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  1. Good morning. I was wondering if someone has the definitive answer to this one: Is it still the case that a supplier has to have a consumer's signed agreement before they are allowed to share the consumer's information with a credit reference agency? I have had an electricity and gas account with utilities supplier "Eon" since April 2011. It was arranged over the telephone. There is no signed agreement. When the account was opened over the telephone they did not ask me to confirm that I agree to allow them to share my information with a credit reference agency, or indeed any other third party. For the record, they also didn't state that they would be doing this at all. From googling around they seem to be receiving quite a number of Injunctive Relief Orders from customers who believe that Eon has committed a breach of the Data Protection Act by sharing their info with Credit Reference Agencies, and appear to be being successful in having the account and all data removed from their file. If they are actually legally allowed to share my information with credit reference agencies, I believe they have made some mistakes with my account and I am struggling to get them resolved. 1. My account began in April 2011 when we moved into the property. According to Experian it didn't begin until 6 months later in October 2011. 2. There are no payments, no information whatsoever recorded in the months between the incorrect start date of October 2011 and May 2012 inclusive. 3. There are 4 red "payment late" boxes recorded on the account between June and September 2012 4. There is no information recorded in the boxes between October and December 2012. We were late for the payments between June and September 2012 - A combination of being outside UK and a regular problem with post not arriving. This was resolved in December and we are no clearing the balance by direct debit. The first payment was made in December. In a call to Eon this morning, I pointed out the incorrect account start date, and that in every other credit account that I have recorded on Equifax, both the positive and the negative information is recorded - So any payments that are made are shown in green and any payments that are late are shown in red. I also pointed out that as this is not the case it looks to anyone checking my file that I have made absolutely no payments in the history of the account. Whilst all of my other credit history is excellent, this one misrepresented account it causing my credit score to be recored as "Very Poor". I also pointed out that even if they had recorded all of the payments that I HAD made on the account, that because the account opening date was incorrectly reported by 6 months on my Equifax report, that ratio of payments made on time against those that weren't made on time over the incorrectly reported period of the account would also be inaccurate and look worse than it actually is. The CSR I spoke with spoke a lady in Credit Reporting. The CSR came back to me and gave me the following answers via the lady in Credit Reporting: 1. Eon are aware that the start date of customers accounts are incorrect on Equifax. Apparently if they change the date at their end it reverts back to the incorrect date the following month. 2. As Eon didn't have a payment agreement with me at the time, they are unable to record the payments I made on my account. I pointed out that if not having a payment agreement with them excludes them from being able to record the payments I have made in the months I have made them, then surely it also excludes them from recording the payments I haven't made in the months I haven't made them.........Apparently it doesn't work like that Sir, although no further explanation could be given. 3. I agreed in November 2012 to pay off the balance that was owed along with new usage monthly by direct debit beginning on December 3rd. Despite now having a payment agreement with them, Eon states that they do not display any information on any monthly payments that have been made by customers.....Only those payments that aren't made....So even with a payment agreement they're still only reporting the negative payment information and not the positive......Surely this isn't correct. No other organisation with whom I have a credit account reported on Equifax behaves like this....They record good and bad to give a fair and accurate picture of my credit worthiness. Eon's behaviour just makes their customers look bad, even if they pay. 3. Eon reckons that the Data Protection Act allows them to share customers information with third parties including credit reference agencies without a signed contract or agreement with a customer because they point out that they will be doing so in their terms and conditions. Even if that is the correct interpretation of the law and no signature or agreement by the customer is required, as far as I am aware Eon only started doing this in 2012 - They started supplying with gas and electricity long before this in April 2011 - I wonder if the fact that the account incorrectly shows that it begun 6 months later in October is something to do with the law changing? Either way, I have never signed any contract or agreement with them of any kind. They never asked me if I wished to allow them to, or stated that they would share my information with any third party or credit reference agency when I started the account in April. I have been advised by their CSR to write to the Ombudsman, or report anything I am unhappy with to Equifax who will report it back to the lady in Eon Credit Reporting. Apparently it's pointless writing directly to Eon Credit Reporting - It smacks to me that Eon is chucking any old nonsense on Equifax reports, and relying upon Equifax to resolve their mistakes for them. In the meantime, my credit rating is being seriously screwed up by one organisation's ineptitude. Do I have grounds to threaten Eon with an Injunctive Relief Order? It seems to me that any other path could take a long, long time, and I would quite like to apply for a mortgage NOW!
  2. It seems that they have done a runner. Probably as a result of pressure from the site and also the publicity which we have managed to raise by providing information to the BBC and to Trading Standards If anyone has any information about this company or its personnel, please let us know. In particular - is the business re-incarnating - and if so, where and with who? Also any of the individuals involved - in the past or presently. In particular we would like information on Philip Henchoz and also Deepesh Tank - aslo known as Dipesh Tank This may be the same Dipesh who likes fast cars and if so, he may live in Leicestershire. I have some pictures of his car - a Porsche and the reg number which I will post up later.
  3. I am a Lorry Driver, and was involved in a collision in the company vehicle and the third party was driving a car on a public road. No damage to the Lorry, considerable bodywork damage to the car and no injuries to any person. Am I required to declare the collision on my own personal car insurance policy ?
  4. Hi everyone, So I am a user of the bus usually, one evening I decided to get the train due to being rushed. I boarded the train with my fare in my hand ready and waiting, no conductor came. when I got off at my spot BTP and a national rail inspector were waiting for tickets. I explained no conductor had asked however they stated i should have known to purcahse at a ticket machine.( as explained I dont frequently use the trains I had no idea I was committing an offence by not buying before boarding) I showed them my weekly bus ticket i buy in advance and explained i dont use the trains. Then then proceed to take my name and address to contact me with futher information for me to explain why I hadent purachsed the ticket. HERES WERE IT ALL WENT WRONG. I panicked after a long stressful day at work I got myself confused and thought I would be issued with a massive on the spot fine i wouldnt be able to pay, Im a third year law student also. Therefore, i very very stupidly lied and gave complete false information, I got home and couldnt sotp thinking about what I had done in a state of panic and confusion. and therefore wanting to do the right thing I walked all the way back to the train station to confess. I explained I did it in the spare of the moment, I had the origional train fare and was more than willling tio pay that however when they mentioned a fine I panicked as I knew I could never afford to pay that! They now have my correct details and i will be waiting for a letter, i need some advice on what to expect, will i get a fine? if so how much? and will it go against me that i firstly provided false details? could this turn criminal? However critical to mention, not only am i third year student in law my aim was to join the police and currently serve as a special constable, this could ruin my whole life plan. I am a honest person and was just confused and panicked. this is a nightmare!!! please please help!!
  5. I just got a new job working in a coffee shop, and they gave me a load of forms and things to fill in. One of them was a medical questionaire that seemed very invasive and asked loads of personal questions, with no statement of any sort of confidentiality protocalls and a warning that if you were found to have lied on the form you would be fired for gross misconduct. The questions included one asking if you had been to the doctor in the last year and what it was for, what medication you're taking and what it's for, and whether you had ever taken time off work for mental health issues or emotional problems. I understand that they would need to know if there were any issues that would mean you couldn't do your job properly, but this seemed really over the top and unecessary. There are plenty of medical issues that you might not want your boss/work collegues to know about and that have zero impact on your work. An extra thing for me is that I'm transgender, I take testosterone and I've had a couple of surgeries as part of my treatment in the last couple of years. This is information that the form was forcing me to state. I'm generally quite open about it but I don't want the control of who I out myself to taken away from me, and it feels very invasive of them to ask for this. I also feel that if I was indeed suffering from a mental health condition of some kind the form would freak me out and make me feel very unsafe there, despite anti-discrimination laws. I've spoken to a few of my friends about this and they all say it sounds very strange and isn't something they've come across before, including friends who've worked in recrutment. I'm not planning on having the job for very long (though I may end up doing it for a while dependant on circumstances), so ideally I would wait untill I wasn't doing it any more to make any sort of challenge. Does anyone know the legal status of this? How much medical information can an employer make you give them?
  6. Last night I was on the phone to a UK member of staff. I wanted to recall a DD as the payment had been made by alternative methods. He quoted "It's not a recall and we can't do anything, Idiot" Then he transferred me to a closed department... I've logged a complaint, but I don't think anything will be done, any advice?
  7. Hi All I am new to this forum and would really like some advice /guidance, please. I have recently submitted a PPI claim to Barclays and they responded with the normal letter, saying they were looking into it. Then Yesterday I received another letter from the requesting more information: 1. Please provide documentary evidence of your employment at the time of sale. Accetable documentary evidence would be a copy of a letter from the Dept of work and pensions if you were unemployed or a copy of your accounts if you were self-employed. I was employed with one company for the time of all the loans mentioned - so how do I respond to this question. As I was neither unemployed or self-employed. 2. Please provide any further details to support your complaint that the policy was unsuitable for your needs because you were part of your employer's sick pay scheme at the time of sale. In particular you may want to detail your employer name., the level of cover and length of cover provided I can provide the name of my employer and could potentially call them for their sickness terms - would this suffice? 3. Please provide additonal details relating to how the policy was sold to you (May 2001 sale only). You may want to detail where the sale took place, who you may have spoken to, what information you were given, or any other information you can recall. I cannot remember who I spoke to, where the sale took place (although I believe this one was a top up to an existing loan) - How to answer? You may wish to include any additional information that you able to provide to assist us in fully and fairly assessing your complaint as quickly as possible. All needs to be back to them in 10 days time!?! Any advice/help/guidance, please? I can see from going through the forum there is lots of help, so feeling pretty hopeful. Sorry, if this has been asked before, but I didn't come across any replies in my search. P.S. I am also going to send them the SAR letter - should I send this with my replies or separately? :???::???::???:
  8. Two years ago my wife took out an agreement with Tesco whereby they sold her a phone and signed a direct debit for £10 per month which was doubled by Tesco effectively giving her £20 credit. Because the quality of the phone was not good she stopped using it and stopped the D/D. Tesco wrote to say that she was in breach of a credit agreement (it was in fact not a credit agreement but a D/D to pay for atop up each month on a 'pay as you go' agreement). They duly reported this to Equifax and we objected. They agreed it was not a credit agreement 'as such' but told us that the entry must remain because we had brokren our agreement. Eventually they agreed that they would look at the situation. Last month we were refused credit for a very important requirement and on checking with Equifax there was still the entry which Tesco had placed. Is this legal and if not, claim compensation for loss of facilities and defamation?
  9. To cut a long story short, I had 2 council tax liability orders which had been passed onto Rossendales (£449 and £1465). As I did not want to deal with Rossendales and would not let their bailiff into my property to discuss payment options, I was in contact with the council to ask them to take back the debt and I would pay them £100 per month. However, the council refused to take back the debt and I had another visit from the bailiff in charge Mr Jones. I did not let him enter my property, but he had a levy on my car and was threatening to take it unless I paid a substantial amount and set up a payment plan for the remainder. I phoned the council while he was outside with his colleague, to notify them and ask them once more to take back the debt, but had no luck. So after speaking to Mr Jones for a few minutes, he agreed that if I could clear the £449 order, and setup a payment arrangement of £100 per month then he would not take the car. As he put me on the spot, I continued to pay the £449 and he set up the payment arrangement, we agreed on a payment date, etc. Anyway, a few days later I receive a letter from rossendale, a Notice Of Commital Action, stating that I have failed to make payment arrangements I have 7 days to pay the full £1465. I could not get through to Rossendales, and left a voicemail on Mr Jones' mobile, but no reply. So, about a week later I receive another letter, a Notice Of Required Financial Information, with an enclosed means test form. I then called Rossendales to explain the whole situation and they advise me that there was no payment arrangement on this account and that I need to fill out the means test form with a payment offer. The problem I now have, is that I have had an attachment to earnings order before, and even though my outgoings matched my income, they took the full amount possible each month which amounted to £400-£500. If this happened, I would not be able to afford my other monthly bills and would start to get behind with the current years council tax, amongst other things. Do you have any advice for me, or should I just fill the form out and hope that they can agree to my offer of £100 per month?
  10. Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place. I looked everywhere. Hoping someone can help. I received an invoice from the council in November 2010 stating I owed £146 for rechargeable repairs to a councill property I left in August 2010. I did not pay it as I was just too broke. Heard absolutely nothing for over 2years then fast forward to April 2013 I receive a demand for payment for £1503 for rechargeable repairs to the property and if I didn't pay within 7 days county court action would commence against me. I emailed the council asking 1) Why has this bill increased so dramatically 2) Why have I not been contacted at all in 2 1/2years for payment. I received an email back from the council informing me that I had not been contacted for this long time frame as it was with another department for collection and the department now sending me the bill has just had it passed to them and as regards to the breakdown of costs she has put my account on hold for 6 weeks so I can be sent a breakdown of where it came from. (No explanation as to why it has increased so dramatically) She CC'd the lady who would be sending me the breakdown. So in 7 days time the 6 weeks will have passed and as of yet I have received no breakdown. Basically I just want to know what my options are? I agree that probably I owe around £146 as I know when I moved out I left my bed there and a door was broken on a kitchen cupboard so I guess I am responsible for that. But what they say it is, £1503 I cant afford that! Also can they just take me to court even though they have not attempted to collect anything or make contact with me for 2 1/2 years? And what if they do not send me the breakdown? Any advice please. Thank You
  11. Hello guys i really need some advice please. i was claiming jsa but decided to sign off and go self employed. I phoned the jobcentre up and and advised them of this. no fault of my own i had to sign back on so i made a rapid reclaim online. we went to jobcentre and filled in forms and have been signing on for months now they owe us around two months money. I contacted them asking why we had not been paid they said our claim had been stopped as I did not advice them that i was self employed. they eventually admitted that I did intact call them and the person did not close my old claim down and i had started a new claim this has tricked the system. It now transpires that the jobcentre have lost our claim i did online and cant gave us any money due to there computer system. we got told that if we could go and fill in a new fast claim that should sort it out i did this but then got a call saying that they have lost the main full claim and they will try and trace it. The problem i have is we have not had any money and i have had to borrow cash from father they say they cant pay us any money at all not even a emergency loan. They are saying that i might have to do a full claim yet again. cos they have lost it. I am sure what to do do i go to the press and report them to the information commissioner our data being lost no one can help us its been to team leaders still no joy any advice would be fantastic and i am grateful for any help
  12. My son left home about 18 months ago. Since then I have numerous problems With D.C.A,s I have managed to stop the telephone calls etc. But I must get between 1 to 5 letters a week from various D.C.A,s. My son does not appear on the electoral roll. I send all letters back unopened marked NOT AT THIS ADDRESS. But still they arrive. Can I write to the C.R.A,s and ask that any links be removed in relation to my son living at my address, or is a more complex solution involved.
  13. Hi all, first post so please bear with me. I have had a letter from HRMC "Notice Requiring Information or Evidence" for the Tax Credits award 2012-2013 as a single person. They have said they have credit checked and found that "there MAY be Mr *********" living at your address. asking me to send bills etc.... Has anyone else had a letter of this type? Quite worried having had a quick read, I think I have not informed them of a change, he was a boyfriend I had for 7 months although financially he gave me nothing. He paid for Sky/phoneand internet combination (because I never had it) but everything else is in my name. Can anyone advise please thanks in advance.
  14. Hi boys and girls, Need some of you expert and wise advice please. I have been dealing with Cabot for the last couple of years for a debt they bought from Barclaycard. Barclaycard has marked my report with settled. Recently I have got a credit report and have noticed that they have been marking it with AP every month. I also have been paying Llyods and they do not do this. Cabot phoned me and I asked the question about marking my credit report with AP, Cabot said they were doing this correctly. I asked "if You bought the Dept then and then agreed to accept my payment then this is a new agreement to which I am honouring. He kept talking about special agreement and they were entitled to do this. I asked about a signed copy of my agreement with them and they said I have no signed agreement with them. I was also not notified that they would mark my credit report. They bought the debt whilst I was paying the agreed amount and said they had to honour it. To my eyes I am paying a new agreement therefore I am doing nothing to warrant an AP on my credit record. I understand, I may be wrong I have two questions: Can they keep putting AP on my credit report? Can they request new income and outgoing form when they want? Thank you Blue
  15. Hi, I had my appeal for ESA turned down and having lived off savings for a few months have decided I need to claim. I cannot go through the whole medical/ appeal process again so will try JSA. Do you have to wait 6 weeks before receiving payment? On the direct gov website all it says is payment is made from 3 days after a claim is made. Is this correct?
  16. Hi, My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together and had found an ideal property for us and our 3 children that we have between us. Upon finding the property, we were very upfront with the lettings agent and disclosed to them that my boyfriend had been discharged from bankruptcy in July 2012. They relayed this to the landlord who said he was happy to still proceed with all the referencing checks necessary. When my boyfriends credit check came back, the letting agent informed us that there were some problems with it. We signed up and downloaded the credit report that they used and noticed things on there that due to his previous bankruptcy should not have been on the report. (They do not appear on more reputable credit checking agency reports). We informed the letting agent and proved to them that they should not have appeared. The letting agent knowingly passed on this false information to the landlord who has subsequently refused us the property (even though he knew about the bankruptcy prior to referencing) We have "failed" their credit checks and so our money goes to the landlord. Forgetting about the legalities off knowingly passing on false information that has been used discriminatorily, this whole situation has left us severely out of pocket hence hindering us from finding another property and quite frankly has upset me to no end. Does anyone have any advice on where we stand legally regarding getting our money back. The agents say we need to seek it from the credit check agency, but at the end of the day they employed that service.....if I find a hole in a jumper I take it back to the shop, not the factory it came from! Many thanks
  17. I made some posts on another forum, but didn't really get anywhere. I will copy and paste the relevant posts I made, to avoid any possible confusion, in new posts below this one.
  18. Having seen this thread (and this post in particular ) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?396732-Lost-POPLA-appeal-what-are-my-chances-in-court&p=4284319&viewfull=1#post4284319 I am wondering what chance I have of appealing via the county court since I did provide proof of purchase and the council were in no way at a loss as I had proof of purchase I went through the informal, then formal NTO procedure, and onto PATAS (upheld) believing the council had retained a ticket I had purchased in order to check why it did not remain on the windscreen after applying. After no budging from their side I was eventually threatened with bailiffs and a seizure of a vehicle to cover their 'losses' and paid up approximately £400 on top of the original penalty. Now following a FOI request it turns out the Council policy did not inspect the ticket, nor send it off for evaluation, their standard procedure confirmed in writing being to destroy any and all original correspondence sent to them (including the ticket), and retaining only electronic copies, which is absolutely no use to anyone when they have been asked to check for a defective product supplied / purchased for the purpose of 'pay and display'. Does anyone else know if I migh have recourse using the courts ? I have already been through to the LGO, who (despite confirming the PATAS procedure should not have been the next step, even though it was suggestd as only route by the Council) they have their hands tied in contractural red tape. Any parking legal eagle I should call, to check on probability of success ?
  19. HOMELESSNESS INFORMATION GLASGOW ONLY Document Source: Glasgow Homeless Information Page EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATION Community Casework Teams You can make a homelessness application at any of the Community Casework Teams in the city. You do not have to make your application at the office closest to where you would normally stay: whichever Casework Team you go to, they must allow you to make your application there. There are a number of them across Glasgow, and they are open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm or you can phone them between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ North West Community Casework Service 30 Mansion Street Glasgow G22 5SZ Phone: 0141 276 6169 Fax: 0141 276 6172 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ South Community Casework Service 1st Floor, TwoMax Building, 187 Old Rutherglen Road, Glasgow G5 0RE Phone: 0141 276 8201, Fax: 0141 276 8278 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ North East Community Casework Service 33 Burnmouth Road, Glasgow G33 4ST Phone: 0141 276 6153 & 0141 276 6160 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Asylum and Refugee Support Team The Hamish Allan Centre, 180 Centre Street, Glasgow, G5 8EE Freephone 0800 838 502, or phone 0141 287 1800 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prison Casework Service Social Work Unit, HMP Barlinnie, Lee Avenue, Glasgow G33 2QX Phone: 0141 770 2123, Fax: 0141 770 9808 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hamish Allan Centre - Out of Hours Service 4.00pm to 9.00am Mondays to Fridays 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays 24 hours on public holidays Between 4.00pm and 9.00am, you can still make a homelessness application at the Hamish Allan Centre. During office hours, you will be redirected to one of the Community Casework Teams (see above). The Hamish Allan Centre is at 180 Centre Street, Glasgow, G5 8EE Freephone 0800 838 502, or phone 0141 287 1800 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ FOOD City Centre ChananGlasgow Tower Block, 162 St Vincent Lane, G2 7LQ Tel: 0141 243 2336 Email: [email protected] Monday 7.30-8.30pm Free food from mini bus at corner of Blytheswood St/ Cadogan St _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Glasgow City Mission 20 Crimea Street City Centre G2 8PW Tel: 0141 221 2630 Email: [email protected] Evening Drop In, 8pm-10pm, Monday to Friday Foodbank, 10am-12pm, Monday & Wednesday _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Glasgow Asylum Destitution Action Network Tel: GADAN on 07961 098430 Email: [email protected] Tel: Night Shelter 07929 852264 Email: [email protected] Open 7 days, 8pm-8am NOTE: Destitute asylum seekers and refugees who cannot access other services - referral only _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Loaves & Fishes Oasis Cafe Renfield St Stephens Church Centre 260 Bath Street G2 4H2 Tel: 01355 224 375 Email: [email protected] Sit down hot meal, Monday & Thursday, 6pm Food parcels distributed on a Thursday night only _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lodging House Mission 35 East Campbell Street G1 5DT Tel: 0141 552 0285 Email: [email protected] Free & Low Cost Meals, Monday to Friday, 8am - 10am & 12pm - 2pm _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Wayside Club 32 Midland Street G1 4PR Tel: 0141 221 0169 Email: [email protected] Open 7 days, Hot food & drinks, 7.30pm-10pm Saturdays, 1pm-4pm _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anniesland Glasgow Vineyard Church (Also Storehouse Foodbank) 4 Linden Street Anniesland G13 1DQ Tel: 0141 237 1370 Email: [email protected] Saturday, 10am-12pm, Food & toiletries (Voucher Needed) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bridgegate The Frederic Ozanam Centre 9 Bridgegate G1 5HX Tel: 07940 311 340 Sunday, 12pm _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Broomhill Glasgow Northwest Foodbank (Also Broomhill Foodbank Centre) Broomhill Community Church 1 Norby Road G11 7BN Tel: 07787 334012 Email: [email protected] Monday, 4pm-6pm (Voucher Needed) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cardonald Glasgow South West Food bank (Hillington Park Church) Berryknowes Road G52 2UD Tel: 07708 504 130 Email: [email protected] Friday, 10am-1pm (Voucher Needed) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cowcaddens Central and West Integration Network Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street G3 6RE Tel: 0141 573 0978 Email: [email protected] Friday, 2pm-4pm (Destitute asylum seekers) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dennistoun The Everlasting Food Bank 12 Whitehill Street G31 2HL Tel: 0798 302 1283 Email: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gorbals Bridging the Gap Greyfriars Centre 270 Ballater Street G5 9LJ Tel: 0141 418 0241 Email: [email protected] Monday to Thursday, 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-5pm (Local people in need/ people seeking asylum/ refugees) Destiny Angels 37 South Portland Street G5 9JL Tel: 0141 429 8757 Email: [email protected] Wednesday & Friday, 11am - 3pm _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Govan Govan and Craigton Integration Network Riverside Hall 29-31 Clydebrae Street G51 2AJ Tel: 0141 445 3718 Email: [email protected] Wednesday, 12.30pm-2.30pm (Destitute asylum seekers) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERSONAL CARE There are facilities for personal care such as showers and laundry at the Lodging House Mission, The Marie Trust and the City Mission. Lodging House Mission, 35 East Campbell Street, G1 5DT The Marie Trust, 32 Midland Street, G1 4PR The City Mission, 20 Crimea Street, G2 8PT _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ RSVP - ROUGH SLEEPING & VULNERABLE PEOPLE Rough Sleeping & Vulnerable People (RSVP, previously called "Glasgow Street Service" and also known as the "Street Team") is a street outreach team which works with people aged 16 and over. RSVP provides advice and support to access accommodation and other services such as medical, addiction and mental health services. They offer practical help and emotional support to those sleeping rough, at risk of sleeping rough or becoming homeless and those having difficulties accessing other services. Where can you find RSVP? ** City centre streets ** Soup kitchens ** Day centres ** Red light areas (male and female) ** Bus stations ** Train stations ** Through other services such as the Hamish Allan Centre You can contact RSVP by calling 0800 027 7466.This is a free phone number - it will not cost you anything to call from a landline, but you probably will be charged by your mobile phone service provider if you call from your mobile phone. The freephone number is available 24 hours a day, every day. It can be used for Street Outreach and Crisis Response. RSVP also provide a drop-in advice and information service: The Hub 72 London Road Glasgow G1 5NP Telephone: 0141 552 4164 Email: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOUSING ADVICE Glasgow City Council has a Housing Options Guide available for people to access information about the range of housing available in Glasgow. You can find outmore information on the Housing Options Guide website. Glasgow Shelter Housing Aid Centre works with anyone who is homeless, threatened with homelessness, or has a housing problem. They offer housing advice, advocacy, and legal representation on a wide variety of housing problems. Homelessness Information - GLASGOW ONLY.pdf Before Printing the PDF TIP If you DO NOT wish to print Page 1 (Cover Page) of the PDF, please ensure to do the following: Ensure you go to your Printer Settings and set it to 'Print from Page 2' (this way Page 1 (Cover Page) should not print out). Note: This will save you Ink & Paper
  20. HOW TO REQUEST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION GUIDESubject access request) INFORMATION COMMISSIONER OFFICE (ICO) From this Link: http://www.ico.org.uk/for_the_public/personal_information
  21. HOW TO ACCESS INFORMATION FROM A PUBLIC BODY GUIDE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER OFFICE (ICO) This is the Link: http://www.ico.org.uk/for_the_public/official_information
  22. HOW TO ACCESS INFORMATION FROM A PUBLIC BODY GUIDE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER OFFICE (ICO) This is the Link: http://www.ico.org.uk/for_the_public/official_information
  23. Hi I have been a member of the Noddle Credit report site since it started, recently paid £10 to get additional information but for 3 ays now I am able to log onto the site but just get an apology saying they cannot get my report. I have emailed a number of times to ask why but am getting no replies??? Anyone else getting this? It has been a very useful site and feel a little bit disappointed this is happening and getting no replies? Cheers Lorna
  24. Could someone please answer a question, must an account be terminated by the OC before it can be sold to a third party?
  25. Hi all, I'm having a bit of a battle with Santander over a number of accounts I've held over many years under their various guises. I've got a Santander current account that I've only had for a few months, an A&L Cashplus account I've had since the mid 1990s (but not accessed for a few years), and a number of various store cards with different companies that have ultimately been taken over by Satan's bank. I put in a SAR about 3 months ago. Santander sent an illegible copy of some T&Cs and a poorly scanned copy of the agreement for one storecard, and a good copy of another agreement but T&Cs that were clearly out of date (it's a Burton account from the early 1990s but Santander are listed as the bank, not 1st Personal Bank who owned it at the time). I let them know on expiry that they'd not supplied sufficient data and that they were in breach of my SAR as they'd not complied in time. Today I got another letter back, with just one agreement (the same one they sent last time) and another copy of the Santander T&Cs. Nothing regarding the accounts that are still open, however they've advised me that they've passed my request onto the banking department. They've stated that there is not a legal requirement to retain data over 6 years, however I've not hinted at this. I believe in one of my replies I stated that they are to supply ALL data they hold on me, but it seems that they've decided that they can interpret this to only supplying data within the 6 years. However, I have them on this as nothing has been sent regarding my Santander current account. I note on here and on MSE Santander normally end up sending the missing data once they get court papers, one of my work colleagues being one of them. I was wondering if anyone who has had success with them could advise how far back they hold data for. I've got a feeling they're using the 6 year advice to get out of supplying any data that would ultimately cost them. Alternatively is it better to send a SAR to Genworth, as it appears that in PPI cases they've been the ones to pay out?
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