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  1. I don't know if this is the best forum for this (please advise some other forums if possible) but we are getting debt recovery demands for a former occupier and we know the person is deceased but don't know the name address of her POA. Is there a register somewhere of people named as Attorneys where one can find out? We were thinking that this may be a [problem] so if we phoned up this collection agency we may find ourselves a target. Advice appreciated on either of the above queries. Many thanks.
  2. hi everyone! i'm new here so i'll do my best to explain... going back quite a few years ago (maybe 7/8 years ago) i took out an IVA (i can't remember the company) as i owed about £19k to different creditors and banks. to cut a long story short i stopped paying them after a while as it was just too much and i could'nt keep up with it. we then moved house as we rent, changed our phone number and it all went quiet. we stayed at that house for 4 years. we then moved again and we had to have a credit check for the new house (rented) and it came back clean... this was a year ago and i have since been able to get credit again (visa & mobile phone) about 6 weeks ago i got a letter from rockwell asking me to contact them over an outstanding debt in my name... this i ignored! then i had a phone call from them, i told them there will be no correspondance over the phone and put it down. i have found out they have many alias and they tried calling me via them so i had all the numbers barred. rockwell have sent me another letter saying... owed to our client ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED your reference number ************ outstanding balance £658.95 our clients reference ************* original lender LITTLEWOODS if you don't respond we will pass your account to our specialist recovery agents FENTON COOPER to assess further recovery options... etc they have also offered me a "special offer - settle at a reduced amount" £593.06 so i'm unsure if this SB or not as it could well be over 6 years old and if not its going to be very close too that. should i send them a letter and if so what should it say? i'm really stuck and very unsure what to do... PLEASE HELP!
  3. Sorry for such a long post on my first post but I'm in a bit of a mess.... OK so in my own stupidity a while ago I took out a few different payday loans. They were with QuickQuid, Minicredit and Speedcredit (I think one of them was as txtloan.co.uk). I'm now unemployed - I was doing some temp work at the time but that stopped - and receiving lots of different letters/emails/voicemails from various companies threatening me with bailiffs and court proceedings. I have no money, no possessions, (just debt) am staying at my mum's and on JSA - a sh*t situation after happily graduating from uni. The original amount for each loan was between £100-£200 but all the letters are saying I owe around £1000 each but they give a different amount every time and don't explain where from. Now I'm trying to work out how to deal with it it's very confusing because of all the different DCAs etc saying they now own the loans and I don't even know which is which anymore or how much. I've had NDR, Marshall Hoares and Appleton Massey solicitors all on behalf of Speedcredit, Mackenzie Hall for QuickQuid and I think a few others too. I haven't been responding because I don't want to accept dealing with all these different companies and and their ridiculous charges (although from what I read most end up being the same company..) This site seems great for info but I'm a bit overwhelmed there's so much! From what I gather I think I need a template letter to send each of the original creditors to basically say I have literally no money at the moment and please stop threatening to go round my mum's house and take her stuff? But I'm not sure where to start, and I can't event find addresses to write to for each payday loan company. They just give me call center numbers. Or do I have to deal with Mackenzie Hall/NDR/Marshall Hoares etc/ now they 'own' the debts?? Can anyone recommend what letters to send and where to? To top it off I think I took one with Wonga too, but I've heard nothing from them so I'll try deal with all these first.. A bit of a mess as I said!
  4. Hi, as stated in the title i got a letter from CMS saying i parked at the car park for Pizza hut & cinema's but didn't use these business's so i had to pay.... blah blah blah I was already well read on these cowboys (Thanks CAG) so i knew to just ignor them and make confetti with said letters, which i did, including the letter from a so called debt collection agency. But last week i got a phone call from a lady who said she was with Graham Whites Solicitors and asked for me by name, i asked what it was in relation to because i suspected it might be this and didn't want to give her any information. She said she wanted to confirm my identity and coudln't tell me what it was about unless i did so, she did however say that i hadn't replied to their letter and thats why she was calling but without my details she wouldn't confirm what the matter was about. I said to her "listen, you called me... i didn't call you, i am not giving you any information as i have no idea who you are and i am concerned about being conned." i told her to send me a letter. Today i got that letter, it says that they are acting on behalf of "Roxburghe (UK) LTD" who are acting on behalf of CMS UK LTD and that they are asking for the amount of £188.00 to settle a PARKING CHARGE NOTICE. It also says that due to the absence of payment or a valid appeal they have been instructed to recover the amount stated. Funnily though at the bottom of the letter it say to contact Roxburghe upon reciept of the letter, does this mean that is my one letter from Graham Whites and their part has now been played?? I was very confident in my actions of simply ignoring these letters but receiving a phone call from them has effectively thrown me a curve ball and my wife who suffers with depression & O.C.D. has become very panicked by it, i keep trying to reassure her but she has become very scared about the whole thing. Everything i have read points to the whole thing being a bunch of **** but i have yet to come across anyone else who says they have been contacted by a phone call from a so called Solicitor? My instincts and every fibre of my common sense says IGNOR, IGNOR, IGNOR but for the sake of my wifes sanity and her being able to sleep at night i decided to post and ask for your opinions on this, It is tearing me up to see my wife reduced to tears over this bull**** so i can think of nothing else other than to seek advice from the CAG. Thank you, Mike.
  5. new to this so pls bear with me . Today we had birchalls bailiffs at the door over a 4yr old council tax a joint account . Tthe bailiffs has told my x (joint claiment) that if she didnt pay £487.71 by 4pm they would come with a low loader and take her car and everything from the house (quote) from ypur kids toys to your toothbrush. the debt in total is £883 as stated by council today , yet bailiff says its £1300 .The bailiff rang me to say the £400 my x had offered is not enough an i was to go to the house and they would be waiting for me ? (A threat) within this time my x has found the full amount and against my wishes rand and gave the guy her bank details to take said amount out . so now nrly £500 lighter . we procedd to the council to speak to them an when we explained the lady told us the company name and even the bailiffs name an said they have had complaints already about threatening an bulling . so the situation now is my x has agreed over the phone to pay £25 a month which she cant afford for 8 months . What should be my next step my self nor my x has seen this bailiffs have not seen him nr the house all our doors were locked but car was outside adress . She now feels as if she give five hundred to someone who she has no idea who he is pls HELP next step anything i can do to get this next £400 owed paid to the council and not this guy ?? Any help would be appriciated . thanks in advance jay
  6. Can anyone please give advice on the following; I completed my Protedted TrustDeed (PTD) a year ago and was sent a letter of discharge from my trustee. Everything seemed fine. I have recently been getting letters from NRAM Debt Mangement out of the blue stating that I owe money to a former creditor (Norther Rock Loan) which I know was included in my PTD. However, the amount they are asking for appears to be approx £400 higher than that on my original PTD paperwork. I have replied in writing to NRAM clarifying my position in this particular circumstance, and also giving them a copy of my discharge letter, This letter also contained my former trustee's contact details for them to verify my reply. This has not had any effect and I am still getting letters of thier intent to monitor my account with a view to instructing a debt recovery agency to recover monies due. Or take legal action to take payments direct from my salary. It also appears that NRAM has had my details passed to them by another recovery agency. I am getting concerned now due to the frequency and nature of the letters I am receiving . I am 100% certain I owe them nothing and have done everything I can to inform them of this. Can anyone give advice or guidance on this matter. Thanks
  7. Hi All ... I'd be grateful if someone could advise me on this matter, please. In June I received a letter (dated 08/06/12) from a company I'd never heard of ... 'Experto Credite' ... claiming that I owe £355. The letter states: "Your account details have been passed to us by National Westminster Bank PLC to act as a collection agent and we will now be dealing with your account. If you are making payments to Intrum Justitia then there is no need to contact us as we have taken over the management of this account but the address and bank account remain the same, so we will continue to receive your payment." I immediately wrote to Experto and asked for further details of the alleged debt. I received their reply this morning. Apparently the debt relates to a NatWest credit card that I had in the year 2000(ish!) I was made redundant in 2001; fell into arrears with the monthly payments; and NatWest took me to Court so I was lumbered with a CCJ. I then started to make regular payments ... and once the debt had dwindled significantly, NatWest transferred it to a DCA called 'Intrum Justitia'. This was on the 8th May 2003. I was paying 'Intrum Justitia' £30/month, but missed one installment so they transferred the account to 'Geoffrey Parker Bourne Solicitors' (NB: they call themselves 'solicitors' but they're just a DCA). Now as far as I was aware, I continued to pay 'Parker Bourne' until May 2009 when I assumed (by my own calculation) that the debt had cleared. So I am completely confused ... Why would 'Experto' think that I might still be paying 'Intrum' when the debt was moved on to 'Parker Bourne' and repaid? At the end of the letter 'Experto' write: "Your account has been placed on hold for our client to respond to your request". But who is their client? And if I still owe money to 'someone', then why haven't they been in touch with me during the past 3 years?
  8. Hi, back in the 90,s i got into a financial mess, however in 2001 i went to the CAB who sorted out reduced payments etc. Most creditors received reduced payments, however some didnt reply. I was making payments up until approx 2005. Some debts were paid others i heard nothing from. I have moved only once in this period 2001-2012. Also ive got married. Sorry to go on.. Now in the last month i have started to receive letters from dca's regarding 3 outstanding debts, i cant remember them also the amounts... . dont get me wrong i know i had old debts. .but this was a long time ago. I keep getting a recorded message on the landline stating if i dont contact them they are going to do a house call ( message does not state who its from or who its too,It just says press 2 to speak to operator) however i dont know what to do!!, its really stressing me, also debt letters offer such reductions on the debt it seems unbeliveable. Can anyone give me advice.
  9. Hi. New to here. I got a letter week ago from Ruthbridge asking me to call regarding a 'sensitive matter'. rightly or wrongly I just emailed them and with the reference asking what this was about and got no response. Today i got another letter with capital letters stating they had trace me to my address and to call them in 5 days. of course their letter was sent on the 12th. I have a feeling it is related to a Barlcaycard I had in 2001. i was made redundant in my job but did send a letter (which i obviously don't have now) asking them to contact me at a new address. But I never got a reply. Stupidly I never paid because I never got a reply. Shall I send to them in writing now? I don't think phoning them is a good idea after what I have heard about them. any help gratefully received thank you
  10. Hi guys. Long story short, I have lived i a rented house for three and a half years. Since I moved in letters have been coming for the previous tenants so I know their names as such, and sent a few back. One company, Npower, wrote back to em as the occupier asking if I knew where they had gone because they owe money so I know they owe debts too. For a while nothing came my way until about 2 years ago when the first collection agency wrote to the previous tenant. I sent it all back, of course, but more kept coming. I found their website, a company called Bryan Carter Solicitors, and phoned them to explain it. They accepted it and stopped sending letters and said they would inform their client, MBNA. About 3-4 month after this I got another letter from another collection agency addressed to the same person. I found out who they were and called them to explain it again, they accepted it and letters stopped. Then another from another agency, and another from another after that, both about 3-4 month after dealing with the last. I suspect these are all working for the same client, likely MBNA, for them to be coming one after another like this. I now have one sitting here from Rockwell DCA, who will be hearing from me soon. I also give the letters to my letting agent since the second collection agency sent letters here and they too contact them to confirm who I am not etc. But I am getting sick of dealing with this as well as having the impending threat of bailifs waking me up early one morning seeking to recover the debts for someone not living here any more. Is there anything else I can do? Like I said, I suspect this is the same client, MBNA maybe, but I don't want to open any of this mail myself since it is not mine. Can I request confirmation of this from the collection agents? Should they be making sure the client knows the situation or do they just drop things like this silent and let the client go onto the next agency and try again? I have contemplated getting my lawyer to file a cease and desist letter against the client if it is the same one and see if that helps but if there is another way of getting this sorted I would like to know what my options are. Thanks in advance.
  11. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice as a bailiff from MARSTON GROUP turned up at my front door out of the blue on tuesday whilst i was at work and spoke to my partner and gave him the letter to give to me, no sealed envelope or anything . I did however contact the lady and asked what it was for as the letter didnt state anything apart from a fee and that she will be back after 7pm to collect possesions from my home if paymaent wasnt made. She told me it was for a fixed penalty notice i received back in 2008, for the sum of £45! However the letter she left for me was for a fee of £345. She also said there is a warrent issued for me and that they have previously sent me a letter on the 15th june 2012. I explained that i havent recieived this letter to which she said they sent it, i didnt reply so that is why she came to my home. told her that i dont have that sort of money and that i dont get paid untill friday. Even then i wouldnt have the full amount. asked for a copy of the letter thay said they sent me in june, was told to email the company which i have done on wednesday, but still havent recieved a reply from them. I was told by somebody to go onto the direct gov website and pay my £45 which i have done and print the reciept. They payments office have confirmed to me that they have the payment but Have told me that the bailiffs will still want their fee. And confirmed on the phone that a warrant was issued in march from the courts but I still have not seen a copy of this. I've phoned the bailiff and she has said that if that is the case then there is still a £300 fee still outstanding... And that she will come back with a locksmith as I don't have the money to pay her. Where do i go from here??? They say that they have sent me a letter back on the 15th june which i havent received and said they have proof of postage also. looking onto their website at their fees and charges ive come across this... Marston Group's fees and charges are set at reasonable and fair rates to cover the costs of our services. Please note that: all distress warrants issued on behalf of Her Majesty's Courts Service will incur an administration fee an attendance fee will apply once an enforcement agent has attended the premises - even if no enforcement or contact was made the cost of recovering the debt is payable by the debtor Schedule of HMCTS Fees, Charges & Costs Our fees for the enforcement of a distress warrant from 1st Jan 2012: £ Compliance fee applied to every case. £85 Attendance fee applied once an enforcement agent has attended the premises, including where no action is taken or no contact is made. £215 Total £300 And then this... The Process On receiving a warrant, we send a letter to the debtor explaining that the debt has been passed to Marston Group for collection and inviting payment with seven days. The fee for sending this letter (£11.20 + VAT) is added to the debt outstanding to be paid by the debtor. If no payment is received or contact made, the case is assigned to an enforcement agent (bailiff) who, in order to execute the warrant, will Attend the property to Remove Goods (Attendance to Remove - ATR) to the value of the debt and outstanding fees and charges. This action will incur a levy (visit) fee and an ATR charge - whether goods are removed or not. If no contact is made, the enforcement agent (bailiff) will leave a letter to say he/she has called, with details of the outstanding amount (including the fees and charges incurred on that visit) and a contact number. If the debtor fails to contact the enforcement agent, the agent will call again until he/she is able to execute the warrant/collect the outstanding debt and charges/seize goods/confirm that it is not possible to recover the debt. (The fees and charges for each Attendance and any action taken are added to the letter fee and to the original debt. VAT is calculated on the total charges incurred.) If no contact is made, Marston Group will then attempt to trace the debtor in order to execute the warrant. As the debtor has clearly failed to notify the authorities of their change of address, any reasonable costs incurred in tracing the debtor will be charged to the debtor and added to the debt. Marston Group may also use further legal remedies if enforcement action is unsuccessful. If goods are seized and/or removed the cost of doing this will be added to the debt and fees and charges already incurred. If i havent recieved there 1st letter in the first place and they havent replied or sent me a copy of anything... Do i really have to pay the £300 fee for them coming to my house??? Or just the £12.50 the say they charge for sending me a letter (Which vanished in the post!) They also told me that the letter was sent over the phone and that if i havnt recieved it i need to take it up with my local post office as to why i havnt got it...??? As you can probably guess i am very confussed at the moment and heavely pregnant n all this stress really isnt helping me Any advice you can give me would be a great help... Thank-you in advance Kayleigh.
  12. Hi there, Just a quick question, I had sent a few letters back and forward to the Estate Agent who was managing a property I was renting. One of which was a complaint letter, I got a few responses back from them. For some reason I can no longer find these letters and I requested them from the Estate Agents. I'm not sure but surely they have to keep any sort of correspondance for a certain amount of time? Anyway, they have said that they won't send me them. This is what they have said: "No. I may produce the letters at a later date when required." Surely they can't refuse to give me the letters? Its correspondence between ourselves (Them the estate agent managing the property and us the tennants?) is this allowed? Against the law? etc etc?
  13. Hi there, I recently have been getting letters and notices from a company called Martson for an unpaid court judgement on TV license a few years back. The truth is I can not remember ever being caught for an unpaid TV license (or giving my details out) and the only time when this could have happened is when I rented my property for about 2 months. So I am guessing the tenants incorrectly gave my name out. Anyway i have be sent a number of notices with my name and surname misspelt, and I never opened or paid any mind to the letters (stupidly) and now i got a removal notice through my door saying they have a warrant on behalf of HMCTS to collect 550 pounds. I have been warned by friends not to open my door to this people but my neighbour's car got clamped yesterday by the same guy and I fear I might be next. My questions are, the fact that my name and surname are misspelt, does that have any legal ground? Secondly if they do come to my house and clamp or attempt to clamp my car what do I do? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi Ladies and Gents, well, I sent a claim to Barclaycard regarding a Mastercard and Visa which I took out way back in 1995. One of the cards was closed in 2004, the other in 2005 but I thought I've got nothing to lose by sending a letter, so off I went. I'm lucky that I still have my letters received when I closed these accounts as well as letters from the Insurers. I also have a report from Checkmyfile from a few years back so all my dates for these accounts are in order. I would certainly recommend to everyone on CAG using this and Experian for checking on your debts and outgoings, I've found them invaluable. Anyway, this and my other claims for mis-selling are based on the fact I have a pre-existing medical condition (Diabetes, I'm on Insulin) which I've suffered for 34 years. I've never been asked and its certainly never been put forward that any claim could be rejected due to my condition. I've sent 2 letters to Barclaycard the first request in March giving them the 8 weeks allowed to reply, then in May a second giving a further 2 week both letters sent by Recorded Post and both signed for. Up to now (31st May) I've not had any correspondence from Barclaycard regarding these accounts!! My question is what or who next? Due to the length of time since the accounts were opened and closed would I be best going through the FOS or the FLA who I've been referred to in similar cases? I've not heard too much positive with the FLA they seem pretty toothless from what I've read but then what do I know? Is there another body someone might recommend? I'm fighting on a few fronts at the moment and its refusal after refusal lately but I've started so may as well try and finish. Any suggestions on this one would be appreciated, Theres more to come, Tenmen10
  15. Hi Everyone, Please can anyone offer advice on how i should approach Birketts LLP . I have received a letter from them today [on behalf they clam of Amex] and was wondering should i send the I do not acknowledge a debt with your company etc or is there a better alternative ? and approach i need to follow. Thank you G
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