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  1. My sister gave me two CD's for my Christmas, David Bowie and the Eagles. My wife said, "I hope to god she doesn't send you a Neil Diamond one
  2. Or rather, could be a source of some new antibiotics to help in the fight against infections. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35350886
  3. You go to the cinema and get offered a pensioner ticket I'm only 54 The poor girl was mortified when I told her!
  4. Hi all. Hope everybody had a good Xmas. Over the last few months I have been thinking long and hard about my financial situation, and more so how to get out of the renting circle and back into owning my own home. The facts are: Old Life 40 year old (male) Divorced September 2007 Marital home repossessed 4/08 ( I left 10/07 - Ex left 12/07) Repossessed due to no communication between her & I **NO EQUITY IN PROPERTY** House sold leaving approx. £20k shortfall - No paperwork/court case as our new address not known. Various unsecured debts with no communicat
  5. We were sold a 25 year Standard Life Decreasing Term Life Assurance policy / Mortgage Protection Plan on our first property / mortgage in 1990. It was also a condition according to the company representative who we had the meeting with. We have moved twice since then and mortgage amounts increased (with same lender) but we continued to pay the same monthly premium. Should the original policy been amended / updated to coincide with increased borrowing / coverage ? Contacted Standard Life in writing and received a reply stating that even if another property was purchased (i
  6. We were sold a 25 year Standard Life Decreasing Term Life Assurance policy / Mortgage Protection Plan on our first property / mortgage in 1990. It was also a condition according to the company representative who we had the meeting with. We have moved twice since then and mortgage amounts increased (with same lender) but we continued to pay the same monthly premium. Should the original policy been amended / updated to coincide with increased borrowing / coverage ? Thank-you
  7. Hello… I wonder if there is anyone who can help with this, please? Years ago my husband who is financially naive, (to say the very least), was sold several pensions, life insurances, annuities, etc., by an IFA. Amongst other things there were two pensions with Sun Life, (why he was sold two policies with the same pension provider is a mystery, but the IFA probably got paid commission for both of them). For several years they were paid in by direct debit under the two different policy numbers, then, when my husband was made redundant and stopped paying in, it would appear that
  8. So Vodafone are seriously ruining my life, and I'm not exagerating!! I called vodafone back in march to tell them at the end of my contract (Wrongly I thought it was end of May and the guy on the phone even confirmed "end of May" but it was actually end of June) I didn't want to continue with the service. I was told in this instance I was ringing too soon and to ring back next month (April), which I did. I was told during this call that it wouldn't be a problem and to ring back next month to get the PAC code. I rang back the following month (May) not to get the PAC code (Tired of cold cal
  9. Hi all, I really need some straight advice. I've just discovered this site.. ..it has so much information that my head is spinning. I'm really not sure where or how to start dealing with my debt. I have debts of just over£25k to eight different creditors. Very, Isme, Marisota, Barclaycard, Aqua (2) Vanquis and Next. I've been with them from between 5 and 10 years. Due to a change in finances (im self employed) I haven't made a payment since January. I feel so ashamed! But I just cant afford to. I have just £131.62 left o
  10. Sentenced to life .... will serve at least 5 years ? Did I miss something? Surely life means that.. life ?
  11. I've taken out an insurance policy. a term assurance one over 15 years thinking even if I still live over that we get a payout. I wanted one where I know there would be a definate payout.
  12. Hi after several years of depression and spiral debts I now want to sort out my pay day debts. I am currently with Pay plan but currently repayment will mean I am 80 before debt free. Looking for advice to get debts reduced due to irresponsible lending. I am not trying to get out of the debts just reduce interest they currently have charged Quick Quid after 8 roll overs borrowed £750 paid £269 Currently with Arc still owe £1107 Swift borrowed £150 now with CCM paid £72 still owe £265 pay day express after several rollovers borrowed 750 s
  13. I stole £200 pounds worth of money from my work. I have an investigative meeting on Tuesday and am at a loss over what to do. I know I am in the wrong and I am aware that the company uses civil recovery to recover any loss from theft. However, will they have me arrested and charged or take me to court. I can't afford even a caution against my name due to my future career. Please help, I haven't slept a wink since I was given the letter and suspended for gross misconduct. Thanks.
  14. Hi My name is Yasmin. I live in London. And I am about to show consumers what 02 are capable of. I want to sue 02 because while I was in dispute with them over a contract they mis-sold to me - they refused to listen, did not once pick up the phone to me. Moreover never answered my questions nor launch an investigation into how they sold me a contract when I expressly told the sales agent I wanted to buy a mobile phone meant for a minor then aged 10 who needed it for her first day at new Secondary school where she would be travelling alone to and fro. Prior to this I had been using
  15. If you were a policyholder with Standard Life when it demutalised in 2006, you would have been entitled to cash or shares. There are still 60,000 people who can claim shares and about 5,000 entitled to claim cash. Those who held a with-profits policy which started before March 2004 and was in force in October 2005 may be eleigible. The last date for claims is 9th July 2016. Anyone with a valid claim should contact Capita Asset Services on 0345 608 1478 http://www.standardlife.co.uk/c1/news-and-blog/uncategorized/dont-miss-money-thats/
  16. The IFA is long gone as he was associated with an Estate Agent and no longer works with them The policy is on a Norwich Union Life Insurance product I am still paying for with about 10 yrs left - the Payment protection was added onto the policy and I remember feeling quite pressured at the time to include it Who should i put a claim against ? The IFA or the company I pay premiums to Is there a standard letter I can send to activate the claim and start the 8 weeks countdown that the Financial Ombudsman require? Also would I need to request a SAR from Norwich Union (
  17. Don't know if this is the correct forum, so feel free to move if necessary. So I got two seperate letters from Standard Life pensions. One was a standard single letter and another more detailed set of letters accompanied with a terms and conditions booklet. Apparently someone has set up a pension using my address (but a different name). What do? I am not going to ring up some £3 minute line, plus the Standard Life website has 3 phone numbers and none of them match the employeezone.co.uk one on the letters. The employeezone.co.uk one doesn't match the one on the letters eith
  18. Hi all, Simple question really, it would seem that a pension I used to have (occupational) was with Tibbett and Britten group. The pension trustees apparently were wound up in 2012 as far as I can make out, but I still have around 8 years of contributions with this pension fund. What do I do ? How do I access my frozen pension funds from a fund that has been wound up ? This isn't my area of expertise, but I'm sure someone here is an expert
  19. Hello all from this forum, Lets start back from 2012, on september 2012 I was going to complete 14 year living in this country and for the ones who think I am another foreigner trying to reach the easy life, i can assure you that I have done more to the english elderly than a lot who has bourned here and I am very well documented about that. but the matter is not that yet. Two months before I completed the 14 years life in the UK which would give me the right to apply to the ''leave to remain'' the prime minister, Mr Cameron changed the rules of 14 year to twenty two years, but gav
  20. Hi, I'd appreciate advice from others who have had similar experiences with Vodafone, and am also hoping Lee the Vodafone Rep may be able to intervene and/or offer advice. I opened a Vodafone account in June 2011. My calls and text usage was always well below the plan I was paying for. In August 2012 I received a sales call out of the blue offering me a new phone. I was under the impression I was agreeing to an upgrade, and agreed to increase my DD by £10 per month for a Smart phone to replace my Blackberry. They sent me the new phone and it transpired I had been sold a whol
  21. Network Rails has said it will review it’s plans during development of the Thameslink programme at London Bridge after a short closure last night caused “Life Threatening Chaos” for rush hour commuters. Lines were shut down for 45 minutes from 4.20pm because of a person on the tracks at Streatham, the operator said. The knock-on delays saw huge numbers of people stranded on platforms and some forced to jump closed barriers to avoid the crush, while onlookers posted dramatic images online. The London Mayor, Boris Johnson said: “This chaos must end now. The scenes at London Brid
  22. Last Tuesday was the much awaited release of some limited edition dolls. I am a collector, I have been my entire life, I have spent literally thousands. I got up at the crack of dawn and waited for them to be listed online. I managed to get the two I wanted but separately . I received my tracking code (Disney use Hermes), I noticed the code was an old one of mine from three months ago but had been updating the new order. The second order was doing the same. I asked Disney on Facebook what was going on with this and was told it was a "mistake". I asked well if this code is a mistake what is my
  23. I hope someone can help me. After a lot of hard work and struggle my credit record is finally in better shape, except for a default from Virgin media for £21 which I got when their service was down for 2 months and I refused to pay for a service I wasn't receiving. I did pay once they cancelled my contract. I have written to them several times pointing out that the terrible service I received and asking them to remove the default but they are refusing. I have sent a SAR to them and they sent back 5 pages of computer printout which logs my phone calls and letters, but th
  24. Hello, I'm hoping this will reach all those who have previously helped me, and that I will receive some speedy advice/help. If the people who have previously been kind enough to help me are not as knowledgeable on the following questions, PLEASE can you direct this post to people who can advise me asap? Thank you. I haven't been around for a while due to illness, (everything got too much for my already fragile brain). My questions here now may be better on a new thread, but as I can't fathom out how I open a whole new thread/topic/whatever, I'm hoping that
  25. hey guys, this is my first forum post, i found a freedom pass on the ground and used it on the bus turns out inspectors got on the bus and yeah karma, guys i am shaken to the ground I dont know what to do i gave the guy my real name and dob but a different address, what should i do, I am shaking as i type this. please help me
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