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Found 11 results

  1. We have lived at our home for the past 7 years. Initially our one neighbour was friendly etc but for some strange reason about 3 - 4 years ago he turned nasty. We do not talk to him but every now and then he stirs things. In the past he has threaten to shoot our cats, this said by shouting over the wall as we cannot see him. Our dogs hardly barks but again he shouts over the wall. If the other dogs in the neighbour bark not a word is said. One day my wife was standing by the side of the road waiting to cross when he came driving down the road. He then swerved towards her
  2. I hope someone can offer some advice regarding a huge problem myself and my family are having regarding a nuisance who is constantly removing and covering up things on my sisters grave. To cut a very long story short, my sister used to be in a relationship a long long time ago with a man who during the time they were together was very violent and abusive towards her, resulting in various injunctions and arrests. When their daughter was 12 (she's now 30) my sis finally managed to end it once and for all and started to move forward with her life. Over the years that
  3. ok folks, i am not legaly minded and dont know if anyone has a clue how to do this but here goes...... i work in the vehicle recovery industry when a car is involved in an accident the police call their contractor to remove the vehicle asap, the contractor then deals with the drivers insurance company and the insurance company pays any outstanding fees. the salvage company then collect the vehicle from the police contractors compound......this is where the problem starts ! the police contractor in this area have now started to refuse to release the vehicles to the salva
  4. If there is a dispute regarding goods that may have been seized by bailiffs and the debtor considers that those goods should not have been taken as they were considered (for one reason or another) to be exempt, then the regulations provide that there is a proper and FREE procedure that should be made under section 85 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Unfortunately, it would seem that debtors are wrongly making application to the County Court for injunctions and so far, we have yet to see one succesful case. Instead, there are many cases now being reported where debtors are having substantial
  5. In September 2013 I started writing on the forum about the procedure that debtors were expected to take in cases where a bailiff took control of a vehicle (or other goods) that either did not belong to to debtor or which the debtor considered (for one reason or another) to be 'exempt' from being taken. To avoid repeating myself a copy of the thread is below: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?418396-Third-Party-Goods-Interpleaders-and-the-serious-potential-to-damage-the-new-Bailiff-Reforms-on-6th-April During that period (mid to late 2013) I spent a considera
  6. I need to take out an injunction to stop my lender from selling my house for less than its worth, can anyone help. URGENT !!!!
  7. I need to take out an injunction against my mortgage lender, does anyone know how to do it, URGENT
  8. Hello, I hope someone can help me. My Partners company has had a statutory demand issued against it. We want to apply for an injunction restraining them from presenting a winding up order but do not know how to go about this/ what forms are needed. There is a lot of advice on the net for individuals but not for companies and the process is different. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. (On behalf of friend) My friend has been offered a job which he has been trying to get for 6 months and is excited. It is leaving one business media company for another but with a completly different client base/industry However, he needs to start in one week's time and when he resigned last week, he was hoping to negotiate an early exit. Apparently, they normally march resignees out of the office immediately so he was surprised when they told him they want him to work 4 weeks notice (as contracted). He has been back to them to say he would like to work this week to complete a
  10. Me and my partner split up 5yrs ago, i have a new partner and my daughter has told some lies to her dad which he then tried to attack my new partner, he has become quite angry down the phone at me mainly shouting, i have stopped him from comming to the house and told him to stop ringing me only ring the children they have their own phones, can i get a court injunction to stop him from doing this perminately as he is making things difficult. The police have been involved.
  11. I will keep it short as I can but my close friend ex-girlfriends split with him last week after 4years. Normally this wouldnt be a problem however my friend has been off work for a number of months with major depression disorder and anxiety and taking numerous medicines and counseling to help. With all help we were making very good progress and kept on top of the situation so my friends was very positive - then when she left things have gone significantly worse. She is constantly sending one liner comments and 'like' tags to his friends on facebook which is really getting him
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