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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Unsure if this is the correct area? Need some help / advice please. A relative has been involved in a accident where a car has gone into the back of his scooter at an island. The driver admitted causing the accident (noted by a passing officer) so my uncle has perused a claim against the drivers insurance company axa (uncle ins, is 3rd Party) Axa, have sent out their guy to view the bike, and has confirmed that the bike is a write-off.. (Garage purchased bike from has provided a report which details over £3k of damage - bike is worth £2400 at today price on auto trader) Now despite any correspondence from Axa, my Uncle has now received a cheque "without prejudice"for £1,495. He rang (yep i told him to email/write) and was informed that this value was less the scrap amount, of which uncle will have to scrap the bike. The bike had passed service/mot two days before the accident with glowing colours & was in excellent condition (2015). Should we send the cheque back to axa with copies of the garage reports & proofs of similar scooters from auto trader? (If so is there a template letter) Or is the offer fair? I'm not that clued up on the world of insurance. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-36188323 The headlines say its over plans to "strip MPs of their immunity from prosecution." Now we in the UK may quickly think - darn right they should be stripped so the crooks can be prosecuted ... BUT The opposition believe this is in line with new laws making dissent against the established regime a criminal offense and is intended to be used to arrest opposition members of the Turkish parliament if they oppose government bills as should be their right and duty.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but im sure I`ll be guided I have an army pension after serving 18yrs and a war pension at 30%, I then worked off shore for a further 18yrs, during this 18 years offshore 2014/2015 I was offshore holland when i returned to the uk to work offshore I was told that I had to catch up with my NI which I did at the end of last year 2015, I left offshore due to disability in december and have claimed ESA however they have told me I cant get contribution based ESA as I hadnt paid enough NI in 2014/2015, my point is I still caught up with it and paid it, this is driving me crazy Regards skye
  4. Hi I have just found some old paperwork for a car loan i took out with Midland Bank in 1997 (now HSBC).. As you can see from the photo - They charged me £959.29 for this "credit protection insurance loan". Now seeing as the loan for the car was only £6000 - They charged me a sixth of the value of the loan for this insurance.. Credit protection insurance loan was £780 - and on top of that they charged £179.29 interest (total charge for credit). Can someone tell me if this is part of the PPI story - and am i entitled to claim this back? Should i goto HSBC direct - and save myself the fee PPI companies charge - or would i need to goto a PPI refund company to claim it back properly. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks Steve (p.s. I covered up my name and address in photo as advised by my friend - just in case!!)
  5. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/cancelled-car-insurance-could-owed-124427989.html
  6. I am looking for some advise here please on the following problem i have. My car has been flood damaged and recently wrote of by my car ins as a Cat B. The car is a 2006 (56) plate Zafira 2.0T Design model done 67k in mint condition with recent bills for £2500 spent on engine work etc, I have looked around for these for sale online and there are only 6 on the auto trader in the design trim, others are Sri which my ins are totalyl dismissing as i have the design model not the Sri .... The 6 cars i have seen are : 07 plate with 61k at £3995 private seller 63 miles away 56 plate with 65k at £4750 private seller 70 miles away 57 plate with 38k at £4795 trade seller 80 miles away 57 plate with 38k at £4995 private seller 88 miles away 57 plate with 53k at £5200 trade seller 33 miles away 57 plate with 48k at £5490 trade seller 48 miles away. The problem i have is it seems these cars are quite rare, so i am struggling to get evidence together for what the car is worth, the ins has offered me £4300 first offer, and now £4670 which is the glass guide price. I have the normal £200 excess which i know i have to pay out of the money. I have argued the toss that with the offer i can only buy one of the cars out of the 6 and i thought the valuations had to be local to me... but the ins co say i am unable to include the last 4 cars as they are newer with less miles and the cars do not have to be local... Could someone please give some advise here as the ins co will not offer a higher amount and are advising me to go to the financial ombudsman if i am not happy as they insist they are within their rights. if its a fair offer then i may need to accept as i need a car for work, as im borrowing a friends at mo. Any help would be great. Regards
  7. Hi there can anyone help with this please, If you are involved in a hit and run incident and the other driver just drive's on, and your company asks you to fill in a claims/accident form to submit to their insurance company for the damage, does this mean that it will have an effect on your own car insurance, even though it was the fault of the hit and run driver??
  8. Hello All, Has anyone had dealings with the above Ins Co, they apparently sell "Life Assistance Products" and in Particular Identity Protection,Fraud Protection Services, in relation to plastic cards, mobile phones and Identities. CPP Identity Alert is arranged by Card Protection Plan Ltd and underwritten by Homecare Insurance Ltd. There is an Identity Protection Policy issued with this product and a yearly fee of circa £80 ish. Also included is a premium of circa £16 to the Company, CPP for it's intermediary services. The fee is the difference between the premium and the total amount you pay in the United Kingdom, where Insurance Premium Tax is Payable, this is included in the fee and the premium. My question is, will this company and the products it sells be subject to the same procedures, rules and regs etc, as the PPI./LPI claims for mis-selling?? This has just come to my attention from a family friend who has just received the renewal notice and thinks maybe there could be mis-selling. All advice/ information will as usual be gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
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