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  1. My mum and dad are in their 70's and have had standard life healthcare for donkeys and every year their premiums keep going up. My dad had a heart attack recently and now their premium has been advised that it will go up from £440 to £680 a month. yep a month! They have a small place in Florida that they travel to for 3 months of the year to get away from the UK winter weather and becuase this premium has gone up so much they are now thinking they will have to sell as they cannot afford to renew their health insurance (which also gives them travel cover) What is the point in having
  2. Hi all, So i've been doing a lot of research into quitting smoking, as my previous attempts have failed. I've tried the e-cig, spray, gum, tablets and lozengers and they have either made me sick or gag or left me with dry mouth. Patches are a no go as i suffer from eczema so cant use them. So i've decided to go cold turkey. Not had a cig since last night, so nearly 24 hours in, and i've got to say im feeling pretty good, and when i can distract myself i have no cravings at all. I actually got to thinking that maybe these NRT's may be more of a problem than a solution, as your
  3. Hi, My dad has been admitted to hospital, not looking too good at the moment, he may have to go into care, Have bben looking through his papers and found some of his pension papers, these papers also have Life assurance on them, what is this, does this mean he has a lump sum on his death, for funeral expensis, cant find any thing that telss me what it means. Sorry for numpty question!! thanks for any help. jill
  4. Hi Guys, Jan 2007 - Policy arranged in person at HSBC (£270k 12 year policy covering HSBC commercial Mortgage) Oct 2008 - Realised the policy didn't cover inheritance tax. I would need a policy 'written into trust' HSBC confirmed this would not be possible. Nov 2008 - New Policy with a new company. HSBC confirmed it was mis-sold and upheld this compliant. Ombussman confirmed these details. HSBC offered to refund one premium. Ombussman suggested three premium and £100. The shortfall has the issue come to light would have been £108,000. As everyone confirms it
  5. Morning All. A bit of a strange one this and I can not find any direction so turned to you for help. Due to my work in 2009 I took out additional Life Insurance FP Level Life. However, in November 2011, as my job role changed it was no longer required and as my wife was made redundant, the money would be best utilised in the family pot. As time marched on I thought no more, foolish. I have recently been contacted by a firm of solicitors acting for the company I had the agreement with claiming their 'Commission Clawback' I wrote back asking for some additional informatio
  6. My wife and I to took out a mortgage with Northern rock and life insurances from L&G from a broker(The mortgage shop) in derry n ireland in 2007.Well i say took out a mortgage, i was pretty much told this was the only option available to us for a mortgage otherwise we where snookered. I have just looked through all the old letters from The mortgage shop, L&G and Northern rock from the time and i do believe we where mi sold a few insurances.... Mortgage decreasing term assurance x2...Mortgage decreasing term assurance with critical illness cover x 2. Mortgage payment protec
  7. I can't get legal advice. This is an issue of human rights and a matter of public interest and concern. How can a member of the public not get legal help wherever he goes? I really need help! I am at the end of my tether. Exhausted and at breaking point. I have no energy left. What I have experienced has been horrendous. Every agency which claims to uphold the public interest, has let me down. It shouldn't be happening; not to anyone. I am fighting wars on several fronts, involving the former Bradford & Bingley building society, the legal profession, the Community Legal Service,
  8. Injured troops to receive £7,000-a-year for life to spare them extra medical tests under welfare reforms New Armed Forces Independence Payment to be paid to maimed forces veterans Disability minister Esther McVey reveals claimants will receive £6,988.80-a-year, more than £200 extra than expected http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274429/Injured-troops-receive-7-000-year-life-spare-extra-medical-tests-welfare-reforms.html
  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/insurance/9853512/Pet-insurance-owners-face-18-month-compensation-delay.html
  10. Hi, I'm after some advice regarding the selling of an HSBC commercial mortgage with the bank insisting that life cover was also taken out with them. I'm wondering if there is any case for a claim of mis-selling of the life cover? The business was a partnership between 4 family members, parents (of retirement age) and two sons of working age. The commercial property had sufficient equity in it to cover the repayment of the mortage upon death/inability to work. Key man insurance was already in place elsewhere for the two sons. HSBC were clear (this was in 2002) that th
  11. Hi, I was wondering as if I have private insurance and have award for life time or indefinite would private company/institue will able to change this like gov. has done with I.B? would that be legal by way of law?????:?::?:
  12. Would you make the right choices? http://www.heartrescuenow.com/
  13. hi i have sent all 5 of my creditors a request asking why i owe the alledged amount i dont dispute owing them some money but not to th eoutlandish claims they have! one i do totally disagree with is sky as i was told when i took it out " i had to have the HD pack it was the only one they did" when i rang sky a few weeks later then confirmed i had been misold and that i could cancel with no charge i nopw havr landed a bill 2 years later with no propr communication for £400! one thing i did want to check is that when i have sent the second letter requesting deatils of debt if i either dont get a
  14. Hi all, I had an accident in work on August 12th. Today, I had a letter from my employer that I need to attend a disciplinary hearing next week because I initially failed to report my mishap to all and sundry. Is there a time limit for when the incident actually happened and when my employer can call me for a disciplinary? Funnily enough, I asked for a copy of the incident report I submitted to our jobsworth, sorry, very efficient H&S rep, to show my creditors that I'm not pulling a fast one when I tell them I can't pay my bills due to being off work after an accident. On
  15. I am currently seeking a divorce from my wife. At 67, I am 25 years older than she is and about ten years ago we took out a life assurance policy in her name and against my life. I now wish that policy to be surrendered by her as I do not want her to benefit from my death. She is refusing to do this - what are my options and who do I turn to? Naturally, Skandia, with whom the policy is held, cannot deal with me directly, only my wife. I have very little money and I would like to know what my rights are before seeking legal advice. Many Thanks, Steve
  16. My name is Mustafa, and I was a customer of Vodafone until November 2011. My credit score has been messed up by Vodafone, and it has ruined my life completely. I failed my loan application and mortgage refused. I made an upgrade in November 2011 with Vodafone and never received the handset, because at that time there was a waiting time log for Iphone 4s handsets. Therefore I cancelled the upgrade. Vodafone staff also cancelled the order BUT never reversed the upgrade. It therefore showed as if I continued the contract for another 24 months even though I never received the device. On
  17. hi, a friend was paying £140.00 per month as her bank Lloyds advised her to take a 'life assurance policy' she has now cancelled the policy because she had assumed that she would be covered for illness (which she is not) she does not speak english and her son who only speaks a little english was with her and translated as much as possible (his english skill is not good) is it possible that this policy was missold as the customer was not sure what she was actually paying for? are there any rules / regulations that state a customer should know what they are buying / paying
  18. Its fund managers carried out two huge derivatives deals in 2008 and 2009, to stop the fund becoming insolvent if share prices fell further. But the vitally important deals were carried out without the explicit approval of senior directors. The FSA said the firm's supervision had been "unclear and inadequate". The regulator did not dispute the merit of the two deals, which affected the investments of 114,000 life insurance and pension policies. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19994565
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19994565
  20. Just paid my final payment to Payday Express today - just awaiting the confirmation in response to my email requesting that it is marked as paid in full on my credit file and that my account is closed with no further payments required. I am ecstatic Just Muck Hall to go - £150 will be settled by November - and am then payday loan free for the first time in 2 years!!!! Nice Christmas present to myself!. Cant believe I never ever have to deal with them ever again. Sorry just wanted to share my joy on here
  21. I received a letter saying ther was doubt about my claim as I had not applied for ONE job printed off by my local JSP, I wasnt able to get the link to work and by the time I was able to get public internet access the deadline had passed. I had however applied for 14 jobs within the 12 days previous but the Adviser at JCP has advised me that this is a "refusal to work"... hello i applied for 14 other jobs. As a result I am being left with no benefits, no council tax payments, no money for my mortgage ( funnily it comes just as my 13 weeks of claiming benefits is about to pass entitling me to
  22. Hello there I am guessing that you can send an SAR to, say Abbey Life, but can you use the standard letter, tweeking it a bit. I would like to have archived papers. Many thanks. SN
  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2207554/The-astonishing-homes-Wongas-fat-cats-tripling-profits-4-000pc-payday-loans.html#comments
  24. Afternoon Everyone It's been a while since I posted, I have been working very hard to secure work after being dismissed late last year, somebody did accept I needed a 2nd chance which was great however I am very keen on getting back into the corporate areana.... Has any body been successful gaining employment in places like banks, or big retail head offices for example? After being dismissed I mean for "gross misconduct"!! I have settled out of court so have been gagged in terms of what I can talk about should they ask also.... I wonder if I should stop trying to get jobs in these p
  25. Almost 2 years ago, we bought a pair of Electric Bikes. They have Lithium Batteries which had on the back of the booklet they have a warranty of 1yr, but 1000 charges. One of the batteries is fine, but the other one barely keeps a charge and drops out quite quickly - they are supposed to go from 4, 3 2 & finally one. Where I bought them from has been on to the importer, who says the battery is out of warranty & therefore they are not liable - a new battery is £300 + so not a cheap item to replace. I have just contacted the importer who again says out of warranty - but take it over
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