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  1. Hi could anyone help please. I have won a CCJ against the BOS. I applied for a money provisions order to register this in Scotland, the CCMCC have cocked this up and just sent a normal Judgement to me but took my £50 for the Form 111 anyway. This is being sorted today so I should have the money provisions Cert on the way. My question is; do I really need to transfer this to Scotland if the BOS have branches in England, in fact do they have branches in England? Google'ing this is unclear as they seem to be connected to other Banks in England? If so then fair enough, but I wondered. Many thanks in anticipation.
  2. Don't you sometimes wish you could live in hindsight ? Nick Clegg must be wishing that he could go back to May 2010 and not agree any deal with the Tories. If the Lib Dems had provided some support from opposition, then they may not have fallen to a disaster years later. The Lib Dems would have been in a much stronger position had they been able to look at Tory policies from opposition, whereas in coalition they mostly had to support government policies.
  3. Hi I am a pensioner on pension credit residing in my own free hold house. My children have moved and are estranged from me. I have mail coming to my address care of for them. I do not talk to my children we do not get on. I ignore the fact that they send various mail to my residence. I live with one of my children who I have a good relationship with. He is on JSA and together we do not pay any council tax. However the council feels that my estranged children also make up my household. they wrote to me requesting details of who resides with me. I wrote back informing them of the situation. They have now backdated my claim to 2004 and are demanding nearly £10,000 in over payments. They concluded that my estranged children who are in full time work are residing with me. I told them they are free to visit property and check for them selves as we have a lot of clutter you can obviously see spare rooms full of stuff but no beds. Some of the stuff has layers of dust as it has sat in place for ages. The council does not want to inspect and demands payment. I am going to appeal the decision. They demanded I find a way to contact my estranged children and demand they provide me proof of residency at another address and further more submit that proof to me so I can forward it to my local council. This ask is very awkward as I do not talk to them and they do not talk to me. How can the council make the assumption they live with me with out me confirming the same. advice on subject would be appreciated
  4. I'm not sure where I stand legally on this, but here goes: A day or so ago, I logged into my Halifax online bank account. To cut a long story short, we noticed 70 payments over several days to XBox Live. My son had purchased an addon pack for one of his games. However, the pack wouldn't show on his console, so he kept clicking to download it, unaware that each time he did so, he was charged £1.99. We are over £130 down for just 1 item. I contacted XBox Live via telephone and they told me there was nothing they could do and to go to my bank if I wanted a refund. However, the bank told me there was nothing they could do as each payment had a valid transaction number, so I would have to go back and contact XBox Live. By this time I was seeing my money flying away, but I tried again to contact them, and the very nice man on the other end of the phone told me he would escalate the dispute and someone would contact me. I received this email from them: My reply: Their response:
  5. I am a freelance web designer and unfortunately have run into a problem with a client. They do not want to pay my final installment as they are unhappy with the work: £1400 (I have already taken £200.00 for a part of functionality missing so it should be £1600). With this in mind I have told them I will be taking the website down unless they pay me the amount in line with my payment terms. They argue that I am holding the website hostage and are offering £500.00 and a discussion at a later date or the full amount and they will be taking me to the small claims court. I am a sole trader and as of the 1st of October I will be moving to Spain. I do not own a property in the UK either as currently I live at my mums. So what would the procedure be? On a side note, their previous web designer had to take them to court for non payment. Please find below some relevant T+C's which I believe will protect me: 2.) XXXXX reserves the right to revise and amend an initial quote to a customer where needed. 5. E) Once you make final payment you are signing off your project and agreeing that the work has been completed. Any changes requested once final payment has been made will have to be quoted for accordingly. 5. F) Only when final payment has been made do you fully own the website. 5. I) All invoices must be paid within 7 days of them being sent. If payment is not made you may incur a charge or disruption to your service. All your help and advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  6. Hi, I have been on IB since 2002 with severe depression,anxiety,panic attacks,etc. I take Venlafaxine every day,and recently have been trying beta blockers too. Also recently have been getting assessed by mental health team, after asking for this before and being denied it. My anxiety/depression is so bad I rarely go out,and think about suicide EVERY day. After getting zero points at Atos medical, I appealed ,and at the tribunal was awarded 6 points, not enough for ESA. Now I dont know what to do ,I understand I could start claiming ESA again with the same condition, as it has been over 6 months since the Atos assessment, and I`m sure my GP will continue providing sick notes, but how long before the whole "assessment " process starts again? I doubt I would be eligable for JSA, because of my mental health issues,but wouldnt be able too anyway because of the anxiety,so am unsure what to do now. My only other option might be Working Tax credits,with the disability premium, If I could think of something to do from home. But I understand this is all being stopped under the new UTC system, if and when it comes in, as self employed WTC will have to earn minimum of 1k per month to get it. Also the disabilty premium is being stopped too IF the claimant has failed a Atos assessment. Anyone one in a similar position who could advise?
  7. I know you need a TV license to watch live tv over the net but what if its from say the Netherlands? Do I still need a TV license then? They dont have a TV license there so do I need one here to watch their TV?
  8. Hello People I hope I have this in the right section.My friend has just advised me that her son 11 years old I be leave, has used her card information to buy music subscriptions and points etc. He has been told about it kids will be kids, The main reason why I would like to point this out is that apparently, Microsoft hold full card information including the security code on the back of the card this was how her son managed to buy things surly this is not allowed Microsoft Even agreed that its an open card. This should not be allowed please can someone confirm this please also I am posting this as a warning as it may help others I would not like my info on there Thank you for any advice. sg
  9. Hi, got into a pickle with a few PD loan companies, Thought i would share how helpful TXTLOAN are over live chat when setting up a replayment plan. chat Hi, a customer representative will be with you shortly. Please specify the nature of your query. ME: HI, my partner is/was in her first year as a student nurse, she has completed all the exams and passed all but one. She has redone the exam three times and failed which has now resulted in her being kicked off the course. ME: This obviously is a big problem as the NHS paid her a Bursary every month which has bean ceased ME: I wondering if i can make an arrangement to come to some sort of payment plan with your company, i dont want to default on payments but i cannot possibly make the payment which is due by the 09/07/2012. I understand that this was not in the agreement but I do not have the funds to make payment when this amount becomes due TXTLOAN: Hello. Sorry to hear about it. ME: i know, life has more downs than ups lately ME: but anyway TXTLOAN: Yes, we can of course set up a repayment plan suitable for you. ME: thanks for your help, what time period can you offer me please TXTLOAN: You are welcome. Dates and amount of repayment is up to you. ME: ok, what will be the total debt i have to pay back as i assume there will be charges then i know what i am working with? TXTLOAN: Since you are reporting financial difficulties we will freeze the interest and you would have to repay standard 351£. ME: I would like to propose 70.20 @ 5 months = 351.00 TXTLOAN: Possible. But what date should we charge you on? ME: I get paid on the 20th of evey month ME: Do you accept bank transfers? TXTLOAN: Yes, we can accept them. I can as well send you our banking details. ME: what a help you have been, many many thanks, a big weight off my mind TXTLOAN: In this case we would need to set up the repayment date to be 23rd to give some time for the transfer to go through and be confirmed. TXTLOAN: You are welcome. ME: excellent thanks TXTLOAN: I will send you the email with all the details you may need. ME: If i do get any extra monies from anywhere i will send via the bank transfer early, ME: thanks TXTLOAN and TXTLOAN for understanding TXTLOAN: Sure, we will check the transfers daily. TXTLOAN: You are welcome once more. We always care about our clients and are going to resolve any emerging issues together with you. ME: thansk you , i await your email TXTLOAN: It will be there in 10-15 minutes. You are going for the bank transfer option then? ME: Yes please then if iget paid on a Sunday the money will transfer on the Monday TXTLOAN: I will give you 3 days time frame - it will cover any issues with weekends. ME: thanks TXTLOAN, TXTLOAN: You are welcome once more. Sending you the email in a second. ME: Excellent TXTLOAN: Done. Please review it and confirm that it is a suitable option for you. ME: i will check my email ME: do i need to wait for the email and confirm in this live chat or via the email? TXTLOAN: Doesn't matter. Choose what is more convenient for you. ME: ok, i will await the email as it hasn't arrived yet, once again thanks for your help TXTLOAN: You are welcome once more. Take care! So the upshot being, they froze charges etc and all I pay back is the amount borred plus the initial interest. Regards
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2207554/The-astonishing-homes-Wongas-fat-cats-tripling-profits-4-000pc-payday-loans.html#comments
  11. Grayling answering questions, http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Embed/GeneralEmbed.aspx?meeting=11307 Scroll down the page and hit the I agree button, fast forward the video to about half way.
  12. LBC 97.3 available on DAB or online. Grayling is taking calls from the public if anyone has queries over WCA recording, ATOS, etc. CALL 0845 6060973. The floor is yours caggers.........
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