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  1. Tried screen grab but technology defeated me . so I have copied the main details This is the message from Norton 28/03/2014 14:35:44,High,An intrusion attempt by klotaz.info was blocked., No Action Required, Web Attack: Malicious SWF Download 8,No Action Required,No Action Required,"klotaz.info (, 80)",klotaz.info/ads/id_24853.swf?cid=fm2lqejejimm53at1blvfqe1), (,"TCP, www-http" Network traffic from klotaz.info/ads/id_24853.swf?cid=fm2lqejejimm53at1blvfqe137 matches the signature of a known attack. The attack was resulted from \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME3\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\INTERNET EXPLORER\IEXPLORE.EXE
  2. Hi all Wondering if someone can help me. I do not have a bad experience to post (yet!) but wanting advice on what's best to do in my situation. I have debt on both my credit cards in which i'm paying high values of interest on. I wasnt registered on electoral roll which really affected my credit score, i am coming up with a really low score and high risk, even though i've never missed any payments of anything, had several DD in place for years, had a car bought in my name, had a constant wage paid into my account for 5+ years. I am now on electoral role but it takes a long time to build credit, doesnt just change straight away. I have tried to get 0% balance transfer card, and loans with low interest but cannot get any of them due to my credit score, without paying massive amount back (i.e lending £4000 payign back £7000) which is something I am not stupid enough to do . I really want to consolidate my debt on my cards and what I owe out to others each month, into 1 loan and pay 1 amount out each month, but am struggling to get a loan. I do not have anyone to guarantor my loan either. I've seen log book loans, i have a card with value of around £4000-5000 but do not want to pay them £7000 + back. I dont have the worry that i couldnt pay the monthly payments as I definitely could once I've paid my debt off. Can you recommend a company in particular that is safe and wont change the rates/how much I owe all the time. I want to borrow a set amount of say £4000 against my car, then pay a set amount out each month for say 2 years. Which comp is most trustworthy and best to use??? THanks
  3. Hiya, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to give me any advice. My brother bought a car at the beginning of May this year (£2250 + trading in his old car) from a garage. He's had nothing but trouble with it since but that's a different story! yesterday morning he received a note through his door from a repossesion company, after ringing them it turns out that the previous owner (who we believe to be the owner of the garage he bought it from) had taken out a log book loan on the car for around £2000 and they have said my brother must surrender the car to them. We have contacted trading standards among other people and they are going to look into it but have said it can take up to 5 working days which isn't much help as the repossesion people have said they are coming at 4pm tomorrow and if he doesn't surrender it they will tow it away, while I understand the loan company want their money back I don't see how they can just take it with barely any notice and leave my brother with nothing - aswel as what he paid for the car he has also spent around £1500 on fixing it (the gearbox exploded and even though the receipt for the car stated that there was a 3 months part warranty on the gearbox and engine, the garage refused to pay anything towards it). Sorry for the long post but any help anyone can give would be really appreciated!
  4. I just wanted some advice on where I stand I've had a log book loan for some time and never missed a payment. We are currently in the position where we are struggling to pay. The car itself has died a death and has been scrapped so there is not a car to repossess. I would like to reduce the amount we are paying but mobile money have refused. Am I best just stoping payments or what other options do I have?
  5. I bought a new car this year and the car was delivered in the first week of April. Money handed over the same day. UK Car Discount operate online and over the phone only. I was told that the log book would be registered in my name as the car was being made and upon receipt of the funds, they would fill out the "Change of Address" tab on the V5. I phoned up recently to say that I still havn't received my V5 and it transpired that they only sent off the change of address form on 19th May. I contacted the DVLA today and gave my details along with the Car Reg plate and they said that the car was not registered in my name. Surely there is some dodgy practice going on so I will contact UK car discount again tomorrow, but who can I officially put in a complaint to about this?
  6. Best advice I can give is this, decide if the oustanding amount is more than the value of the car. If it is and you have not been issued with an S87 default notice then know this. If the company is a member of the CCTA and the S87 has not been actioned, by this I mean on the S87 it will give a date to repay any arrears then you can surrender the car to the company as full and final settlement of the debt. They dont want you to know this so keep it quiet, they will say you can surrender at any time but will then say it has to be auctioned and you still owe the remainder. Do not accept this and do not sign anything to agree to this. Your sole obligation is to surrender the car to the lender at their premises. You can do this even if you have not paid them for months, owe arrears and they have piled on the charges, until they issue and action the S87 then you have the right to surrender. Also be aware that by value of the car I mean the trade value, the price you would get at auction not selling privately. Below I have copied the relivant section of the CCTA code of Practice. 4.8.12 Members shall allow customers who are in arrears under the agreement, the option to voluntary surrender the assigned vehicle as full and final settlement of all claims against the customer except where: a) a default notice has been served under s87 of the Act, the default notice remains unsatisfied and instructions have already been issued to an authorised person to recover the vehicle; or b) it is established that the vehicle has sustained malicious damage of whatever nature. Members shall provide the customer with information on the voluntary surrender option at the Pre-contract information stage and at the time a default notice is served. Members shall not place undue pressure on the customer to adopt this option. I am not a legal person and this is my own personal understanding of the CCTA, please seek proper legal advice.
  7. I recently recieved a letter from Hermes Property services aka logbookloans, stating that interest on my account was frozen,no more would be added and they actually refunded some charges !! I had been paying the full monthly amount until a few months ago when I then started paying a reduced amount weekly but still £40 per month. I called them and the advisor told me that as I was now out of the contract with them, which ended last July, I would not incur any more interest chrges n the account. So, my question is, as out of contract does this mean that they can no longer bring the bill of sale into play. If they cant what do I do now ?? I dont want to ask them as we all know they will put some spin on it. Has anyone else come across this at all ??
  8. right guys at my wits end here trying to speak to someone in authority is a nightmare. Loan was taken out during my bad patch, was a case of all information taken on phone approved over phone and had to meet agent the next day to sign and have my car checked this was done and paperwork was signed rushed ie sign here here here and here worst thing ever done. I was led to believe loam was 9 months its actually 18 and I was told £16 a week for 9 months not 18. The car has now been involved in an accident while driven by my partner on his own insurance policy and the insurance want the v5 but Hermes won't sent it to me. I have repair the original loan amount £400 and £200 odd interest ams they still want another £900. They want authorization to speak to my partners insurance which I am not prepared to give them. This loan has been miss old and I don't think its acceptable I signed for loan in my own car at the roadside nothing was explained and what was said was rubbish. Help guys there robbing me and if my car gets written off I need the money to buy a new car not pay a disputed debt
  9. Hi Does anyone know if I can challenge a log book loan? I took out a log book loan in June 2011, when I spoke to the person down the phone I was told the only condition was that I had to keep the loan for a minimum of 3 months and then I could pay off the balance. The gentleman drove down from the north on the same day printed off some documents put me in the car and drove me to a solicitors office. I did not see the forms but was happy with what the lady had told me down the phone. I was later sent an unsigned credit agreement and my vehicle documents back. I have since found out the person that issued the loan is in fact a sole trader. I was under the impression it was a large organisation. I have requested a copy of the bill of sale and am awaiting this to arrive. I tried to settle the account in April 2012 and then found out I had been tied in for a 2 year fixed term. So in short I am being charged £3400 for a £1000 loan. I feel I have been mis-sold this as it is definitely not was discussed with me down the phone. So am I am to challenge this is anyway. I would have been insane to knowingly sign into a 2 year fixed term agreement. K
  10. Hi I need advice as I have just brought a used car from a private seller, discription on advert seemed good with a slight (he repeats a slight rad leak). Got home car broke down took into garage and engine no good at all. The man mentioned nothing about any other faults. Also noticed that he brought the car about 6 months ago from a lady which he never sent off his part of the log book. Also he has used TipEx to try to erase his name/date and address on the log book???? So by law the previous lady still owned the car when he was selling it. Is it against the law for him to sell a car without him being on the log book, also how do I get my money back off him as he is saying sold as seen. The reciept he gave us was like a dealers reciept saying no warrenty gurantee on car ext. I just want to no if I can get my money back for missleading descriptions on adverts and him not sending the log book off for 6 months. regards. ps can someone please give advice as we dont no what to do???
  11. hi, i bought a second hand van nearly 6 weeks ago, it was SORN , been kept in a barn , i was given no parts of the log book and the owner said he would send off the log book,i havent heard anything yet , can i tax the van without the log book ? thanks for any help .
  12. Good evening all, I've searched the this forum and sticky threads. They have been very enlightening and useful, but I still have a couple of questions.. Firstly in general, under what circumstances should the RK of a vehicle simply just pay the invoiced amount received from a PPC and not try ignoring/appealing? And specifically: If the car park provider's premises have a book in which customers may log their vehicle registration and time of use of the premises, then how does lack of a log entry for a vehicle registration covering the time when the parking charge notice was issued effect the validity of the charge? Obviously I've heard of somebody receiving a charge notice issued on the same day (although not necessarily the same time) that they were using the provider's premises and did not log their registration to show when they used the premises. I would like to know what is the best advice in such a case and greatly appreciate your help!
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