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Found 8 results

  1. I have a friend who was contacted by his insurance company due to a claim that he was in an accident and wrote off someone's car. My friend was not in an accident and so following investigation his insurance company rejected the claim. I've seen the photos of both cars, my friends car has not been in an accident, and the other car is an old banger with a bumper literally falling off. It might be worth mentioning the party making the accusation consist of three men who all have suffered from whiplash. Now it appears that the fraudulent party are now going after my friend directly, he got the following corespondence from his insurance company: My friend is obviously terrified having never been involved in legal proceedings other than buying a house. Can anyone layout what he can expect? I've told him he's got nothing to worry about as this false claim has been thrown out by the insurance company and you can't prove something that never happened. Practically can he refuse to cooperate as it is a waste of time? Is he obliged to do anything? Is it time to get a solicitor or will the insurance company assist as they are involved? Thanks for any advice. Any questions I'll relay and get back to you.
  2. Hello, last month we purchased a vehicle from Arnold Clark and part ex'd our own vehicle. Prior to agreeing to buy we made the salesman aware that I only had a provisional license and asked would that be a problem with the finance (my wife would be the main driver until I pass my test with me driving it provisionally.). The salesman said that wont be a problem, the vehicle just has to be comprehensively insured. We submitted all information for a credit check and we received a call the next day from the salesman that the finance had been accepted and asked if we could come in to sign the agreement and pay the deposit. We did so and the salesman said everything was fine, the car was signed over to us and we supplied all the documents that we were asked for. We collected the car a couple of days later and left our vehicle with them. A couple of weeks later AC called me to say they needed proof of comprehensive insurance where I was the main policy holder. I said I dont have that because my wife is the main policy holder and I am a named driver. AC said that the finance company wont release the money to them until they have proof that I am a main policy holder and that the car would have to be repossessed if we cannot. I informed him that on my copy of the finance agreement it only states that the vehicle has to be comprehensively insured, it doesn't say that the owner has the be the main policy holder. He said "yes but that doesnt matter because on the new document from the finance company it says you need to be the main policy holder". They are threatening repossession if I dont pay for comprehensive insurance in my name which firstly we cannot afford to do that and secondly out of principal of the agreement. The funny thing is they said the finance company are threatening repossession and I said "so a finance company who has currently made no investment in this vehicle has the right to take my car away." to which AC said that "well not it would need to be returned to us" to which I replied "so AC will repossess the vehicle?" and after umm and arring they would not give me a straight answer as to who would be repossessing the car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if they can repossess where do I stand with my deposit and part ex'd car?
  3. Hello All, I have been reading some threads and it appears that I may be being 'cash cowed' as you term it. I have a variety of creditors in which many have been passed to DCA's I think 5 now with Cabot/Merlin. I do not have any CCJs but do have defaults - I have been in this position since 2007/8. My worry is, that if I do apply for CCAs and I stop the agreed payments as per the advice I see, if the time for them to produce a CCA lapses - will this result in CCJs being issued. Also if Cabot has CCAs for some but not all the debts they have brought how would this pan out? Additionally if the DCA cannot provide a CCA am I then in a position to have the default removed from my credit file? Many thanks in advance
  4. My Mom seems to be in the early stages of dementia or has had mini stroke. She is 72 and has always been active until late 2013 when she became ill with a rushed diagnosis of a urine infection. She hasn't been the same since, not cooking, forgetting things, frequently repeating things and not eating much. My Dad has his own health issues and has tried to get her to see a Dr. I've also tried, several times, but she gets angry and doesn't want either of us to say anything or go in with her when she does see a Dr. She says she won't go if we do and thinks everything is ok and that her memory is good for her age. I have power of attorney over finances but not health, and she is still not at that stage if I had. As a family we are concerned but the Dr. will do nothing without her consent and Mom agreeing to let us in on it. I've been as gentle as I can and told her that it's nothing and it's pretty routine to get tested, plus the GP gets a bonus, (she likes them). Has anyone else been through this? My sister in Canada is coming over to try to help but I think she will be disappointed with how stubborn Mom is. I'm cooking meals for them and just trying to look after them. I'm not claiming anything for their care, ( just in case you wonder!). I give them meals but worry they aren't reheating them properly or storing them in the right way. They are always ready to eat when I take them but Mom doesn't want to eat anything other than crisps and bananas most days. I know I have to be patient. My Dad is not, and gets frustrated at having to repeat things. As an example Mom was insisting that the bills had to be paid at the Post Office. Great stuff but on New Years Day? Any suggestions are very welcome.
  5. In short.... On or about October 2012 I purchased furniture on 0% finance to be paid for in 24 equal installments of £28 over a 2 year period. The first payment went out in Nov 2012 and there was no missed payments or indeed any issues until Feb/Mar 2014. In January 2014 I purchased through Currys, a Fridge Freezer and a Tumble Dryer (again on credit) to be paid back in 10 equal installments of £50.10. Due to some error my initial payment for the Fridge etc did not go out and I received a letter stating that I had missed a payment. I duly phoned the company paid the outstanding amount and set up a DD. It seems at this point, an error was made and changes were effected which led to the previously arranged £28 payment to start redirecting to the wrong account. The £28 payments continued to go out of my account every month, so understandably I was blissfully unaware that there was an issue. It seems that instead of clearing the furniture account, this money was now going into the Fridge account. As a result the Fridge finance was cleared in 7 months (instead of 10) and the other account was accumulating arrears. The company did not at any stage contact me via email, letter, phone, text or indeed any way at all, to advise me that there was a problem on my account. If they had, it would have been plain to see that a) I had been making the payments and b) that these payments had been posted to the wrong account. If the company did this or applied due diligence to their own accounts management, this problem would have been easily identified and rectified. I did not in fact find out that there was a problem until I was refused two credid card applications that I had made on line. At first I thought it was because I was 'too good' if this makes sense..... because I am the kind of person to actually pay off my Cr. cards in full to avoid interest... when I was refused the second time however, I became concerned so I obtained a credit report (at my own expense) and was horrified to see that not only did the report show me as being delinquent for 6 months, but I was now judge 'very poor'.,.. this has and will make it impossible for me to obtain any credit..... my credit reputation is now ruined, and it has been due, in its entirety to a completely avoidable error of the consumer finance company. As soon as I found out about this I contacted the company, explained what had happened and asked them to correct the accounts... reverse any referral charges and correct my credit file... Their response was completely unhelpful and unsympathetic... despite my attempts to explain what had happened they insisted that I now contact the collection agency because the account has now been passed to them. I am furious... no phonecalls, letters, emails... their error and now I have to contact these undesireable people to fight my corner and perhaps have them hunt me down for money that I have already paid? Can you please advise if I have a case, and how I might proceed with the matter. I have also lodged a complaint with the FS Ombudsman, but I am so upset at how their personnel have treated this situation that I am now inclined to want to go further.
  6. Has anyone any experience of payments being paid early thus leading to a default? My friend is facing repossession proceedings because RBS say she has not stuck to her arrangement. They are saying that she missed payments in June and September. However from the statement it is clear that she did not, she just paid them early and the statement clearly shows payments made on 30th May and 30th August, and thus shows two payments in both May and August, but no payments in June and September. But the arrears are where they are meant to be (in fact she is a little inside as she has genuinely made a few small overpayments from time to time) The mortgage has 13 years to run and the arrears are exactly £2,400, and the agreed payments are the regular payments plus £100 per month, so it should be cleared in two years. Is there any case law in relation to this? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi im not sure if anyone can help but i thought il give it a go as i was recommended this site. against my husbands parents will (who have always hated me) we decided to get married last year. we had a long distance relationship and when we got married, my husband left his parents house and moved in with me. we found it was alo of pressure on us both financially and emotinally as his parents were still doing everything to break us up and would not let us publically announce our marriage. this caused alot of arguments. during our relationship, there was long periods of time where my husband had not worked so i purchased many items of clothes and various things for him- i have not kept these reciepts. over a row about my husbands parents, in anger he rang them and he went back home. his parents are now forcing him to divorce me or loose them forever. he hadnt taken his things and was asking variuos people to come to my house and pick up his things. i am reluctant to give him his things - not only becaus i paid for teh majority of them but i dont see why i should make it easy for him to return home and leave all his responsibilty from me. i have now recieved a letter from a solicitor saying i shoud give him back his things within 7 days or face further action. his mother has forced this on him. why should i give his things back? he rarely contributed financially in the relationship. im sure all the time people break and throw each others things in the bin??? i still want the marriage but his parents have said tehy will cut all ties. i am worried about the letter. i simply wanted HIM to collect his things not others. don't know what to do.....:fear:
  8. Hi, I have recently been dismissed by my employers. I have appealed but have had not date given to me (this was over a month ago). I have recently put in a claim for a tribunal to hear my case as I have no faith in my company following procedures (they didn't follow procedures during the disciplinary hearing). I have recently been to my GP as my wife has told me I am showing signs of depression. My doctor has prescribed me medication to cope with anxiety and the lack of sleep I am getting at the moment. My question is, has anybody else been in this scenario? If so, how did they get though it and also how should I move forward regarding claiming for depression in monetary terms? Thanks for reading
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