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  1. Morning everyone Back in October Myself and another friend popped into see a friend and drop off/collect some bits and pieces at his flat from a project we working in together. At his estate there are many residents bays for the private owners and housing association residents plus a small area for loading and unloading items as its a fair walk to the flats across the garden if you've got shopping etc As I was just dropping bits off I stopped off in the loading and unloading area which is not at all sign posted, no warnings etc, got on with with seeing my friend whilst chatting on the way out the door a very well known resident who is also very unliked but virtually everyone who lives at the estate burst out the door saying he had photographed my car and was reporting it for not being parked correctly. Minutes later he was messaging my other friend, who was parked next to me for the same amount of time doing the same thing as me (and clearly visible in the photograph as his car is bright yellow!) saying that he won't report his car as he'll give him a bit of leeway but he's reported mine as he doesn't like me (pathetic I know!) esidents at this estate can have an app on their phones for reporting parking issues on behalf of ukcpm There was many a heated conversation about this subject, many people involved and even the management committee for the estate (he's on the residents directors committee) I received a letter from cpm with the photo attached clearly showing both cars etc But this letter said on it a notice had been attached to my car, the appeal date had passed and I had no responded, it's now escalated and cost has increased!! I appealed this anyway outlining the whole story to which ukcpm just sent a standard rejection letter back. I was advised by many other residents to just ignore it, they're not enforceable "fines" and don't worry 6 months on I've had a letter from Debt recovery plus. I've done a fair bit of research and most threads here say ignore and don't pay them but nothing too recent. In the letter they say a landmark court case was won in November 2015 at the Supreme Court which was found in favour of the car park operator after my long story my question is should I be worried? I've got messages, phone calls and a video of the reporting resident having a rant about why he did it etc nd shows clearly in the notice another car next to me that was not reported Just after some advice and opinions really, thanks in advance
  2. Hello Someone was renting my flat and then left. He believes that I have withheld all his deposit (which I did not, only part of it was withheld for damages). He applied to the County Court to recover the monies but the mail was sent to the flat where I no longer live. Consequently I did not receive the letter from the Courts, or I would have challenged the claim. I have just received a Notice of Enforcement followed by a further letter stating that their Enforcement Officer attended my new flat but was unable to meet up with me to discuss payment. They state that as they were unable to recover the full amount, the enforcement of the Writ has escalated to Stage 2. Apparently this is over £3k. I do not even know how this amount has been arrived at as the rent was under £600 per month. What are the options now open to me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cal
  3. I paid them for a couple months via Monthly Standing Orders which i set up, this was after the Debt Management Company I used folded, I then stopped paying all of them recently ... I have just received a true copy of my original CCA from Halifax, back dating to 2001, so will now need to sort a repayment offer with them They are the only 1 from 5 to provide thus far, so tbh i still had a great result This is very true, i assumed info from a company like StepChange would be best i would get, not a mention or suggestion of doing CCA's came from them Sometimes their hands are tied to give certain aspects of advice and as I say CAG was a blessing in disguise when i read what people were saying about making CCA requests I have just received a true copy of my original CCA from Halifax, back dating to 2001, so will now need to sort a repayment offer with them, they are the only 1 from 5 to provide thus far, so tbh i have still had a great result ! Better late than never, very true
  4. Lloyds customers should be on the lookout for a new sophisticated fraud that involves fraudsters sending fake bank letters. The convincing letters being sent are a replica template from Lloyds and include their logo, address and signature from a customer service representative. The letter tells recipients that there have been some “unusual transactions” on their personal account and asks them to call a number highlighted in bold to confirm they are genuine. When victims call the number, an automated welcome message is played and the caller is asked to enter their card number, account number and sort code followed by their date of birth. Victims are then instructed to enter the first and last digit of their security number. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/sophisticated-fraud-involving-convincing-bank-letters-dec16
  5. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  6. I moved into my new flat in June 2015. I called up the TV License people to say I don't need one, which they said is fine, and I just need to call up every 2 years to remind them. I know it's BS and I don't even need to call them, but I thought I would anyway to see what happens. I've now got a generic letter with "Unlicensed property" in bold across the top, and a threat to pay up before 6th of Jan 2016 or they will pass my address to "Bromley Enforcement Division" for "investigation". The letter even says if I don't need one, then to let them know, and they will send someone to check. Why should I have to notify them a second time within 6 months?
  7. Hi ! Spot of advice please. My wife has a balance of £1,172 on her vanquis card, she ran into financial difficulties and subsequently misssed 3 payments. She managed to raise £590.00 (from an insurance payout) and offered that as an ex-gratia payment in full and final settlement. We wrote to Vanquis on February 1st with that offer, and again repeating that offer on February 22nd. they have failed to respond or even acknowledge either letters. We wrote to Impact Collection services with the exact same offer and they too have ignored our letters (all letters have been sent via recorded delivery). Just wondering how best to proceed next. Many thanks.
  8. HI ! ADVICE PLEASE I have a secured loan with the Halifax, currently owing approx £15k Until approx 9months ago, I had no problems with my repayments, which were £176.00 per month. Due to the current economic climate, I found I could not make these payments as I should on a regular basis. I wrote to them explaining my circumstances, using the letter templates on this website and enclosing a budget sheet. I offered them £41.00 per month; to which they refused to accept and told me that they would accept £160.00 per month. I asked them to reconsider and in the meantime, I`m paying them £10.25 per week, I`m still awaiting their response. I have just had an "agent" of theirs at my door - so I told him that I do not discuss such private and confidential matters on the doorstep and that I would only communicate in writing. I then reminded him that since he was on private property uninvited, he should close the gate on his way out. :???::???:What should I do......more to the point, what can the Halifax do:-?:-?:-?:-?
  9. Hi We are currently in dispute with a builder. We have taken all appropriate pre-court action steps and are now at the point of submitting an N1 form to kick off a claim. Could someone tell me if any supporting evidence is supposed to be enclosed with this claim form? Or will this be requested later? We have quite a file of letters and expert reports and we are not sure at what point these come into play. Also, (maybe a silly question but I want to do this right). If there is not enough form for the particulars of the claim in the space provided, can you use this space plus another sheet or are you only supposed to use one or the other i.e. it does give the option of 'attached.' I reaslise these particulars are supposed to be fairly concise. Thanks in advance.
  10. My BF has just received two letters from First Credit, are they phishing ? Should we ignore them ? They were both sent to his old address, we have a redirection set up now for post otherwise we would not have received them. They start by saying: "Let us help you - you can repay **** over a period of time" Each letter goes onto provide details of two Lloyds debts they purchased in November 2013 with the offer to call them or complete forms they enclose to start making payments. As always I appreciate your help and advice.
  11. A strange thread perhaps and why have i written this. Well i have been watching as a couple of people write letters to each other for years. When young i used to write letters to relatives thanking them for birthday presents etc. I watched the person write a letter and was surprised in these days of emails that they get so much pleasure from this practice. Writing a letter,putting it in an envelope,sticking a stamp on it and trotting off to the postbox. And waiting for a reply. Really feel tempted to get my quill out dip it in ink and write a letter to myself. Then i could act like Mr Bean. Excitably open it wondering who it is from. Do any of you out there in web land,consumer land still write letters to friends,family etc. And how long have you communicated with someone this way. I find as i get older for some reason i want to go back to this practice.Do you? Fancy buying a fountain pen, or Quill, blotting paper a writing desk and having a go,do you.? Or do you only communicate this way perhaps. If so i may not get many replies. Maybe you use both methods,email and write. Thanks for any responses, Yours faithfully, Tawnyowl, Just practising i am a little rusty.
  12. HI I sent CCA to Lowells for 3 different accounts. I had no response this was in 2014. I have now received pre-legal assessment letters. I have kept the post office recipts as I sent recoreded with 1 pound postal order. I also sent to Bryan Carter as well. (he respoded was on hold until could get info) never heard back from any of the creditors until now??? How do I prove I sent CCA if it goes to court? and do I need to send another CCA as its been 2 years?? Any help thanks
  13. A few weeks ago I had a moment of madness and thought I could get away with shoplifting a £6 nail polish from Boots. I didn't even make it out of the store before a man in casual clothing calmly told me to follow him to the back room. From there I returned the product (in a sellable condition) and gave him my name and address. No picture, bank details, phone number etc was taken. Police were not involved either. I was told that I was banned from that particular store for a year and that I should be expecting a letter from RLP soon. I left the store and that was that. I received my first letter a week ago and from reading around this particular topic, I know not to be stupid enough to give RLP any money. However, I am curious to know when RLP eventually give up and stop sending letters. As I'm currently at uni (I'm 19) the letters are being sent to my mum's house and I won't be travelling back home soon for a few months anyway. Any help is appreicated!
  14. I also have received letters after stopping for @15 seconds @ JLA earlier this year to drop someone off & the letters get more & more threatening with court action. The registered owner of the vehicle was not the driver so what do we do? I have read many forums stating that there is no legal case & to keep ignoring the letters and not to respond especially don't advise who the driver was but is it likely that BW or VCS go to court? Welcome any comments, thanhs
  15. From April 2017 insurance companies have been ordered to make it crystal clear in renewal notices how much they are increasing their premium from the previous year. The move, a new rule announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is aimed at stopping sneaky eye-watering raises that customers often don’t notice and simply pay on auto renewal. From April 2017, insurance companies will have to display last year’s price in a prominent position on renewal notices The FCA says the move could mean customers save up to £103 million a year simply by spotting the big rises and deciding to use a comparison site to shop around for a better deal. The renewal rule will apply to all forms of insurance, so motoring, breakdown cover and home insurance. https://www.aspokesmansaid.com/money-and-insurance/stories/content-9129/no-more-sneaky--rip-off-insurance-rises-as-companies-ordered-to-clean-up-their-act
  16. Hi, Im in a real pickle. Im so sorry this is so long but the more i tell u the more u may be able to help me. My father owes/d money to barcleys bank (credit cards, im sure theres 2, which he got out in 2003 and was not working at the time, so how he got them is beyond me). Anyway, he couldnt pay them and barcleys got back in touch with him in 2005 and he struggled really bad to start paying them back each month again. So last year or so they sent him a letter asking for what was his incomings n outgoings etc and he went to the citizens advice and got there help about it. So he started paying back a £1 for a few months then he went back to the CAB and they said he had to up it so he did. Then he went back to CBA for the samething and then was told they could only see him i think it was 3 times and that was that. So we wrote a letter to barcleys asking if they would accept x amount n they agreed. They asked dad if he could up the payments then please could he just do so when it was viable. So dad did, he just started paying that little bit extra. Well he received a letter on the 14/01/11 tell him the debt had been bought by Apex on the 24/12/10. How come we wasnt notified earlier??? Should we have been?? On the letter header it says it was sent on the 13/01/11. He has phoned them once, asking where to pay them and hes now paying £25 each month off. Do i need to ask for a CCA?? Do i need to send a letter out for them to stop intreast??? Do they charge intreast?? The debt is now at about £8,000 Im really starting to worry about this has gone on so long and also i no hes worrying about it and being a sick person its doing nothing for his health, i really just want to help sort something out to help him and my family. Thanks for ur help in advance
  17. Hi there im hoping someone can help me. A few months ago, I did a silly thing and took 1 plaster from a damaged box in sainsbury's. I was caught and came back into the store. They took my details even though the manager knew i was sincerely apologetic and HE EVEN SAID NO LETTERS WOULD BE SENT TO MY HOUSE. They said im banned for life and that i should leave. No police were called. They even let me appeal the ban and their security guard has been LETTING ME SHOP IN THE STORE, SO THE BAN HAS BEEN LIFTED! 2 months later i received a threatening letter from DWF requesting £154.40! Im just a 16 year old boy who couldnt afford for his family to find out so I did all the wrong possible things and did the following: Called up DWF. Begged them to close this case (they said no ) Accepted the offer of installments of £30 a month. So far i have paid 90 so 2 payments left. Was this the right thing to do? Do they actually take people to court? I actually cannot afford to pay anymore money, would they take me to court if i stopped paying halfway? Now they see me as gullible i dunno what to do? i cant afford to keep up these payments! What should i have done and what should i do next? if i pay the rest will they try come back and ask for more ? Any help is appreciated
  18. Hello I received a letter from Restons a couple of weeks ago regarding a debt from Arrow regarding a credit card. I sent the £1 request for details and have now recieved a letter back saying they are ignoring my request as the letter has not been signed Can they do this or do they want to lift my signature to paste it on documents Thanks
  19. Having completed my 12 month membership, I wrote to Xercise4Less St Helens giving them 1 months notice in writing as detailed on their website and paid my last month direct debit. I then cancelled my direct debit with my bank. I Never heard anything back. About a month later received a letter from Harlands saying that I had an unpaid direct debit. I rang the gym who said "oh yeh, but your supposed to fill in a cancellation form not send a letter!! (despite this being detailed on their website ) They then just said its ok we will just cancel your membership while your on the phone. I asked to speak to a manager to discuss the charge from Harlands and got told "There isn't one at the moment and Harlands charges are nothing to do with us". At which point they put the phone down. I emailed Harlands detailing that i had infact fulfilled my agreement, fulfilled all my obligations and therefore did not owe anything, despite my letter of cancellation and abrupt phone call with the gym. I heard nothing back from Harlands. I had a second letter from Harlands stating that there was another direct debit unpaid and more charges on top and could see that I had ignored their first letter!!!! I yet again emailed Harlands detailing some of the advice from here stating that I had no intention of paying their charges which were unreasonable and unenforceable. No Response from Harlands. I today have received a letter from CRS, stating that i now owe Harlands £104.97 to be paid before 1 November 15. Refusal to pay will result in legal steps to collect the outstanding balance. Am i right in thinking that i should just ignore these demands or have a trip down to my local trading standards??? Any advice will be clearly appreciated Thanks in advance for anyone replying. Jue x
  20. Hi, just after a bit of advice here. I have been behind and over my limit for about 12 months but had been making regular payment all be it not enough for my account to be up to date. Today I recieved a letter. It said the following. Overdue amount: £..... IMPORTANT YOU SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY Notice of Default served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 Youve broken your agreement ........ You must pay the amount overdue shown above. This payment must reach your account within 28 days of this letter. If youve already paid this or have made a payment agreement with - thank you. Please ignore this letter. Then it lists what they will do if I dont do the above ie shut account, chase debt. What I want to know is, I spoke to them monday and paid 70% of the above and agreed to pay the remainder of the arrears by friday. He did mention that a letter had been sent out but told me if I paid this it would be canceled. What I want to know is will they stick to there word?. Is this an actual default notice as I dont remember recieving a warning? Should I ring up and pay it today and argue that I didnt recieve the letter till friday or something because of the snow(foot deep here today). When he says canceled does that mean its already been put on my file and they will just change to satisfied or will it actually be removed or not even be added?. Will they have recordings of the call where he promised it would be removed on payment of the arrears and could I request that if need be?. Sorry to waffle, I know I have been a bit slack with payments but have my reasons and despite my current position, being 29 I could do without any nasty marks on my credit file and the letter seems a bit confusing, maybe deliberate to get me to pay I dont know? Thanks for your time, any advice would be much apprecieted.
  21. Hi there, This is the first time I have actually used a forum as I am quite concerned regarding letters which have recently been coming through the post from Hoist Portfolio and Robins Way demanding money from a loans from Morses Club. Which was taken out in 2006,2007,2006 but has been shown settled on my credit history in 2/2010. Even though this shows settled it also says "THE ACCOUNT AND LIABILITY HAS BEEN TRANSFERED TO ANOTHER COMPANY" but it doesn't state which company? The first letter appeared on 14/10/15 from Hoist Portfilio Holding 2 Limited which is a NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT for the total of £2.197.00 Then a letter turned up dated 23rd October 2015 which was a NOTICE OF SUMS IN ARREAS which apparently are official notices that the consumer credit act 1974 which states should be sent to customers in arreas .There are 12 pages and have found these quite overwhelming to say the least. Then on 4th November I received a letter from Robinsons Way who say they are collecting the debt for Hoist Portfolio and states that there is no minimum payment I only pay what I can afford . I am very confused as looking on my credit record it shows that it is settled but with how I have been bombarded will letters and have even heard an automated message left on my house phone which I thought I was ex directory but have managed to obtain my number.I really would appreciate any information to help me to resolve this as i am so worried as i thought it was settled. Thankyou
  22. Is it worth complaining to Royal mail about water damaged mail? Today I received 2 large letters both of which were water damaged....no rain past couple of days around here, in fact it is sunny today!
  23. I have a dispute with Plusnet , going back to Nov 2015. The complaint has been very drawn out by them and focusing on the wrong thing. A breech of contract occurred by them but they focused on cancellation charges. As of 17 March 2016 this is now under adjudication by CISAS. (ombudsman) However the process ended abruptly. Going from "we are sorry its taken so long" (22/2/16) then a few weeks later "we have passed your debt to a collection agency" and added 25% to alleged bill (5/3/16) which prompted me to prepare a claim to CISAS. The wording from the agency letter 24th March "we have been instructed by BT Plusnet to collect the above outstanding amount" My confusion arises from the payment options of the agency all of which appear to point to them as receiver of money except the cheque option which is made payable to BT Plusnet. Plusnet themselves has refused contact mail/phone directly after the sending of the debt agency notification letter. I have not made further attempts to contact Plusnet while CISAS is investigating. To me it sounds like the alleged debt has been sold on but the wording and BT Plusnet been listed as Payee seems to contradict that. I am unsure of the best action, should I forgo the usual route and just inform the agency that the matter is under investigation by the Ombudsman ? Any advice welcome, my knowledge of law is minimal.
  24. Hi All Need some advice regarding correspondence from a debt collecting agency about a £80 fine from the DVLA for being late in renewing my vehicle tax. To bring you up to speed here is what happened. Moved address about a year ago. Phoned up DVLA at the time to speak to an adviser about everything i would need to do regarding my license & vehicle details upon moving. This adviser only ever mentioned about sending my driving license in with new address. Failed to mention VC5 log book. I am completely unfamiliar with this process. Consequently my tax renewal reminder forms were sent to my old address and without a physical tax disc to see the exact date of renewal i ended up being late in paying my vehicle tax. I was sent a letter from the DVLA that i retrieved from old address stating i owed £80 with the option of writing back if you thought the fine was unfair and to explain why exactly that was the case. I wrote back explaining that even tho i specifically phoned & asked a DVLA adviser to tell me absolutely everything i would need to do following an address change, their oversight of not mentioning the VC5 had lead to me being fined . I immediately paid my vehicle tax & all money owed in arrears and promptly set up a direct debit to automatically pay all tax in the future. I also sent off my VC5 log book to register the vehicle at my new address. I sent this letter off to the DVLA and waited for a response . Nothing happened for months. No correspondence at all from the DVLA. I thought it had been written off. out of the blue i have started receiving letters from a DCA called Advantis demanding payment of £80 for their client the DVLA . I have ignored so far all letters. I have neither contacted the DVLA or Advantis. Is there any way i can avoid paying this fine? What will happen if i dont pay? Will i receive visits at my current address &/or old address? Will this escalate to going to court? Also very importantly i will be looking to take out £15,000 loan in a few weeks, will this debt/fine come up on my credit check and will it effect my ability to get the loan? Would it just be best to nip this in the bud now or do i have any rights in being able to avoid this? Any advice will be very much appreciated. x
  25. I received a letter back in Oct 2013 advising I owed money from a Littlewoods/very account. I have never had an account with this company or their subsidiaries. The DCA (Arrow Global)said the original agreement was from 2001 and I sent the letter of no knowledge. I received a further letter in Feb 2014 advising the management of this account had gone to Scotcall and I immediately sent the same letter to them. No further letters until Sept 2014 From Arrow Global again chasing the same thing. I did not take any action. Have just received a letter from Capquest advising they are managing the account and they have also tried to phone. Do I send the same letter or is there a different approach I should now take. Again I have never had an account with company. Thanks for any help
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