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Found 64 results

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents. I have an old Lloyds bank debt going back to 2008/9. They went to court and got a Judgement and then an Attachment over my house registered with HM Land Registry. However, Lloyds and their solicitors have written to me to say they have sold the debt company. This got me thinking that the Judgement and Attachment are therefore void. Reason being if I paid Lloyds to get a 'Certificate of Satisfaction' to show debt was paid they would be committing fraud as they no longer own the debt. Also, I am not sure whether a Judgement can be sold to a debt company. Can anyone shed some light on my thoughts please. Thanks. Urban
  2. I like the decision to give the fine to the CAB. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32157906 HB
  3. Payday lender Wonga says it will cut 325 jobs - over a third of its staff. Wonga says 325 posts are set to go in teams that support the UK business, affecting offices in London, Dublin, Cape Town and Tel Aviv that currently employ a total of 950 people. The Dublin and Tel Aviv offices will close. Wonga's chairman, Andy Haste, said the business could no longer sustain its high cost base. Payday lenders have faced a slew of new regulation since last year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-31603152 Well, that's a start, just leaves the other two-thirds to get rid of
  4. Hi all, I was hoping one of you good people could help. My Dad has received a letter from Chester County Court with part of it hand written stating that a warrant has been issued for collection of a debt. He advised me that this is from around 10 yrs ago and not paid a thing since. Am I correct in thinking this is statute barred? The letter looks a little dodgy to me, almost as if Arrow are trying to scare him into paying. It mentions a warrant has been issued, but no copy of the warrant was enclosed, also there is no date to pay by before the bailiffs visit. I believe a CCJ was issued many years ago. The envelope used also looks like it could have been reused. I have attached the letter and envelope below. This is all that was enclosed with the letter which arrived Friday. Envelope: Letter: If someone could look at this for us that would be hugely appreciated, I have asked my Dad to pop to Citizens advice too. Kind Regards, M
  5. Ofgem Investigation into BES and its compliance with its obligations under the gas and electricity supply licences (Standard Licence Conditions 7A, 7B, 7, 14 and 21B) Publication Date: 30th October 2014 Company being Investigated: BES Commercial Electricity Ltd (electricity supplier) and Business Energy Solutions Ltd (gas supplier) Ofgem are investigating whether BES (encompassing both licensees) is complying with the requirements of conditions 7A, 7B, 7, 14 and 21B of their gas and electricity supply licences. We are aware of a high level of complaints made about BES and have also received a referral from Citizens Advice. For more link is here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-bes-and-its-compliance-its-obligations-under-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences-standard-licence-conditions-7a-7b-7-14-and-21b
  6. Well this could turn nasty so i wanted to get some heads up opinions here first. me and a family member decided to go down a new venture and purchase 3 or so cars from a car auction. We turned up in person and paid them in reception for a few cars. We arrange a recovery guy to collect them and drop them at our desired locations. 1st car collected and dropped off fine. 2nd car the recovery guy calls me and says his truck cannot handle the weight of the vehicle so he will have to skip that one and do the last one which was delivered fine. Straight away i have called the auction company and told them is the particular vehicle out the front they said yes, i said can i keep it there until i arrange someone to collect it. They said yes how long. I said maximum 2 days, they said yes thats fine we'll leave it there no problems. The next day i have called them to get a quote for them to deliver the vehicle themselves as i was having a nightmare finding someone who would do the job at a reasonable price (quotes were £100 for 22 miles!!!) the auction company said it would cost about £35, i said fantastic the car is out the front of your offices please double check and i'll go for that. They said fine they'll locate the vehicle and call me back to sort it out. I got a call back saying there is no vehicle there. The vehicle is not out the back (with the other 1000 or 2000 other cars they have) nor in the front where the recovery guy i used said the auctions staff parked it up next to reception. I have literally called them 4 times a day as they never call me back when they say and they have yet to locate the vehicle. On their systems it is showing as being released (because 1. i paid for it and 2. the recovery guy i used initially gave the paperwork/receipt for the vehicle to the staff member who located the vehicle and gave it to my recovery guy) which then in turn said it cannot go on his trailer. To make matters worse this auction company leave all car keys attached to the steering wheel on a string. Apparently the yard where the vehicle was left (at the front) does have gates which do get locked..etc) So could i get some opinions on this? in the worst case scenario, some truck has come and pinched the car from the auction companies property. But 1. Is it my responsibility as i paid for it and initially collected it but then did not take it away (my recovery guy) or 2. Is it their responsibility as its on their land and under their control. I have not got this vehicle insured as not once have they issued me with the reg plate number so if this is pinched the only thing i can do is turn to this auction company. I hope in the next few days i can repost here and say the vehicle was located but as its been 2 or 3 days already im really doubting the vehicle is no longer in their possession and has been pinched. I am a bit lost here, help?
  7. Hi everyone Firstly, a big thank you to the forum admins and moderators and all those who are offering such valuable time and advice to all of us in our times of need and often despair. Sincerely thank you. So my story.... I used to work for HBOS plc (Halifax) as an IT specialist. In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. So the debt story... Whilst working at HBOS - I obviously had a Halifax account - Reward packaged account which i was signed up whilst working for HBOS. Unsecured loan 1 - From HBOS - £5000 (New Car) Unsecured Loan 2 - From HBOS - £7000 (Home Improvements) So today... I Am with massive thanks to the LORD ALMIGHTY - 90% recovered... after battling for years. I can walk unaided and my speech although stuttered is audible so I MAKE SENSE!!! WooooHooooo!!!! Last Year Doctors finally after much persuasion from me ... allowed me to go back to work. Yippeeee....!!!! I will be posting in all the relevant sections as to what occurred with the loans and the alleged debts I now owe and again would like to thank you all for your fantastic work. Thanks Everyone!!!
  8. Hi everybody, this is incredibly urgent and i'm getting no help from AQUA, I got a Credit Card from them a month ago, and i transferred £800 over not realizing you're not really suppose to, and after some research some peoples accounts have been locked because of this. Now I have no money at all to feed myself or even get to work!! and they're saying my card is being held in a queue to be reviewed at "Head Office" and they're acting as if this isn't a problem for me. It was transfered from a bank account in my name, it's so stupid. Has anyone got a number for there "Head office"?? I'm so desperate for some help please!
  9. hi, back in 2010 we qualified for and claimed housing benefit. In October of the same year we had to move from one borough to another because we needed to be close to a relative who required care. At the same time we received a renewal form for HB and due to us leaving I did not renew, thinking we wouldnt require it and it would be cancelled. Within a couple of months the council had sent a letter saying we now owed over £4500 in HB (because the renewal form had not been returned). i tried to explain the situation (ie thinking the claim would be cancelled - something i planned to do but they would not listen.) how do i go about rectifying this? thanks in advance for any help offered!
  10. Hi All Last week my wife's PIP claim appears to have been sorted and according to the woman I spoke to on the phone she has been awarded standard rate for both care and mobility. So we are glad it seems to have been sorted but so far we have not had written confirmation of the award so have put the payment they made aside just in case they say they made a mistake. Anyway, While I was browsing the net I came across Carer's Allowance and that it is a benefit that can be paid as long as you get either rate of PIP care (it also apparently applies to DLA and some other benefits). Now I have taken some time to look into this and I seem to have conflicting information with regards as to the receiving Carer's Allowance (CA) and its effect of other benefits like HB and CT. Now I am is self employment but my earnings after costs are in the region of £90-£95 pw after all costs have been taken into account so according to the rule that I cannot earn more than £102 pw I should qualify for it. It the effect it would have on HB and CT that I am unsure of due to conflicting information and this is where I really would like to get some clarity. So if anyone could shed some light onto this possible effect on HB and CT it would be appreciated. FYI: Earning after costs of £92.50 (average), Receive WTC, CT, CB and now PIP standard for both care and mobility. We live in adapted social housing (Tenants Association) underoccupied 2 spare bedrooms Have no savings worth mentioning (£150) If someone could just try to clarify the HB and CT effects as even my landlord if iffy with information. Thanks
  11. Hi do not buy AA repair and cover warranty its a big [problem] the insurer is brc please be aware my car a 2005 Peugeot 407 broke down last Friday car was vibrating really bad as man came and said it was flywheel he towed me to local garage where they stripped gearbox they found that the flywheel dual mass had broken and seized so wasn't moving and not doing its job brc phoned and said it was not covered as its wear and tear now how can be that if its broken the flywheel has no wear on it they then stated that the clutch plate was worn down to rivets this is not the case there is thousands of miles left on all parts and if flywheel had not broken it would be still going car was not slipping at all just really bad vibration they say in there terms it is not covered for wear and tear but it doesn't say we do not cover cars over a certain age it is a big rip of so any part that fails they can say its down to wear they refuse to pay car is below average milage and fully serviced please helpa
  12. Hi All, Please help, this is killing us...the stress is causing us so many problems...we can't eat and its ruined the family. We took out a Endowment policy in the 90's via a broker. The Endowment policy is Prudential, and we were told the Endowment policy will pay off the total mortgage and pay me a lump sum at the end of maturity. We found out today there is a shortfall of £35k!!! We complained to the FSA/FOS, who stated because the broker is no longer trading we cannot claim compensation. They cannot make the claim against anyone we have been told. We spoke to Money Advise Service who stated, its our word against theres therefore we cannot do anything. Im stuck, I can't eat, sleep and is seriously impacting my life! Can anyone help with this, please? Thanks All. Jane
  13. Sainsbury's is recalling 500g packs of its SO Organic Sultanas as a precuation after salmonella bacteria was detected in routine testing. http://www.food.gov.uk/news-updates/recalls-news/2014/apr/sainsbury
  14. After banking scandal, the Co-op wants to sound out the public on the dividends and whether it should continue to make political donations. The Co-operative Group has launched a wide-ranging poll about its future, including whether it should keep making political donations of up to £1m. In what is thought to be the first survey of its kind, the group is also asking the public for its views on the dividend paid to its members and on what it can do to help local communities following a series of scandals inside its banking arm. Euan Sutherland, chief executive of the Co-op group since May, when the problems at the bank were uncovered, wants the survey to help restore the organisation's standing as the UK's biggest mutual. "In recent years, the Co-operative has lost touch with its customers and members and with the communities in which it operates," he warned. "We haven't been listening. As a new management team, we are focusing on reviewing the Co-operative, and the UK public will be vital to that process." Describing the survey as unprecedented, he added: "If we are to successfully serve the communities in which we operate, to become as relevant today as we were in the past, we need to hear directly from the communities and the people we serve. We have seen incredible loyalty from our customers, colleagues and members in recent months – and we want to reward loyalty." The survey closes on 24 March and the results will be announced at the annual general meeting in May, and published online. Have you say HERE
  15. Hi all Well thought I would get back in touch after a long long break. Lots has happened but thought I would post what I have achieved in the last 6 months. Have to get another mortgage and from having over 20 defaults on my credit file back in 2008 I had 5 defaults remaining. So I got to work and here is the result: Default 1 - was issued in 2010, got it back dated to 2007 and it fell off late last year. Default 2- Issued in May 2008. Checked the date of the default notice to when they issued it and it took them 5 months not the 28 days as per the notice. Quick letter to them and they back dated it to Jan this year and has now fallen off file Default 3 - was issued in 2010, they could not produce the original default notice but insisted it was issued. Told them I will take them to Court and the judge would want to see the notice so either remove or show. They removed the default notice. Default 4, 5 - Again they could not find the original default noticed issued in 2008 so they removed. All clear apart from some wrong late payment info back in 2008. If this stops me getting a mortgage I am going to issue proceedings under the DPA and sue for damages. They can not justify in any way why they are reporting the info but been stubbon they will not remove. Luckily I have house insurance cover that hopefully will pay for the proceedings. The motto here is 10 -15 years ago banks had all the wrong paper work and did not keep records. Just ask to see the notices, if they can not produce grind them down. Good Luck HAK
  16. Having recently seen off a certain bunch with the template SB letters in pretty short order, I just wonder if these chancers know that an account is SB when they send out their garbage or that they do need to be told to check their records, being cynical, I suspect it is the former and they are just chancers Sufficient to say my replies confirm, no further action, all details removed, wont tell a soul, wont sell on etc etc, It will be their rectum if they do though !
  17. Full report... http://www.ico.org.uk/news/latest_news/2013/pay-day-loans-company-and-its-director-prosecuted-for-failing-to-register-08102013
  18. hi new here read lots and lots of posts lately managed to get on the forum so i can ask for opinions and advice so here goes. I am mum of an autistic lad aged 17 he has recieved DLA mid rate and low rate MOB for a good few years . When i worked smashing mum in law used to watch my son however in later years she became older and more tired on the advice of my sons consultant I claimed carers allowance only working enough hours to be entitled . I have always been fairly on the ball with checking earnings .etc BUT last year my dear mum in law was diagnosed with cancer of the lung we were all devastated and her chemo/ radiotherapy was awful and checking things was not at the front of my mind to be honest also i did not receive the usual letter. In Feb this year we were told cancer now in her brain and she was terminal this pushed me who has suffered anx and depression for almost ten years in a really bad way as well as all my family. Then i decided to volunteer for some work at hospice that helped her and when i went to benefits advice they checked things out and i gave them an old wage slip and they checked OMG it turned out that id been overpaid my wages by £2.39 per week for over a year. I was absolutely devastated scared out of my wits and I phoned them the minute I got home the bloke I spoke to was ok and I said that i was now scared it hadnt been checked properly so I sent 5 years p60s and they checked them all i just owed 2012 to 2013 which was £3458 i asked if i would be prosecuted they said they didnt think so but im still scared I let them know on 14th may received overpayment letter 7th june and arranged with debt management to pay £100 pm back they said it is not marked for prosecution but i am sick with worry we lost my mum in law on 1st june and i have lost so much weight im terrified they will take my son away or ill go to prison. part of the reason for overpayment was my wages went direct into husbands bank to pay direct debits and also my tax had been reduced taking me over threshold for earnins I never worked any over my set hours at any time Please can some one let me know their experiences or what they think ive read about interview under caution and im scared although ive phoned dwp a good few times theyve said they dont think its fraud im scared to believe them HELP :|
  19. I just wanted a quick check a statement made in response to a complaint was true: 'It is the customer's responsibility to check all aspects of a product before making a purchase. As the software has been opened, we would not be able to accept it back for a refund or exchange.' Curry's obviously trying to weasel out of miss-selling me the wrong copy of windows 8 (more background if needed).
  20. 23/13 19 March 2013 Online payday lender, MCO Capital Limited ('MCO'), has had its consumer credit licence revoked by the OFT and from today is no longer permitted to make regulated loans to UK consumers. Today's news follows the recent OFT payday lending review report, which uncovered evidence of widespread unfair business practices in the sector. In August 2012, the OFT found that MCO had failed to put in place adequate identity checks for loan applicants. It is thought that this failure led to MCO being targeted by fraudsters who used the personal details of over 7,000 individuals to apply successfully for loans totalling millions of pounds. The OFT also found that MCO had engaged in unfair business practices by writing to people who it was aware may not have taken out loans, asking unequivocally for repayment. MCO ignored OFT requests to stop this practice. Additionally, the OFT found that MCO lacked the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to run a consumer credit business. For all these reasons, the OFT decided to revoke MCO's consumer credit licence. MCO appealed the OFT's decision, but with effect from today withdrew its appeal. MCO is continuing to appeal the OFT's decision to impose a financial penalty of £544,505 for breaches of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. David Fisher, OFT Director of Credit, said: 'Removing MCO's licence is a timely reminder that payday and other lenders risk losing their licences if they engage in unfair business practices. The way MCO chased consumers for debts they did not owe was unacceptable and caused unnecessary distress to many people.' Consumers who are pursued by a lender for a debt they do not owe should write to the lender and, where appropriate, the debt collection agency, making it clear why payment is being refused. Further information on what consumers can do is available in this Consumer Fact Sheet and Advice Guide, produced by the Credit Services Association. NOTES 1.The Consumer Credit Act 1974 requires most businesses that lend money to consumers or offer goods or services on credit or engage in certain ancillary credit activities to be licensed by the OFT. A licence is not required to provide certain types of credit such as that to high net worth individuals in specified circumstances. 2.The OFT has a statutory duty under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to administer the consumer credit licensing regime, and must be satisfied that a licensee is fit to hold a consumer credit licence. 3.Trading without a licence in such cases is a criminal offence and can result in a fine and/or imprisonment. 4.The First-tier Tribunal (Consumer Credit) forms part of the General Regulatory Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal. It is administered by the Tribunals Service, an agency of the Ministry of Justice. The role of the First-tier Tribunal (Consumer Credit) is to hear and decide appeals against decisions of the Office of Fair Trading relating to: Licensing decisions of the Office of Fair Trading made under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the imposition of requirements or a civil penalty on licensees under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the refusal to register, cancellation of registration, or imposition of a penalty under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. 5.See press release OFT revokes payday lender's licence and imposes penalty of over half a million pounds (9 August 2012) when the OFT originally announced the action against MCO. 6.The findings of the OFT's review of the payday lending sector can be found in its final report. Link: http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/23-13 .
  21. Got a letter from Eversheds on Wednesday stating they'd applied for reposession on the 11th March. I went to court with them in 2007 and unfortunately I'm £1960 in arrears. My panic is that as I am away from home next week they may just come round and change the locks as I'm away til the 26th. Also don't know when I'll get notice from the court (I'm assuming they will write to me). I appreciate that the time may well depend on courts workload but has anyone any idea it would be appreciated.
  22. Nice one Sony. www.at7addak.com/en/Articles/226627/News/PS3/Sony-Just-Patented-its-Own-Downfall Greed always kills in the end.
  23. Barclays Ups Its Mis-Selling Funds By £1bn http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/barclays-ups-mis-selling-funds-072229626.html
  24. Tip of the ice berg though as there are many equally guilty. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2254634/Watchdog-raps-irresponsible-payday-lender.html
  25. New MBNA customers can now transfer funds from their credit card accounts to their current accounts interest free for 22 months. The firm is offering its 'longest ever' period of 0 per cent interest on both balance transfers and money transfers through the MBNA Platinum credit card, beating its previous best offer by two months. MBNA is one of very few credit card providers to offer money transfers, and the only to offer an introductory 0 per cent interest rate through its various cards, which includes the ones it provides through Virgin and AA zero cards. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2237310/MBNA-offers-longest-0-period-balance-money-transfers-new-card.html#ixzz2DLorTCH6
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