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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding a debt collection agency that is hounding me at the moment... I have a few very old debts,credit cards and Catalogue debt that will be statute barred come December but this debt collector is now planning to issue CCJ's on them... There's a couple of these debts where i have grounds to dispute them as they are actually not my fault as the originally company just didn't attempt to take any payments off me for over 12 months and when they realised they demanded all the back payments all at once... My question is are there guidelines on how long it should take a dca to go for CCJ's ??or can they effectively stretch the effects of them out on your credit file over 12 years by waiting the 6 years before issuing CCJ's which will then last for another 6 ??? Thanks
  2. Hi All I initially claimed ESA contribution and income based in October 2014....went for my medical for this in February 2015 and was told I was being awarded ESA and placed in WRAG Group in April 2015...Letter states that I was entitled to both contribution and income based due to lack of savings but as I have always worked I was being given contribution based...fair enough.... I recently applied for a budgeting loan and was point blank refused as they say I am not receiving ESA income based....I was under the impression that ESA contribution based only lasted for 365 days and that from October 2015 (one year from initial claim) I had been switched to income based as I continued to receive ESA though no letters were sent notifying me of any change over.... I called into the Job Centre to ask them what benefit I am actually on and they have told me that I am still on ESA Contribution based with an Income based element (though this element could be as little as 10p per week)...I asked how is this possible as I have now been on ESA for 19 months and I thought contribution based only lasted for a year? All she said was that this is the way the system is set up...I asked how long my contribution based would last for and she said it could be indefinitely!!!! I have tried googleing this for hours but the only thing I see that could cause ESA contribution based to be paid indefinitely is being placed into the Support Group which I definitely wasn't.... Could someone explain this to me? It just seems that I am being penalised for always having worked ... Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope its not too long winded lol Alison
  3. I was caught shoplifting from Tesco. I gave the item back and I was cautioned by the police. I paid £90 to RPL. This occurred in 2003. I now wish to apply for a job with Tesco. Will they have the incident on record after this length of time?
  4. Is it 3 years from the date of repair that the warranty is undertaken?
  5. Whats the average length off time the banks give you, to do a charge back. Im guessing will all be different but i would just like to know some average lengths So if you are with any banks and you know the length please share. Ive heard anything from a few months for debit cards upto like a year for credit cards. thanks.
  6. I am currently on JSA and my advisor appointments are done by the phone. I have a few issues with my advisor as she doesn't call regularly (ie: 2 week intervals) or at set times. And she keeps accusing me of making my phone unavailable - definitely not - i have no reason to avoid her. I also spent the last call on the phone for 40 minutes. Is that normal? it feels excessive - if i was in the job centre would i be kept talking for 40 minutes in this manner? Can I cut the call shorter next time? She is calling at some point in the next 2 days and i want a little more control of it.
  7. Hi Question 1. I've just been looking at the sticky above (Sticky: Ashbourne Management Services Ltd - Contracts longer than 12 months(1 Viewing) ) which seems to say that all gym contacts over 12 months are unfair - is this the case ? I ask because I was 'pressured' into signing an 18 month contract with my local gym (not AMSL). Question 2. I KNOW I should have read ALL the small print but there was so much of it!............. I had to sign-up 'there and then' as it was (supposedly) the last day of the membership deal. I specifically asked about suspending membership. I was told it was possible with a doctors note (a condition I have met) - but no other conditions were mentioned.. Now that I need to do this, I discover that I have to pay an 'at-home' fee every month I was not told about crucial points in the small print when I asked - if I had been I would not have signed up. Since I did ask, do I have a complaint - or is it simply 'buyer-beware' ? Thanks, H
  8. Hi all, A bit of a long post below so apologies! Please do bear with me! Basically, I think my employer might be trying to get out of giving me my full contractual notice entitlement, however I am not sure. The bottom line is, I think if am entitled to something, then they should be fair and pay it. I think I could be entitled to 2 months payment in lieu of notice rather than a week’s payment in lieu of notice based on the following: - My initial employment offer letter stated that my probation period was 3 months long and that the required notice in regard to termination of employment was 2 months, after the probation period expired. During the probation period the required notice was one week. (Please see picture LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-A ). - Page 12 of the principal terms and conditions of my employment dispute this ( please see LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P12 ), saying that confirmation of employment from the HR director is necessary for the 2 months notice period to apply, but on page 2 of my principal terms and conditions it says the offer letter prevails in a dispute between the offer letter and the terms ( http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P2 ). - My probation was extended to roughly 6 months ending on 5 July 2012. The letter at B below ( http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-B ) says that during this period (not after) notice period on employment termination remains at one week. - My employment was terminated on 11 July 2012, after the extended probation period had ended. I think it was due to be terminated on the 6 July 2012 but was delayed. Per the initial offer letter ( http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-A ) which states that after the initial probation period the applicable notice period is 2 months, I think the notice my employer should have given me, in regard to the termination of my contract would be 2 months, and that I should get 2 months notice pay, as my termination was after the extended probation period had ended. What do you think? Relevant document images are included as links below. It’s a long post thanks so much for reading and your time, any help is very much appreciated! Am pulling my hair out here! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links / Appendices: A: Extract from my initial offer letter detailing notice periods. Employment began on 9-Jan 2012. LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-A B: Letter extending probation period to 5-July of this year. LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-B My employment was terminated on 11-July, after the probation period had ended. It was due to be terminated on the 6-July but was delayed. C: Please find below links to images of the terms and conditions of my employment. (The first linked page states that offer letter will prevail in the event there is a discrepancy between it and the terms and conditions). Further image links: LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P2 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P3 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P4 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P5 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P6 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P7 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P8 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P9 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P10 T+C’s page 10 says notice only 2m after confirmation, however I would dispute this based on offer letter, which says notice changes without mentioning any confirmations required. T+C’s state offer letter prevails over T+C’s in a dispute. LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P11 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P12 LINK: http://tinyurl.com/termnotice-P13
  9. This is a question for a friend. She has been in her job 10 months as a temp then on a 12 month contract with the company itself but she has only done 4 months of the 12 month contract. As a temp she was with an agency not direct like she is now. Can you tell me if she has got enough service to put in an unfair dismissal claim please?
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