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  1. Ive been put on on a regular supervised jobsearch with ingeus. The sessions will be 3 hours long, but i usually find i can do all my searching in not much more than 30 mins (unless there are lots of new jobs appear at once). Does anyone have any suggestions of how to pad this out to 3 hours? I dont have any problems with going to their sessions, i just dont wanna sit like a lemon for most of it, or worse - have the supervisor use it as an excuse to do the jobsearch for me and push me into jobs i dont wanna do.
  2. Well I have had my second appointment with INGEUS, what a total waste of time and space this 'organisation' is. My CV is excellent, I need no help with applying for jobs or interview skills or confidence building. I worked for a high profile company in London for 18 years and was made redundant - I am by far more skilled and organised than these people. So no, I don't want to see you every week and I just want to be left alone to look for work - I don't need your 'help' as you give NO HELP at all - you play tick box exercises, my adviser was shocked at my planner/tracker in WORD format and per
  3. Job Centre Plus have put me on "course" with Ingeus starting on Monday from 10am-4pm and lasting two weeks. All I've received from Job Centre Plus is a badly printed out sheet of A4 paper with a google map of where their location is on one side and on the other side an address, travel options and "lunch options: McDonalds" (surely lunch option!) printed on it! All I've been told about this company by my advisor is "they're good, they get people into work" I thought Job Centre Plus were there for that purpose? :/ I live with my father, who is in his 70s, in his house and received a phone c
  4. hi i was wondering if anyone who is with ingeus or has been ever been to a information session for jobs going at a company?
  5. hi im new and came across this site while looking for help im at wales and i currently live in england , my family and i have had to travel to wales for 3 weeks because of a death in the family , which is a child so we are having to wait for the funeral etc i dont want to burden my family in wales but im really worried as i have an ingeus appointment on wednesday , i rang the jobcenter up and they were really helpful , will my money be stopped for me not attending my appointment ? im stuck 600 miles away and no one to ask thank you to anyone who can help me i really a
  6. Hi My son has to attend ingeus appointments he failed to show up at his last one and now has a sanction against him, The last one he attended was the 13 of december and was told in that interview that she would be busy until after the xmas period. My son was calm at this as christmas is a hard time for him bein an anxiety and depression sufferer we go to the interview via a taxi arranged by ingeus and a private room with his mum. we record convos and have not signed anything in ingeus to pass on data etc. The appointments was usually once every 6 weeks but now the advisor
  7. I don't know if I am in the right forum here but here goes: Does anyone know of any organisations for young job seekers that actually offer practical help (not just CV and applications) to any young person (not just disadvantaged young people) in getting work? I have been a little dismayed that while a young person I foster has had all sorts of practical help from various organisations from helping her with her CV to actually taking her to agencies to help her look for work, my son, because he has not been in care, is not disabled, does not have mental health problems and has not been in tr
  8. Ingeus are a private company. (Part of the mighty Deloitte Group of accountants.) This makes me wonder if I can sue them for non-performance. I was told I had to attend various workshops on different topics, this was made mandatory. The workshops were all run by the same person, who is laughably incompetent. He makes numerous mistakes of fact, he gets confused which event he is running and either him or the company often get the invite list wrong, with attendees getting repeat workshops but not the first workshop in the sequence. To top this, he tells lies about himself and his
  9. Hello All, I am thinking of sending an email to ingeus would that still class as a proper correspondence, I have the appropriate ingeus person's email address, has anyone send emails to ingeus! Is it better to send letter or email? Thanks helen
  10. Hi I received a letter from Ingeus in Birmingham that my exit report was being sent to my local JCP. So I emailed for my copy form my advisor. Received it this morning. B'gger all on it apart form next steps. It states in the Next Steps box. Actively apply for jobs (I blinking apply for up to 60 jobs every two weeks) Consider alternative job goals (what brain surgeon or international fashion model???) Undertake additional skills training (did all their courses. Now doing Sage 50 and NVQ) Engage with JCP Advisor (always do!) Attend job interviews coming up (yep done that of
  11. Hello Everyone, My friend has been asked to attend a work programme with Ingeus it is her first and she is very nervous and is suffering from panick attack, she suffers from depression, anxiety, migraine and panic attacks! Her first appointment is today and she is unable to attend due to being sick and panicking! I will ring Ingeus for her and book another appointment, she cannot cope with anything on her own which I did mention to the DWP adviser on her behalf I had to already cancelled an appointment for her and booked another with the DWP adviser which I had to prompt her to go,
  12. Hi All I have been going to Ingeus since April 2012, I have put up with there sarcastic comments and general degrading, however, my advisor today has told me there is nothing they can do to help me in finding work because I only search for work in one sector i.e. IT, and they are going to write to the DWP. Ingeus referral is that I am restricting myself for just searching for employment within one business sector, IT, of which I have worked in for the last 20 years. I have done everything they have asked of me, applying for 10 vacancies per week and attend any courses, such things a
  13. Hello, recently my ingeus advisor has been very rude to me so i filed a complaint and it still continues. im on JSA, would i get sanctioned if i walk out of my appointment? she has been making me do impossible stuff too like, making me apply for 10 advertising jobs in a week that i have never applied for and she contacts them to make sure.
  14. So I'm with the work programme and have been taking temp work with agencies for a few weeks here and there over the last few months. I sign off JSA, then do a rapid reclaim so that DWP know the situation. I don't always tell my Ingeus Advisor and over the last week he has been demanding to know all the work info which I didn't think was relevant for him to know. After bombarding me with phone calls and answer messages, he phoned one of the agencies and they gave him details of all the temp work I had done. I would just like to know where I stand. How much information do I have to give to Ing
  15. when i signed for the first time at Ingeus the other day they took my job search diary off me, i got told its to check if i have done enough. does this mean they'll contact every the employer of every job i apply for and write on the diary? :S
  16. i was reading DWP Provider Guidance Chapter 5 Annex 1 and i dont exactly understand it... im told that if i withdraw my signature i will no longer need to go to ingeus? ( they are useless for me, they are constantly sending me on the same programs done 1 of them 3 times now, they are making me apply for jobs that i cannot do... they are putting me forward for jobs without informing me ). so is anyone able to explain this to me in a stupider way please? i would have provided a link to it but im not allowed...
  17. I'm autistic and I've been unemployed for 5 years which means I'm experiencing regression so it's unlikely I'd be able to work, I find it incredibly difficult just attending the job centre once a fortnight and now they've got new rules such as Universal Jobsmatch it'd be even harder for me, also I had a terrible experience with Ingeus which has left me scared of being sent back there as it would likely make my autism significantly worse. The job centre have told me I don't meet criteria for JSA as I can't use a phone to contact employers, thus it seems like my only way of surviving is constant
  18. I have my first appointment at Ingeus in a couple of weeks and I am worried. I am 57 years old and I have been unemployed for just over a year. Prior to this I was on ESA as I was declared unfit to work. I suffer with depression, anxiety and have bouts of panic paranior. It is under control with daily medication but it does make me very nervous at interviews and the thought of working in a environment with lots of people. My condition therefore affects my day to day living. I don't know how the staff at Ingeus will view me, or deal with me. I can't accept just any old job, but I fear they
  19. Hi Has anyone on the WP with Ingeus and been mandated to use their new website 'Ingeuswork.com' Wondered if anyone had any feedback on it and their results? I have found very little helpful to me, the distances are cost prohibitive travel wise or the jobs unmatched to my criteria. I was sent a Teacher role and a Lawyers Assistant!
  20. Hi, I am currently on ESA - work group after winning my appeal two months ago. I was recommended that I don't be reassessed for another year. I have just had a call from Ingeus who want me to go in and see them to make an appointment. How often will I need to go and see them and is it compulsory? Currently I go into hospital 4 times a week for treatment and don't want to miss any of these appointments. Thanks.
  21. Ingeus seem to think that my fortnightly signing on at the Jobcentre is separate. My contract is with the Jobcentre and not Ingeus. They (Ingeus) expect 3 jobs applied and declared to the Jobcentre and then as many jobs as they say I must apply for and declare applications to them on paper unless I want to be reported to the Jobcentre for possible sanctions. Are they allowed to force me to make many, many applications far in excess of what my Jobseeker Agreement stipulates? I always exceed the mininum requirements for activity that the Jobcentre expect of me. Has anyone made a r
  22. So here is my story so far. ATOS WCA last year, passed with 16 points. ATOS reassesment beginning of this year, scroed 0 points for the same conditions i had last year. Went to tribunal, waited 6 months for the hearing and won it in August. Beginning of this month i was called by the Job Center folks to come in and speak to an advisor, which i expected, theres 6 of these interviews...or at least there was. In my first interview three days ago, the woman who interviewed me was really helpfull, taking time to explain things and asking how bad my health problems affect me. She t
  23. I don't know if anyone can help me out, I am on a programme with Ingeus at the moment called the CAP (community action programme) and I was told they would reimburse me my travel expenses. As I drive to and from my volunteering position I was told I could claim back my mileage at 20p per mile, But I have just found out that the minimum the government says to pay it 45p per mile, Has anyone else had this problem? as I want to know if I can Claim back previously owed mileage and make them pay the 45p per mile. Thanks for your time Gary
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