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  1. Please I need some advice 'I took out a logbook loan in Dec 2011 for £700 repayment was 2500, today I received a statement (first one I have ever received) on looking at this I have noticed that they have charged me £12 late payment charges every 7 days that my payment has not been received this was also charged for every letter, email or sms they sent, sometimes this could be 2 or 3 times in the same day as they emailed me and sms me on the same day. I have also noticed that they have not put onto the statement my 22nd and 29th March payments, I will do a more thorough check to find out if anymore of my payments are missing. I will be contacting them about the missing payments. They say I still have £1000 outstanding but with the missing payments (the 2 I mentioned) and the charges they have applied this could actually drop that down to only £500 I owe them. My question is can I claim back the charges they have put onto the account? PS: I have my logbook as a new look one was issued during last year and the DVLA sent it to me.
  2. Hi I wanted to ask if there was a solicitor who would be willing to help me out on a no-win, no-fee basis, to take on a logbook loan company. I do not want to go into too much detail yet as they currently have possession of my car and are known to read these forums, if any one can help I am willing to go as a far as I can and will not give up on this, it is time to get justice and stop these companies milking the financially disadvantaged for everything they can get!!! If anyone can help or knows someone who can, please let me know, I will post more details when I have paid the ludicrous amount to get my car back in my possession and then the real fight can begin. Many thanks
  3. Hi Peeps A very good friend of mine bought a vehicle (private sale) sold as seen on the 7th february2013. Great buy, no problems very happy with purchase until yesterday. It would seem the previous owner took out a logbook loan in December last for £850.00 . This was not disclosed at the time of sale. The logbook loan company have now traced the vehicle to its new owner and are now demanding she pays the sum of £650 within 21days or they will repossess . Can anyone help in what to do next ? Low and behold the seller is not answering phone or door.
  4. Hi anyone who has any ideas on this subject. right i took out a logbook loan in sept 2012 for £1000 i then sold the car jan 2013 with every intension of clearing off the loan april , i phoned loans to go last week to get a settlement figue and they say i owe nearly 2k to settle. i only sold the car for £1400 ,i have been paying 160 quid a month since sept. i need to know if there is anyway of negotiating an early settlement, what if i file bankruptcy ??? i want these of my backs asap but i dont have 2k
  5. Hi i am new to the site a joined because i have a problem with my car i bought 3 weeks ago, it now turns out that the guy i bought it off got a logbook loan on the car about 3 weeks before i got the car off him the car is 2002 car and i have read that a bill of sale can not be put on anything 8 years or more old is this true? Also if it is what can i do now,, i payed £2500 for the car and now found out there is £2001.57 owed to the lbl....
  6. Hi, I found this site whilst searching for help on Google and it seems that there have been quite a few cases with people in similar circumstances to myself so i'm hoping someone might have some advice for me. My girlfriend purchased a car back in January 2013 from a garage in Birmingham (we live in Wales). We had a phone call on Thursday from Mobile Money Ltd informing her that they were the rightful owners of the car. They explained that a logbook loan had been taken out on the car by the previous owner (not the garage who have never been listed as the owner on the logbook) and that they were now pursuing the car as the previous owner had defaulted on the repayments. We purchased the car in "good faith" from the garage and did not expect to be purchasing a vehicle with outstanding finance. We actually did a basic HPI check that revealed no outstanding finance on the car. (We used one of the text messaging services). Having purchased the car in cash she continued to use the car believing to be the rightful owner. We have since tried to contact the garage by telephone but could not get through which lead us to believe that something wasn't right. We took a trip to Birmingham on Saturday to find that the garage had gone into liquidation and was no longer operating. There is £2200 outstanding on the loan with Mobile Money Ltd so we're not prepared to settle given that we have spend £3000 on purchasing the car already and almost £500 on repairs with 4 new tyres, etc. My girlfriend contacted citizens advice on Thursday but they didn't really help with anything. I have now spoken with them today and they have refered the matter to my local trading standards office but may take up to 5 days to respond. I could really do with some help or advice from anyone who knows anything about these companies and how to challenge them.
  7. Hello guys, Can anyone help with the case of OFT v Nine Regions Limited/Logbook Loans on the point of attestation of a credit agreement and a BoS? My understanding is they (NRL/LBL) lost the First Tier Tribunal, but then appealed to the Upper Tribunal and won. Was that the last of it or did the OFT appeal this? Also, did I read, or indeed imagine, that a credit agreement has to take a specific form for it to be legal/lawful and binding/enforceable? What about charges for late payments? I accept that the Pre-Credit Information sheet did say that 'we will make a charge of £12 when we have to send you a reminder for an instalment that has not been made on time', but, Hermes Property Services have charged me, on a weekly basis, for the same letters about the same 'late' payment - a total, on occasion, of £48 for a late payment of £20?!?! Unjust enrichment? Your help appreciated.
  8. Hello Can anyone tell me please...My son stupidly took out a logbook loan which was secured obviously against his vehicle, but this vehicle is a breakdown truck which is the vehicle he uses for his work. Without this truck he cannot work. He has now fallen behind with one payment and a second payment is due shortly. He has been sent a text by the company saying that his vehicle will be clamped and removed by bailiffs if the two payments are not made. My question is can they take a vehicle that is used soley for his work. Thank you for any advice you can give me.
  9. I received notification that a car I purchased in May 2012 is subject to a Logbook Loan We purchased the vehicle from the Miss X who took out the loan, not knowing that such a loan existed. We did a HPI check (no Finance Listed), checked the log book received the tear of strip, service book, mot's etc Did a further check since receiving the letter (no finance listed) The bill of sale is between the Miss X (borrower) and Nine Regions Ltd (lender) dated 16th Dec 2011. I have read through many of the listed threads on this subject, OFT, Citizens Advice etc but am still a little confused. 1. OFT revoke logbook loans/nine regions 2009 2. OFT strike of logbook loans/ nine regions Nov 2011 3. Logbook loans / nine regions go into administration Mar 2012 4. Debt is bought by Hermes 5. OFT allow Hermes to use logbook loans trading name 6. Hermes must abide by OFT ruling and the Code of practice (CCTA) associated. So can anybody shine a light on the following If they are revoked and strike off how do they do a bill of sale dated 16th Dec 2011 Can a bill of sale be transferred to another company legally (I understand that the debt can by bought) If this is so, can a bill of sale be witnessed by the pawn brokers sales assistant If Hermes have to abide by the section 5 of the code of practice, why have they not registered an interest on the vehicle. If Hermes are now requesting the vehicle back have they taken all reasonable steps to obtain contractual payments by other means as stated in their Bill of Sale Information Sheet. Any feed back on any of the above would be very much appreciated
  10. Hi all have just got a new car through Motability lease and within 2 weeks have had at least 50 spam e-mails for all types of logbook loans. Love to know where these gutter scrapers get the info from had none before I got this car. dpick
  11. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?369613-Advice-on-a-Hire-Purchase-agreement&p=4030233#post4030233 can someone check i am correct please dx siteteam
  12. Good morning people, You have probably heard all this before but I am looking for some help, I took out a logbook loan with easylogbookloans.tv not too long ago to pay some rent arrears (I had been out of work for a couple of months and I needed some quick cash and had just been offered a new job) so thought a log book loan would be the easiest option and then pay it back ASAP. Unfortunately I got the loan but after 8 weeks in the new job I was laid off due to the work drying up and as the saying goes last in first out. I have recently fallen into arrears with my logbook loan and they have sent bailiffs out for the car, the problem is a couple of weeks ago the car had an engine blow out and was going to cost me more than the car was worth to get repaired so I have scrapped it, easylogbook loans are saying if they don't get the car they will report it stolen and file for my bankruptcy and will not accept any form of payment plan I have tried to arrange with them. Can they report the car stolen as I am still the registered keeper and that this is a civil matter not a criminal matter and also can they file for bankruptcy on my behalf? Also if I make an offer of paying back say £10 and stick to it now that technically the debt is unsecured can they do anything as long as I stick to it? Just been looking and when I originally took out the loan I only had an agent sign my bill of sale with me and it was only me and him that were there I have just been told that if there was no one else there to witness this and sign the bill of sale it is void and the loan is unenforceable and they can only chase me for the money and not take the car, is this true? Thanks for any help in advance
  13. Hi, I took out a loan with logbook loans in Dec 2011, on which I have fallen into arrears, due to various reasons. My situation is about to be drastically different and have offered to pay the whole loan off at the end of next week but they are not prepared to give me any longer than today. Is there anything I can do to delay this for 9 days?? Thanks in advance.
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