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  1. I applied to be self employed when I had a website business idea. It didn't go anywhere, didn't make any money doing it what so ever, so decided to fill in the online form to unregister myself. I then received a letter in December 2013 saying that I needed to pay national insurance contributions, but didn't need to pay if I unregister, which in January, I done again. Now yesterday, I received a letter from HM Revenue & Customs, "It's time to complete your tax return". What am I suppose to do? I haven't received any confirmation that I have unregistered.
  2. I have read some good threads here by Abby and others on OD facility letters. Do people know if banks would be likely to still have the original facility letter from an account opened in the 1980s? Presumably if they had it would be hard copy only - or could they just send you a copy of what they used for all their facility letters at the time, without any indication that it was the actual version you were sent back then? Over such a space of time, how could I know if ALL the facility letters had been sent to me and they hadn't missed one out?
  3. Hello, I am wondering if you can help / provide advice for my brother. He ended up in some financial difficulties following a car accident which meant he was unable to work (self employed) for a while several years ago. As a result he got into some financial difficulties which were finally sorted in 2012 (or so we thought!). The debt was for a credit card at Lloyds TSB, who passed the debt to a company called 1st Credit. A full and final settlement figure was agreed with 1St Credit in May 2012 (we have a letter from them confirming this). However, in August/September 2012 for some reason Lloyds sold the debt on again to a company called Apex. Both Apex and Lloyds confirmed that it should not have been sent to them, and we have complaint responses from both companies in September and October 2012 confirming this. The letters also advise that the debt is closed off and Apex were sending it back to Lloyds. We thought everything was fine as no further contact however fast forward two years and we have now received a debt from a company called Cabot Financial (dated 3 November 2014) claiming that the debt has now been sold on to them. It is clearly the same debt, as all of them quote the same amount right to the penny as well as his original lloyds credit card number. We are clearly very unhappy with this as he is looking to rent a property soon and we are worried that this could affect his credit etc further. In addition to this, Cabot Financial's letter states that the original lender is "Prime Credit 1 s.a.r.l" which is not the case and we have not had any dealings with them (as was lloyds, 1st Credit and Apex) so we are at a loss with who to go to - Lloyds, Appex, 1st Credit etc. Does any one know if there are any links between these companies (i.e. is this Prime Credit 1 s.a.r.l linked to Apex/1st Credit etc).
  4. My daughter and her fiance moved into their rented property just over a year ago and keep receiving letters from debt collectors addressed to the previous tenant. They keep sending them back marked 'Not known at this address', but they still keep coming and they're a bit worried about what to do if someone turns up on their doorstep. I've taken the most recent letter from them and intend to give Cabot a piece of my mind when they open on Monday morning, and was just wondering which agency I should threaten to report them to. Any advice gratefully received. PammieC
  5. I stole about £230 worth of stock from boots and was caught , taken to room in store , ID -pic taken etc and cctv burnt to disk, and then police called, ultimately leading to me being cautioned after saying I accept that it was me ( never been in trouble with the police before ) After about a week i received a letter from the dreaded RLP and were asking for £196.00 . What Im trying to deliberate is whether to just ignore it and see what happens or to pay . If it were a smaller amount of items stolen by me I would probably leave it but as it was a larger amount it may make for an easier case should I end up in court . Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, Can anyone advise what to do with regards to getting letters from a company called first utility. I have recd 3 letters addressed to the occupier at my address, we have never heard of them and currently have our electricity and gas from another company and have done for many years. 1st letter asking for £101 for supply of elec and gas from 2013, I ignored this and then a more formal letter demanding payment, I sent a letter and had no reply and just stated that we have not heard of them a nd advised we have proof of our supplier and to stop sending letters. Today a letter urgent action required, stating if we dont pay within 7 days acc will be passed to debt agency, also states potential costs for warrant, site visit, instal of pre pay meter or disconnection! I am at a loss what to do as letter is not addressed to me just the occupier and we have definately never used this company. I have proof of all my accounts and payment to my current supplier and meter readings, the meter reading they show are nothing like ours at all - Please someone help.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2745571/Shaming-bully-banks-We-DID-intimidate-customers-fake-debt-collection-letters-admit-bosses.html
  8. Am not sure this is the right place to put this, please move if necessary and apologies in advance. My local council sent me a letter re my HB and CT benefit, which I found out had gone to the wrong address ( I have since found out this has also happened to others), I rang to find out where the letter was as I hadn't received it and was told it had been sent to an old address due to their system not being updated, apparently this happens when people move home? as with the other person I know who this happened to it seems to occur when there has been a mutual exchange within the council .... so that was one letter gone astray that I didn't receive, wasn't forwarded on to me and could have been read by someone else. I emailed to complain but no reply was received. I did get a replacement letter last Friday, sent to the right address with handwritten envelope. Yesterday .......at 3pm a lady was at my door, my son was here and answered it, the lady was from a house in the next row, she had a letter addressed to me but with her house number, she had rang the council and said she wasn't me etc and they told her to open it......?.......and when she did she saw inside on the first page MY street number, she was then given the job of delivering it. Again the envelope was hand written and it was the same letter I got on last Friday, with all my entitlements and details in it. I feel so angry and am wondering how many other people the council would like to inform of my situation.
  9. Hi I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I have been paying off five credit cards over the last four/five years at 24%+ interest (reducing by around £1 per month) and only recently have I found out about the APAC's agreement of 2009 with the banks and what options they should make clear to their customers when imposing new interest rates. I do not have the original re-pricing letters, but i am almost certain they did not offer me the option of closing my account and keeping the 'old' interest rate and paying off the debt by continuing my monthly payments until the debt was cleared. I have written to the banks in question (barclays- Egg; mint, tesco, halifax and HSBC) and asked them for a copy of the original letters. So far only one has replied - Halifax. They insist they do not keep copies of the original copies, and have sent me a copy of their 'system' generated rate change letter. I do not know yet if this is their current one, or one from 2009 etc but it does show the option that I could close etc. I wonder if anyone has copies (obviously with any personal data removed) of the rate re-pricing letters from these banks dating back to 2009? (or older ). Thank you in anticipation Gazza
  10. Hi there, friend of mine is also enduring several threatening letters from RLP. Incident arose at TK Max which police attended but took no further. At that point, it was mentioned that some civil recovery would happen. Total value being chased is £50 - value of items in question on the day - less than £10 Two letters sent in reply asking for evidence on which RLP will rely and denying any contract with RLP and liability. Latest reply, RLP have provided a description of their understanding of events at TK Max and carefully word the involvement of the police that they took the civil claim into consideration. RLP are referring to an admission of guilt at the time and justifying the civil claim. In the latest letter they say their client will be entitled to issue a claim in the county court and the £50 currently claimed will jump due to fees. Read plenty on this site - how likely is it that this will go to court and what sums / fees are possible worse case. If my friend signed something - I dont know this - at the time, would this be used in a civil case at court? Also the letters seen are unpleasant, latest letter mentions tortious actions. Any advice would be appreciated. Not sure whether to advise my friend just to pay the £50 or keep going with not paying. Thanks
  11. It seems that a redirection service did not come into operation as planned and a letter about ESA was not forwarded. ESA has been stopped. CAB say that the only thing to do is to appeal and that no other benefits will be available. Single mother of two boys aged 13 and 16. Living in privately rented house. Only been there for six weeks after moving from another in a different town. Been on ESA for three years.
  12. Full story :- http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/d9a294e2-fde7-11e3-acf8-00144feab7de.html#axzz362aCuOiZ
  13. Hi All, I have recently been getting emails from MMF to my works email address, No Phone Calls or Texts and then yesterday I got two letters yesterday from them dated 12th and 15th of this month threatening a doorstep visit. I have read the various threads on here and have no worry's whatsoever that they will turn up on my doorstep. They state they are trying to collect for a PaydayUK loan I had out sometime in 2008 which I never repaid as I lost my job and spent about 6 months on Jobseekers Allowance prior to finding work again. I have checked Noddle and there is no mention of PaydayUK or MMF so I'm guessing the debt is now Statute Barred. My Question is do I just ignore them (They do not appear to have my phone number) and it seems to have taken them a couple of months to find my address) or do I send them the Statute Barred Letter? I have no way of knowing if the 6 year period has passed as I no longer have access to my bank records from that period but the fact it is not my my CRA makes me feel confident the 6 years have passed.
  14. Hi, I am receiving threatening letters from Wescot about an unpaid bill for YourMove of £288.00 I have now paid this debt to YourMove, but Wescot are chasing me for the whole debt including an extra £41.55, making a total of £329.55. I have phoned them and explained i never received the original letter as it went to my solicitors and i never received it. I said i would pay the £288 to YourMove as i did not receive the original letter for the debt. Now they are still chasing me for the full amount. I think i need a letter of some description saying i have paid the amount up, but cannot find a template to word this correctly. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  15. Since last month I start receiving letters from Lowell Financial claiming that bought my debt, which I had with one of the high street retailers. I assumed it was fully paid by direct debit ,whilst I was living abroad. Lowell have asked me to contact them and make payment or arrange instalments which I ignored at first , but recently I received letter stating that there was already CCJ obtained over 4 years ago and if I dont contact them , they will obtain a copy of my file from credit ref agency. That will help them to decide what action to take and that my file will inform them of my current situation as well as highlighting if I am home owner. Once they asses my situation, they will send my account to Hamptoms legal ( a litigation team ) which will act upon Lowell recommendations. Those could be to ask Court to enforce the Ccj by : attachment of earnings - deduction from salary, bailiffs vists or charging order against property. If they bought the debt from the reatailer, then that must have been a around £ 100 , which now amounted to thousand pounds, which I'm unable to pay. The last payment of the debt would be in May 2009, so just over 5 years ago. Can anyone advice please on what I can do? I am also concerned that my ex husband could have left behind unpaid loan, which Lowell may have already details of. Can I also say, that the letters are addressed to my current address but by married surname, which I don't use for the last 3 years. Can anyone advice what I can do, would very much appreciate any help as not necessary can afford legal advice at present.
  16. After being in work and working as a temp, this Feb/March, I have had a flare up of Lupus and was signed off work so had to give up on the assignment, I let the agency know and sais that I would be back in touch when I was fit for work. I was claiming ESA up to 23rd May and then did, what was supposed to be a rapid ESA to JSA, anyway, all this has gone belly up and I have had 2 letters saying that I wasn't entitled because of contributions, which is nonsence, then they said I was entitled and I got a text confirming this, they paid a months JSA into my account and then on Saturday I got a letter from my local Job Centre to say that they are unsure that I am entitled to claim as I left my previous employment voluntarily. With the letter it said that I MUST read a particular leaflet, which wasn't in there. I am furious. I have always worked, and I was signed off with a Lupus flare, luckily i kept scans of the sick note, Anybody have any advice as to what I do now please? Right, the Leaflet that they said I MUST READ (it was in capitals on the letter), was ESL48, but it wasnt enclosed.
  17. Hello everyone, this is my first post here although I have been a visitor to this site for a very long time and have made much use of the fantastic advise given. I've tried giving a bit of background without boring you! Last week I received a claim form through the court from the council for a debt of school dinner money from last year. This came totally out of the blue, it's the first I have ever heard of any money I owe on school dinners so I've been on to the school to get figures from them to begin with. The first issue I have is that the claim form stated that 'despite repeated requests by the claimant via letter, invoice and letters before action, and similar requests by the claimants recovery agents, the balance remains unpaid. The defendant has not provided any reasons for non payment.' I can honestly say that I have not seen anything about the debt from anyone! The school normally sends a reminder if we are 2 weeks in arrears and I think I've had one of those a long time ago, but I paid what i owed and didn't hear anything else about it. Now, I've been onto Jacobs and asked to be provided with details of the letters they had sent. I was told that wasn't possible as the case had been closed. I was then told that a bailiff had also called round to my house and left a card when there was no answer. Then today, I have received copies of all the letters supposedly sent by Jacobs, all dated 19.10.12 with a note stating that copies of the originals could not be sent but provided a list of the dates the originals were sent. Also a copy of the letter supposedly left by the bailiff. I'll say it again, I have never seen these letters before. Also, the date the bailiff supposedly called was Easter Saturday, we had visitors staying and there were at least 3 people in my house at any one time all that day and we didn't have anyone knocking the door or any letters/cards left. The woman at Jacobs said the bailiff would have had a GPS pen or something that would position him at my house at the time stated but to see that information I would have to pay £10. I'm sure that mistakes have been made. The claim covers 2 periods of supposedly non payment of dinner money. The second time was for the term before summer. I must have known I owed the money because I made a payment online during the first week of september. The council said they sent a letter telling me I owed them that exact amount a few days later. I didn't see any such letter. I have my bank statement proving I made the payment yet they are trying to put it on this claim form! Sorry for the in depth rant, what I really want to know is what to do about the letters supposedly sent by Jacobs. I really don't think they were ever sent but I don't know how I could prove it. Can anyone give advice please?
  18. Hi i got a letter from restons solicitors a couple of days ago asking for 348 pounds for a debt ive never heard off. i send them the prove it letter, they write back saying weve seen this type of letter before and its not legally binding... ...so they say were going to issue legal proceeding now ...im thinking this is just a scare tactic, i mean how can they take me to court for a debt ive never acknowledged, have no details and they dont provide any... .are they for real... Can anyone advise with a suitable reply please. The debt has no dates or details jus says "arrow global guernsey ltd". ...never heard of them...... Thanks in advance.... Cheers jiggy
  19. I've got myself into a bit of a mess and would like some advice please. A number of years ago I started a DMP with stepchange (before they were stepchange, I can't remember what the name was. Cccs?) due to my own failings after paying it for a few years I'd changed bank accounts, and completely overlooked it. As my other contact details had all changed they couldn't get into contact with me, and I thought I was still paying it. Stupidly, I then acrued another two debts after a disastrous relationship, one being with capital one. I realised I wasn't paying into my DMP, and restarted it, adding the new debts to it. I have continued paying it, sent new letters to all creditors. Capital one passed the debt to Fredricksons who sent me daily letters saying I must phone them or log into their site. I tried registering on it but it just told me to phone them! I posted them a letter saying I am on a DMP as capital one were aware, so I've now got a letter from Bryan carter saying they are acting on behalf of Fredricksons, my capital one debt is going to increase by a third iftheytake me to court etc. What do I do? I have been offered a small sum of money to try and do a f&f, but it's not the amount they want and as it's a reasonably recent debt I'm assuming they'd decline. I wouldn't be able to attend court if it got that far as I work full time and I would be unable to have time off, so I'm keen not to let it get to that. Who owns my debt now, and what is best for me to do? I'm assuming continue as stepchange advise and just keep sending them DMP letters but I really don't want bailiffs or court. I know it's my own fault, I completely accept that, and I've changed everything in my life so that I won't even consider borrowing again.
  20. Dear all, my income has been declining for many years, and I have struggled with self-assessment tax bills that relate to previous years when I was earning more. I got my accounts for 2012/13 and paid what I could in July (1st payment on account) - but with £500 left outstanding. I thought I might be able to pay 2 or 3 months late - there will be no penalty as I got the return in, and they have stated the interest is 4p a day. But they sent a letter on Aug 28th reminding me to pay. Then on September 10th they sent another letter reminding me, now saying debt collectors might become involved - only 2 weeks after the first reminder. I think I'll have the money in about a month's time. So I'm trying to just let it ride and let them stamp their tiny feet in the meanwhile. Has anyone else managed to fend these people off for a few months?
  21. Hi All, Theirs took the biscuit, they might as well have wirtten: "Hi, We're tryng to get your money for no reason! Bye!" They are chasing payment on an account that I cannot recall from the last 6 years so its either non existent or statue barred. The letter is the same as others I've read so already done the "Do One" letter asking for proof of the original credit agreement with a £1.00. Whenever I write these letter I find it helpful listening to The Pretender by the Foo Fighters, great for writing angry letters! Will post with what laughable crap they send back.
  22. hi there I am getting letters from the above 2 so far - saying they are attempting to contact the above named (me) at this address etc etc etc In the subject matter it says Not Known/ Gone away which I know is normally on a creditors note on a credit file if the address hasn't been up dated so Im guessing theyre after me for something I just don't know what - My credit rating says excellent - although there are defaults on there but these are being paid through a DMP Do I answer the letter - the LAST thing I want is a CCJ now that IVe managed to clear up my rating I wont phone them but there is an email address - I don't want to ignore and then have something blow up in my face!!! Any advice please?
  23. Having received, out of the blue, a fine from Highview parking in November 2013, I emailed them back the following... I am furious to receive this letter.. I am a law abiding, senior citizen and always park and pay correctly... There were 3 adults and a small child in the car. .We all are astounded that you have the cheek to send us this bill... The time clocked on us entering the site, does not take into account the 5 or 6 minutes after that, trying to find an 'all day' parking space in the underground part of the car park. .We could not find anywhere. We waited a few minutes for a Lady to pack her car with her shopping, hoping to take her spot, but she then said she was not going so we had wasted all that time.. .and then, emerging up to the ground level parking, there was still no where empty.. We finally saw a spot near some rubbish but again had to wait for a young couple with a pushchair to get out of their car and shut their doors before we could park next to them... When we were all ready to go, with my little great granddaughter in her pram, I went and bought a 3 hour parking ticket. ..You should have taken the time from that ticket, not when we entered the site. .There must have been at least 12 or 13 minutes of wasted time. In fact, we nearly went to another car park as we were fed up with waiting to find a spare spot. Please bear in mind, there were 3 adults in this car and we all know the truth. .We did pay for all our parking time and in fact, were back at the car about 4 minutes early... Please take all this into account and do the correct thing in cancelling this charge. I have no intention of paying something that is so unjust. We have used this car park many times before with no trouble at all. BUT NEVER AGAIN AND I WILL TELL ALL MY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.. I await your reply.. I am still getting more letters with the price going up. I do not know who owns the land where the car park is.... ..What should I do. This is such a worry as I am not used to being treated like this...
  24. Hi all I have been dealing with this old ladies debts for 5 months, when I sent in a CCA request 17/01/2014 this was not forthcoming, a letter was sent in requesting them to write off the debt off, due to being uncollectable due to no spare money,Also a complaint was sent in last week for failing to supply the requested CCA. I was very surprised to have a letter back so soon, stating a zero balance was now due. This is the quickest that I have ever known a DCA to do as much so all in all just 3 letters for this debt and success in record time.. The DCA was Robinson Way.
  25. can anyone help please my brother has been recieving demanding letters and phone calls from one call insurance for almost three years . my brother suffers with mental health and this is causing him a lot of upset . he took out car insurance with monthly payments and was late with his payment when one call insurance rang him demanding the payment my brother explained to the lady that he needed two more days before he would have the money to pay them but she demanded she wanted it there and then over the phone as he did not have the funds to do this she told him she was cancelling his insurance , my brother told her if she cancelled it they would get no more money from him ever since this happened they have been demanding 273.00 from him he has just recieved a letter saying they will take him to court if he does not set up payments but the court form does not look official iof my brother goes to court has he any chance of getting this money squashed
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