleged debts from the last decade, they are all either settled/done with/stayed or stat barred.... Is there a need to keep all the paperwork to the now stat barred debts? Settled Debts/ done with (old accounts that i've simply closed down) Some of them are stat barred by 6+ years, others 4 years stat barred. I'm keeping the paperwork on all live accounts/stayed accounts as these may be needed at some point, but the rest I'm thinking they should be shredded/burned?
  22. How long can capital one keep a hold of your data once the account has been closed ?
  23. Hi all Very curious about how long a PCN can actually be live/valid for and if there's a certain cut off period where the regarding council have no right to ask for any payment anymore. I have been disputing a PCN back and forth since last July 2016 and once again have had it brought back down to £65 at "the discretion" of said council employee. Do I really need to pay this? Can they keep pursuing me leading to court/bailiff action? If I have to pay the £65 within 2 weeks I will but if I do not really need to of course I would like a way out of it. Any info/clarification would be appreciated Thanks
  24. I've been on benefits since 2005 because of ill health. I have a hormonal inbalance which is associated with many mental health and physical comorbidities. Also alcohol dependent since 2005. I'm waiting for a medical detox for the alcohol and then going on hormone replacement. I know because of the big gap on my cv (unemployed for almost 13 years), I'm going to find it very difficult finding a job. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any organisations that help the long term unemployed? Thanks.
  25. Hello, I have accepted an offer from a refund plus interest from wonga. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the refund and put the money in my bank account? Thanks Paul
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