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Found 12 results

  1. evening all , i am looking for a little advice as to what to do next . i took my car in for its MOT today at my local kwikfit and it passed im happy to say , i was handed my keys and certificate and i went to retrieve my car. i got in started the engine put my seat belt on and released the hand brake after puting it in to reverse and hadnt moved when there was a bang at the back , i looked in my mirror and saw a car going back into a fitting bay . i got out and looked at the back of my car and my bumper is all scuffed and and chunk missing out of it and my tailgate didnt at the corner . the employee had reversed out of bay without stopping and because carpark was full come out at an angle and hit my car . i reported it amediatley to the manager who apologised and that they take full responsability . i told them ok , but what are they going to do aboput it and he said he would get intouch with area manger and my response was i wasnt leaving until he had contacted him and that i had some form of letter stating the responsability and signed , which he did. he also told me that it was the emplyees first time at doing brakes on his own and should have reversed out with caution and the area manager would contact me tomorrow firstly sorry for the long story but i wanted you to get the full picture , my questions are 1. do i contact my insurance 2. do i report it to the police 3. do i wait for them to contact me or go back first thing in the morning thankyou in advance for any assistance anyone can give
  2. I booked my Jaguar XF for servicing at KWIK FIT located at 136-142 New Kent Road, London SE1 6TU, due to a "service needed" fault light. On my way to the garage on Thursday 9th November, I receive a battery fault light and I had to call the RAC and when he arrived, the RAC technician checked my car and said it was an alternator fault, so I decided to take the car to KWIK FIT to fix both the Alternation and servicing. KWIK FIT called my phone after checking the car to inform me that i needed; 1. A new alternator 2. A new battery 3. Four new tyres 5. Whole set of brake pad and disc for the whole car 6. Servicing all this was now totally £1,700,00. I explained to them that The RAC technician tested my battery and confirmed to me and the KWIK FIT manager, that my battery was good and all I needed was just an alternator and servicing and only the rear brake pad because, when I done my MOT last, it stated that my rear brake is getting worn out and I should change, but in contrast, KWIK FIT was forcefully persuading me to carry out a repair not needed. They were also forcing me to buy four new tyres even though my tyres were not bad, saying that the tyres on my car is for BMW, so I have to buy KWIK FIT tyres. After all the forceful offers by Kwik Fit, I decided to get a New Alternation, new battery and servicing from KWIK FIT at an amount of £850.00 The result of all this was a disaster when I picked up my car on Monday 13th of November 2017. * KWIK FIT did not stamp my service book record that they claimed to have stamp after the work, so I had to go back to inform them and make them stamp it. * KWIK FIT left a car part cover from my car abandoned on the non driver front seat without replacing it back from where it was removed, and when I complained, the manager said it was not a problem, that it does not matter to leave a car part cover on my seat because "it will not stopping the car". * The service light KWIK FIT claimed to have reset after servicing my car was still illuminated on the instrument panel, as it was before I paid KWIK FIT to service my car. * KWIK FIT damaged the rubber pad liner on my driver side door, causing my driver door not to close properly anymore. * KWIK FIT offered me a battery I did not require, even though an RAC technician tested the battery and said to them it was okay. Just after two days of driving the car after collecting it from KWIK FIT, I discovered that there was a hot vapour water brewing continuously from the engine and when I opened the engine, there was brownish engine radiator water all over my engine bonnet surroundings and the hot vapour was dangerously coming out from the engine. I contacted the manager to explain to him but he was very unhelpful, arrogant and showed a non nonchalant attitude and was trying to make it act like nothing wrong had happened and when I asked for his area manager contact number or their customer service to complaint, he said I must drive down to his garage to get their numbers, if I wanted his customer service or area manager's contacts. I eventually searched online and contacted their head office and spoke to a person named sofia, who say she will get the area manager to ring me after 2 to 3 working days to discuss my predicament and disastrous service I have received from the staff at Kwik Fit New Kent Road. In summary; Kwik Fit New Kent Road, 1. KWIK FIT sold me a battery I did not need, even when RAC tested my old battery and said it was in a perfect state. 2. KWIK FIT collected money for servicing and it appeared it was not serviced as the service light is still showing, 3. Persuading me to buy tyres I did not need, even though I just recently changed my tyres and nothing is wrong with the tyres, 4. Damaged the rubber padding of my driver side door badly, 5. Damaged the car after claiming to have serviced it and it is now producing hot vapourised smoke like heated water coming from inside the bonnet and visible to every one and looks like a car that is about to catch fire. 6. Covered inside of my engine bonnet with brownish like water as a result of their reckless work. 7. Claimed to have stamped my service book when they did not and I had to discover it before they reluctantly stamped it. 8. Let a car part material on the front non driver seat of my car and said it was okay to leave it there because, it will not stop the car from moving, 9. The manager at Kwik Fit New Kent Road was denying me the opportunity to make a complaint about the appalling service I received, by not providing me their customer service number or area manager contact, thereby intentionally trying to silent me, 10. I and my family depend on this car and my children could have sustained injuries from sitting on the car part car left on the front seat by KWIK FIT, which could have resulted in fatal injury. I am immediately requesting that this complaints be investigated fully as soon as possible and that the rip off culture I have experienced at Kwik Fit New Kent Road London, must be stopped and that my car fixed immediately. I will be taking the matter to court by Monday 20th November 2017, if this matters is not resolved amicable and I will also be letting the world know via social media, the kind of bad and disappointing mechanical, customer and rip off experience, I went through at KWIK FIT New Kent Road London, with wanting to get away with £850.00 of my hard earn income, as well damaging my Jaguar XF.
  3. All, Has anybody taken kwik fit to the small claims? I will be starting a small claims this afternoon and I am unsure which address I need to put down - will it be the head office or the Muppets at the local service centre which damaged by BMW? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. My relation has recently had there Motability vehicle tyres replaced at Kwik Fit. Kwik Fit is the company Motability use for tyre work. All Motability vehicles tryes that are replaced, particular front tyres, are to include necessary tracking / alignment checks and adjustment. this is a mandatory operation and does not need prior Motability approval ! My concern is that some of the Kwik Fit locations are fobbing off Motability customers and Kwik Fit are also not inviting Motability customers to leave a review using TrustPilot, which is also against TrustPilot guidlines! Here are the details of my relations complaint left on TrustPilot ..... Motability Customer - Anlaby Hull Depot I have recently attended at the above location as a Motability customer to have my front tyres replaced and tracking adjusted. I attempted to use the online booking system for Motability customers, unfortunately this was not working, so I telephoned the relevant number to make a booking. I attended the booking in good time. On arrival I was greeted by Chris, he took my details and double checked my car, I explained to him that the tracking needs to be checked, I also showed him the safety sheet from Ford who had recommended this be done, he confirmed he would put this through the system for authorisation and see what Motability say. My vehicle was completed within the hour, however the tracking was not completed, the Branch manager used the excuse that Motability had not authorised the work ! I was obviously concerned at this and I made contact with Motabilty personally to discuss this. Motabilty took the trouble to call the depot. The kwik fit manager told them the tracking didn't need doing! Motabilty advised him of the agreement they have. I immediately went back into the depot and spoke to the manager and his assistant. Who had blatantly lied to me as to avoid doing the work. However by this time they had changed what they had told me and also told me they hadn't put through the tracking request as it didn't need doing. This is despite the depot seeing a safety sheet from Ford confirming the work needed doing, also any tracking work with new tyres involving Motability vehicles are now included. A lot of heated words where exchanged. I was also extremely disappointed at the way in which the manager spoke to me and was virtually fronting up to me! Once I was out of the depot and had simmered for a while I reported the matter to the Area Manager who took details and responded to me within a week and apologised. I will not be attending back at this location and would strongly advise any Motability customers to exercise caution and ensure this depot and other kwik fit locations are carrying out work to Motability guidelines! ..... I hope this is of help.
  5. Where do I begin On Sunday I realised i had a slow puncture as i was passing Kwikfit Rochdale I called In To get The puncture Repaired , The man in the Garage said It would be about an hour and said he would ring me when the Job was completed about half an hour later he rang me and said i needed 2 tyres on my passenger side was nearly illegal and the other only had a few thousand miles left on it now my car was only just serviced at a reliable garage last month i thought it was odd they hadnt mentioned it i gave him his due and told him to proceed with the tyre he could repair one and fit a new one as he only had one in stock i asked him to put my spare on out of the boot as well , when i went to collect car it was still on the Ramp with wheel still off he said that the Wheelnuts had been cross threaded and that they would need to be replaced as well as the Wheel hub and as it was sunday i would have to wait till monday morning for a price Well for Starters If my Garage had done the Damage with an airgun on the wheels they wouldnt be able to get the wheelnuts in the Holes either i had no choice but to leave car on ramp and come home in taxi . This morning at 8.40am prompt he rang with a price of £349.07P and i quote he said for everything , i gave him the go ahead only to be rung roughly an hour later to be told £419.37p as Audi dont contain Bolts They used splines whatever they are ??? and he would have to take more parts off the car etc etc i again gave him the go ahead to carry on only to be rung a third time about an hour later with you guessed it another new quote of £547.37p by now i was getting quite annoyed his customer service skills needed a lot to be desired he said he didnt know it had had a new tyre on (Thats what i took it in for in the First place ) he blamed the workman from Sunday for not letting him know . I have no proof that the Damage to my wheel was done by Kwikfit but when i got home i looked on the Net and googled Kwikfit rip off and found loads of complaints off other customers i immediately filled in a complaints form on kwik fits website and I await their reply i shall certainly not be going to Kwikfit any time soon and am damned annoyed i didnt know about their bad reputation before i went people need Warning about this rip off company Sadly i found out too late
  6. I had my air con refilled by them for £50. It's not particularly cold, but I understand it can be due to the car. Are they suppose to replace the pollen filter? I assumed it was a part of the service, but they didn't replace it and it smells like old sweat when it's running.
  7. Hi, we really need help on what to do! I'll try and keep this story as brief as possible! We bought a second hand car this Monday 2nd June, the next day my husband took it to Kwik fit in goole East Yorkshire for a service to make sure we hadn't bought a wreak! "You've bought a good car there" said the mechanic! When my other half went to drive it away, it wouldn't start. The mechanics came out to see what the problem was! As it was nearly closing time my husband arranged to bring it back the next day for them to have another look at it. In the meantime I bought him 4 new alloys with tyres to replace the old ones. He took it back yesterday and had the new wheels fitted and they checked the vehicle over again but could find why sometimes it wouldn't start. After fitting the new alloys they found the tracking needed doing. After this was done hubby got in and drove it down the road to find it pulled badly to the left. He took it back and they did it again. After being tracked for the second time it was still pulling to the left but they said "the machine said it was perfect." Could there be something wrong with their tracking machine? After taking it back for the 3rd time they decide to put it on a machine where it literally shakes the car to death. My husband is an engineer and he thought at the time that they had left it on the machine for far too long. When it came off he drove it home and said there is something seriously wrong with the car. (We live approximately half a mile from KwikFit) so he took it back AGAIN, when they put it up on the ramp they found the prop shaft (I think that's the name) had a new crack in it, the manager then decided to take it on a test drive but my husband advised him not too as this car was now seriously sick. But against my hubbies advise he took it out, was gone over 10 minutes and when he pulled back into the garage there was a really loud noise and unbelievably the manager has now broken the gearbox. Hubby has gone completely nuts and demanded to see the area manager who was 3 hours drive away! I am utterly gob smacked how we have gone from a great runaround vehicle to a broken, probably un-repairable piece of scrap in 3 days! Where do we stand legally? If we don't get any joy from the area manager, what do we do next! Please help as we don't have another car to fall back on.
  8. After charging me 185 pounds upfront Kwik fit calls me up and tells me I failed my MOT and asks me to shell out 655 pounds finally coming down to £480 . This as communicated to me twice ( on the phone and when I went to collect my car) were charges for making the minimum required changes for MOT. After collecting my car, I discovered the next day that the bridge blades that I had been charged for, have not been changed. Also the puncture in one of my tyre was never repaired ( in spite of being told that this will done for free). An independent check with another mechanic confirmed that changes to the Brake Pad set (£85), stabiliser link (£54 each), brake disc (£66 each) and check and front adjust ( £50) were never required. When I complained, I found the area manager completely on the defensive, offering only to refund me £130 pounds (for the non existent bridge blades and half of what I paid for the brake pad brade disk). According to him it was my error for misunderstanding the repairs that had been only recommended and had been done after my clearance. Its been a week and I haven had anything from Kwikfit so far. Ridiculous behaviour , coupled with dishonesty. Please can you advise me who I can escalate this matter to ( OFT ?). Any advice on this will be very helpful.
  9. I got a slow puncture in a rear tyre on my Corsa and took it to KwikFit. They found a large nail in the middle of the tyre and took the tyre off to repair it. The guy then told me that the tyre could not be repaired because I had been driving it flat which I hadn't. He then quoted me £149 for a replacement tyre. The car has 10,000 miles on the clock so the tyre was almost as good as new with a full tread etc. I asked him to put the spare wheel on the car and to put the wheel and damaged tyre into the boot. I then drove round to Halfords Auto Centre who examined the tyre and told me that it was a perfectly good tyre and that it would cost £19 to repair.
  10. Hi all! This is my first time ever creating a thread but I'm looking for some advice please! Basically, me and my partner booked our car in for a full service in our local Kwik Fit garage. We took the car there before 9am as requested and left it there. Around lunch time we had a phone call saying they had identified additional work that needed to be undertaken on the car - a replacement of 2 tyres and also the replacement of the exhaust box. In good faith my partner listened to the advice and agreed that the work could be carried out. We received a phone call a few hours later and dutifully went to collect the car as requested. We paid a whopping £377.10 in total for this, a huge struggle for us as I am being made redundant. But my partner works in a steel works in an industrial area without public transport and so relies heavily on his car to get to work. We understand the importance of this and so paid the £377 without complaint! Ever since we have had nothing but problems with the car. We have an engine warning light that keeps coming on and there is a strange noise coming from the back of the car and at one point I started the car and there was a loud clunking noise from the rear of the car. I was so concerned at this, that straight away I took leave from work and took the car into a local garage where I was at the time. They explained to us that in no way had a full service been undertaken on the car. All kinds of things that had been ticked on our Kwik Fit service sheet - such as the changing of air filters, the oil change, and the replacement of oil filter - had not been done. There was proof of this in the fact there were no marks where the oil filter had been changed and this is impossible to do without leaving evidence. Also the oil had not been changed and in fact the car was now overfull with oil - almost as if some one had just topped it up instead of changing it! The same with things such as checking and lubricating the bonnet catch. The catch was so stiff that it took the mechanic quite a while to be able to properly open and close the bonnet. So not only had they not checked and lubricated the catch, but this suggests that none of the "under the bonnet" work has been done either!! To top it all off they have not re-fitted the exhaust properly. So when undertaking their identified 'extra work needed' they had done such a bad job that my exhaust is now knocking and making clunking noises when I start the engine and we have an engine warning light on!! So we need our money back to pay another garage to undertake, not just the full service, but to fix the problems Kwik Fit caused with the exhaust and warning light! We are not driving the car because of the engine warning light and so now I am paying for trains back and forth to work and my partner is paying for trains and then taxis!! I originally called Kwik Fit about this over a week ago. They said the area manager needed to investigate as I want a refund. They quote three business days for him to contact us! IT HAS BEEN EIGHT DAYS!! We have heard nothing. I have made repeated phone calls and keep getting told that nothing can happen till the Area Manager contacts us. They have called him and left messages and also emailed him and still nothing. They tell me they cannot ask anyone else to look into this matter without him first responding! And yet I just keep waiting for a response! What can I do?? Do I really have to just sit here and keep racking up bigger public transport and taxi costs because I cannot afford to pay another garage to fix my car because kwik fit won't respond to me?! Does anyone know if there is a governing body or a regulatory body for the motor industry I can contact? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  11. Having used KwikFit for the last 20 odd years I was a little too trusting today....I needed 2 new front tyres, looked up the price and it said this (and indeed I have just checked again and it is saying the same price below !!). Not only that but another very local tyre company were quoting the same price (online price from the other company WASN'T an internet offer either.... Fine I thought..... This is what KwikFit were stating on their web site Make Model Tyre Size Price Quantity Total Continental Premium Contact 2 215/55H18 £140.00 £280.00 Standard Valve £4.75 2 £9.50 Wheel Balancing £6.75 2 £13.50 Environmental Tyre Disposal £1.50 2 £3.00 Total £306.00 When arriving there the chap said i'll check your alignment too and it would take about an hour, I said ok fine..... I got back and he said it had all been done, it came to paying in the office, and he started showing me diagrams of my wheel alignment (which didn't mean a lot to me to be honest). He tapped the screen a few times and I could have sworn he said £409.....I paid and only AFTER I paid did he print off the receipt, slipped it in a nice KwikFit enevelope, and as I was in a rush to get back on my 4 hour journey into the snow I didn't check the bill...I get home a couple of hours ago and the receipt shows this Tyres 2 (exactly as named above) - £191 each x 2 = £382:00 WHEEL BALANCE x 2 @ £6.75 = £13:50 ECO TYRE DISPOSAL x 2 = £3:00 NITROGEN INFLATION x 2 @ £1:50 = £3:00 VALVE x 2 @ £4.75 = £9:50 CHECK & FRONT ADJUST = £39;95 REAR TOE ADJUST = £19:95 REAR CAMBER ADJUST = £19;95 TOTAL COST £490.85 an increase of way over 50% and not only have they 'inflated' (excuse the pun) the price of the tyres by £38 EACH they have the nerve to also add on all the extras too.... Needless to say I am more than a little peeved about this, I have never been ripped off like this before, especially so as you build up a certain amount of trust with a company like this after a number of years.... I will not be using this company again and will go to a local supplier, all I can say is get them to quote whilst you are there, if they ask about anything you aren't sure of then ask them how much it will cost.......otherwise stay well clear and support a smaller business.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm really hoping someone can help me as I've had no joy at all trying to sort this out myself and it's quite upsetting. We took our car in to the Poole branch a few weeks ago to ask them to sort out a 'bump' noise and the handling of our car as it felt unsafe. They then 'fixed' it which cost us quite a lot of money especially in these times. After my other half picked it up he drove it away and it made the same noise etc. He phoned them and they apologised and said to bring it back for further work. We were at first angry they didn't test it after doing the work to check the noise and also the fact we paid and it was still broken. My partner being a ex-mechanic had a bad feeling about it so I took it Pro-Tyre in Poole. They took one look at it and said the work had been carried out badly and also wasn't needed. In fact the problem was the roll-bar which was directly next to what they had 'fixed' so there was noway they could've missed it. Also driving around with a broken roll bar is not safe! Feeling really upset the mechanic gave me a statement saying the work was incorrect and not needed. This along with a very upset email I sent to Kwik Fit demanding a refund. I heard nothing so I sent a letter. I eventually got a voice mail on my phone saying it was now in the area managers hands and they would do nothing else. I had one call from the area manager which I missed and that was it. I had already stated in my letter anything they had to say I wanted written in a letter as I'd been advised this to have a paper trail. Still nothing from them. I've emailed again and sent a letter and received no phone calls, letters or emails. No sign of our hard earned money being given back as well. They seem to think ignoring us will make us go away but I'm determined to get our money back. I think it's awful in these times they've done this!! We have to MOT and tax our car next month plus we're getting married and moving so every penny counts, we're really upset their ignoring us. I've sent letters, emails etc in the last week and still had NOTHING in return. I've tried calling and been told over the phone they can't do anything and someone will be in touch. Total lies. I'm really disgusted and upset about all of this, mostly being ignored! If anyone can help that would be amazing. Many thanks for taking the time to read. Kim xxx
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