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Found 56 results

  1. hi all went to the chelsea v psg game tuesday evening parked my car in a parking bay paid the pay and display which was £3.50 per hour [ machine took £ 4 no change given } at 17.20 pm can park for free after 18-30 pm it said i thought it took the 50p extra returned to my vehicle at 18.20 to make put match programme in the vehicle and a warden was there i walked to the ticket machine as i wanted to check the times of the parking which says free after 18-30 and to my dismay the warden had written a ticket out and stuck it on my car saying contravention at 18.29 ..one minute before free parking can i appeal have i any rights
  2. Hi all, Glad to be here. I'm a long time browser and a new user. This forum has gave me great ideas in the past and I have helped my friends by reading advice on here. Now for my story. I have been with Kensington Finance for over 5 years. I was aware of free ones but thought that it was too much hassle as my debts were surrounding me. I was not thinking clearly and wanted a quick way out. In fact, I got referred to them by someone I knew. He said that they are good, no hassles blah, blah blah. Like a naive person, I arranged a DMP with them. They put me on a DMP on £90 a month (£49 paid to 3 creditors and £41 for their 'management' fees). I agreed and forgot about them. Currently I don't work. Ironically I'm studying to become an accountant. lol. Before I was working with computers and did a degree in Multimedia systems. Just last week, I got a wake up call from one DMP company. Someone called me up and managed to obtain my credit history. She told me that I have £8500 debt (with 3 creditors), which will take me about 12 years to pay off on my current plan, and was trying to sell me an IVA. I simply told her that I'm not working and therefore I probably won't be eligible. I simply put the phone down. I wanted to check how much debt I had left. Originally I had just under £11,000 debt and it doesn't take long to work out that only £2,500 has been paid off so far. Since that time I have paid Kensington Finance £2460 (£41 x 12 months x 5 years) in management fees which could have easily been paid towards the debts if I went for the free one. After that call, I called up StepChange and decided to go with them. They phoned me on Monday 02 June and set up a DMP with me. They worked out that £102 a month is reasonable for me and I should be debt free in 6 years 4 months, if my situation don't change. Today I phoned up Kensington Finance to cancel and explained my reasons why. They said that we will only charge you £10 in management fees. They also said that changing the DMP over to StepChange might cause bother to creditors and they might hassle you again so stick with us. Under the new plan it will take you 6 years 9 months to be debt free in my current situation. So what I want to know is that if any body had problems changing over? Will it cause problems with the creditors and for me? Should I stick with Kensington Finance as they have my details or send the paperwork back to Stepchange to get the DMP started? Sorry for long post. Any other advise gladly welcomed.
  3. We had a mortgage with Kensington until we remortgaged in around 2004, before sending off a SAR could someone confirm the 12 year rule, i.e. Can we only claim the charges in the last 12 years? or Do we have up to 12 years to claim the charges for x amount of years before the account was closed in or around 2004? Can anyone enlighten me or point me in the right direction?
  4. I have a joint mortgage with Kensington (we went with non high street as my wife had an old default from a mobile phone company when someone stole her phone to call Nigeria and she negotiated a reduced amount to pay with the company and ended up with a default without being told she would by negotiating the reduced amount. .. but that's another story). we have been in the house for 6 months, no problems with payments or anything like that. One of our original mortgage conditions when we purchased the house was: "The Borrower(s) undertake to carry out the following works: upgrade the electrical system (and to promptly lodge any relevant guarantees with us) within 6 months of Completion of the loan. Written confirmation of this undertaking signed by all Borrower(s) must be forwarded to Kensington prior to formal completion. Failure to carry out the relevant works may adversely affect your insurance cover and any future claims you may make under your policy." We had to get an survey done before moving into the house which we got done, and a quote from the company doing the survey for the work. Both of these were forwarded to the mortgage company along with an undertaking that we signed at the solicitors. (I don't know what the wording of the undertaking was as the solicitor is closed today and they didn't give us a copy of that, but I could find out on Monday). The survey found several problems and the quote to have it all sorted was £1500. We saved the money to pay for the work and got it booked with the company who did the survey. The company was booked to do the work about 2 weeks before the 6 months post completion. 6 months post completion passes today. The company booked to do the work rang us up 2 days before they were due to come and do the work to cancel, saying they had got a big contract that they couldn't turn down and they wouldn't have any time to come do our work and couldn't recommend anyone else. I had a look around, found a few electricians with good reviews and got a couple of them to come have a look. They have told me that the original company who we got the survey done with were completely ripping us off. There are a couple of points on the survey that would need sorting but they were all minor points that would take no more than 1/2 a day and £100 or so. All of the technical test results in the survey show the system is fine and completely safe. Even the minor things that were listed on the survey should not have been listed on the survey as dangerous as they were by the original company. Some of the items listed are completely made up, or the work recommended is actually done already when inspected! So that leaves us now in the position of having to talk to the mortgage company and work out what to do. Unfortunately they are closed today so I will have to speak to them on Monday. However, from our dealings with them up until completion they proved a VERY awkward company to deal with, and I have no confidence that this is going to be as easy to fix as it should be. One option I was thinking of was to get another survey report from one of the electricians I have had come look at the work, get those little bits of work done that do need doing and see if Kensington will be happy with a new report stating no further work is required and the installation is all safe. That would cost me about £200 as opposed to the £1500 originally quoted. I'm not entirely sure where I stand on these special conditions. What rights do the mortgage company have if we don't meet a condition such as that one or they want to be awkward about it and make out we haven't met it? We don't have insurance with Kensington, we have separate buildings and contents insurance so I can't see how that caveat about insurance works. Are there any other solutions anyone can think of? I do actually have the money to spend £1500 if it comes to it, but it seems outrageous that I will have to do it to please the mortgage company when it is completely unnecessary work and all based on a company's report that decided to rip us off!
  5. hi all posting on behalf of my sister in law she had a house with mortgage that was repossessed in oct 2012 mortgage was with kensington...she owed approx 145,000 secured loan on house with GE money taken out late 2007 for 22,500 house sold after being repossessed in oct 2012 for 160,000 in may 2013 outstanding mortgage paid off and 15,500 went to secured loan with GE money i rang GE money today after 15,500 paid to GE money outstanding debt lies at £31,458.57 default letter sent by GE money in april 2008 actually soon after the loan was taken out last payment made £190 september 2011 how has the loan developed like this i am going after charges with kensington but with this lead them to her with regards GE Money? is it worth going after GE money for charges? should she try and hide until statute barred she is on benefits and homeless....atm single with 3 children 12 , 14 and 16 she is totally useless with money but i found what she still owed pretty unbeliveable any advice etc please much appreciated im not sure if this is posted correctly please feel free to move or advise many many thanks i havent really got much more info as she has buried her head in the sand and still does she can remember some months kensington charging £200 in charges etc we havent any paperwork but do have account numbers
  6. My son got himself into difficulties and set up a Debt Management Plan with Kensington Financial Management Consultants, or so he thought. He lives in another Country from me so I have to send all of his mail to him. He now has a CCJ against him from a Company called Close Bros Military Services. According to them, he has not been paying them any money and they do not have a Debt Management Plan with Kensington. I contacted Kensington as I now have authority to discuss my son's account with them. They informed me that they have been receiving money from my son regularly and have been sending it to Close Premium Finance with a slightly different Ref No. I informed them that this is the wrong Company and a slightly different Ref No. Kensington have said that they would reclaim the money sent to the wrong company and send it to the correct company after setting up a fresh DMP. They have also promised to look into the matter and inform me what went wrong. Now, I feel that if Kensington have messed up big time, they should offer some kind of compensation for the damage and inconvenience caused by their mistake. As my son uses my address for his correspondence, his CCJ may affect my credit rating as well as his own, as my son may now be connected to me. How would I go about claiming damages from Kensington? Also, can I have the CCJ removed from the Credit Reference Agencies as it was not my son's fault?
  7. Hi, wonder if anyone can help me. Received a letter from Kensington that they're going to start possession proceedings for arrears on our mortgage. We currently owe them £11,087 made up as follows: 2010: £2,296, 2011:£6,186. 2012:£186 and 2013:£2418. We have been in contact with them and have had arrangements with them to pay the contractual amount plus an additional £150.00 a month. In 2012 we managed to maintain that as well as in 2013. The arrangement we had with them was being reviewed on a quarterly basis and in November it was agreed that we would pay an additional amount of £190.00 to be reviewed in April 2014. Due to a death in the family we ere unable to make the November payment and on the back of this we have now received this letter for court proceedings from them. We have now made the monthly payment for November and December and also written to them letting them know that we will pay the additional £380.00 in January. We've also asked them if its possible for us to resume with the arrangement made in November and avoid going to court. We have not heard from them nor received a court date, but this could be due to the Christmas holidays. The arrears amount is now £8,624 which is pretty much relates to 2010 and 2011. We're really worried that they will not let us continue with the arrangement and we'll have to go to court. We have kept in regular contact with them over the years and have always tried to maintain whatever payments they've asked from us. We would really appreciate any help or advise you can offer in how we should now approach them. We still have a long way to go on our mortgage and on the current amount they were asking for would take us approx 4 years to clear. Please any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi, I took out a mortgage with Kensington in 2004 (I have since re-mortgaged with another lender). I was going through some paperwork and found a pile of SAR documents from Kensington which I obtained when reclaiming arrears fees. I've just noticed on one of the documents that Kensington paid £1350 to the broker who arranged the mortgage which I did know about. Can I claim this back as an undisclosed commission?
  9. Have only been told of this nightmare by a friend this week and don't have all the information yet. My friend's husband was referred to Kensington by Abbey National when he needed to borrow money to buy a truck for work. He borrowed £19,000.00 the payments were made for a long time until he was hospitalised for 3 months with Crohns disease. Since then they have made payments when the could they also fell in to arrears with their mortgage but this is now up to date. Kensington have been relentless in their pursuit of this couple - writing letter every week and the calls can only be described as menacing. He was offered money by his company to pay off the arrears but Kensington do not want this. Kensington went for a possession order in May this year - the offer was made again of a F&F - this was ignored. A further order was made for posession on 3rd September - again they would not accept the Full offer and have agreed to payment of £1000.00 on the 9th September then payments of £333.43 per month for god knows how long. I have seen the most recent letter and the interest charged is staggering on 3rd May the o/s amount was £13265.47 - on the 14th June £13,684.02 and on the 30th July this had risen to £14525.08. i am going to find out how much they have paid by requesting statements, but need advice on how to proceed.
  10. Hi, My mother has a difficult and complicated problem with Kensington. I have only just found this forum and reading the experiences people have had with this company has got me very worried. My sister died at the end of last year. She and my mother have been resident in the property for almost thirty years. The property was in my sister’s sole name and it was left to my mother in my sister’s will. My mother holds the Grant of Probate and is administering the estate (which has no value apart from the property). My sister’s main mortgage was with GE Money, but following some financial difficulties she took out a fixed sum loan with Kensington in 2006 which was secured against the property. Until my sister’s death the payments were kept up to date, but no payments have been made since then. My mother has negotiated with GE Money and they are prepared to let her stay in the property as long as she keeps up the ongoing mortgage payments to them, which she has done. The first mortgage with GE has around £190,000 outstanding and the loan from Kensington was for £24,000. In July my mother received a letter from Kensington saying that they were commencing possession proceedings. Since then, she has had no communication from Kensington or their solicitors although she has received an account statement for August which includes fees for a solicitor’s letter, solicitor’s fees and court fees. Since my sister’s death Kensington have been adding a monthly arrears fee of £50 per month to the account which now has £26,000 outstanding. My mother wrote to Kensington last week asking why the court charges and solicitor’s fees were added to the statement as we had had no communication from either and asking for a complete transaction statement for the account. She also asked them to provide a full and detailed explanation of how they calculate their arrears fee. Today she received a letter from Kensington which answered none of the above queries and simply asked if she intended to sell the house and that they were entitled to charge arrears fees. The property is in a poor state of repair and has been converted for a disabled person (my sister was tetraplegic). We doubt that its sale would even cover the outstanding amount owed to GE Money, so Kensington are unlikely to recover anything from the possession. My mother is 76 years old and is terrified that she is going to lose her home, so if anybody here on the forum could offer any advice it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I am new to this so please bare with me if this is the wrong place to post. I am looking at a debt problem on behalf of my girlfriend who needed a hand. Upon looking at it I can see that she is using Kensington Finance and one of their debt management plans. Upon review I can see that they are charging a huge fee each month which obviously will slow down the process of paying off the debt. I wondered what options were available to me/her. I would ideally like to pay as little (if anything). I have noticed some places like Payplan or CCCS don't charge but really am an amateur here. Can someone give me some advice with regards to the fees? Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi all, The securitisation of mortgages seems to be the most confusing subject evenwith the information and discussion on the forum. I spoke to Kensington on thematter, they told me they are unable to give me the information as its is notrelevant to me and securitisation does not effect me or my mortgage obligations. I asked if i SAR for the info to which i was told even then they will notdisclose to whom my mortgage is securitised with. I thought under SAR theinformation i would ask for would be given but Kensington are refusing. Any onesuccessfully get securitisation info from their lenders and what should i do toget the info i am requesting?
  13. Hi All Last year I put in a claim using a PPI claim agent against Kensington Mortgage Company r egarding the mis-selling of my cover when I took out a mortgage. As a result of mis-selling I was not covered when my business went under and as a direct result I lost my home. I filled out all the paperwork correctly and called on monthly basis to chase the claim, I was told Kensington had never heard of me, and that they needed previous addresses. These I provided and last week made another call to chase the claim. Imagine my amazement when the guy on the other end of the phone told me they had made an error and had in fact contacted Bradford and Bingley by accident which is why they had no record of me. The problem I have is the 10 year time limit ran out last October and I am not sure what to do next. Many thanks
  14. Hi there all, I am new here and am in desperate need of any help or advice. We have a 2nd mortgage/charge on our property with Kensington. A couple of years ago following an accident my husband and I were forced into unemployment due to ill health/injuries. We now receive help from the dwp paying towards our mortgages, Kensington currently receive £33.04 per month dwp payment and £110 from us. We have approximately £3000 of arrears on the account also. Our monthly payments cover the contractual payment and some towards the arrears. This would be brilliant if the arrears balance was ever coming down! However, despite our religious payments and commitment to resolve this situation we are constantly being charged interest on the arrears which is far more than we are paying making the situation constantly worse and further behind. We have received some legal advice all of which seems to get us nowhere. We have been applying to the local council since 2010 for what started out as a grant to prevent repossession and has since turned into a loan to prevent repossession. Each year we have been disappointed by the council who seem to make any excuse not to give the loan. They have now this year said that because we have a less than perfect credit score they are unable to provide the loan! If I had perfect credit I would not be in this mess and would go to a bank for a loan! We have now been advised to go Bankrupt in order to obtain the council funding! This thought terrifies me and seem quite extreme for only the possibility that they will lend me £3000 to clear these arrears! I would be so grateful for any help regarding this situation as I quite honestly feel suicidal with it all. All I want to do is keep paying and clear the arrears but because they insist on adding the high levels of interest to the arrears this is proving impossible.
  15. Hi all, As you will see I am a "newbie" to this site and it's forums so please go easy on me in terms of judgement :-s My Story: I have had a mortgage with KM for 9 years and for the first 6 of those years I was keeping up with my payments. However, 3 years ago I lost my job and fell into arrears. I have been making payments on and off for the last few years and during this time missed a few more payments. KM has been to court - around January 2012 they were given a possession order. Since then I have been on an arrangement plan with KM and agreed to pay £440.00 per month (Please note my contractual mortgage amount is £382.87 and £57.13 was towards arrears). I defaulted on my last plan in December 2012 whereby I did not make the required £440 payment at all that month due to unforeseen motoring expenses. Since then I have paid the following payments; January 2013 £400.00 February 2013 £400.00 March 2013 £400.00 April 2013 £400.00 May 2013 £425.00 In March 2013 and April 2103 I got letters through the post both saying their records showed I was making payments above my contractual amount and if I continued to do so then I would not be charged the monthly £50.00 arrears charge. Both letters did ask me to urgently get in touch and to be honest I knew I had to speak to them as I wasn't paying the agreed £440.00, however, did not mention possibility of eviction. To my surprise I got a letter on 23rd May 2013 advising an eviction date had been set for 18th June 2013. From the 24th May to date I have called KM 16 times (to the cost of £80.00). I have gone through an Income & Expenditure and offered £448.02. They asked for a lot of information in support of my Income & Expenditure and to date I have sent 46 pages on 2 separate occasions detailing and supporting everything, including my unforeseen motoring costs. Every time I have called I have been told I have to speak to the Evictions Team who have never been available. However, on Friday 14th June 2013 I got through to Becky in the Evictions Team (truly one of the nastiest people I have ever spoke to) who asked for more proof - statements for a dormant bank account and advised my account cannot be passed to a manager for a decision until I provide this. So, what I have done is gone to my local County Court and submitted a N244 and have a court date for Monday 17th June 2013 as their was no way I could get the information to them by post in time. As part of my N244 I have gave the Court a copy of the 46 pages I sent to KM, along with my 2 covering letters and explained my difficulty in coming to an arrangement. However, I did forget to include my income &expenditure form in with the N244 and have been told the judge may not accept on Monday. Reason for my long post (sorry about that) is because I am so scared to lose my home and worried the judge will favour in KM. I just wandered what everyones thoughts were on the possible outcome and if anyone had any advice about going to court? Oh, not sure if you need to know this as well; Made a payment of £448.02 (which is what I am proposing) on 14th June 2013 - although they were reluctant to take this payment. Current Mortgage balance £69,000.00 - approximately Current Mortgage arrears - £5400.00 Mortgage term left - 21 years I would really appreciate any advice or support as am worried sick and haven't been sleeping/eating properly.
  16. Hi, not been on here for while. Really worried that i am about to lose my home so hope someone can help me or steer me in the right direction. Short story...my hubby had a serious accident in December 2011 and subsequently ended up being off work for 4 months on sick pay. We kept Kensington appraised of our situation and that we couldnt afford to pay the mortgage during this time along with other major bills (i.e car loan etc, this has now been sorted). During this period i was on matnerity leave and have not gone back to work due to having 4 children and it doesnt pay me to lol (thats another story). In December this year my hubby had an operation on the knee injury he had in 2011 and was off until February again on sick pay and we couldnt afford the mortgage again....Arrears have built up and we have kept them appraised every step of the way. We are expecting a big payment for loss of earnings and the injury itself but this wont happen until end of this year. Basically Kensington have been bullying us every month to pay more than £100 off the arrears when we cant afford it, so i just end up cancelling the DD as we cant pay it. The upshot is we have a re-possession hearing on Friday 5th at 3pm. I just really dont know what to do or how to stop this. I have asked kensington if they can either add the arrrears (about £5k) to the end of mortgage, or extend the term etc but they just dont want to know. They never reply to any letters or info we send them. I have spoken to them today and they are willing to postpone the hearing if i pay £100 off each month but they want me to supply bank statements, sick notes etc, which i can and have done previously but the bank statements take 7-10 working days to come as i am interent banking. I have explained this to them but they dont seem to care. I just really dont want to lose my home. We have never had mortgage arrears until 2011 and have had a mortgage since 2000 but that doesnt account for anything does it!
  17. Hi Im in need of some serious help, I have a Mortgage in arrears with kensington mortgages to the tune of 17000 and got taken to court by them in april 2012. I was given a suspended court order and told to pay my contractual payments of £890 plus an extra £500 to cover the arrears. since then I have been having serious problems with keeping employed and since then have defaulted on the suspended order payments to the tune of £5500 I have had to take in lodgers to help me pay the bills in the house, I have contacted kensington and kept them aware of my circumstances with employment and have been doing my best to stick to at least the contractual payments since then, in November 2012 my mother passed away in an accident abroad and I had to go away abroad to sort things out with the rest of my family and I returned back to the UK on 3rd december, whilst being away I missed one payment on the agreed payment of the arears so since then I have been trying to get kensington to help me get back on track by re setting back up the agreement to whta it was originally £800 plus £500, this they have turned down once just a few weeks ago, I appealed to them again asking that they look into it again as I had lost a lodger so my circumstances had changed and I had taken in another lodger to help me with the mortgage I sent them proof of this along witha covering letter detailing my circumstances and this morning I recieved a letter from kensington saying they have turned down my proposal to pay an extra £500 again. Speaking with someone in litigation she has told me that unless kensington recieve the £5500 in arrears since the suspended order from last april they will push for an eviction warrant, this means that even if I was to give them the £5500 pounds they could still turn down my proposal and push for eviction? someone please help is there anything I can do, or am i doomed to lose my home?
  18. http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/kensington-parent-launches-200m-securitisation/1059098.article
  19. This is in the Scotland forum because I live here, but if it would be more appropriate elsewhere, please move it. I recently wrote to Kensington regarding the interest rate that they are charging on our mortgage, which I believe to be excessive. They wrote back (and I quote): I've just checked the current LIBOR rate - assuming that they are referring to the 3 month rate - and it is 0.50813%. This is more or less the same figure as at the start of December. Surely this means that the current VR should 2.55% (rounding up to the nearest 0.05%), not 3.50% as they have stated? They seem to have pulled an extra 1% out of nowhere. Or am I misunderstanding where they get their figures from? Can anybody enlighten me?
  20. Hi I hope someone can help.Today we received a notice of commencement of possession proceedings from Kensington mortgages for the 24/01/2011.They say we owe £5150.47 in arrears and we are 3 months behind with the payments,We did write to them to explain we were experiencing financial difficulties due to the ressesion and asked if we could have the amount we pay off the arrears lowered ,they sent us a income /expenditure form out which we filled in and sent to them ,they asked how much could we afford to pay and we wrote to them with the amount we could afford to pay and then we recieved a notice of possesion order. The arrears include unlawfull charges over the past 4 years.Is it possible to counter sue for these charges.Any help appriciated ,thankyou.regards angnnig
  21. Hi all Hope someone can help me here and make clear whether or not I can claim anything back from this cowboy company! I split up from my wife in 2011. Initially she asked to keep the property I purchased yet had both our names on the mortgage. At the time I was prepared to give up the house and start again. However unknown to me after 6-8 months she had not paid the mortgage and ran up arrears of around £4000.00 . Along with more money from utitlity bills which she did not pay. I took over the house from her and she has since moved to an unknown address ( in yorkshire) and has taken a Job promotion working in London. Anyway as things stand I think I am unlikely to get any money back from her. Dont even know where to serve divorce papers to! No doubt once the house is back out of negative equity she will try rip me off for half but thats something else to look forward to in the future..... I have now repaid all the arrears and lived off nothing (cup a soups etc lol get the violin out!)for the last 3-4 months. I made a SAR request when I was desperately trying to get the payments down by them 4 months ago. At that time the amount Ive got to in arrears fees applied plus debt councillor fees (for someone who never came) plus solicitor fees(over £200) .. . is in the region of £2000-£3000. I have literally given every penny Ive had to them and finally got the arrears paid off. Work however is slow again (im a roofer) and this time of year is not the best as people are saving their cash for Christmas and its aftermath on their finances in January so going to be a long cold winter! I am unsure as to whether Ive paid off the fees or whether the fees have just been added to the mortgage and now being charged interest on for the remainding 20 years of my mortgage. Can somebody please please help me to figure out if i can have these monies refunded in cash if they have been paid or have the charges removed if added to the outstanding amount and being charged interest on. I simply cannot afford to keep being ripped off and have no life apart from paying unfair charges and bills. If possible are there template letters I can send to start the ball rolling and give me an idea of the process from start to end. Many many Thanks in advance for any help. Desperate!
  22. embarrassing to be back but hoping ellen or some one can help...not sure how to upload my previous thread..mods if you can assist please or i can continue as per below i posted about 10 months ago... in a surprise move, after the judge ruled against me (4 previous evictions suspended) Kensington dropped demands for a lump sum (46k arrears now) and cancelled eviction - as ellen advised me at the time, '' Kensington have an outright possession order, which means they can apply for a further warrant of execution ''. This is what they are doing now. i kept to payments from the date of the last arrangement (january 2012 for 6 months, then missed 3 payments and then made the monthly payment in oct - action to apply for the warrant of execution has now been started by kensington - i am just waiting for an eviction date. they have applied to the local; court as of 16.11.12 (romford) just as a reminder, we have had a family breakdown due to the stress and care for my disabled son. this is the first year that we have had some level of stability - it has taken us years to get the care package we need to enable me and my wife to work full time. the latest default was due to extra cash payments that we made to carers - this has now ceased due to the extensive care package. i have only disclosed this to kensington in the last few weeks. if i lose the house, my son goes into full time care. no chance of getting the same package transferred - it has taken 6 years to get to this point. my mortgage record is appalling but the last 10 months has seen 7 payments. not good i know but some evidence at least. the bottom line is that they rightly view me as an horrendos account, arrears, not maintaining arrangements. i have managed to get some dialouge going with a member in their referral team. he has all our income/exp details - details of affordability have been noted but they point to my record. however, it appears ( i may be deluded) that they have left the door open for some lump sum offer. i can make payments due to commission which clients are releasing early (6k). i am not sure if this is enough and i am unsure how to now make a last bid to save our property. do i offer as a lump sum or say 2k per month on top of monthly payment for a 3 month period(the last arrangement was monthly payment 1536 plus 250 towards arrears) ? as stated, ellen assisted me greatly at the start of the year - hope there is still a chance.
  23. Does anyone know if Kensington Mortgages are affiliated to Central Trust?
  24. Hi all ,have hearing this month with arrears of around 3500 on secured loan. been refused agreement plan verbaly and letter subject to forwarding bank statements not happy to send them. I/E form + reasonable offer refused= unfair treatment?. over payments made evened out with charges and solicitors fees, true arrears aprox 1200, can I put house on open market before hearing? - further implications? PPI through broker claim full + interest from kensington? Previous breech of security -my full details, account +phone no, balance, address etc disclosed to third party. Further fundamental issues also, would welcome any comments/advice on the above issues, thank you.
  25. My home has been repossesed by Kensington as I had arrears of £6000. Up to the last minute I was suppling them with all the information they were asking for. The Bailliff advised us that we had to give them the keys and that we had 14 days to sort this out and if we had the money to pay the arrears that it should be ok. We then arranged for the money into the account and called Kensington, advised them that we had toe arrears money and also could pay on the future due to working. They refused this and the matter was referred to their onsite management team who refused too. We were paying a HP which we paid off and therefore had that extra money too. Went back to them with this and they advised that the matter would be referred to their management team and i would be called back. I chased them several times and I was told that action was on hold and nothing would be done on the property l a decision had been made and that the person dealing would call me back as soon as a decision was made. A few days later a for sale board went up and I called them again. The person dealing advised me that i had been declined again. I was lied about action being stopped. I was also told that I would be given time to get my bellongings out but when he second request was declined and I asked them to let me remove my belongings they have charged me £100. Is there any chance i can take this further and get possession back? I am willing to pay the arrears on the mort and can afford to pay the monthly pyments. I also have a secured loan wit them which they state is in arrears too of £5000. Can anyone help me or is it oo late? Thanks
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