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Found 165 results

  1. I am just wondering if anyone has had the annual benefit uprating letter yet? I know that the benefits aren't really going up but the letter is useful for as more up to date proof of my being on ESA for the dentist and such. I normally have mine by now going by other years but this year still nothing although I do think others (from what I read online) have been getting them.
  2. I want to start out by saying this court fine refers back to an offence I was arrested and charged for in late 2012, Back then I was up my head in debt and i was gambling every penny I had. Step forward to 2016, I am now a gambler in recovery after attending rehab and back on the straight and narrow working as a Web Developer. Several years back when I was given my fine by oxford magistrates court I was also given 50 hours worth of unpaid work which I had no intention of doing, was breached and sent to 6 Months as Her Majesty's Pleasure, While inside I managed to apply for a space in a rehab at the other side of a country and when I was released I went directly to the residential rehab and undergo treatment to get to me where i am today. From the legal advice at the time I was advised that the court would be wiped when I was re-sentenced and that was the last I heard of the fine until the 4th Jan this year. I had received a letter from Marson's Group letting me know that I had until the 14th to either pay in full or sign up onto there payment plan and with their fee's - the debt was now £4015.57 Given no choice I signed up to their (ONLY) payment plan which consisted of a first payment of £1204.57 then 6 WEEKLY not monthly WEEKLY payments of £468.51, I tried to get some advice and everything I was told was to pay it as quick as i could and I needed to get it under the £1500 mark as they threatened to add £235 + 7.5% in fees there is currently £1370 left to pay the final payment on the 16th of feb which will turn out to be £430 i cannot afford until I next get paid on the last day of the month. I've tried speaking to marstons regarding this and they tell me that if i don't keep to the plan that they will move it to the enforcement stage and add fees, I can't help but think these guys just want me to fail so they are able to collect more money off me. I have no clue what to do or where I stand / how i can get an extra 10 days between when my last payment is due and i can pay it. Help me please CAG
  3. Hello good people of the CAG. I have just arrived home from Uni and found 7 letters from a company called Debt Recovery Plus Ltd, each letter demanding £150 for unpaid parking charges. These charges span a period between 16/10/15 - 06/11/15. I called the company to dispute the charges as the ticket machine has been out of order (It is still not working!) and the lady at the car park who checks to see if people have payed and displayed told me to place a note in my windscreen stating that the machine is out of order and I'll not get a fine. DRP told me on the phone that I cannot appeal as I'm am out of the appeal period. I didn't receive any letters from the company that issued the original charges (LDK Security Group Ltd) so this is the first I know about them. Was the guy from DRP correct in informing me that I cannot appeal? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Paul. Update: I have just visited LDK Security group website in search for proof of parking violation and apparently there should have been a note stuck to my car with a reference number on it. This has not been the case.
  4. Hi there everyone I would really appreciate a response as I a unsure what action to take next. I paid an upfront yearly fee to DL last July and verbally agreed that it was for just a year. I was away on holiday during the end of June and began getting phone-calls. When I arrived home I had a letter saying I owed 87.50. I phoned DL and explained this was incorrect as it had been agreed I was only joining for a year. They inisisted I pay and I disputed. I ended in some email ping pong - during the last one I requested a copy of my personal contract (I am well aware this is not filled in correctly with boxes not being ticked and a comment FINAL AMOUNT OWED £..... as well as no date next to the signatures). It is incomplete. I received an email back from DL last Thursday saing they were looking in the archives for my contract?? and would be in touch. I heard nothing and assumed they had misplaced it and hoped that was the end of it! This morning I got a phonecall from a mobile number - I unfortunately picked it up and it was ARC. They insisited on me giving information which I refused, I didn't realise they were calling about DL initially. They told me I had to pay the money immediately as I was in debt. I told them that infact DL were incorrect and I was awaiting my contract. I asked them not to call again. The post has now arrived and I have a letter from ARC saying I owe 377 pounds. I will not pay on principle as DL are wrong and I owe no money. I am quite able to cancel membership in the time period required. My questions are Do I reply to the letter from ARC or ignore?, if yes what would be the best response? Is there any legal action I can take re harassment? Thanks so much in advance I appreciate any advice. Best wishes x
  5. Hi Folks, I changed supplier 2 months or so ago, savings will be huge in the long term - £60pm. As soon as I recieved a letter confirming the change over, I logged onto swalec to see how my account stood. I was in credit for electricity but in arrears for gas. Overall the debt stands at £200 ish., don't dispute this. I contacted swalec immediately asking if I could repay the debt over a long time as I was broke, and needed to sort out my overdraft etc before I could make payments. Told them they could transfer the electricity credit to the gas account. Initial response was ok they offered either £17/12 mth or £9 over 24mth. Replied saying I needed time before I could decide how much I could pay, need to avoid bank charges etc. On the 18th November I received an email which really annoyed me as I had been in contact with swalec and they are aware of my situation:- "We're concerned about your Final Bill which is unpaid. Most of our customers would have paid by now, so we need to know if there is a problem or if you need more time." Since then there have been numerous emails/letters and I have replied stating that I wished all future contact to be in writing only. On the 29th December they emailed saying that they would need to speak to me to arrange a payment plan. Replied saying that I have health issues and cannot deal with stressful matters over the phone, again asked that all communication be in writing. Email recieved saying that unless the bill is paid within 7 days, they will instruct debt collectors, and will add a 15% recovery fee to my account. Can they do this?. Latest email asks for very personal information I believe thay have no right to ask for:- I have reviewed this account and can see from the notes on your account that you have contacted us regarding this matter on at least 4 occasions to date. Due to this, I have raised a complaint on your account in order to come to a suitable resolution as quickly as possible. I have reviewed your account in details with my manager and we would like to refer this for further assistance to a specialist department, with the view to clear the debt amount outstanding if possible. In order to do this I will need to create a case for you. To help me do this, I would very much appreciate your assistance. At your earliest convieiniance, can you please confirm: - The total household income. - Details of all benefits you are in receipt of. - Details of any health concerns you currently have. - Any other information that may assist me in building a case to clear this balance. Please could you call me within the next three working days (by 8 January) to confirm the above information. Please be aware that without this information I am unable to take this matter further for you. If I don’t hear from you by then, I may send you up to two further letters asking you to contact me. We’ll not contact you about the arrears on your account until that date or until we’ve heard from you (whichever is the earlier). If you’d like to read our full complaint handling procedure you can search for ‘complaints procedure’ on our website, or ask us to send you a paper copy free of charge. I look forward to hearing from your as soon as possible and will ensure I give this matter my utmost attention. I have replied asking for details of the "specialist department", and told them I will not call them. As I have advised swalec it's going to be a few months before I can pay, and I can only assume that things are going to get worse. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Wooks
  6. Thank you to anybody who decides to help. My family are having money problems and despite never doing it before, I for some reason decided to slip some cosmetics into my pockets. I had made my way out of the store when a security guard had stopped me and brought me into a security room at the back of Boots. the police man was there and gone and nobody had really explained anything to me. I asked the security guard what to expect and she said that I would be banned from Boots, they would take my photo for the Retail Crime Operation, in which i would be banned from all the shops also under it for 12 months. They also gave me a notice of Intended Civil Recovery from RLP and said to expect a letter regarding what I need to pay. I signed something accepting the 12 month ban and was sent on my way. I am really seeking advice/info on what to expect, whether this can affect me in any other way, the likelihood of how long RLP will badger me or if they will take me to court. Please help!
  7. Here is a possible pensions [problem] for you to be wary of, as reported to me by Independent reader Derek Croft. He recently received two letters. The first was from the Pension Service about the upcoming winter fuel payment. In the same post but in a separate envelope was a second letter apparently from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). "Although the address of the two organisations was exactly the same, the second letter had a standard landline telephone number beginning 01282," Derek said. The number stood out because he had noticed that most official departments use an 0845 or 0345 number. But there was another reason for Derek suspecting not all was right with the second letter. "It was on cheaper paper, the logo was badly printed and, more importantly, it was requesting information I would never willingly release such as bank sort codes and account numbers, partner's date of birth and the first two and last three digits of both our national insurance numbers." The DWP letter also claimed: "We are contacting you to confirm the information we hold. It is important that you reply within fourteen days". It's a good job Derek was so observant and on his guard. He did call the 01282 number, only to hear a rather badly recorded message asking for his phone number and advising him to await a call back. When he told the Pension Service, it told him to ignore the second letter. It was undoubtedly a [problem]. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pension-[problem]s-letter-from-dwp-turned-out-fake-simon-read
  8. Hi guys I've just received a "Letter Of Claim" from Bryan Carter solicitors regarding 2 debts, 1 is an old catalogue debt and the other is from Orange. they have been instructed by Fredrickson international on behalf of our client Lowell Financial regarding a shop direct account/three mobil account, to commence legal action against me in the county court in respect of this debt. They have given me 14 days to respond or a Claim will be issued against me without further notice. Both debts are from early 2010 and the last payments where around June 2010. Shop direct is £477.08 and the Three mobile is £258.49 What's the next step to this, is there any letters that I should be sending them regarding proof of the debt etc. Thanks Mitsy
  9. Hi everyone, Last year in december 2014 i recieved a parking ticket in london (Tower Hamletts). I was a vistitor in this area staying at my friends for the day so i was told i could leave my car parked in front of the flat in the parking area. When i went to get my car the next morning i had a ticket on the windscreen saying i did not have permission to park in that area. I contacted Tower Hamletts via email and explained i was staying at a friends house that night they replied asking if i spoke to security during my stay about the ticket. I explained i did try to but was unsuccessful both times i went to speak to someone as there was no-one there (first time i was told to come back the next day to speak with security as no-one from security was working that day but there woul be someone there the next day however when i returned the next day again no-one from security was working). After this i received no reply from Tower Hamletts. in september 2015 i received a letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd claiming they had tried calling my phone and knocking my door however i had no missed calls or anyone knocking the door that day as i had been home all week with someone always at home. I did not take any action and i did not recieve any other letters yesterday giving me a 24 hour notice reading "REMOVAL NOTICE" "I have attended your property to collect the sum outstanding of £xxx.xx (inclusive of fees and costs, on behalf of the above named client) or remove your goods for sale at public auction. If i fail to receive contact to make arrangements for the collection of the above balance, i will return at a time convenient to me. You do not need to be at the property for me to remove your goods To avoid further action, contact me on xxxxxxxxxxx" When this letter came no-one had knocked the door besides the postman. Please advice me on what to do next. Do i need to pay them? I have no goods or job as i am a student.
  10. Hi, can anyone help please? I took out a one year membership with Xercise 4 Less gym last year but didn't really use it so decided to cancel after about 11 months. I cancelled my direct debit but, didn't contact Xercise 4 Less to cancel my membership (which I now realise was a bit silly!) but I only had a month to go so figured that when my direct debit didn't go through they would just cancel my membership. I had no contact from Xercise 4 Less to query why my direct debit wasn't going through or if I wanted to continue my membership, so I assumed all was fine. However about 3 months later I get a letter, dated 29 July, from CRS Credit Resolution Services saying that "We've been employed by Xercise 4 Less as your membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to you." (which I did NOT receive) "As a result of this, our fees of £102.50 have been added. Therefore, your account balance now stands at £207.47". I then e.mailed Xercise 4 Less giving them notice that I wished to cancel my membership with immediate effect as I was under the impression that it would end automatically at the end of the 12 month period. My contract with Xercise 4 Less was for £9.99 a month so even if my contract continued after the initial 12 months until I gave them written notice of cancellation, the maximum I could owe them would be 3 months membership totaling £29.97 so how they came to the figure of £207.27 I do not know! I also understood from other threads on this forum that CRS's fees were penalty charges and so not enforceable by law, so I decided to wait for a response from Xercise 4 Less and ignore the letter from CRS. I had no response from Xercise 4 Less to my cancellation e.mail and I then received another letter dated 19th August from CRS threatening Legal Action, or passing to a Debt Collection Agency if I did not contact them within 10 days to arrange payment. Again I ignored this letter. I was then out of the country for a couple of weeks at the beginning of September but when I got back there was another letter from CRS dated 10 September saying that if they did not here from me in 10 days they would pass my account balance to Zinc Group Ltd "one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions". As I only read the letter when I got back to the UK yesterday, the 10 period is almost up. In between these letters I have also had various texts and automated phone messages asking me to get in touch with CRS. A few days ago I also had an apparently automated email response from Xercise 4 less, to my cancellation e.mail (which I sent back at the end of July!) simply saying that they had received my email and would deal with my query shortly. I am happy to offer to pay the one month's membership fee for the last month on my 12 month contract or even, at a push the 3 months' membership up to the point of my cancellation e.mail but I really don't think I should pay CRS's fees as they seem extortionate to me just for writing a few letters, and as I understand it they are not enforcable in law, and these companies just try to scare people into paying them lots of money. Please could anyone advise me on where I stand with all this and what the best course of action would be for me to take. Any advise and help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance Stuart
  11. Hi, I have read numerous threads on the firm Palmer Biggs Legal, but still unsure what to do or how to proceed with a response as their tactics seem quiet forceful and also unreasonable with regards to costs asked for etc. I run a very small, loss making Ltd company, which specialise in aftermarket parts for BMW. The site is of our own design however as we specialise in the BMW brand, we did use a resemblance of the BMW logo as a favicon for example in our URL, an some of our replacement parts are supplied with separate BMW logos as they are required to complete the look of the complex replacement part. They claim as the photos of some of our products have trademarked logos on them we are IP infringement and that also customers could be confused to the original source of the parts i.e. they are genuine. I feel this hard to believe as the parts we sell are not even offered by BMW in the first place (we offer replacement parts but in different colour to OEM parts). However, the OEM part has a BMW logo them, which we need to supply in order to provide a good replacement. We have assumed that when we acquired the badges that accompany a few of our products that the supplier had rights to the logo etc. There was never as conversation about IP infringement when purchasing the badges. However, the badges have now been removed as we haven't sold any for over a year or more and also to save future headaches. I must stress that we do not manufacture any of the products or the badges, custom or replacement that are supplied with a very few of the parts that we believe are required in order to complete the look of the replacement part. Nor do we claim anywhere on the site that parts are genuine or affiliated with BMW. We received the original letter over a month ago asking for costs of over £1000, which included the firms research (basically screening shots of the site) and asking we sign their agreement etc and disclose stock, profits and suppliers etc. Reading advise on the forum , I did not engage with Palmer Biggs bit did contact BMW directly as I have nothing to hide and the also firm had made some mistakes on their original letter, which made me feel that the letter could be a fake or not a genuine. I was told by BMW that the firm does represent them for IP infringement and that I should do what they say etc. I also received a letter from Palmer Biggs with a photocopy of a letter, which implies they do represent the BMW group. Today I received another letter from the firm informing me that as we have not formally responded their client is looking to escalate proceedings if i do not sign their agreement with a daft court letter with Palmer Biggs claiming up to £15,000 in costs and damages on behalf of BMW. Considering we have not sold many of the items they originally highlighted for over a year on the site and we are a company operating at loss can they really claim that amount? I'm unsure of how to respond, they have given 7 days to reply. Advice would be appreciated.
  12. Hi, I have read a few of the threads regarding npower so I know how incompetent they can be. I will outline my problem in the hope someone can advise: During 2012 and 2013 I had to contact npower a few times because they did things like send me three letters on the same day saying I was variously in credit by £75, £391 and £1078. I pay by direct debit and have always been in credit but I called and told them I thought their administration of my account left a lot to be desired. I have also put through meter readings by phone which on occasion have been ignored and I have had to waste time on the telephone with them. Their meter reader also misread the meter on one occasion and I received a bill for well over a £1000 - so more phone calls necessary. On to the basis of my complaint: My average annual gas and elec bills total £1500 and I normally paid between £115-£145 a month. Inexplicably (and without notifying me) they reduced my monthly DD in June 2014 to £57. I called more than once and told them this couldn't possibly cover my bills but was "assured" they knew what they were doing. They didn't raise it until January 2015, and then only to £93. I decided it would be a good idea to switch suppliers, which I did in April this year and cancelled my DD to npower once I had received all the letters saying the switch was complete. I then received bills totalling £258 for gas and elec. I completed npower's online form in May, saying how annoyed I was as I had always previously been in credit and it was their mismanagement of my account that led to this debt. I then wrote to them in June (Peterlee address) detailing my complaints about their service and suggesting that my preferred outcome to my complaint would be for them to accept some responsibility and accept a payment of 50% of the total from me. Since then I have written two further letters, one of which was returned "addressee gone away"! I have also sent several emails and keep telling them all I want is a letter, replying sequentially to the points raised in my original letter. I have now received three emails from them, all of which simply detail my bill and don't attempt to address the issues I've raised apart from explaining that they do a mid term assessment and raise or lower DDs as necessary. Well their assessment in my case was way out! I have also received 8 bill reminders and 4 letters from Debt Managers Services Ltd. I have emailed DMS but, surprise surprise, have received no response. Last week I received an email from Mark Howe, Head of Customer Service, which is as useless as all the other emails. He has, however, 'taken the opportunity to raise a complaint' on my behalf and given me a complaints number. But my complaint, with a different number, has been open now for 16 weeks! In his email he says he has opened a complaint but also says the account has been passed to Debt Managers and the collection process will continue until I pay up. This new complaint will apparently stay open for 10 days. He also thinks 'it would be great' if I could set up a payment plan. Totally unprofessional language and I think part of the problem is when npower does bother to reply they are only replying to my latest email - no-one is looking at all the communications from me. So, questions: 1) Surely npower should suspend collection letters and demands for payment until the complaint is concluded? 2) Is it worth going to OFGEM? Previous threads suggest not? 3) I am thinking of writing again and telling npower I am going to claim compensation for their inability to manage their own complaints procedure which is causing me undue stress and taking a great deal of my time. What do you think? I should say I don't need a payment plan and could just pay the bill, but I feel they are treating me like dirt and their incompetence is absolutely astounding! Thanks for reading.
  13. My girlfriend had a number of debts from 2008 and before. She totally ignored them and didn't know what to do and how to go about addressing any of it. Thanks to some very helpful information from this forum - we sent SARs and got back lots of information in 2012. We decided to "sit tight" with everything and wait things out until they became statute barred. As far as I can tell (having waded through the reems of information sent back) they are statute barred now (no payments made in 6 years +).. .with the last one to become so next month - July 2015. This one is still showing on credit record though (only checked noddle recently) - what do we need to do to get it removed as soon as the 6 years from default date arrives? As soon as this hits 6 years - is it worth signing up to Equifax, Experian, (any others?) and reviewing all information on them and ringing / writing to them all to as accounts are removed if over 6 years? Etc? She also was receiving various demand letters from different debt collection companies from about 2009-2013 and early 2014, but this has all dried up now with nothing recieved in over a year. Is it worth sending some kind of letter to any of the companies now to state that no contact should be made again as debts are all statute barrred , or can this just be left as it is now and all paperwork saved in case of future contact?
  14. Hi all Firstly apologies this is my first time posting, have had a good look around the site and am very impressed. I've been able to kind of answer my question by studying other posts here but would appreciate peoples opinions if they have time. I defaulted on a HSBC current account that was overdrawn in September 2009. The amount was approx. £4000 and was mostly unfair charges from the bank. I did attempt reclaiming charges prior to default but in the end just gave up, cowardly I know. Since 2009 I've moved addresses a few times and had letters from Compello Group chasing this matter up. Until now I've just ignored everything (possibly a stupid idea) Lately the letters have been coming from MKDP arm of Compello and the latest one looks a little more serious. Its a fishing letter no mistake "We have undertaken further investigation using Credit Reference Agencies in addition to other reliable databases and understand you reside at this address" goes on to say about an instruction to pre-legal department and if the matter proceeds possible CCJ, Balliffs or Attachment of Earnings. The matter would be Statute Barred by my calculation later this year (September 2015), but have read on here firms like MKDP go for a CCJ to prevent it becoming SB ? Should I go for it with the SAR, CCA letters do you think ? Or am I just entering a big next of vipers ?! Thanks folks
  15. I am getting letters from Lowell about an alleged debt that is now well and truly statue barred - doesn't appear on my records and is well over 6 years old. The Lowell letter states at the bottom I object to them wasting paper on this nonsense, I do not acknowledge any debt and will never pay them a penny. Do I have any legal right to tell them to sod off and make them stop sending me these letters? ps: they are generously offering me a 75% discount on the 'debt'.
  16. Hi, I have discovered today that the DWP and/or Atos have sent some letters to the wrong address- two appointment letters and a copy of a PIP assessment report. All 3 (and possibly others) were sent to the wrong house number, about 30 houses down. However other letters, such as the PIP decision, did come to the right address. I only found out about this because the person who received the report asked my neighbour if they recognised the name on the assessment report! What is the most effective way to complain about this? I am currently going to tribunal about the PIP decision, but think this is a separate issue as the letters going astray has not affected the decision maker's reasoning in any way. However, it did mean that my assessment was not recorded, as I only found out about the appointment a couple of weeks before the date when I called for an update. There was no time to arrange recording then and I decided not to put off the assessment as I had already waited ten months for a date. If the assessment had been recorded, I would not be going to tribunal now, as the assessor would not have been able to get away with writing an extremely inaccurate report. Additionally, if I hadn't called Atos to find out what was taking so long, I wouldn't have known about the appointment, missed it and presumably been thrown out of the system. So this definitely needs to be dealt with properly.
  17. I read some of the posts here, I recently received a letter from this company named Wiiien, CSA. The said they were attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter. If i could help them maybe find this person then call a number that provided. What should I do? should I reply or call the number? should I ignore? Like one person on here said they had lots of mail and even someone at the door. i live with an elderly aunt and i dont want doggy people calling to the door and scaring her, what should I do? can I do?
  18. Hi. I am currently going through with a DRO (debt relief order) and it's taking longer than I would wish, plus the guy from Citz Advice is not really helping at all. I get back tonight and 2 letters. One is from Collectica, saying I now owe them £215, £140 of the remainder of the fine and £75 for their BS fees. I have been paying this weekly, missed a week here and there but generally up to date, it was for a motor fine with courts. This is not in the DRO as fines can not go in dro. However the 2nd letter is off CCS Collect. Saying I owe upto £300 for variou HMRC stuff. This fine is in DRO. They have 'threatened' with action if I do not pay them etc. They say 'our clent hmrc has authed us to recover full amount due. we regret that if no payment in 7 days or an offer to pay etc we will advice cliebnt to litigate amount due with court costs and court fees. This is in the DRO so what's going on? Can anyone shed light on these 2? I have been working in the library on new business ideas all day and the last thing I want to come home to is this ****!
  19. I'm after a bit of help, I have slowly but surely sorted out my debts and most of the companies are playing fair and agreeing to my £1 per month payment offers.. ..however I have a problem with Freemans Catalogue, I have sent 2 letters to them explaining my circumstances have changed and offer of payment, both sent recorded delivery and as to date had nothing back of them except another default notice, in the default notice they say the £230 debt will be passed onto a dca which doesn't worry me just annoying they will not respond to any letters and this can be resolved... .all letters have been issued recorded and a cca has been applied for but nothing received and well past the 12+2 days have passed so what would you do next? Thanks all.
  20. Relative debt of which I have tried to help with. Original debt £5012 when Cabot took over in 2004 with what I think is a flimsy Assignment, debt now at at £11,216. Cabot were paid each and every month at £25 up until last year when a SARS request was sent to them (not to be confused with a cca request which has never been requested of them) . They responded to the SARS, they were then sent a further letter asking if all that was contained in the SARS was all that they had and nothing more. They responded saying yes it was....Which then clearly demonstrated that Cabot are quite good at constructing documents as some of the letters from them enclosed in the SARS were not the letters sent by them of which the relative has the hard copies of. A request was made to Cabot to remove all interest payments added by them but they responded saying that they had reviewed the account and it was clear that there was a poor payment record with them and they referred to a letter they sent a few years earlier warning interest was to be added. They also stated that under the terms of the original agreement they were entitled to add interest...No agreement at that point had been sent and was not included in the SARS . We reminded them that no agreement between Cabot and my relative existed. At the same time as this we also pointed out that they'd actually sent letters agreeing to continue the payments being made and that no interest was being applied...In all in over and with 60 possible payments to cabot and just prior to SARS request 59 payments had been made, no gaps. No request has ever been made to Cabot for a copy of the original credit agreement but then on June 3rd 2011 they sent a copy of what they are saying is an original credit agreement, along with a copy of what looks like the CCA 1974 (card taken out in 96) and also the terms and condtions of the card... Upon a closer look at the alleged 'agreement' it gives the relatives details at the time (job/income) and what looks like their signature but it only says 'Priority Request Form Credit Agreement Regulated by the Consumer credit Act 1974 To the left of the details it says 'How to request your card . To accept our invitation please complete the Priorty Request Form Cabot also enclosed a letter headed Information under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and saying 'Further to your request please find all of the relevant information following your request for information under section 77-78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. They also state a paragraph down that 'As we have now complied with your request for information we are able to enforce the credit agreement' Am I right to assume that this does not represent a credit agreement? The page where my relatives signature is has no relevant interest or terms/details etc. At the same time as this Cabot have also enclosed a statement of sorts re the debt since they took over (also contained in the SARS and updated ..on one hand they're saying they've now complied with a request for a cca (never made) but on the other hand they've continued adding interest..which if they considered the account to be in dispute since the the supposed CCA request then they shouldn't be adding interest? ? Go figure...we did point out in oprevious correspondence that no credit agreement request has ever been made to them...which they disregarded obviously. Throughout all of this Cabot were made aware in big bold writing that they person they're attempting to collect a debt from is considered 'vulnerable' and is both registered disabled and had a full time carer...Cabot wanted letters from Doctors but why should we given they quite obviously cannot be trusted with information (false letters in SARs to name but one anomaly) so no documentation from a doctor will be sent to them. There is a letter available from a doctor who wrote 2 years ago to somebody else on behalf of the relative which very clearly outlined his opinion on the vulnerability of the relative...we could have sent them that but I do not trust Cabot with that sort of information. They want to enforce the debt, I dont want to hasten any fires but so far it is my opinion they've acted wholly irresponsibly and possibly illegally where this debt is concerned.. I would SARS MBNA but I dont see what would be gained from it. What if anything should we write to Cabot? They dont seem able to do anything but issue random threats, add stupid amounts of interest to an account that we dont know if it's ever been given a default notice from MBNA and we dont know on what terms they add the interest and right now it appears they've fabricated other information on the account. Lastly, in the terms of the account they've just sent it gives the relatives address that is now....printed in a box....but this address is NOT the one on the Priority Request form and was only added to the account with Cabot 18 months ago...is this illegal for them to do as quite clearly the credit agreement they've sent (after the first prioroty request form) is not consistent with information at the time the agreement would have been taken out and is only a year since it's been added...if you understand that? This to me seems as if Cabot or fabricating agreements....or at least adding an address within it that didn't exist when the agreement was first made in the 90's (repeating myself I know) There is no name on the details added, just the address and the one added 18mths ago.....can they do this? is it legal relevant? or does it help further a claim against Cabot for deliberate meddling and sending out false documentation?
  21. My OH received a 'Confirmed Resident' letter from FPC before christmas in respect of an outstanding debt but no details, asking for payment ? I told her to ignore it, in which she did now she is continuously receiving further letters, this time with a balance outstanding on a debt with Capital One, that she vaguely remembers but not sure how long ago. Does she just ignore them or should she now send the standard DCA letter not acknowledging the debt and requesting the original CCA agreement / Notice of assignment details etc ? even if she sends a letter not acknowledging the debt, will this still be deemed as acknowledging it, if it is possibly statute barred ?
  22. I've received an appointment letter from Ingeus which gives the usual date and time of appointment but underneath has the following:- "Your activities for your next appointment are: Please attend appointment to review your work related activity, alongside providing evidence of job application. During your appointment you will undertake job application activity providing documentary evidence of vacancies applied for during this time." I am aware I am under obligation to provide my job centre adviser with said documentary evidence of job applications each fortnight to be paid my JSA, which I do, but do Ingeus have a right to ask me for the same "documentary evidence" that I provide my job centre adviser each fortnight? Am I under any obligation to provide this "documentary evidence" to Ingeus? Also, at a previous appointment with Ingeus I had a face to face interview with an Ingeus adviser who spent their time typing up what I was saying on the computer, I could see her typing notes into boxes on screen under my name and I was wondering if I have a right to see what is being typed into these boxes?
  23. TL;DR Akinika calling and sending letters about DWP debt that has been repaid. Should I ignore, write and tell them to jog on, or contact DWP? In 1999 I was temporarily homeless, and got a crisis loan for b&b, food e.t.c. Was paying £10 a week back, then lost my job and was on jsa for ~6 weeks, they were taking a few quid a week out to repay the loan. When I got another job, I started paying back £10 a week like before. Last payment was sometime in early 2000. In late 2005, got a letter from DWP saying I still owed £82 and a bit of change. I did my sums and it seemed correct, so I sent a cheque. March 2014, started getting letters from CCS saying I owed DWP £68 for a social fund debt. First few went straight in the shredder, but after the 4th one I wrote back asking for proof. No more letters came. 4 days ago, got a call from Akinika. Refused to confirm any personal info as I didn't have a clue who they were. Now I have a letter from them saying that I owe £68, at the top it says the debt is to CCS, but in the body it says the debt is to DWP. They "intend to arrange a doorstep call by one of [their] home collection division and, with [my] agreement, discuss [my] outstanding account" and I have 72 hours to respond to the letter. They can discuss anything they want with my doorstep, but I don't think it will be much help I searched on here and read the akinika threads, so I'm not actually expecting anybody to roll up, and I know I did right by not discussing it on the phone, but what should my next step be? Do I write back? Contact DWP for clarification? Ignore altogether? I not only want to resolve the situation, but also find out why DWP passed my info to these mouth-breathers without contacting me first. I should point out that I have absolutely no records of either the original loan, or any repayments. I actually did have, but lost everything in the floods last year. No point getting historical bank statements either as I made all the payments at the jobcentre office, except that last cheque, but AFAIK because that was more than 6 years ago, the bank wont be able to provide that info.
  24. Recieved this letter last week from Leeds Losers. Bit naughty making it to look like a council tax letter.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55136[/ATTACH]
  25. Hi All Thanks in advance for any help. My Situation: I left the UK in 2010, and used my MBNA CC in Canada, I think I last made a payment near the end of 2010. I have received a letter (dated 28/11/2014), asking 'What are you able to pay?' from 'Robinson Way' debt collectors sent a letter to my sisters address (sent on to me via my sister), stating that I owe them nearly £3150. It is asking me to work with them to come up with a payment plan, or they may allow you to pay a reduced balance over 3 months (which isn't very likely in my current situation). I have dual British & Canadian citizenship. And have no plans to come back to England in the short or medium term, but I might like to come back to live at some point. Question #1 My sister is upset at receiving these letters at her address, can I get them to stop? We're concerned that this is bad for her family. I've not lived there for over 4.5 years now. Question #2 What is my legal stance here? I'm very dubious about giving a debt collector in the UK my Canadian details. Question #3 What should I do next? What should I say to these debt collectors? I'm not sure they would like my desired payment plan. Thanks again
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