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Found 60 results

  1. In September 2011 my student son had a minor scrape with a fast-moving 'white van'. They exchanged insurance details, and the other party left hurriedly saying he had to get to a sports event. The other driver claimed against my son's insurance, although my son felt that he was not at fault, and the insurance company treated it as a knock for knock. Some 18 months later, my son has received Court Documents against him relating to a personal injury relating to this incident. I have told him to contact his insurer immediately, because I am suspicious about it, but naturally he is concerned worried and possibly frightened by this. What advice can the forum give us?
  2. Hi I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. To cut a long story short my parents (both elderly) were involved in a minor car accident a few weeks back, it was snowing, my parents were waiting in traffic and someone went into the back of them. The other party has admitted liability and my parent’s car was repaired and returned. Both my parents are claiming for personal injury through a solicitor, more so my father as the accident aggravated a previous injury. The other day they received a phone call from someone working on behalf of the insurers, he wants to interview both my parents separately regarding the accident. This is not just a couple of quick questions over the phone, he visiting their home to interview them at length, he said it will take upto 3 hours each!! The person who hit them is also being interviewed. Could anyone in the know tell me if this is normal? It seems a bit excessive as they were stationary, someone hit them from behind and that was it. I don’t know how you could string it out into 3 hours of questioning lol
  3. Geronimo1

    Surgical Injury

    I had routine keyhole surgery for a hiatus hernia (a Nissen fundoplication) in December 2006 at one of the hospitals now under scrutiny following the recent investigation. I should have been in and out in 24 hours. However, a few hours after the operation, I was given a light meal and withing a few minutes I was in agonising pain. The self pain relief equipment was empty and the nurse on duty could not find the correct paperwork to renew it. The pain increased and spread from my lower abdomen to my chest. I could not stop myself from crying out in pain. When I called the nurse back, I was told to shut up as I was upsetting other patients. I asked the nurse to call my girlfriend but she refused as it was late (about 11.30pm). I eventually found my mobile phone and called her myself. I have no memory of what happened next but I woke up the next day in intensive care with an 11" scar, about half a dozen tubes coming out of my neck, wrist and stomach. I could not move and there were things which I'd prefer not to write about in public which were extremely distressing. It transpired that the surgeon had left a hole in my stomach and when I was given food, it was leaking into my abdominal cavity. I developed pneumonia and as a result spent 18 days in intensive care. I was administered a variety of pain relief and treated generally quite well but whenever the surgeon who had performed the original operation treated me, it was as if I was a carcass; especially when he administered a suppository and the two occasions he drew fluid from my lung. After being discharged the day before Christmas Eve, I was unable to walk more than a few feet and it took several months before I could walk to the local shops. I was unable to work and was forced to close my business. I found eating very difficult and was going to the toilet about 40 times per day. Even now, six years later, I have residual pneumonia and have constant diarrhoea. I was pestered by friends an relatives at the time to sue the hospital but I really didn't have the energy to do so but after much nagging I approached a solicitor who told me that I had signed a consent form prior to the operation and therefore had no right to claim compensation. Also, prior to the second operation, I had signed another consent form even though I have no memory of doing so. But now, it has been revealed that the hospital is one of five which has 'alarmingly high death rates' and it seems to me that it is more likely that the problems I endured and am living with still were due to medical negligence. Is it too late to make a complaint?
  4. I have suffered 6 years of bullying from two line managers, and their boss. I work in the civil service, so I got 6 months full pay, and I have put in a grievance. My psychistrist has agreed and is willing to write a report in support of the stress that the bullying has caused, and my gp sent me to Lifeline, because I was so bad, I was suicidal. The problem now is they have cut my pay in half, without even informing me. I have put in a form for full pay, in seeing that the injury was caused by my work, but they don't seem to think I am elgible for it..... I know I am lucky I got 6 months full pay, but I would rather be back at my work, and not be ill.
  5. I claim job seekers (I have 2 children) I am eligible for the £250 grant (should i get a job) I have broken my toe (I consider myself still actively seeking work, and very mobile on crutches.) I am worried they will say i cant claim job seekers, is there anything i can say or do to prove this will not effect roles im seeking? 'IF' i am signed onto a temporary sick thingy for 6weeks apx (if drs need to pin it/cast it, as will be discussed in referral) Will this mean i cant claim £250 Grant (welcome back into work) unless ive been seeking work for however many months it is again? Basically 'if' they deem me unfit can my claim be paused rather then stopped? Im so nervous about this im going to hobble 'crutchless' high on pain killers into job centre next visit which is 2 days before my hospital referral for fear of them stopping it all straight away! :o( PLEASE ADVISE. X
  6. Hello I had a car accident almost 3 months ago where another car hit me at the rear at a high speed, as a result I have suffered bad whiplash amoungst other associated injuries. I have not appointed a solicitor as the insurance company said I didn't need one and their claims team will handle things. I was referred to an independent medical expert 2 months after the accident and the outcome was a report that said I had sufferred whiplash that has caused severe pain at times and it is likely to take a further 4 months to heal (6 month injury in total). I am not 100% confident that it will be better within the time stated as it still causes moderate pain daily but I am hoping they are right. The insurance company have offered me £2000 compensation but I want to take my time and see if it heals before settling. The insurance company said they will only make this one offer and as I have not appointed a solicitor they are offering me the maximum amount up front that is achievable and there is no negotiation. I think the offer is a bit low and I am a bit confused as everywhere I read it says you negotiate on the compensation figure, where as the insurance company said 'take it or leave it'. Is this correct? Should I get a solicitor or will I only get the same amount anyway? Thanks in advance.....
  7. Claim4personalinjury is a lawsuit firm, helping to those peoples injured in an accident without their fault and facing severe setbacks on a mental, physical and financial situation. Solicitors at claim4personalinjury have an extensive experience in helping to those peoples and works to avail your compensation you deserve on no-win, no-fee basis.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a Hauck Malibu pushchair, I purchased it second hand from ebay and was told by the seller she hadnt had it very long and looking at it, it did look fairly new. I've had it since september, I got off the bus with it today, the driver couldnt lower the step and the chassis snapped, leaving 2 gaping splits in the metal that my daughter cut straight through her nail on. After a trip to A&E I called their customer services to be told that a warranty isnt transferrable and its not covered. If I want a new chassis it costs £40 (I paid £50 for the pushchair). I believe regardless of if I have paperwork, that a pushchair shouldn't have done this, they're designed to last the entire age of use which can be up to 4 years. Where do I stand on this? And if I can take action what do I do? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys. I'm new to the forum so hope I'm posting this in the right place! I live in the UK but had an Italian drive into me whilst I was on holiday in Italy a while ago, causing various injuries etc. I had a firm of UK solicitors helping me but they were getting nowhere & were very slow so I dispensed with their services. Can I take the driver to court from the UK? If he was a UK national it would be an easy thing for me to do but does anybody know the process for an Italian? I've tried various legal-aid style helplines but they don't know & I just get referred back to UK solicitors, which I'm keen to avoid. I have had contact with an Italian solicitor who is happy to take my case on but I'd rather handle it myself if possible. Any guidance gratefully received! Cheers.
  10. I had a fall in a supermarket around 2 weeks ago, this was due to slipping on a gel filled absorbent strip used to absorb spills. The strip are used to absorb small spills but this had been used to direct water out of the store following a burst pipe. The strip was across the doorway of the store and was being used to direct water out of the store in to the street. When I slipped the arm I was carrying shopping in felt jarred, but because of my embarrassment I went home. I then called the store to complain when I got home. I went to the doctors who told me I could have damaged my rotary cuff and to give it gentle exercise and to see a chiropractor if it continued. I followed this advice and as it had not cleared up I have been to see the chiropractor today. I have just returned from a chiropractor who has advised me that I have jarred my rib and require approx 4 session on it to put it right. This will cost me with today's appointment £150 in total, which through no fault of my own I will be out of pocket for. What should I do to recover this money from the supermarket?
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