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  1. I owe £9700 to the Cooperative bank credit card (which I originally took out in around 1995 when i was living in the UK although I now live in Spain). A couple of years ago I lost my job. I carried on paying the debt back at the minimum payments as long as I could but eventually could not pay any longer (about £150 per month). Initially the co-op said as I did not have any extra income, I did not have to pay for 6 months and they would freeze the interest. However, after the time was up they sent me a letter (which I did not get in time due to the vagaries of t
  2. About a year ago I came home to find a card from a doorstep collector collecting on behalf of Lewis Group, I sent of a letter withdrawing any implied right of access to my property, I never heard any more from them after that until today when I came home (I've been working away from home since January so been away since then) and found another card from a doorstep collector on behalf of Lewis Group. This card had something about a Pre Enforcement Visit on it, and had the same name and number as the doorstep collector on the other card. There was no date or time on the card
  3. I've had letter from Lewis debt rec for 2686.82. They state I need to pay by 19th August. I can't find this debt on my Equifax report and though I have had past debts, t hey have been paid and upto date. I dont recognise this amount and no client is mentioned apart from CL finance and a reference number that looks like a mastercard credit card number. Should I ignore this letter? Or should I contact and enquire.
  4. Hi, I will try to make this as short as possible... In 2006 I received letters from the Lewis Group concerning a debt owed to NEXT. I asked them repeatedly for the CCA as I had no recollection of this debt and has not lived at the address they claimed it was taken out since 2000. They used their usual threats and because I did no know any better I started paying them £10 a month. To cut a long story short, I carried on paying this debt until this month. In the meantime, I had contact from Lowell about the same account, in 2013. I asked them for the same information
  5. Hello, I've received 3 letters from "Lewis Debt Recovery" claiming I owe £300+ to an eBay related client. At least the last 2 letters were hand delivered. I've not used eBay for years, and have never bought anything from it worth more than 10s of pounds. Each letter has a different address for Lewis - England, Scotland and now Ireland. Best of all: they've spelled my surname incorrectly on all correspondence. Dodgy! I've read a few similar posts on here and I'm happy I could just ignore these letters. However, the address is actually my parent's and I no l
  6. Comment: Martin Lewis, founder of moneysavingexpert, opposes Archbishop Justin Welby and outlines the exact changes that he'd like to see made. I pray the Archbishop’s laudable but blundering entrance into the payday loan debate doesn’t hurt more than it helps. The trip-up of the Church’s own investments is a side show – my concern is far more about his original soundbite: "We’re not in the business of trying to legislate you (Wonga) out of existence, we’re trying to compete you out." Wonga and other 6,000pc APR loans are the crack-cocaine of the money-lending world – recent
  7. Hi, hope someone can give me some advice Have had a letter from Lewis Group saying I owe £1755 As far as I remember this debt was from approx 1995 ish, I had been paying £15 per month since then. I can not even remember what or who the original debt was for I cancelled the £15 monthly payment a couple of months ago when I swapped banks over. I have just done an Equifax credit report and I can not see anything with regards to this debt. They have threatened me with a door collector but as I am rarely here that does not bother me. I just wondered if I have a way of finding ou
  8. Hi There Does anyone know the account number and sort code for the Lewis Debt Recovery Group based in Yorkshire ? I have run out of payment slips and need to make a payment. I rung them and they wouldn't give me the details as I refused to go through a in depth review of my account ! Thanks Honeypot xxx
  9. Hi there I am confused! I have been having numerous telephone calls from Frederikson International Ltd about an old overdraft with Lloyds. I have ignored the phone and the calls have stopped. However a man called Terry knocked on the door last Friday and asked my 13yr old if I was in. My husband didn't answer any of his questions! I thought her was for the overdraft but I received a letter yesterday with a paying in card from Frederikson stating I could pay at our local post office - which closed about 6 years ago!! I have just checked our mail box
  10. Two years ago a claim was made by Creation Finance. I offered £20 they refused and it went to court whereby the judge ordered that I pay £14 a month yippee. Been paying that ever since. I then receive a letter from Dryden Fairfax this week who have taken over from the previous idiots who represented Creation originally. The crux of the letter says as you know we originally agreed that you could pay £14 (no you didn't the court did) a month. As we told you when we took over this matter last year that we would be reviewing this on a 6 monthly basis this letter confirms that your p
  11. Hiya, My partner & I are having a bit of trouble with Santander, My partner got a ring in a jewellers in 2011,the credit was with Santander,he paid the deposit,there was then to be 9 additional payments to come out by DD,we missed a payment around 4 months later so double the amount came out the next month by DD,and a charge,so all was up to date..we opened a santander joint account around when the last payment was due, the DD was changed to the new account,along with TV licence etc.. But nothing came out of our new account as it wasn't set up properly,luckily the ring payment
  12. Hiya, My partner & I are having a bit of trouble with Santander, My partner got a ring in a jewellers in 2011,the credit was with Santander,he paid the deposit,there was then to be 9 additional payments to come out by DD,we missed a payment around 4 months later so double the amount came out the next month by DD,and a charge,so all was up to date..we opened a santander joint account around when the last payment was due, the DD was changed to the new account,along with TV licence etc.. But nothing came out of our new account as it wasn't set up properly,luckily the ring payment
  13. Hi, I'm pretty new to this but I found this forum online and I am in desperate need of some advice... Last year I missed a payment on a store card, I brought the balance into check at the end of January so I'm no longer in arrears on payments and the minimum payment I needed to make was well exceeded. This payment cleared on the 1st of Feb from my bank account and shows on my recent statement for the store card. On the 6th of Feb I started getting letters from the Lewis Group. The first letter was dated the 6th of Feb so it was sent after the payment had cleared.
  14. How can We prevent being spammed from journalist Martin Lewis if We follow the Twitter feed for CAG ? If I want Professional Financial Advice, I visit a Professionally Trained Financial Advisor. But, for anyone who does know about Icesave and the other Icelandic Banks which failed, the following Channel 4 news with journalist Martin Lewis will be quite illuminating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx-ySEKUURI
  15. Hi all, Can anyone give me some advice on the following. I found an envelope through my door with a card inside written/printed with: the lewis group For the attention of: Mr. Mrs. Ms XXXXXX XXXXXX Our representative called today 11-1-13 at ................................ To discuss an important matter with you concerning, Client: Cabot Financial Account reference number: Outstanding Please contact our agent on: £82
  16. Money-saving Martin Lewis is a man on a mission. Two years ago he launched a parliamentary campaign to make financial education compulsory. Today, he is still campaigning for a change to the curriculum that would force schools into teaching the calculation of an APR alongside algebra. “I’m locked in a vicious circle,” he explains. “The Government says it doesn’t need to put it on to the curriculum for schools to teach it, and the head teachers say they won’t teach it unless it is there. I want them to know that I am not going away until it is.” Since Lewis first started work
  17. I'm in need of help on how to deal with this debt i have. I'm currently not working due to being made redundant and currently on the look out for work, so paying this debt at the minute is not my main concern. However, i am receiving 3 phone calls a day regarding this debt and it's getting annoying, i have everytime told them i will only deal with them in writing. I received a letter stating the balance and asking them to contact them via phone. They also say in the letter that "if we do not receieve full payment or hear from you by the 20th of december, we will transfer y
  18. I am currently in dispute with john lewis i bought a miele wahsine machine from them a year ago if flooded my kitchen a month ago i asked for it to be taken back they agreed but have refused to pay for damage. i have provided photos of damage new carpet need new laminate flooring and frnch polisher for the doors. i have pre actioned smaill claims against them.this runs out on te 2st of december which i will have to take them to court. they have now asked for a engineers report for them to come to my house or when it is taken back immediately.Because of the damage to the kitchen by the machine
  19. I spent a long time online and then instore researching what tumble dryer to buy. I personally like buying from John Lewis as their after care is so good customer service wise. I went in to John Lewis yesterday and asked for advice about tumble dryers and a nice man explained how condensor dryers worked, how they are emptied, and the filter care etc. and in the end I chose one I'd like most online too, it was priced £3 less than my budget so was pushing my limit but I liked the model. It was out of stock however as it is their most popular model according to the man so he printed me out the in
  20. Hi, in 2004 i took out a loan with a loan company and then had a bad health turn and had to leave my job and unable to make payments (last one made by me in 12/2005! The loan company never chased me for the payments so i left it be, then two weeks ago a letter came from county court asking for my defence. I informed the court that the loan was statute barred and waited for the judgement. today i received a letter from the debt collection people stating i made payments in 2008 which they sent me a statement for and the payments have been made by "Lewis Grou
  21. On Friday I received an email from the Lewis Group, claiming to be acting on behalf of Ebay and demanding outstanding fees of £72 . I do owe ebay money, which I am now in a position to pay, but it is nowhere near that amount. I replied, asking how they had arrived at that figure and, as yet, have received no response. However, I contacted ebay and they told me that it is probably a phishing email and to ignore it. They also quoted me the true amount that I owe, considerably lower than the amount the Lewis Group told me. What bothers me is that the email from the Lewis Gr
  22. Hi all again Have a debt that has been passed to lewis group, so far they have been fine with not contacting me by phone e.t.c I replied to there original letter stating i was only able to pay a £1 per month until further notice due to redundancy. I received the following reply today.
  23. Shoppers should arm themselves with knowledge of their consumer rights. I was scared enough just standing behind the grande dame in the queue, as her indignation boomed, “Give me my money back – this is a disgrace.” As for the shop assistant who bore the brunt face-on, her sin was having the temerity to refuse to exchange “uncool” jeans wrongly bought for the lady’s daughter. The problem with this store rage? The shop assistant was right. Consumer rights ignorance is mainstream on both sides of the till – shop staff regularly quote utter bilge at us, too. Few customers can tell fact fro
  24. I don't know whether I am in the right forum, apologies if not. I bought a Garmin Nuvi Satav from John Lewis and purchased their extended warranty for the 3 years. For some months before this ran out it was taking 10 minutes to turn on which was annoying but we coped as it still worked once it did turn on. I have mental health issues and find communication difficult due to extreme social anxiety and am registered disabled under mental health. Eventually though before the warranty expired I contacted the JL extended warranty company and they collected the SatNav to repair i
  25. If i offer to pay them £1 week/month do they legally have to accept it? im a single mum of 2 kids under 3 and on benefits,so money is tight. initially they hounded me for about £53ish a month i agreed to shut them up and managed 1 payment and then realized how short it would leave me every month.
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