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  1. HI, I'm after a little advice on the following and where i stand etc. This all relates to a Lloyds bank account held between 2001 and 2008 In 2006 i attempred to get back approx £5k worth of charges from Lloyds - i never took it to court as i could not afford the initial court fees at the time so only went as far as issuing a letter before action ti which i got the general "go away" letter back from Lloyds. sometime between 2007 and 2008 lloyds allowed me to go overdrawn and this spiralled out of controll - when they closed the accoung in 2008 i was £1100 overdraw
  2. We are trying to sort out our own and joint debts and would like to know the following. On joint debts do we both need to send a SAR or just the one? The account numbers are the same but we both receive statements and demands. We both follow other treads on the forums and have sent for and received (some) CCAs but have not sent any joint SARs yet. Sorry if the answer is obvious but I'd rather not have to spend any more money than required. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I'm new and apologise of this repeats. My wife gets ESA and she is in the Support group. I was made redundant and was claiming JSA Contribution based which has now expired. My wife filled in an ESA3 form and claimed for me on her claim (now IB). It's all processed now and we are receiving the joint amount. My Jobcentre advisor phoned me to say I do not need to sign on now as my JSA claim has stopped. It seems that due to joint claim I am now classed as on ESA - but I am not ill. Does anyone know what happens now for me re interviews, work programme etc?
  4. Hi, My question is regarding the following charging order: This was granted following a CCJ against one owner of a jointly owned property. I have not been able to dig out all the documents relating to the hearings for the interim and final charging orders (I am not 100% sure there was a final hearing but it seems fairly likely). To me, it reads like this is in the interim order and that the final order was never registered (I believe this is a separate process?). Could somebody confirm this and what rights it conveys to the creditor - I think this is Form K? What does th
  5. Hi, I am currently in requirement of a new joint tenant and I'm looking for some advice on a couple of questions. The current joint tenant is in the process of moving out and my LHA rate will not cover the remaining rent. I'm struggling to find a suitable candidate to fill the position. There's one person who is willing to take up the role however, due to other personal commitments, his living arrangements will be split between properties. The property where he is registered at the moment is his parents house, where he is also named on the council tax bill and rent book. Will t
  6. Hi My wife and I had a joint HSBC bank account together up to 17th March. We are separating and wanted to have our own separate bank accounts, HSBC seemed the easiest route to take. I initially went in to see them on a Monday and asked to open a new account, this was done. They also froze the joint account (with about £400 in there) until we could go in together to see them. Here's what I don't understand and where I think that HSBC staff basically lied to us, but I don't know the rules. The clerk who was dealing with the accounts said that because we'd come in and told the
  7. I work in the financial services industry- so if I don't have a good credit record I will not be able to keep my job. I had been added to a joint mortgage (via a change of parties) and then found out about past problems with the other person's credit. I have taken the mortgage over fully myself now (all payments are up to date on this mortgage and have been made on time so there is no issue with the mortgage itself) and will be proceeding with a notice of disassociation with all 3 of the credit reference agencies as I have no financial associations with this person any longer. However I
  8. Hi I have been claiming JSA income based,received some income based benefit for a short while, my partner was working and has now lost the job,partner is now in receipt of a private pensions (aged 60) can I just claim NI credits for myself as partner may not return to work, we are in receipt of housing benefit and council tax help, the JSA is purely ni credits claim, I ask as partner has now been called in for an advisor interview and we would like to have our information correct. Our district as best I can establish is not on Universal Credit. and would any of this affect the housing benefit
  9. Hi all. Just looking for a bit of advice really. Me and my partner have split up. He is moving back to his dads in the next few days and I am looking for somewhere affordable. We currently have a joint claim. When I split from a previous partner, we had just started a joint claim, and I was told that only I had to make a new claim, as he was the main claimant on our joint claim..is this still correct? The reason I ask is because my ex has just completed a security course and is awaiting the funds from the jobcentre for his doorman license..he is guaranteed a job once he has that lice
  10. Hi there - hoping to get some help with a slightly complex tenancy issue. I have done a reasonable amount of research on the web and have not yet found a definitive answer. For background: Assured Shorthold Tenancy in England 12m contract, with 6m break clause with 2m notice required after this period (i.e. min term 8m). We are currently 2m into this. Joint tenancy signed by the two parties living in the property Assignment clause in the tenancy stipulates: "Not to assign underlet (or) part with or share the possession of the Premises and not to permit any persons other than
  11. I need to start divorce proceedings however i am concerned that i own a house that i no longer live in but is in negative equity and my ex doesn't earn enough on paper to carry on with the mortgage. I have made no financial contributions since we separated two and a half years ago. I would like to legally remove my name form the mortgage. Is it possible to do this during divorce proceedings? Or will I be legally responsible until the property is sold or my ex agrees to buy me out? We have a verbal agreement in place where he pays no maintenance and i no longer pay my half of the
  12. Hi can anyone advise me please... I stopped my single claim for CTC and applied for a new joint claim. Was told it would take 3 weeks to process. Waited the 3 weeks and rang and they said it was being procesed by a specialist team and that it woud take another 3 weeks which is very frustrating. I have rang everyday for the past week and a half to see if there has been an update on the new claim. Everytime I ring they tell me there is now no timescale on how long it is going to be and there is no way of contacting the team dealing with my claim and that it is with a specialist team. I dont
  13. I split from my husband in 2008 and when he left there was outstanding council tax. I have been fighting this for 3 years now and came home this morning to a letter from the Bailiffs. I rung the Bailiff straight away, who in fairness was very understanding, he told me I need to go back to the local council and discuss it with them further. I got through to the the recovery team and needless to say the man on the end of the phone must have been born without a heart. He kept reiterating to me that is was JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY. To which I told him, I had already paid half of the debt
  14. Hello to all my CAG friends, all is well in Hippy Land so far, tempting fate I know. !!!!!! Most debts unenforceable, lovely rented three bedroomed detached with a work colleague as lodger who is never here. Never been so well off and its 99% due to you great guys and girls out in CAG land. Now I let them repossess old house and low and behold made enough to pay off mortgage with £10k to spare which went straight to those gangsters First Plus. Now even with that me and ex Mrs Hippy still owe them about 30k, no worry for me as I have BR money saved and will just go BR if the g
  15. Hello, I have been looking but can't find an exact answer, If someone with a good credit rating makes a joint loan or mortgage application with someone that has poor credit rating, assuming all payments are made on the new loan, will this damage the credit rating of the person with a good rating?. (and can creditors decline a loan in the future just because you had a joint application with someone that has poor credit in the past?). Thanks
  16. Hello, I really need your advice please. I live in a shared household with two other tenants. The house share was started by myself & one other person & then a month later another house mate joined and a new tenancy agreement was made. We have agreed to an 18 month tenancy with a 12 month break-clause. We are currently 8 months into that agreement & the house mate I initially moved in with now wants to move out. The Letting Agent has agreed & neither I or the other housemate has any problem with someone new joining for the remainder of the tenancy. However i
  17. Hi, I know a little about insolvent estates and intestate, but nothing about this subject. Myself and my sister are named as joint executors of our father's estate and are the only beneficiaries. I haven't spoken to my sister for many years and don't wish to do so in the future. Father is in poor health aged 89 and he insists that he will not change his directions. So when the day comes following his death (hopefully not for many years to come) what powers do we have. Yes I know how the whole thing works but the problem I have is that my sister would want a solicitor to han
  18. I have a joint endowment to pay of my mortgage that was taken out with an ex partner who has moved abroad and is not on speeaking terms. I have continued the payments foolishly thinking it would just be paid at the end of the 25years (in 5 years). I have since been told by a friend that I will not be able to get the money without her signature or a joint account, I have no way of contacting her and am now worried that I will be in deep do do in 5 years!!
  19. Hi all, Hoping somebody can help, I'm posting this on behalf of my girlfriend. Sometime last year, an ex she was seeing opened a joint account at Santander in his & her names, at her address which she only found out about recently when a cheque book, debit card (she has never used these and tore them up immediately) and paper statements started to arrive at her address. She opened the statements and discovered the account is very very badly managed, into an overdraft with charges being levied on the account regularly, she is now worried that if this guy decides to stop havi
  20. I have a joint account with an ex partner and its in the overdraft and a £20 fee which he does not pay keeps amounting. Can I take him to the small claims for his half of the fee and get the account closed?
  21. Hi, hopefully someone on here will be able to help me please? Me & my partner are joint claiments on income-based JSA (she is main claiment) we have been given a 4 week sanction because she apparently didn't attend a work programme appointment, she did go but her advisor changed the time till the afternoon to coincide with another appointment at the same place. We had a letter a few weeks ago saying she had apparently missed it & to contact the JC with a reason which she did & was asked for the name/contact details of her work programme advisor so it can be
  22. Hi all, a benefit specific question for the experts as it seems to have our Job Center stumped. My husband and I are claiming JSA Contribution, in a joint claim. I am the lead claimant. He has now managed to secure a job working 15 hours a week at £6.21 per hour. We called the JSA to inform them of this and find out how it would affect our benefit etc and the guy on the phone pretty much contradicted himself and we got nowhere other than him saying we needed to go into the Job Center to let them know. Down at the Job center however the guy on the front desk seemed to
  23. hello, i am in a joint periodic tenancy with another person who is the lead tenant on the deposit protection service record. i gave 1 month notice to quit to the letting agency, however they refuse to deal with me and have responded to the lead tenant saying that i am liable for the rent until a new tenant is found to take my place, beyond my 1 month's notice obligation as these are the terms in the assured shorthold tenancy contract which lapsed and became a statutory periodic tenancy and such terms are no longer valid. i foresee that they will withold my deposit for the 'due rent'
  24. Hi All and thanks for reading I have recently moved out of a property where I was on an assured shorthold fixed term contract(2 years but I came in as a replacement tenant for the last 10 months of it). 2 of the 3 housmates decided to leave the property at the end of the contract, as we didn't want to sign for another 2 years. The 3rd housemate has stayed on at the property. The problem is this- The estate agents refused to start a new tenancy agreement with him, as he is seen to be continuing the old tenancy. We refused to extend the tenancy, handing in a months notice(even though
  25. [Apols, I haven't the foggiest where to ask this. So if it's in the wrong forum please move it. Thank-you. ] A close friend separated from her husband about 7 years ago, give or take. She has asked to be taken off the joint account many times. On at least three occasions over the passed four years she and her estranged husband have signed whatever form they were asked to and returned it to the branch. On one occasion, at least, this was done in the bank with a member of the banking staff. The husband has since run up an overdraft of £7k. Unfortunately, my friend's name remains o
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