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  1. Dear Sirs, I have bought on Beging of year By TK MAxx few items and one was store reduced price, I Paid for all my purchases and after that was ask to follow security guard. I have been Accused of Changing Labels on 20 Jan By TK MAxx and have been forced to sign form that I will never visit any TK Maxx store . Actually I have not did what I was accused, I have been lead to Security room when Security Guards Said That they have CCTV record ,and if not sign form will call police, They refused to Show me CCTV record and said Company called RLP will provide all evidence. Since then I have received 5 Letters from RLP threatening me With Civil Court and Unreasonal demand for 147.50 for loses and administration and Security people time The goods they claim for change label was taken back as they say for "EVIDENCE" and I was refunded. RLP are demand money quote Protocol for pre action Civil Procedure 1998 Act Portocol But When I ask them in compliance with Same protocol to clearly to Explain case and provide all evidence what they will relay in court they said that they have Eye witness Which statement had not been sent in Demanded by Me 21 Days and No CCTV record. All letters are without name and different signatures. I demanded also to Disclose name of persons writing letters to be able to check with RLP management if Such person exist Any this my demand was not respected As well. AND replied they that due to fail to comply with Protocol case is closed and I deny Any liability to RLP and their client Previous letter they said that will reduce amount to GBP 95.00. Last Letter they said due to lack of defense if not replay in 14 days they will contact and will pass my Debt to Debt collectors company. They Said Quote Whilst there is no legal obligation to consider mitigating circumstances in civil proceedings our client operates civil recovery within a set of core principles which initialy agreed with ACPO and have been developed further since then to ensure further protection of those who may be considered vulnerable. If we do not hear from You within next 14 days , with reasonable settlement proposal, or with any information relevant to this matter, it will either be discussed or passed to specialist company which recovers debts and undisputed claim for damages Unquote MY QUESTION 1.What to reply to them? 2.Is It legal without provided any evidence to pass Personal Data to Debt Collector? 3.Is it Legal to Send letter without Name and only Signature? 4.If they fail to provide evidence in 21 Day after my demand is it legal to pass this to civil court 5.In which case is possible some one to pass personal data to Debt Collector company 6.Can I claim bulling against RLP and to whom 7.Can you give me all legal act what are in violation by RLP 8.How legally can stop them from sending bulling messages If You have ssen some letter before from RLP does it have some names or only sigantures Thanks
  2. I have been receiving credit card offer letters from Barclays. I do not bank with them for almost four years now, I moved two addresses ever since and now I an receiving offers to my name at my new address. I am not interested in their offers but it is more concerning how they can find my address and use it to send me such offers? How can they track your address and get access to this information? (Needless to say I have had no debts or anything like that with them in the past, just an ISA account)
  3. Hi all! i am seeking a bit of advice on behalf of my friend. a few months ago they were caught shoplifting from TK MAXX and was stopped after leaving the store by store security and asked to go back to the office. When they got in to the office my friend was asked why they had taken the items and everything was recovered in a fit for re sale condition (all tags still on items and un damaged) my friend explained that it was completely out of character, expressed how deeply sorry they were and had no idea why they had done what they had done. After searching my friends bag they found some tablets and asked what they were for and my friend told them they were antidepressants and they are currently under going regular counselling (which is true) The Police weren't called but they took a copy of my friends passport, name, address and place of work and he was aloud to leave. Obviously my friend was distraught and was worrying that they were going to contact his work over the weekend, so, in result he wrote his notice and was ready to hand it in Monday morning first thing. Unfortunately, TK MAXX had called his work and he was called in to the office after he had handed in his notice and they said he can either A) leave with immediate effect or B) have a full investigation carried out regarding the incident. He decided to leave with immediate effect not knowing what could come of the investigation (he'd rather leave on a voluntary basis than be investigated and then ASKED to leave) A week later he received a letter from RLP saying that,in short, pay up £157 for compensation to there client or the matter would be escalated to court. he told me about this and I had a little look on the Internet and after reading pages and pages of posts and advice from people who had also been contacted by the RLP gave him the advice to ignore the letter as it was just a speculative invoice with no legal basis and that they are just using scare tactics to suck money out of you. he took my advice and a second letter came through the post (as expected) with pretty much the same as what the first letter had stated but worded differently with a few scary words added in. Again I reassured him and sent him some links to forums for him to read to help with his anxiety and he ignored this letter. so next up, you guessed it, a third letter has been sent through today. i worry that I am falling in to there fear trap and my friend is too and he is uncomfortable with ignoring these letters anymore due to what they are saying. i know there has been a lot on RLP but every case I have read has been under different circumstances I.e they're under 18 or currently jobless some advice would be much appreciated i still believe that there is nothing they can do and to just ignore it but I wouldn't forgive myself if I gave advice to him that was bad and that got him in to avoidable trouble! Thank you! Turns out I can't send links to the letters, ill post as soon as my post count goes above 10
  4. Hello, Last summer I defaulted on a credit card (Card 1). The debt was passed to a DCA (starts with a C rhymes with Luger) . After 9 months of them ignoring my correspondence and offers to settle, I reported them to FSA who are undertaking an investigation. The DCA has now passed debt back to Card 1. I received a copy of my settlement letter to the DCA from a different credit card (Card 2 ) that I hold that is regularly being paid and the debt reduced. Card 2 sent a cover letter stating they could not link this to their accounts. The copy of my settlement letter is date stamped twice and has hand written references on it that correspond to the DCA references. In other words I believe the copy originates from the DCA files and was sent by them when they handed the debt back to Card 1 or Card 1 have sent it on. I never written to Card 2 so I have not sent the settlement letter in error. If my settlement letter has been sent by DCA or Card 1 to a third party (Card 2 ) without my consent is this not a breach of FSA guidlines, Data protection etc? Would appreciate advice before responding to the various parties. This is my first post, but these forums have been a lifeline in helping me to work towards resolving these issues. Thank you all, Boho
  5. Hi, Can somebody please advise me if the Bailiffs pining a letter addressed to myself on the communal notice board in my block of flats is legal for them to do. My neighbour advised me that there was an envelope addressed to myself pinned on the communal notice board for me. When I looked in the envelope it was a letter from Newlyn Bailiffs stating that they have visited my property and they will be gaining access to my flat within 24 hours. I have a dispute with the council at the moment regarding my council tax and they advised the bailiffs were on hold. I thought letters had to be posted through your own personal letter box? I am being charged for 2 other letters I have never received.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any letter templates I could send to debt companies while I sort my funds out. I am just starting to prepare and send out SAR letters to a total of 4 companies in regards to credit cards, store cards, and catalogue debts. I can't afford to send them all off at once as my JSA payment won't stretch that far. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I have a dmp with Payplan for the last 7 years, I am only able to pay a token payment due to my financial situation £1.00 a creditor. Cabot sent me three letter offering a reduced payment to be paid within so many days, I just ignored them as Payplan manage my debts, and Cabot have accepted my payment all along. They phoned me this morning on my mobile and I have just ignored them. My finances are worse now than ever, as I am behind on my mortgage, to the tune of £2000 Shall I CCA them? Or are they just fishing for someone stupid that will pay up.
  8. hello, i wonder if anyone can help please, i have received these letters from bcw, i wrote them a letter saying i believed the debts were statute barred and received more letters and credit agreements (i will add them as i received them). in the final response letter it says provident advised bcw that the contracts were taken out in july 2012, but the credit agreements were signed in 2007 which i dont understand, any help would be appreciated Thanks Tim 31/01/2013 Your reference number: B19257901 Client Ref: B12718920 Dear Mr Outstanding Balance: £375.50 With reference to the above account which was previously held by Provident Personal Credit we write to advise you that we, BCW Group Ltd now hold the legal right to collect the full outstanding amount including legal recovery through the court if necessary. We understand that personal circumstances can change and we have a number of affordable repayment options we can offer you to assist in settling this matter. Our trained advisors are waiting to take your call on 0844 571 4015 and are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5pm Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Should you wish to settle this matter immediately by debit or credit card call our payment hotline on 0844 571 4015 all full settlements attract a significant discount. If you have any queries regarding this letter please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to help you. Always quote your reference number B19257901 when calling or writing. If you fail to respond to this letter, we will have no option other than passing your account to our debt collection division. Yours faithfully, For and on hehalf of Buchanan Clark & Wells Dear Mr Re:B12718920 - Provident Personal Credit Balance Outstanding: £375.50 NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT This letter is to give you notice that on 14 December 2012, Provident Personal Credit has assigned all of the rights, title and interest in your debt to BCW Group Limited. The above debt is now legally owned by BCW and has been passed to BCW Group Limited for collection. This debt has been sold to BCW as you have failed to repay, or reach a satisfactory payment arrangement with, ourselves. As BCW now owns the rights and title of this debt, they will take the necessary action to recover repayment of the outstanding balance What you should do. You should contact BCW as soon as you can in order to make arrangements to pay your outstanding balance. Do not contact Provident Personal Credit as we can no longer discuss the matter or receive payments from you. If you have any questions about this letter or your outstanding balance, please call BCW on 0844 571 4015 as they are now responsible for this matter. Text Box: Paul Fergusson - Senior Collections Manager Yours sincerely 12 March 2013 Ref: B19257901 Client: Provident Personal Credit Client Ref: B12718920 Final Response Dear Mr. I write with regard to your letter of 7 February 2013 issued in relation to the aforementioned account. I can confirm we have undertaken an investigation into the issues raised in the above referenced correspondence and have concluded that your complaint has been refuted. The reasons for this are detailed below. BCW Group acts in good faith on the information and instructions issued to us by our clients. We are passed this information on the basis that the information provided is true and correct at the time of issue. We were, at no time, advised by our client of any ongoing disputes or unresolved complaint issues. In this instance, we were passed an account in your name with instructions to pursue for the full balance accordingly. In passing this matter to this office for debt recovery purposes, our client is satisfied that the balance is correct and due. Your above referenced letter is the first contact we have received from you advising that you regard the account to be subject to statute limitations. In view of the points raised in your letter, regarding the account being statute barred we referred back to our client, Provident Personal Credit and asked them to provide further information so that we may assess your concerns further within the context of our client’s instructions. Provident Personal Credit has advised us that the contracts were taken out in July 2012. We have enclosed a snapshot of all payments for your reference. A copy of the agreement has also been enclosed for your consideration. Our client does not consider therefore that the account is statute barred. As a result of this we would not consider that our actions are contrary to the legislation quoted by you and would not therefore consider our actions to be harassment. Provident Personal Credit is satisfied that the balance remains due and collectable. We have therefore been instructed to resume our collection activity and pursue for the outstanding amount. Please contact this office to discuss the repayment options available to you. Alternatively, if you consider the balance to be disputed, please provide further details and any available documentation that supports your contention of non liability. If it is deemed appropriate to do so, we will revert back to our client and ask that the matter is investigated further. I have enclosed herewith a copy of our internal complaints procedure, together with a leaflet from the Financial Ombudsman Service, should you wish to take this matter further. Please note you have 6 months from the date of this letter in which to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to facilitate resolution, should you remain dissatisfied with this response. Furthermore, we are obligated to advise that you can also refer this matter to the Credit Services Association of which we are a member should you wish to escalate your concerns to an external arbitrator.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to this site, I've read up on a lot of posts and it seems like a great community. After a few years of making small payments, missing payments, ignoring letters from creditors (the usual stuff eh), I've decided to write to them all making F&F offers. I've been living in U.S. for the last 2.5 years, but have had the letters emailed to me through a relative. To cut a long story short, I'm pretty broke and currently unemployed. I'm a UK citizen but am currently a U.S. resident. To be clear, I don't want - nor has it ever been my intention - to abandon my debts and live out here until the 6 year period is up. I came over with the best intentions of getting a high salary and everything working itself out, but that unfortunately hasn't ended up happening. Big surprise eh! I've got 10K of debt (phew, that feels good to say it out loud, so to speak), and like most people on here once I get a good paying job I just want to get on with my life, without being burdened with a pile of debt. A family member has offered to help me settle the debts, but they only have a limited amount, so I'm going to make F&F offers to all of the creditors. My question is - should I state in my letters that I am residing overseas? And if so, how should I word it? On one hand, I don't want to be deceitful in making out that I'm living in UK (although that's what I have been doing for simplicity's sake). On the other hand, I really don't want them to demand my US address / phone number / whatever for communicating with me. Is this something they even care about? On another note, will it help my chances of bartering with them if I say that I'm overseas? i.e. a broke, jobless guy who has been in default for the last 2-3 years and isn't even residing in UK might make them think "We'll take what we can get". I don't know...what does everyone think? Cheers Rob
  10. Hi everyone Does anyone know where I can get some templete letters that I can use to send to creditors with offers of payment. Thanks
  11. I lost my job a year ago, but we managed to keep making the payments to Very for 10 months or so before we were no longer able to keep up with the minimum payments. In November the debt was around £2300, so we contacted Payplan. As my total debts were below £5,000 they were only able to offer advice rather than a debt management plan, but they told us how to put together an income and expenditure etc and gave a few template letters to send off and gave us a Payplan Client ID to use in correspondence. The first letter to Very.co.uk explaining our financial circumstances, requesting a suspension of fees and interest along with a monthly payment offer was sent on the 26th November by registered post and arrived at Very on the 27th November. It was ignored. We sent a second letter to the same address on the 27th December, which Post Office track & trace shows arrived on the 28th. This letter was also ignored. In a frustrated attempt to at least elicit some kind of response, I then fired off a CCA request using the template on this site to the same address by registered post. Lo and behold they did manage to reply very promptly to the letter they are legally obliged to respond to and I have received a reply containing the following: 1. A reconstituted copy of the credit agreement sent to me at the time of opening the account (unsigned) and 2. A copy of the current credit agreement, which includes all applicable contractual variations and amendments that have taken place since the accout was opened. What is my best course of action from this point?
  12. Hiya wondering what to do next.... had a Citifinancial loan, all paid off this year, never late, no issues etc etc but i had their PPI product, was bamboozled into it, had a courier arrive at my door with the paperwork who sat in my kitchen impatiently while i signed and took the forms away with him, plus i'm self employed etc etc anyway, i wrote to them on november requesting a refund, didnt get a reply, wrote to them again in early january, again no reply. wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and if so what my next steps are as i am hitting a brick wall.
  13. As title, now it could just be a coincidence but twice now I have sent mail to Barclays with regards to different PPI claims with the two occasions being months apart, both of the letters being sent by recorded delivery thus requiring a signature. Of course neither of these letters made it to their destination and on another occasion a third letter regarding PPI was actually signed for but somehow then became lost internally! As far as Royal Mail are concerned once the letter has been posted it can't be tracked during delivery, only upon delivery when a signature is obtained can they then update the 'track and trace' section of their website. Anyone else had similar problems sending mail to Barclays or is it just me that has this run of bad luck?
  14. Hi, As the title says I am still getting letters regarding the old tenants 18 months after moving in. I have sent them back to sender 'no longer at this address' etc but they still come. I was thinking of sending them with a strong letter saying they don't live etc and want confirmation that they have taken my address off any links with previous tenants. Any other advice would be helpful. JJ
  15. Hi, could someone help me with the next letter to send, i had a visit from resolvecall last week, my partner answered the door and confirmed i lived here!! he was caught off guard! anyway i sent the doorstop letter and got this back today, the creditor is arrow global, resolvecall came to do the doorstop, but return letter is from scotcall, assume they same company?? i think the debt is from a catalogue from a couple of years ago, cant remember last time i paid but at least 12 months ago, and money has been very tight since. this is letter i had today ::Resolvecall informs me that as part of the credit agreement I signed and entered into, I agreed to pay the full outstanding balance and that where necessary the creditor could recover the debt by outsourcing the debt to a third party which included by way of doorstep collection. The second paragraph of their letter reads "Therefore the licence you state that has been revoked is irrelevant which for the avoidance of doubt we do not agree to, is not binding on us as it does not fulfill the relevant principles of contract law" I have no idea what this means or to what is refers. They end with stating that they are entitled by law and under contract to recover monies outstanding and can take reasonable steps in accordance with regulatory guidance, which I assume means they can send someone round?? what do i do next please? any help most welcome, if anyone can draft a reply to help please
  16. Hi Recently i have been receiving letters for someone who has never lived at my address. I did notice though that the account was for a company i too have a debt with and is being dealt with by red castle which is the same as this letter. Also we did receive a call on our home phone asking for someone by the same name the other day too and the other half told them that no one by that name lived here. What i cannot work out is that our number is ex directory so how did they get the number as we only just recently got this number and the only people who have it are family and doctors etc. So i was just wondering what i should do, I have called red castle and advised them that person does not live here. Do i need to do anything else? also could they use the phone number to get a address even though its ex directory as i cannot understand how that person is linked to this address as they have never lived here. Any advice would be appreciated
  17. Hi CAG. Over a month ago, I got caught in a supermarket for stupidly using the self-checkouts making some pricing errors. I got stopped by these security guards who took me to the back room. They asked me my address and in the panic of it all, I gave them it. I apologised and apologised but they would not have any of it. They ended up calling the police, who told me to accept a FPN or I would be brought to the station. The police said the FPN would be the end of the matter so of course, I accepted it. I paid up the FPN and was told by the security I was banned from the store. I have stayed away and thought that this would be the end to the matter. However, these past weeks, I have received letters from a firm called DWF who claim to act on behalf of the supermarket. In these letters, they state they are solicitors and have been instructed to my incident. They go on to say: Security costs: £150.00 Amount now due: £150.00 So upon receiving this, I have read through a lot of posts on the forum who have said civil recovery have no real legal standing, especially with the Oxford case. As such, I have since done my best to ignore these letters. However, a court order - or at least what looks like one - showed up in my mail today. The court order demands I pay £150.00 or risk this sum increasing in court. I can't believe this is happening. I was told to accept the FPN at the time and that would be the end of it. I paid this the day after. The goods did not even amount to £10. I really just wanted to forget this ever happened, but they're taking to squeezing everything out of me. I never wanted the police involved, I co-operated with them. It seems so harsh to pay £150.00 more when I've already been banned, shamed with a FPN on top of it all. PLEASE HELP!!! I don't know what to do. £150.00 is so much money :-(
  18. We'd like to have a look at the stuff which the car park operators send out. It would be very helpful if people would be kind enough to post legible scans of tickets or letters from any of the parking companies. Most of them use the kind of getup - which we have always known but which has now been confirmed by the court in the Parking Eye case - which looks "police-like" or official in some way. Let's see what they are all sending out. Please plank out any personal details. Do leave the name of the car park in. instruction for uploading ................................... scan the required letters/agreements/sheets - as a picture[jpg] file don't forget you can use a mobile phone or a digital camera too!! or convert existing PC files to PDF [office has an installable print to PDF option] . ' BUT...... ENSURE: remove all pers info inc. barcodes etc using paint program but leave all figures and dates. {DO NOT USE A BIRO OR PEN] . goto one of the many free online pdf converter websites it would be better to upload a multipage pdf if you have many images too rather than many single pdfs . or if you have PDF as an installed printer drive use that or use word and save as pdf try and logically name your file so people know what it is. i'e Default notice dd-mm-yyyy . open a new msg box here hit go advanced below the msg box hit manage attachments below that box hit the add files button on the top right hit select files, navigate to your file on your pc hit upload files . . dx Thanks
  19. Not my words - but the words of the Court of Appeal. Dishonest without intending to be, apparently. Sent "semi-literate" letters No intention to bring legal proceedings at all!!!!! See the judgment attached for the whole grisly story. Of course this Court of Appeal judgment is about Parking Eye but you may find similarities in the way of doing business used by other private parking companies. Apart from anything else this is more evidence of the slack attitude of the British Parking Association to the behaviour of their own members. The BPA must be aware of this. What action have they taken against Parking Eye for their breach of the Code of Practice?? If anyone knows, then please let us know. The BPA is the outfit which pretends to want to set an Independent Appeals Service. Has Parking Eye's access to the DVLA database been suspended? I don't think so. If you have paid money to Parking Eye then you have a basis for claiming it back. certainly, if you have paid the so-called "full rate" then you have clearly paid an unenforceable penalty and you should go and get you money back Please note that the trial judge held that the initial sum was an enforceable charge. The Court of Appeal referred to it but did not consider it and made no finding which approved it . In other words, don't let Parking Eye or any other parking company tell you that there is binding authority for saying that the initial charge is valid. That would be a porky. Thanks to user:Tomtubby for discovering this judgment. Important rider - the Court of Appeal decision was based upon the Parking Eye arrangement as agreed with Somerfields in 2005. If their agreements are different elsewhere then that could affect the situation. Now original High Court judgment also available below. Thanks to Tomtubby again.
  20. For the last 5 weeks i have been receiving letters and recorded msgs on the phone from Lowell telling me i owe them £1200. This is due to a phone bill that was sold on by O2 that i never ran up 9 months ago. I think this debt has been passed around as i have received letters from other companys in the past but Lowell seem to be more persistent with the recorded calls and letters. The last letter i received has threatened court action unless i get in contact to arrange payment. Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated.
  21. Hi, Im new to this but I would like some advice. I received about 6 letters today from a company called Lowell for a debt that is apparently from 'shop direct'. The problem is Lowell sent these letters to my parents house. I have not lived there for over 12 years. The letters were also in my maiden name which I changed when I married nearly 9 years ago. I long time ago I did get into debt with a few companies but as far as I am honestly aware, I cleared all of my debt. I have never heard of shop direct or Lowell. My problem is my mum is understandably quite upset about this and has concerns about debt being registered at her house. Im not sure how to handle it. If I call or write to Lowell they are then going to assume that they can keep contacting me there and I dont want to upset my mother further. If I try and get a credit report for my name at my parents house will this be any kind of fraud because I dont live there?
  22. Hi guys, been a long time since I was on here, I finally got my credit rating and history all cleaned up and clear!!! Anyway.. out of the blue the other week, my partner received a letter from Tower Investigations Ltd, which was pretty vague, asking to get in touch regarding confirmation of identify and some information verification. I told the other half to ignore it, especially as it made no reference to any sort of debt owed etc, I naturally assumed it was a fishing trip So today.... The exact same letter arrives along with a similar letter from Global Debt Recovery, basically asking to ring them about a supposed account that they are responsible for. Again there is no reference as to who or what this actual debt refers to other than to ring up and arrange payment. Payment for what??? This all seems really bizarre particularly since its totally out of the blue. My main concern is that she may have had her identity stolen??? Any advice on this please guys?
  23. URGENT ADVICE REQUIRED REGARDING COURTS SENDING LETTERS TO WRONG ADDRESS!!!! Sorry this may be a bit of a long read but really need advice… Background of the story – In November 2010 my boyfriend was not paying his TV licence as TV ariel broke and TV would not work (he was never in to watch it so didn’t bother getting it fixed). A guy from TV licence came knocking, my boyfriend explained the situation, the guy checked the channels and seen they were all fuzzy, etc, done a statement which my boyfriend signed then he left. In March 2011 he moved address – by this time heard nothing back from TV licence people. When he called to get new TV licence for new property it was mentioned about the problem at the old address and was advised if he paid for a new TV licence in FULL that day the issue would be ‘forgotten about’. So my boyfriend forked out for TV licence in full for new property. In about August 2011 a letter was sent to his OLD address from TV licence to say were taking him to court (TV licence fine). (It was just chance letter was re-posted to us as the person living in his new address knew us). We wrote to them with new address and he did attend court – although this court case was more about him not responding sooner and about the fact they had the wrong address or something like that. Anyway we heard absolutely nothing more about it until May this year – A summons on a tatty piece of paper was sent again to his OLD address!!!! Again, was only passed to us as we knew who was living in the house. We responded with all evidence against TV licence people and made a big fuss about not having the correct address AGAIN! Then another letter from the court was delivered to his OLD ADDRESS AGAIN about a month ago. By this time we were sick to the back teeth of it going to the wrong address. Yes it was passed (only as we know the person who lives there) to us but how are they to know it would be. So as they got this wrong so much we sent it back “return to sender not at this address”. Then this morning another letter was sent to his OLD address. This one looks quite official and red and from the courts. THEY HAVE SEVERAL PICES OF CORROSPONDANCE ON FILE (or they should have as we write to them twice with loads of evidence and complaints about wrong address and stress caused) WITH CORRECT ADDRESS ON! The question is now, do we strike through again and return to sender. At the end of the day, if we didn’t know the person in his old house we would never have got any of these letters!!!!!!! Does anyone know what will happen or can anyone advise what will be best to do? How many times can they be told his new address for goodness sake! They are supposed to be professionals and cant seem to get anything right! Advice would be much appreciated ASAP. Sorry for long post but wanted to explain situation in full for best advice. Thank you (I am posting this in as many forums as possible to seek advice urgently) Kassy x
  24. Hi there, i'm new on here and although I have done some research regarding bailiffs I need some help in dealing with this matter. Recently my best friend committed suicide, I have been suffering depression and decided to get away from things by visiting a friend in wales.On my return I have 2 open letters from a personal bailiff and another from the bailiff company saying that I owe them nearly 400.00 for an unpaid PCN. I know not to let the bailiffs in, I have also put up a right to removal of implied access which was done as a panic prevention! I am completely unaware of the PCN in question as its from 2011...and believe I have only received it after changing my driving license for insurance purposes earlier this year. Bailiff company is saying they are coming back with a van however what im interested in is the correct steps to sort this out...If the PCN is in fact shown to me as proof I will pay it....Its the additional 300.00 that i begrudge paying and in fact have no means of paying as I am already in debt to the tune of 3000.00 and only work part time with a monthly income of 250.00 to pay everything. So, my questions are really how do i get the council to prove the alleged offence....How do I stop the bailiff adding more ridiculous fees and where do I go from here?? Many Thanks
  25. Afternoon everyone. Can anybody tell me where I stand when a DCA sends me letters offering discounts on debts or sends me letters asking me to make an offer to settle? Having glanced through various threads, am I correct in assuming these DCA's are going to be in a spot of bother if I ask for a CCA report and statement? Just want to get a few things straight before I take action. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks
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