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  1. Hello all, My flatmate has recently moved out of our 2 bedroom flat. We moved in Sept this year and both signed a joint tenancy agreement. I have informed the letting agency who have informed me that: "The tenancy you have both signed means you are jointly and severely liable for all rent for the duration of the tenancy term. In order to be released from your contract you would have to find tenants to replace yourselves or the property is relet. You are responsible for all rent to the point of changeover and the ‘assignment of tenancy’ charge." I intend to reside in the p
  2. It's the old Hippy again with just a quick question. If like myself me and ex have a joint liability i.e. we had a secured loan which is now become unsecured and the creditor goes for a CCJ do they do it on an individual case or Jointly, ???? or would they go after the one they think they can get the most out of. I am not really worried about it as I have my BR money ready if needed. I have seen off most of my creditors from the naughty 90s who could not supply any CCAs but I know in a few months time the lovely people at Barclays First Plus will come wanting there cash Hi to a
  3. Ok so me and my partner decided to take a lloyds tsb joint current account out before my Son was born this was Octoberish 2011. Now i havent be too great with credit with over drafts and credit cards but this has all been settled now and my credit is well and truly destroyed to be honest but when my partner looked at her credit history earlier this year i was listed as a linked alias on her credit file which brought her credit down from 5/5 to 1/5 When we looked at our links it showed Lloyds TSB Joint Account which has obviously destroyed her credit She rang experian after clos
  4. I have just found out that there is 2 outstanding debts in my name from a previous relationship. The relationship ended and I moved out in Feb 2005. I stupidly took my exes word for it when he said he had taken my name off the account. The debts are listed in Experian as starting in March 2008. They are both for current bank accounts however only 1 was a joint account which started off as his personal account and I had my name added. The other was for his solo account which I had a card for but was not joint. The joint account is in debt for £2800 and the solo account is for £219. I have b
  5. I will try and keep this short, but hopefully explain my current position in a good clear way. I left my ex partner in May 2011, I was forced out the property, and at the time felt I had no choice but to take me and my son and myself out of a intolerable environment. I cant say to much about this, as it still has painful memories. My ex remained in the house till august 2012, in this time he moved someone else in, and they were living together. In the mean time I was told he was not earning any income to pay CSA payments. He is now saying he will take me to county court for not
  6. Under a joint tenancy agreement me and my ex had it was always split down the middle. Both our names are on the utility bills etc. She hasnt paid for 5 months and is refusing to do so. I have been paying my half but the accounts are not being paid in full. Any advice?
  7. I recently moved into a joint tenancy agreement into a rented two bedroom property with a good friend of mine. He's a bit strange in public, but appeared to keep a good home from where he was living before, a good laugh and always got your back. I should have taken it as warning bells all the problems he was getting into with everybody else, but the picture painted was that everybody else was being unreasonable, which actually seemed fair enough, people were taking his things without consent, returning them late, he seemed to be the provider for the accomodation he was living in and peopl
  8. Hi, A friend of mine is getting into a bit of hassle with the house he's currently renting. He shares the house with 3 others, due to personal differences they are not all seeing eye to eye. After his refusal to leave the house and seek new accomodation the other 3 have decided they are going to leave. Not a problem apart from the fact they have submitted 2 months notice to the landlord and agency for the entire property, without the agreement of my friend! Now he's happy to stay on in the house until the end of their fixed term contract which is in December this year, but wi
  9. My Girlfriend is selling her house, and her parents are also selling with the intention to move in together so we can care for them. Ownership would be 60% my girlfriend, 40% her parents. The parents are mortgage-free, My girlfriend's mortgage would be carried over to the new property, and form approx £130k of the house's worth of £770k. Her bank has just asked for a seemingly unfair if not impossible requirement! Her parents are to sign that they don't own any portion of the house. The house will be in My girlfriends name as she has a mortgage running on it. However, the parents are also
  10. On returning from Greece after 8 years of successfully running a business with a friend I wished to remove my name from a Halifax joint current account we used for UK Direct Debits. I was surprised to learn that Halifax, without, it would seem, informing their Scottish customers, had closed all their branches in the country. Their parent company, the Bank of Scotland, told me that they were unable to action my removal from a joint Halifax account and that I would have to present myself in person at my nearest Halifax branch. I live in the Highlands of Scotland. My nearest Halifax branch is in
  11. Hi Please can you help with this query which has been going on years. A bit long..... I have been divorced (absolute granted) since 2008. I had a joint account with my ex husband. I was the primary account holder. I opened my own (Lloyds) account in 2005 and have been using this since this date. To cut a very long story short, my ex husband continued to use the account so he had some means to have his wages paid but he ran up the £1000 overdraft too. In 2009 I managed to get him to pay some of the overdraft off, which was done on 5th July 2009 and at this time I asked for the over
  12. Can someone please help. I am soon to split with my husband, which will involve al the usual rubbish to sort out one of which is the child tax. The arrangements haven't been fully sorted yet but it is looking like i will move out but look after the kids 5 days of the wk while he works i just wont sleep in the house but will be main person with responsibility for kids. Who should put the claim in me or oh?? I phoned the tax helpline and the person i spoke to couldn't give me an answer just confused me.
  13. I own a flat with a family member and we have a joint mortgage. For the last six years I have been out of the country and she has been paying the mortgage herself. It is a two bedroom flat and she has been renting out my room. I did the same when she was out of the country. I moved back in November 2011, and in May 2012 she moved out. I found out 4 days before she left that she was moving and was renting out her room. I was annoyed but asked that I be able to choose who to live with from her short list and she said fine. Then the day she was moving out she to
  14. Husband left me in November 2007. Our business folded on the back of our marriage break up so I became jobless for the first time in my life. When the business closed, May 2008, he ceased paying money towards our joint committments i.e. the mortgage and secured loan. Secured Loan of was taken out £10k for a motorbike for him £6k for business corporation tax. By the end of the year I was facing bankruptcy, he wouldnt take on the house (I offered to move out) he wouldnt pay anything towards the debts and I was taken to court twice for repossesion, but by hook and by crook I managed to negot
  15. Hi I rented a house for this academic year from June 2011 until June 3rd 2012. It was a joint AST type tenancy. The house had 9 tenants and they had all paid deposits and had them put into a protection scheme- but not signed any contract in early October 2011. Someone dropped out and I joined the group in the late October. We signed the contract in the December and I paid my share of the deposit (£350) to the person who had dropped out. I paid in my name the summer retainer rent, and all rent payments came out of my bank account via a bank transfer. Now, despite the fact I signed
  16. My lodger has claimed working tax credit disability element since 2009. He has just received a letter asking why he did not make a joint claim with me. The letter asks for evidence to support his reasons for not making a joint claim. When making the claim originally I inquired on his behalf with the local CAB and the HMRC helpline and was given the same quidelines. We can share a property if he has his own bedroom, we do not engage in sexual activity and we do not eat meals together. As we met the criteria he applied for WTC. Can anyone help me with pointers with regard to the ev
  17. If the bank issues a formal demand on a joint account does that formal demand have to be made on both parties that are named on the account? or can they go after one party and then move onto another party after exhausting measures with that party? A formal demand was issued to my Father and not to my mother (the demand was made on 6 accounts three of which were joint accounts). I am fighting the case on behalf of my mother as my father disappeared a few years ago leaving her with the debts. Can the bank issue a formal demand on a joint account to only one party? Do you know what la
  18. Hi there, I hope you can help; CCJ has been in place since 1997 and has been paid all the while. Original Claim form has Mr & Mrs names on as debt is joint All of a sudden, NatWest have passed Mr to Regal Collections (As I "am a homeowner" - haven't been for 12 years!) and Mrs to CapQuest. I'm concerned that if a CCJ is being paid monthly effectively in two 'installments' that everyone is going to get totally confused. Both collection companies are asking for the full amount (£19k) so how does that work?! Any help or advice massively appreciated. Cheers
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