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  1. Morning all, Just heard on the news that the tv license may be decriminalized . The prosecution of non payers is clogging up the courts . Oh joy some common sense at last next the council tax, I wish, LOL. If this goes ahead Barstons will no longer be able to hunt down non payers like a pack of wolves .Pursuing you up and down the country regardless of how old the debt is.Being a cynical Londoner , I am wondering how many palms will be greased by said bailiff company to keep this law in place ?Have they got an inside man in the MOJ ? Shurley shome mistake !
  2. For all the people that has been harassed by HFO Services Limited and Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors, this is good news. This culled from the OFT website and the link posted below http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2014/08-14#.Uvvum8uPPIV OFT finds three debt businesses unfit and excludes a solicitor from undertaking licensable activities 08/14 5 February 2014 The OFT has refused to renew the consumer credit licences of debt purchaser HFO Capital Limited, and two associated debt collectors, HFO Services Limited and Roxburghe (UK) Limited. Alasdair Turnb
  3. In May 2012 the DVLA revoked my license following my advice to them, on my Consultants Neurologists recommendation, that I have a congenital Hemianopia which does not affect my eyesight but does have an effect when undergoing the Goldmann's /Esterman peripheral vision tests (flashing white lights in an enclosed dome where one presses a button when lights are seen) My Consultant has written to the DVLA on several occasions and stated that there is nothing wrong with my sight and suggests they put me on a driving assessment to establish the fact. The DVLA resolutely maintain it is their decis
  4. i, This morning i got a call from my 16 year old daughter who was really upset crying telling me that we had a bailiff at the door. She said she loud banging on the door and then heard a woman shout through the letter box to open the door NOW. She looked through the bedroom window and without introducing her self she told my daughter to go and open the door. she finally said she was a bailiff after my daughter asked what she wanted. At first i thought it was a mistake as i will never let myself get into any sort of debts. I told her to not open the door
  5. In this clip the tv license guy, right near the end of it, reads the occupiers their rights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CZtUaWy-3g How can that be right? He's a commissions agent working for a private company so how can he lawfully read someone their rights?
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum so please bear with me I part-exchanged my old car on 9th April for a 5 month old car which I got through a broker. I duly sent the old car's registration docment off to the DVLA along with the document for the new car. When I received a tax renewal doc for the old car I ignored it as it says on the back of the form if you have sold the vehicle and informed DVLA that these forms are printed 6 weeks before tax dosc or SORN runs out and I knew I had posted the relevant documents to them. In the meantime I received the new log book for my n
  7. Doddzy1

    Driving License

    Hi all. I hope you can help me. In November 2009 i lost my driving license for drink driving. Hands up i committed a crime paid my fine served my 23 month ban and hoped to continue with my life. 2011 took DVLA medical and got license back for one year Passed medical again the following year and got license back again for a year. In May 2013 i went into a rehab clinic as drink was starting to become an issue in my life and have not now drank for 6 months . This morning i received a letter from DVLA to inform me that my license has been revoked as im not 12 months alcohol free. C
  8. Hi Not sure if this is the right Forum. Last year I got into financial difficulties and sadly got flagged up by my bank and other institutes as another mug to [problem] money from. Because of this i decided to take control of my money. I stopped using my bank account when it soon went into the red because of the DD [problem] which allows banks and the companys involved started fining me for unpaid DD ( sorry did i say fine? of course i meant to say recouping the loses that the failed DD caused) I now have an online savings account and a prepay debit card. I pay all my bills by
  9. Hello to all you motoring seagulls out there. Coming to you in my time of need as I’m stuck with a problem. Hoping that someone can help me with this issue as it’s bugged me a lot. I’ve not had much luck in resolving this but the money it has cost me, I don’t want to forget about it or leave it as it was. I hope i'm posting this in the right place. A few days before Xmas in 2011, I was stopped by the police for speeding. No issue there as I was above the speed limit but not by much. When I was stopped, I was told this was why I was stopped and the officer gave me a
  10. Hi all, Just recently received a court summons from my local magistrates court for not paying TV license. To rewind back to what happened: Received a visit on the 26th of March by an tv license person who told me my property was unlicensed. I had changed bank accounts sometime in January/February and I think this DD must have been forgotten. This person filled in the form, cautioned me that whatever I say could be held against me, assured me this was just a formality and nothing would probably come of it, asked me to sign so that he had proof he had been there, and then we
  11. Hi, I am new to this site and I wanted some advice on how to go about an issue. I have just looked at some few threads and seen some similar situations. My wife and I leave in our flat and occasionally/rarely previous occupants letters do come to our address. I did speak to our Landlady regards to what to do with the letters of previous tenants and we were advised to bin them as they were probably junk letters. Recently we decided to open one of the letters as we wanted to be sure our address was not used by some other person as a couple of letters had come in for
  12. OK I do not, nor have I ever paid for a TV license. I know some people will think that is wrong, but I never watch live TV and actually only figured out a couple of months back that I can declare this to avoid paying it...rather than just ignoring their letters as I have been doing Anyway. Last year, 'I' got a letter from the TV license company..but instead of the usual 'to the occupier'..it had 'my' name on it. The first name was correct, however the surname is that of my partner. We are not, and never have been married, so I really do not understand it at all. It said I had signed some
  13. Hello, my partner was visited by someone from tv license when she fell behind on the payments, he set up a new license and said not further action would be taken as long as we keep that payment up to date (this was october 2012). few weeks later we moved out to her parents house and cancelled the payment of the tv license as we did not need one, we finally get a new house (Jan 2013) and she received a letter enforcement for the fine of £165 as she had been found guilty on 14th of FEB of not having a TV license, even thought due to moving out we didn't know any of this was going on. my
  14. My drivers license picture expired in 2011, before i could have a new photo done my license was stolen (home invasion) i have yet to have it done. The problem, i dont have my old license to send back and its only just come to me that i havent had it done! As i say, i was subject to a brutal home invasion where i was stabbed multiple times and almost killed in my home. I suffer from severe PTSD to this day because of it. Ive only just remembered that the photo was out of date after reading a thread on here about it....it had totally gone out of my mind. I had more pressing issues, ie movin
  15. I've got myself in a bit of a mess and I don't understand the rules well enough for my options to be clear to me. Any advice much appreciated! The car is a 13 yr old Fiesta with just over 100k miles. Not worth much. Has Generally been good to me though. My tax ran out about a week ago. Partly due to procrastination, partly lack of funds. The police found my out of date disc and slapped a £60 fine on my windscreen. Ouch. I asked for that one though. Haven't paid it yet but I will of course. I have 28 days max. I got the MOT done today. The bill is £360; suspension prob
  16. i feel like im being a pain with all these questions lately. so ive came downstairs and found one of those "we called and you weren't in" leaflets from TVL. the time wrote on the card is 20.42 my question is,do i need to answer the door to them? i live myself with my kids,4 and 2 years old and i don't answer the door at night full stop unless i know someone is coming over.i honestly just about wet myself if my door goes at night and no one is meant to be visiting i fully admit that ive not kept up with the weekly payments because i simply couldn't/cant afford it. We've went wit
  17. I am very unhappy with the way I've been treated by DVLA. I had an incident in September 2012 where I fainted whilst driving on the job (bus) due to lack of food intake and overworked hours. No police citation was given, and no one was hurt. I was immediately taken to hospital and seen by a physician but by that time all signs were back to normal. It was explained that I had suffered a hypoglycaemic episode, also called a vasovagal collapse. I had not eaten that day and had been working excessive hours, and it was determined that this was the cause of the blackout. After taking some time
  18. Hi I'm looking for advice due to receiving a actual court summons today. I am going to see advice from citizens advice and legal aid, but I thought it might be wise to see if anyone else had experience or knowledge in this area. I received a visit on the 13/9/12 from an inspection officer. Sadly believing I had nothing to hide, I let him in the flat to view what I had and explained I watched no live broadcasts. I don't think he could physically see as a big shelving unit is in front of the aerial socket, but it was not plugged in, and neither did he ask for the tv to be turned on. He seem
  19. Hi everyone, A few months ago i received a visit from a TV licensing officer and agreed to sign up for a payment card as well as signing their paperwork saying i was unlicensed.(stupid I know ) On saturday just gone I received a summons for not having a TV licence between the dates 21/08/2012 - 29/08/2012. I have tried logging onto my tv licence online and the only information i can get is that my licence expires on 31/07/2013. Counting back from the end of July this year it seems to me that my license should be valid for the period they are trying to charge me. I pho
  20. Hi all, On 25th May 2012, I received a visit from a TV License Officer. He proceeded to ask me questions about my TV Usage and set me up with a new TV License paying by regular installments. I signed the necessary forms, he handed over my new TV License card and left. I never got a copy of the form I signed and I never received anything after that from TV License other than my new TV License document, which I still have. I have now received a summons and the offense has been written as: On 23/05/2012 used a COLOUR television receiver without a license at the above address. Co
  21. Hi everyone, First of all, I want to apologizes for my bad English, I'm Spanish. I moved recently to UK, my landlord told me that if I have a TV I must to pay the TV License no matter if you watch it. I only use my TV for playing videogames and watch lovefilm via xbox, the TV License website said that I don't need the license but I should inform them and then an officer comes to my home in order to check that I don't need it. Anyone knows what kind of questions they usually made or what they 'check'? My tv is very old and it even need a freeview device that I don'
  22. Hi Everyone, I was hoping for some advise on what to do about this. I received a summons to court yesterday for missing a quarterly payment of £37 to the BBC in December 2011. I forgot about the direct debit coming out and had no money in my account to pay. I cancelled the dd a couple of days before it came out so I would not receive any bank charges. I thought i would receive a reminder letter but I got an 'officer' at my door in March. The TV was not on at the time, and I rarely use it. I went along with it as i knew i would need one again. I set the direct d
  23. Hi, be really grateful for any advice..... Back in Jan I passed out, and hit my face etc... I went to the docs who said that we had to notify the dvla, which we did. I had to fill out a medical form and was instructed by the doctor not to drive at all, which I didn't for about two months, I rang the dvla to see how it was all progressing to be told that they were really behind by about 2 months, so they hadn't even got to my case yet, but if my doc said it was ok to drive in the meantime it was all up to him. By this time, I had paid to go private and had lots of tests, scans, ecg's etc,
  24. Hello All !! new to this, but really could do with some help / advise. My partner had a minor car accident back in March.... the police attended and asked her to produce her license. Some weeks before the accident, she had sent her license off to the DVLA for a change of address, and had not received it back at the time of the accident. So she called them to see where it was. The DVLA told her they had not received her license in the post, and moreover, they did not have records of ever issuing one to her. DVLA confirmed she passed her test in 2006, but they dont have record
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