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Found 165 results

  1. Hi all, new to this site. A quick question for the legal eagles. My wife has recently received a Speeding Ticket for 36 in a 30 zone. A Notice of Intended Prosecution was received asking for name of driver etc which was filled in and returned. We were expecting a letter back with an offer of a Speed Awareness Course or accepting the Fixed Penalty. So far, no such letter has been received. A letter was received on Thursday notifying that the fine had not been paid or Speed Awareness Course not completed and court proceedings are to be instituted. Advice would be grateful on how to proceed as no letter has been received offering the speed awareness course or settling through fixed penalty.
  2. Hi, a friend I work with advised me to get in touch over some letters I've received from UKCPS for a supposed parking charge they say I owe, and I hope someone can help me. I went to Leeds to visit my son & daughter-in-law in October 2013 when they were due to become parents. While visiting the hospital the car was parked in a nearby carpark on two successive days, and on each day a ticket was bought and displayed in the car. I still have the ticket as they were left in the cup holder in the car, and show it was paid to Leeds City Council for the day and time the car was there. I didn't think anymore about it until I received some letters from UKCPS, the first dated 15th November, 2013, telling me the car "was observed Without a valid permit or authority and the driver of the vehicle is required tp pay a parking charge which was fixed to the vehicle in respect of the parking of the vehicle on land at BECKETT ST FLORENCE NIGHTINGGALE LS97JC and by so parking he/she agreed to pay the charge of £100 under the terms of a relevant contract displayed on the said land." In another box it says "the reduced charge of £60 has not been paid and the amount due is" (in a seperate box) "£100.00". Is this a real charge? There wasn't any ticket on the car about a parking charge, and as I said above, a ticket was paid and displayed in the car. When I called to query this, I was passed to someone described as a manager who told me there are two carparks side by side, and he claimed the wrong one had been used. There was nothing that I recall saying there were two seperate carparks, and only one ticket machine was obvious, which is the one used to purchase the ticket each day. I got another letter dated 16th December 2013 and a further letter dated 3rd January 2014. The latest letter says I now owe £125! I've hopefully attached the letters I received and would be grateful if someone could advise me what I should do now. Thanks in advance, JH.
  3. Evening All, My household has recently fallen behind on some pretty serious debt amounts due to problems with employment. so far no one has threatened any action but there has been plenty of chasing. We have been taking advice from the national debt helpline and currently we are deciding whether we can manage an IVA or we need to go bankrupt, but for starters we need more time to try to work things out so we can make this decision, work keeps me very busy and away from home a lot and along with dealing with a sick child at home getting to speak to companies is very difficult. We have been advised to send requests to our creditors asking them to hold off for a period but i was wondering what other people thought of these.. . my concern is by admitting the situation to our creditors we are setting ourselves up for a lot more trouble when the requested period has expired... sort of opening the flood gates etc. Following is a draft of the letter i have written to send, please could someone advise me if this is the best course of action and if the letter i have written is suitable for purpose Kind Regards Mark Dear xxxxxxx We write with reference to the above account(s), unfortunately due to recent employment issues both we and the rest of our household are now suffering very severe financial difficulties and we are in the process of taking advice and evaluating options to find a solution. This includes waiting for information regarding benefits we may be entitled to. We are contacting all of our creditors and suppliers to ask for details of balances outstanding. Once we have this information we hope to work out repayment plans for each account.Since it may take some time to receive all the information we require from our creditors and the benefits office. We respectfully request that you hold off any current or future action for a period of two months and consider freezing any interest charges and fees to prevent further debt. Since this request also affects accounts for telecommunications, we may soon be unavailable on our registered phone numbers and e-mails, therefore please could all correspondence be made via the postal service. If you are unable to agree this request, please reply urgently stating your reasons so that we may give it our prompt attention. Yours Sincerely
  4. Does a solicitor who represents a client have to present the actual dates of events occured, are they obliged to give the correct limitation on their care letters such as the minus one day, would month to month periods be incorrect.
  5. Has anyone that's been sanctioned and had it overturned received any notification from the DWP other than, We have paid £xx.xx into the above account If you want to know more about this payment, get in touch with us? Because that's what I received today from them, it seems a three page letter spelling out the sanction was in order when it was imposed, but a cursory 'we don't admit mistakes' type of communication is in order when a sanction is lifted.
  6. Hello Everyone. I received a letter from 1st Credit sent on 26/9/2013 asking if I was Steven Moody etc and they are attempting to contact me regarding a personal matter. Now me being worried and only recently paying a debt off from a different company text them the ref number but after read these forums. They tried to call me back a few days later but I was at work and missed the call. I have not attempted to call them back. I received another letter from them today (11/10) saying its from HSBC and account number and sort code that sounds familiar to an old account. I have not used this account since around the end of 2007 when I left the country for a year. I came back to the UK in 2008 and set up a Natwest account because I always had trouble with HSBC. I have moved around a bit but have been on electoral roles on some address but never had letters from HSBC saying I owe them money. This letter states the balance on the account is £337.95 with no debits and no credits for the period of 01/10.2012 to 30/09/2013. As I said I have not used this account since 2007. It also says at the bottom in small print that if legal action has been taken on this account that the statement does not include all legal costs and interest incurred. the the line that says 'Amount of payment to reach us by:' is blank as well as 'Debit interest rates' and 'credit interest rates' is blank. Do I call them back or send them a letter or what do I do next? Thanks in advance Kind Regards billybob
  7. Evening all. Here's a brief summary of the situation. On January 29th 2013 my friend got caught shoplifting some batteries and a sandwich from Wilkinsons. They had never done anything like this before and had never been in trouble with the police. The police were called by security, and my friend was offered Restorative Justice, which they accepted, and were not charged and told they would not have a police record. They were also banned from the store for 12 months. There was no mention of RLP at this point, in fact my friend has since told me they had never heard of them? Then they received the following letter: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45013[/ATTACH] The first thing they did was Google RLP, found this website, and after reading many threads decided to follow the general advice and ignore it. Then, a month later, a second letter arrived: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45014[/ATTACH] Again, they ignored it. (They had received a third letter, which unfortunately has been lost.) Then, today, a fourth letter arrived: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45012[/ATTACH] So now my friend has asked me to post a thread on here, as a diary of events if not anything else, and hopefully someone can put their mind at rest?
  8. Has anyone else had these in the post? I assume I have to vote yes? Just wondering if folk think this is a good method to possibly recoup some monies of PPI i may have paid, or should I go down the tried and tested method of the many success stories on here? thx
  9. Hello everyone, After a phone call from an "Investigator" to my wife, my address was confirmed. Im now receiving letters from Link who have been appointed by Thesis demanding payment in full for an outstanding SLC loan. The loan was taken out 97/98, and should be the old type, however sometime around 1999/2000 i received a CCJ (despite pleading that i had notified them of a change of address, therefore not received the deferment ) being young and broke I panicked and had been paying a monthly figure up until 2009 (I had to close my bank account from where I was sending the standing order). I very nearly called them to negotiate a settlement but after discovering this most fantastic forum, decided to ignored the 1st letter and see what happens next. I have stored the number they used to contact my wife with in my phone as DO NOT ANSWER and get the odd voicemail asking me to call urgently. I don't intend to speak with them. Is there anyway to find out what other numbers they use? so we are not caught off guard. Im expecting it to get worse. The next letter I received seems somehow less threatening, however states their intentions to not allow me to leave the account unpaid. They also note that they are aware that i maybe avoiding contact with them but they are sure that when I borrowed the money I had every intention to pay it back!? The next paragraph says something along the lines of-- If this dept has been registered with a Credit Reference Agency it will be held against my name.. I thought it had already been held against me after the 1st CCJ? The Last Paragraph says that they may place my details with the Asset Investigation Department to validate my personal data and pursue any action that may prove necessary to recover the balance. Am I in a position to continue ignoring them? Or should I start down the road of fighting back? after the way the SLC/Thesis and now Link have dealt with this matter, I have no intention whatsoever of parting with any more money for them! Hopefully, I've tried to be as concise as possible Yours Thankfully Soundman
  10. Hi I've been falling behind on payments on my Capital One account due to a worsening of my disability and lack of employment. I wrote to Capital one at the beginning of August (via recorded delivery) explaining this to them and asking them if they could freeze all charges etc and implement a payment plan. I included a basic income expenditure form too. I did eventually receive a reply to this letter which said 'sorry to hear about financial difficulties we find it best if customers ring us to discuss'. Maybe I should have but I didn't see what they needed to discuss with me on the phone that my letter hadn't explain. During this time I continued to pay them what I could and they continued to add charges and interest. In October I received a notice of default letter saying I had 28 days to pay the amount my account was over limit. I could not afford that so sent another letter via recorded delivery explaining this, but telling them in the letter I could pay the full over-limit amount in November. The letter was received by Capital One before the 28 days was up but I have since received a letter stating the account has defaulted and I owe the whole amount. I also received a reply to my recorded letter today, which is identical to the last one I received (phone to discuss) and does not mention the default. Obviously I'm not thrilled about the default but I probably could have sorted it better. The default letter mentioned they may pass the account onto a DCA. I would rather Capital one had listened and let me pay the over limit off in November and then set up a payment plan. Could this still happen? Any advice on what the best course of action is would be greatly appreciated. I'll even phone them if that will help, especially if I can get the default removed (Not appeared on my noddle credit file yet, but it hasn't been updated this month). Many Thanks
  11. Hi all, Just after some advise regarding an issue a friend is having, over the past 2 & 1/2 years she has recieved a few (no more than 6) letters (debt letters) for her brothers ex partner, most of which she has just binned, she isn't really in touch with her anymore two weeks ago she had another letter, which she binned (credit union) she has now recieved a large envelope for her, which she thinks could be a court summons, Now she doesn't know if to open it & contact the court, explain that this girl never lived there (which she didn't) they have the wrong address etc, surely they can check elect roll & council tax etc? How does she go about stopping these letters coming? & the association between them & her property? Also she obviously doesn't want debt collectors/bailiffs at the door & even though its not her deb she is worried
  12. Hi Could anyone please advice me. I owe £1000 to MBNA and been paying only the interest for some time. I am in receipt of WRAG due to depression I receive counselling, for this but things are not good at the moment. I wrote to MBNA some time ago to explain this, and they sent me this huge form to take to all of the people I see, GP counsellor and get them to fill it in. I did not have the money this would have cost me £20 a time for GP etc, plus I was embarrassed so I did not do it. They have a copy of my budget plan - but still they will not accept reduced payments. Could someone please tell me what I can do and what my rights are if any I am not in arrears with them - but cannot keep up the payments so soon will be. Thanks
  13. OK I am getting confused. Both my husband and I have accounts with capital One. I negotiated payment plans and was successful with mine offering £10 per month. However for some reason they wouldn't accept the same for my husband, despite sending and I&E form showing we could not afford more. Then he received a letter from Cougar asking for urgent contact. Phone calls started which I did not answer. I emailed several times offering £10 per month - emails were never acknowledged, however, letters were then received stating that the proposal was completely unacceptable. Yesterday, another letter was received saying they were disappointed "reasonable proposals" to clear the debt had not been made and that, unless payment is made to Credit Solutions Limited, the account may be returned to Capital One Bank (Europe) for further action... .. Is that usual? Why return the account back to them? I thought they would then start threatening visits etc?? Any advice on how to deal with this?
  14. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with debt management in writing and had a response? Thanks
  15. i seem to remember that one of the regulators instructed the banks to contact by letter informing them that they hadd ppi on loan and how to reclaim has anyone received one yet
  16. I currently owe Council tax debt (it's actually five smaller sets of debt, so I get fve of each letter.) the council passed this on to Equita, who almost immediately started with a threatening letter. I phoned them and spoke to someone in order to negotiate an arrangement to pay. I offered £100 a month, which they refused and said they needed £250 a month (unsupportable) but I said I'd pay £100 a month anyway at the end of the month which was payday, at which point was told "that'll be taken into account." next thing I know, I get a standard form letter from "The Bailiff manager" (again, five copies for each of the five seperate instances) saying that they were going to send someone round that weekend. I was in the house all day both weekends, and no, nobody so much as called or knocked on the door, no letters, no nothing (cant say anything about the week as I would have been at work.) Now, I made that first payment last week (I paid them, although from reading this, I should have sent it directly to the council instead?) phoned up, they took the payment (oddly, as 40,40,20, not sure why) and runf off, no other communication, no other discussion. This weeked I came home to find another five letters, which claimed that "Despite repeated communications and numerous bailiff visits..." (what, all two letters and no visits whatsoever?) i still hadnt paid them or contacted them with an arrangement to pay they were going to send the bailiff round to remove goods. 1) Not going to let them in even if they do turn up. 2) I don't actually own enough goods to cover the debt, even at new sale prices, so no point. Don't think they understand that. 3) They seem to be lying in their letters about things they've done. None of these letters are signed with a name, just "Bailiff manager." It seems my good-faith attempt to pay and deal with this is being blandly ignored, and they're trying to push the process along by saying things that haven't happened (and I can't prove a negative, so proving they haven't been doing as they say they have is harder than them proving they have.) So, my question is, how do I handle them from here out?
  17. A friend and I were caught shoplifting on the 6th of July in a local drug store (Boots) and we live in Southern England. We are both 16 years old. At the time when we shoplifted, we stupidly took a couple of items of make-up out of their boxes and left them on the shelves. However, we never left the store holding anything. We didn't even go to the door, a security guy approached us and took us to his office. He accused us of shoplifting because we 'Had no intention of buying any of these things because we took them out of their little boxes' and he made us sign a piece of paper saying we'd shoplifted in Boots and we can't come in for the next 12 months. All items had been put back, except from two cheap items were slightly ripped and deemed unsellable. We offered to pay for these items at the scene but he said no. He called the police which was very unnecessary as she didn't do anything but shout at us. We were set free and told we would receive a Retail Loss Prevention letter. And then, three days later, we received a letter demanding £219.75. We are both obviously scared and worried about this. We first received a letter stating if we do not reply within 21 days then they will send another letter, and we didn't. So I have just received my second, and it states I have 14 days to respond. And it also states, 'We think you do not understand the full potential consequences of this letter, so given your age, you may fall under vulnerable, meaning a parent or adult will take your responsibility.' I do not want this. Me and my friend are not in a perfect financial state to just pay the money. However we do not want to be taken to court. We have had to RLP letters now and it's frightening. I wouldn't like to tell my mother about this, I'd rather deal with it myself. But - we are trying to form an argument, because we never left the store. We are just scared something will happen to us if we don't pay. What could happen?
  18. hello, i wonder if someone could give me some advice please, i have some alleged debts from lowells, i have checked my experian credit report and have found no trace of these debts, so i assume they are statute barred. i sent the first letter on the 25 jan 2013 and received the letter from them on the 20 feb 2013 and wonder what my next plan of action should be? hope someone can help, thank you in anticipation. Tim my letter to them 11 Jan 2013 To Red debt collection services Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds LS119BH Dear Sirs, Notice and Demand DO NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Regarding Referen. Notice is hereby given that your claims are insufficient and are hereby refused for cause, without dishonour, due to the fact that you have presented no evidence of your capacity as either: 1. a bona fide party to any contract in which I am also a party; or 2. an agent of a bona fide party to any contract in which I am also a party; or 3. a holder in due course of any debt to which I am obligated. 4. evidence of the validity of the original alleged contract. Stories of companies falsely claiming money to which they are not entitled are rife. Absent any evidence of capacity, I have no obligation to either confirm or deny any contractual relationship with the alleged creditor mentioned in your correspondence, or yourselves. Accordingly, you are hereby given notice that you are in a condition of estoppel with regard to your claims. Upon receipt of reasonable evidence of sufficient capacity I will give this matter timely attention. I will deem the following to be sufficient evidence: A complete copy of any and all contracts which affect or affected your relationship with the alleged principal, as they apply to the above-referenced matter. Said contracts must be certified "true, correct, and complete" by affidavit signed under penalty of perjury, by a principal officer of your company in a position to know all the details of your company's relationship with the alleged principal, in his or her personal capacity. The affidavit must also either completely describe any additional verbal, constructive, or implied contracts you have with the alleged principal affecting this matter, or else certify that no such additional contracts exist or existed. I hereby give you ten (10) days to reply to this notice from the date you receive this communicationwith a notice sent using recorded post and signed under full commercial liability and penalty of perjury, assuring and promising me that all of the replies and details given to the above requests are true, correct and complete and without deception, fraud or mischief. Your failure to provide all of the aforementioned documentation in the manner described within ten (10) days from the date you receive this communication constitutes your agreement to the following terms: 1. that you are or were a third party interloper; 2. that you have or had no legal standing; 3. that you have or had no first-hand knowledge of this matter; 4. that your claim is or was fraudulent; 5. that you will pursue this matter no further. Further, you agree: 6. that you accept liability for any damages I suffer or suffered as a result of your actions; 7. that any negative remarks made to a credit reference agency will be removed and confirmation of said removal sent to me within thirty days of this communication; Please be advised that I am keeping a written record of all correspondence in this regard and therefore do not consent to discuss this matter over the telephone. Any future communications must be written, otherwise you are hereby given notice that they will be ignored without dishonour on my part. Any telephone calls regarding this matter, whether by an actual person, or a computerised system, or personal visits; will be deemed harassment and dealt with accordingly. If you wish to provide evidence of your capacity as either Agent, or Holder in Due Course, Notice is hereby given that in addition to the above, as Agent you would be subject to the same terms and conditions as the original alleged contract. As Holder in Due Course you would be subject to the same duties and obligations as the original party. In either case I will require evidence of the validity of the original contract, as I have a reasonable expectation that you would do if you did not want to run the risk of acting illegally. If you did not satisfy yourselves as to the validity of the original contract when becoming either Agent or Holder in Due Course, it would show a profound failure in your due diligence and duty of care. If you did so satisfy yourselves, the required information should be readily to hand. Inexperienced and vulnerable people are easily intimidated into making payments by what would appear to be unsubstantiated threats. At this moment I am not in possession of any evidence that supports such threats. That is precisely what I am requesting. If, in the event, no such evidence is forthcoming, the offering of these threats passes from mere negligence into the realms of criminal activity. Any previous acknowledgement by me of any alleged debt is hereby withdrawn as having been obtained under duress. Please notice that the commonly accepted principles of good faith demand that if you have any reasonable objections to this Notice and Demand, that you immediately state any and all such objections and not harbour any hidden objections with which to surprise me later. Therefore it is my reasonable expectation that should you not offer any specific objections to any part of this Noticeand Demand, sent to me by recorded delivery within ten (10) days from your receipt of same, that I may presume your agreement to the above terms. I will presume silence to mean acquiescence in all these matters. Yours sincerely without ill-will, vexation or frivolity, Timothy: of the Blake family Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural, Inalienable Human Rights reserved there letter to me Edit 16 February, 2013 L4DEF Dear Sir, Thank you for your recent correspondence in relation to this matter. We can advise that there is no contract between Lowell Portfolio I Limited and you. The agreement that effectively makes you liable for these debts is between you and T-Mobile and Vodafone. When you signed your contract with the above service providers you agreed to their terms and conditions; an element of which stated that your account and personal details may be passed on to debt collection agencies should the terms and conditions not be adhered to. You were sent a Notice of Assignment on 25 November 2010 and 14 September 2012 respectively, which, under Section 136 of the Law of Property Act 1925 serves as sufficient evidence that we have purchased these accounts and can now collect on all monies owed. At the point of purchase of these debts Lowell Portfolio I Limited became the data controller in respect of this matter replacing the original service provider from whom the debts were purchased in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Subsequently, as the legal owners of these debts Lowell Portfolio I Limited retains the right to process your personal data. Please be advised that we are under no obligation to provide the full accounting, a sworn affidavit or hand signed invoice. If you have a dispute with regards to these accounts, we ask that you please provide us with full details. On receipt we will then investigate the accounts further. We have also noted your concerns and we apologise that you feel harassed by our activities in pursuit of this outstanding balance. We would advise you that this is certainly not our intention and that all of our procedures comply with the regulations and codes of practice laid down for the industry within which we operate our business. We can confirm that we have removed your telephone number from our systems and that all future contact will be in writing. We trust that the above clarifies the situation and look forward to hearing from you Lowell Reference Numbers xxxx and xxxx Please provide these numbers when you contact us Original company names: Everything Everywhere Ltd {formerly T-Mobile UK Ltd) (“TMobile”) Vodafone Original Account numbers xxxx and xxxxx you owe £xxxx and £xxxx England and Wales under Company Reg No: 4857418. Consumer Credit Licence No: 544015. Registered Office: Enterprise House, 1 Apex View. Leeds LS11 9BH csa* cnodk urvfcas motiadon dbs hqnyi I t i ta n jrcup§
  19. A friend and I were caught shoplifting on the 6th of July in a local drug store (Boots) and we live in Southern England. We are both 16 years old. At the time when we shoplifted, we stupidly took a couple of items of make-up out of their boxes and left them on the shelves. We stupidly put the products in a plastic bag..However, we never left the store holding anything. We didn't even go to the door, a security guy approached us and took us to his office. He accused us of shoplifting because we 'Had no intention of buying any of these things because we took them out of their little boxes' and he made us sign a piece of paper saying we'd shoplifted in Boots and we can't come in for the next 12 months. All items had been put back, except from two cheap items were slightly ripped and deemed unsellable. We offered to pay for these items at the scene but he said no. He called the police which was very unnecessary as she didn't do anything but shout at us. We were set free and told we would receive a Retail Loss Preventionicon letter. And then, three days later, we received a letter demanding £219.75. We are both obviously scared and worried about this. We first received a letter stating if we do not reply within 21 days then they will send another letter, and we didn't. So I have just received my second, and it states I have 14 days to respond. And it also states, 'We think you do not understand the full potential consequences of this letter, so given your age, you may fall under vulnerable, meaning a parent or adult will take your responsibility.' I do not want this. Me and my friend are not in a perfect financial state to just pay the money. However we do not want to be taken to court. We have had to RLPicon letters now and it's frightening. I wouldn't like to tell my mother about this, I'd rather deal with it myself. But - we are trying to form an argument, because we never left the store. We are just scared something will happen to us if we don't pay. What could happen? (Update, I wrote that when I recieved my second letter. I've just gotten my third, and it's addressed to my parent this time. It says I have a further 21 days or they will refer to the client. (Boots) and I'm seriously scared. What do they do after the third letter?)
  20. Hi all, im new to this forum but have come for some advice. basically i have had a letter come through from westminsters solicitors regarding some debt with an orange account. the debt was from an ex of whom i foolishly had a phone contract for in my name and she hasnt paid it for a while now hence the letter. im unsure if any other letters have come or not as she has recently moved out and so could possiby of hid them. the debt is for approx 1700 pound which seems alot anyway this company have sent me a letter head lining "letter before action" "very important do not ignore" in this letter its says " i write to confirm westministers solicitors have been instructed by orange to recover the above debt. we request that you contact us within the next 14 days to confirm that you agree to settle the above debt at the following address: should you fail to make contact within this period our client has instructed us to issue county court proceedings against you to recover this debt. if we issue cc proceedings it could lead to us obtaining a cc judgment against you which will affect you credit rating and could prevent you obtaining any future loans or credit. if after we obtain a county court judgement against you and you continue to refuse to repay the debt it may lead to further court proceedings being issued against you to enforce the judgment which may include the following action . 1) bankrupcy proceedings of debts over 750 2)a charging order placed on your property 3) a warrent of executionfor the seizure of property 4) an attachment of earnings made by the court " my question is what are the chances of it going to court the only part that worries me is the bankrupcy and seizure of property. i understand many companys try scare mongering and word it like this in order to scare people into paying them . what is the likelyhood of this actual happening? i am hoping i can have enough time for a few months to either come to an agreement with the ex to pay me for the debt or have a few months to save and maybe offer them a reduced amount to settle the debt. any help appriciated
  21. Hello, I've received 3 letters from "Lewis Debt Recovery" claiming I owe £300+ to an eBay related client. At least the last 2 letters were hand delivered. I've not used eBay for years, and have never bought anything from it worth more than 10s of pounds. Each letter has a different address for Lewis - England, Scotland and now Ireland. Best of all: they've spelled my surname incorrectly on all correspondence. Dodgy! I've read a few similar posts on here and I'm happy I could just ignore these letters. However, the address is actually my parent's and I no longer live there. The letters are scaring my parents somewhat - especially as they're hand delivered. What is the best course of action to make Lewis Debt Recovery go away and stop bothering us? Many thanks, all help appreciated, Annoyed By Lewis PS As an aside how the hell have these people got my (incorrect!) details!?
  22. Hi, my ex wife moved out of the marital home over a year ago and I am still getting debt collector letters for her - I only know this cos I googled the address on the back on the envelope and its po box 8743 Bellshills ML4 3WU - Since buying her out of the house I have no contact with her or contact information. I have written this on a note and put it in an envelope with the original unopened letter from them and have said if they send any more correspondence for her it will be destroyed. I just want to know if they will take notice of this as I dont need bailiffs knocking on the door or anything else as I have a new young family and don't want them to be upset and scared but also I dont need the reminder of my ex wife and her debts! She is no longer on the electoral role at this address and hasn't been since she moved so is that sufficient proof for them? I really dont want to be stressing about this, can anyone tell me if this can go further even though she's not been here a year? thanks
  23. A brief outline, I have had 40+ calls texts letters in 4 months from various DCA's and had had enogh of asking them to stop finally I grab the raging bull by the horns and didnt let them go, they refused to comply with kind requests to stop intimidating me, so after much help over time from here, I had a 39 hour ride to success and rode out the storm, still I only have this 1 debt that WILL be sorted soon, my advise is for everyone to look learn listen to advise given here as its invaluable and it WORKS if I can help I will I am no hit and runner lol 101 posts with no qualifications in law but a great understanding of it now, I can run rings around a 3rd year law student now I can now relax and be me again, worry free and happy once more, with the knowledge gained here I can now help others both on here and in my community thx To the CAG long may it live Thank you once again for your telephone call on the 28/02/2013 timed at 19:39. Your company has been as far as I am concerned harassing me by text and on a mobile number, you have been requested by email to refrain from this and yet you still refuse to write a letter and state your intentions, as I said in my email earlier this week I WILL take action against you if you refuse, so therefore I must inform you that on the 28/02/2013 I made an official complaint about you to the FSO (Financial Services Ombudsman) I was given a reference number of ********, my call was placed on the following date and time 19:48 on the 28/02/2013 to number 0800 023 **** and they are now aware of your constant texts and calls you are HERBY INFORMED one last time before action in the Southend County court for harassment under Protection From Harassment Act 1997; Communications Act 2003 s127; I will no longer tolerate your harassment at all. You are hereby instructed to remove the telephone number *********** from all of your systems immediately and to communicate in writing only, this is your final warning, this email must be followed up by you in writing that you clearly understand my request, failure to do will will result in legal action on the above acts and complaints to the relevant authorities for your fitness to hold a credit license in 5 working days of 28/02/2013 no further comminication will be entered into with you regarding the account number ******** period, As the account is in dispute as per my last email to you this week I then got this from the DCA after they recieved notice from the FOS Dear ************ I can confirm that your telephone number has been removed as requested, also the account have been closed and returned to our client ******* ****. Please contact the client if you are disputing the repayment option as stated in a previous conversation. Kind regards ***** ********** Total response time with the DCA/FOS was 39 hours from start to finish and the only reason I have posted this is that the DCA complaints system is not sustainable for customer complaints, as all they want is your money, so please stick to your guns stand firm take no rubbish from them The scores on the doors is as follows MM 19 DCA's 0
  24. Hi again guys, Just wanted advice on these 2 bank debts please. Nationwide and Natwest Nationwide was a overdraft for £1,300 Natwest was a overdraft for £1,700 I received today 2 letters for each debt. 1 from Red, one from Lowells. I have checked my credit files and these were on there last year but have now dropped off my report. - Last payments to both were before 2006 What should I do with the letters? Thanks in advance
  25. Apologies if this has not been put in the right place, I have been viewing the forum and various threads with people in the same situation so I thought I would write about my situation and see if anyone could help me. I would appreciate any replies. Saturday morning I received 2 letters in formal brown envelopes and nearly had a heart attack when I opened them, they were both court letters issued by Northampton County Court on behalf of Capquest. Details below: 1) Part of the balance outstanding under a contract between T-Mobile and the defendant for the supply of telecommunications by Tmobile. To the defendant number ***** the benefit of which was assigned to the claimant on 30/09/2011 The agreement was terminated by Tmobile upon the failure to make payments under the contract. Amount: 299.99 court fee: 15.00 solicitors costs: 50 total amount: 364.99 - I was with Tmobile in around 2006/ 2007 however had NO idea of ANY outstanding balance due, I keep an eye on my credit report and there is nothing on there to do with Tmobile. 2) Part of the monies due under regulated credit agreement number ***** Between shop direct financial services and the defendant the benefit of which was assigned to the claimant on the 01/02/2012 Amount Claimed: 499.99 Court Fee: 30 Solicitors Costs: 50 Total: 579.99 - This is an old catalog my ex partner took out in my name and it went into default. I knew it was in default of £250 although I had so many problems I stupidly ignored it. It is on my file but my ex didn't even know my correct DOB so that is wrong. I have not had 1 single letter from capquest so these court letters are a complete shock. Please advise on what to do next, I have just turned my life around recently and started up my own small company so any CCJ will absolutely ruin me I have not slept since Saturday with worry and really thought things were turning around for me. Thank you in advance for any help. Issue Date on both forms is: 27th June 2013 They both also say: The claimant seeks interest pursuant to section 69 of the county courts act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of any issue continuing at the daily rate of 7p / 11p
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