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  1. MMF are trying to collect on 2 accounts, both Payday loans. I have sent several requests to MMF asking for proof of my liability to the alleged debt plus a full breakdown. MMF have continued to ignore my requests and have continued to send emails and letters with their usual threats of court and doorstep collection. I sent a recorded letter on Monday 26th November and was received and signed for by MMF on Tuesday 27th November telling MMF that ALL Communication MUST BE IN WRITTING by post, and no telephone, e-mail or text contact will be tolerated, Furthermore I expressly state that I have no wish to make any appointment for any agent, representative or employee of MMF Ltd to visit my home, should such a visit occur the person will be invited to leave failure to do so and will result in their removal using any necessary means. I have requested a full explanation and proof of my liability for this alleged debt along with a full breakdown of the alleged debt and MMF have failed to provide any data in this regard; therefore I do not acknowledge any debt to MMF Ltd., or any company you may claim to represent. I have also sent an email to Baranby Page & home visits with the same information which has been read... Fast forward to this morning whilst in the shower I heard a knock at the door and Ignored it. Through my letter box was 2x letters from MMF, hand delivered. The leter states "I have now been instructed to visit your property to discuss repayment. I am your local MMF Doorstep Agent and although disappointed that I could not meet you today, I am constantly in your area and a revisit can be booked. Why are these people ignoring me?
  2. Hello All - Ist time post. In seeking further disclosures from the Respondent prior to ET, is the correspondence to and from them able to be discussed at the ET hearing?
  3. Hoping someone can advise me please, I went bankrupt back in May 2010 and all of my debts were included but somehow at the same time i also had 2 CCJ against me (those debts though were included in the bankruptcy). The one CCJ is dated though for July 2010 for the amount of £211, whilst checking noddle there is a default on my account now in June 2014 for £211, so I'm presuming it's the same debt (hoist portfolio 2 Ltd) is there anything I can do about this please as I don't want this default on my file especially as all debts were originally included in my bankruptcy also is there anything I can do to remove the CCJs as they should never be on there either if they were in my bankruptcy.
  4. I really dont know where to start here but i will try and explain as best i can. The main reason for the post is to find out if the repossession is legal which is only the tip of the iceberg here. A financial adviser is contacted to source funding for a small residential development. The adviser contacts a company who happen to be a broker. The broker sources funding from a lender and charges £1,000 app fee. The application is made to LENDER which was successful, no issues. The name of the company at the top of the facility Letter is lets say "The Lender" There is no address or contact information of any kind within the contract other than the name of the company at the top. As the contract was to release the funding in stages, the first stage was released and work carried out to complete all underbuilding work. Not further funding was released after this due to the lenders demands outwith the contract. One thing led to another and the issue was unable to be resolved. The lender decided it was time to both serve a calling up notice and subsequently a court writ to repossess the partially developed land. This is where things start to open up and i find out who is who The issue is that the pursuer is a Limited Company, the same Limited company that the broker was a trading name of, effectively what this guy is saying is, the broker and "The Lender" were both trading names of the Limited Company- How was i to know that when the Financial Adviser requested £1,000 app fee payable to the lender and also there would be a £1,500 fee payable to the broker for sourcing the lender? Effectively it now looks like the Director of the limited company not only charged me to find the lender but HE was the Lender. Now, to make things clear. The Limited company using the two so called trading names had a Consumer Credit License (Legal Formation: Body Corporate) (Nature of Business- Mortgage Broker) (Category-Credit Brokerage) this is very clear from OFT. "The Lender" also had their own CCL as a separate entity,(Legal Formation: Partnership) (Nature of Business-Mortgages) (Category- Credit Brokerage and Consumer Credit) this is very clear from OFT. "The Lender" from the mass of information i found out about them has been a Partnership company for many years but the Limited company who is pursuing the repossession has only been set up for over a year. I am of the thinking that, as nothing mentioned in the contract about a trading name of the Limited Company (which would be a breach of the Companies Act) if it were the case. The limited company did not hold any CCL to be a lender. The Partnership was established at least 10 years prior to the Limited Company being set up, and most importantly, there will be litigation against the lender for breaching the contract it is simply a move to limit the liabilities to the Limited Company that seemingly does not much in the way of liquid funds. Another slight twist is that, the broker and lender have no association whatsoever with the Limited company now they are now trading names of two other Limited companies this guy has set up and the CCL status of all companies is that they are Mortgage Broker NO MORE BEING A LENDER! Again, just to add a little spice. the three individuals who own the Partnership/Limited companies have between them Dissolved over 40 companies within the last 8 years or so. Should it not be "The Lender" named within the contract pursuing repossession. Should i be suing a company not named on the contract and also unauthorised to lend? As i mentioned, this is the tip of the iceberg, Thanks in advance
  5. As you can see from this blog. the Parking Prankster is after some information regarding historic paperwork from Excel. If anyone can help I am sure he would appreciate it:- http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/help-required-historical-excel-notice.html Thanks.
  6. hi all Due to a recent death in the family I am trying to help sort out the debts that they have left behind and have a few questions about it as we have found various letters saying they have some debts we where unaware of. My understanding is that debts are paid from the estate if there is anything left after reasonable funeral expenses How can I find out about everyone who is owed money to?(I have some letters but may not have them all) Is it creditors job to come forward and claim or do I have to inform them? If so how do I inform them? what happens if I miss some creditors and they come forward at a later date but there is no estate left? also there is a water rate debt in their name that has been getting paid off by their partner,would they still have to pay it as she lives in the house or is that wrote off if it cannot be paid for by the estate? If there is any other information that would be helpful please fire away many thanks
  7. hi everyone, reading your posts and advising some other people i decided that advice was perfect it was to get my credit report free and then try to get on the right path to becoming debt free. i have small little debts few hundred here and there from when i was young 18-19 that id like to clear off now i have children and a home so i can obtain credit in the future if needs must or mortgages etc. started off excited and posotive ended up really upset. i have put my correct details into every agency offering free credit reports and they claim to not be able to verify my identity. what am i supposed to do now. some of these debts i cant even remember i just know i wont have paid them i had a store card i know at some point spent £114 and another catalouge account i spent £110 i remember that but not who....... i really want to start to pay off these little debts so i can owe nothing and improve my credit rating for the future.
  8. CCTV code of practice - revised http://ico.org.uk/about_us/consultations/our_consultations Responses to this consultation must be submitted by 1 July 2014.
  9. Hello, I am new to CAG and would very much appreciate some advice. I have an issue with Prudential Assurance Company Ltd. I wish to obtain details relating to my late husband's life assurance policy that was claimed in 1970. The information is required for evidence purposes in a legal action against a third party who made the claim on my behalf but kept the money for his own use. I have only recently learned of the facts. I have provided proof to Prudential of the existence of the policy. Prudential initially responded by saying: "Unfortunately, due to the time that has lapsed since the claim was made we would not hold any records or documentation in our archived records." I know of others who have recovered old policy information, so I felt that Prudential was just fobbing me off. After some persistence, the insurer confirmed the following information: * They hold personal data on customers and clients that extends to the 1950s, 60s and 70s. * They maintain records on customers and clients for policies which have not been claimed or with a monetary value. * For policies which have already been claimed, they continue to maintain records for a further seven years, after which those records are purged with only limited information kept that includes policy number and brief details of any claim paid on the policy. Prudential have insisted that I provide them with a policy number to carry out a search of their records; but I don't have one. The insurer will not confirm whether it is a primary or mandatory requirement to have a policy number in order to undertake a search of their records - whether they be electronic, manual or on microfiche and decades old. I have asked Prudential to provide me with the following information, based on the information already supplied above. * What other limited information is kept on customers and clients in addition to policy number and details of the claim? Please provide me with a list of all that is kept. * Confirm the existence of manual and/or microfiche records and that these have been searched. * Is a policy number a mandatory requirement for carrying out searches of the records? In addition to the above, I have asked Prudential to supply me with... 1) ...a copy of the statement referred to on page 14 (part 2, section 4(I), Historical Data) of the 'Code of Practice for Tracing Employers' Liability Insurance Policies'. 2) ...a copy of the written policy referred to in the 'Insurance: Conduct of Business sourcebook' (ICOBS) section 8.4.15, that requires insurers to put in place a written policy of compliance in conducting effective searches for historical policies. The written policies are required to assist me in making properly informed determinations in respect of the availability of the policy information I have requested from Prudential. I believe the firm is withholding data I am legally entitled to have; but they wont carry out an effective search for the data. To this end, I need to check the firms tracing policies to be satisfied that Prudential is meeting its obligations and regulatory requirements. Prudential responded by closing down my case file without resolving matters, referring me instead to the Financial Ombudsman Service. But I have used FOS several times and found it to be a dysfunctional and impotent organisation - as has been noted many times on this forum. Furthermore, FOS has made it clear to me that they do not have powers to compel a firm to hand over documentation if the firm chooses not to. The only organisation with such statutory powers is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and I am currently awaiting a response from them on the matter. The FCA did advise however that they are bound by certain confidentiality restrictions within the Financial Services & Markets Act (FSMA) that prohibit them from disclosing whether or not they are investigating my concerns. The Data Protection Act section 33(3) is clear about permitting retention of personal data beyond prescribed minimum time limits. There is no maximum time limit on the retention of personal data. The said act permits retention of personal data indefinitely if a firm chooses to do so. How long data is kept for, or extends to, and the manner in which it can be searched, is a matter of company policy - the very documentation the firm is withholding. What, if any, court action can I take to obtain the information I need from Prudential in relation to my late husband's life policy? Essentially, the only information I need is: the date the policy started; the date it was claimed; and how much was claimed. Appreciate your help.
  10. I am thinking of applying for a mortgage this year, so thought it would be good practice to check the old credit file. I found that a default had been lodged on my Call Credit file for £5,650.00 by "Barclays Partner Finance" ( default date has been set at 11/05/2011 ) when I am sure they have changed the date of default forward, as I defaulted on that loan way back in 2008. But on top of that, they forwarded that same debt onto a Debt Collecting agency called "CapQuest Investments Ltd" who have set their own default for the debt - Date 31/12/2009 amount £5,961.00. I am not sure if this debt has been sold on to CapQuest, or if they are just acting for Barclays Partner Finance, but in any case, is it legal to lodge 2 defaults for one debt? The default lodged by CapQuest, is on all 3 credit reference agencys, but the default lodged by Barclays Partner Finance, h as only been put on Call Credit, either way, my chances of getting a mortgage with even one default is remote I think? I just need to know what the best way forward is going to be for me? I have read somewhere on the forum, that people have managed to negotiate with the Debt Collection Agencys to remove the default by paying off the debt in a lump sum, and if this is possible, then would I be right in saying that, Both companies would have to remove the default, if the original company holding the debt agrees to remove their default? Many thanks, in anticipation!
  11. Just before the new regs came in I asked for some info , this is what the MoJ emailed me today if the response helps anyone great if not sorry. the important part is in blue, the document as a whole is as important. Names have been removed to protect the sender and receiver Dear Mr ********** Thank you for your email of 31st March regarding the new regulations governing bailiff action. I am replying as a policy official working on civil enforcement policy. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you. The Department does not provide a plain english version of the regulations or rules. However, each of the regulations and rules have an accompanying Explanatory Memorandum which aims to provide a plain english explanation of the effect of the legislation. These can be found at: www.legislation.gov.uk under each of the relevant regulations and rules. In addition, gov.uk provide a plain english overview of the main changes (available here: https://www.gov.uk/bailiffchanges) and a plain english overview of your rights (available here: https://www.gov.uk/your-rights-bailiffs). As I am unable to comment on individual cases or provide legal advice you may wish to seek advice from a free advice agency, such as Citizens Advice, if you require advice on your particular situation. Details of your nearest bureau can be found at:http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index/getadvice.htm or by calling 08444 111 444. As I cannot provide legal advice, I have limited my comments to general background on the areas set out in our legislation and which do not require legal opinion or interpretation. Bailiff action is only taken as a last resort and only after the debtor has been given several opportunities to settle the debt or seek alternative arrangements with the debtor. As you will appreciate, the payment of debt and fines is important to both the economy and the justice system. If debt or fines were not collected creditors would not wish to lend money and the public's confidence in the courts would decline. The Government's new laws on bailiff action make sure that debt can still be collected but in a way that is fair to both the person the money is owed to as well as the person in debt. The Government's new laws came into force on the 6th April. They have introduced a simple set of rules which detail, amongst other things, what goods a bailiff (now called an enforcement agent) can and cannot take, how and when they can enter premises and what fees they can charge. The new fees reflect the real cost of enforcement work and remove additional charges which could be added by the enforcement agent and could be very high under the old rules. The new system only allows additional charges to be added for “exceptional” expenses and only when they have been approved by the court and the person who is owed the money. The new rules introduce some protections for vulnerable debtors. While creditors are expected to stop enforcement action in the most vulnerable cases it is important that debtors who can pay are not prevented from paying the money they owe as building up debt can often make an individual's situation worse. The protections set out in the new rules aim to ensure vulnerable individuals are protected from aggressive behaviour while at the same time allowing that debt to be collected. For example, under the new rules, enforcement agents must not enter premises when only vulnerable people are present and an enforcement agent must make sure that vulnerable debtors have the opportunity to seek advice and guidance before they are charged the larger enforcement stage fee. When applying for a certificate to act as an enforcement agent, an individual is now required to have training on how to recognise vulnerable people and must understand what actions they should take when they have done this. The new laws do not define who would be considered a "vulnerable" person. They require, instead, an enforcement agent to assess each case on its own merits rather than rely on a definition that could not cover every situation. The Ministry of Justice has produced voluntary guidance (the "Taking control of goods: National standards" available here: http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/enforcement-officers/taking-control-of-goods-national-standards.pdf) to support creditors and enforcement agents in their work and to promote minimum standards. This document includes a section on vulnerability and, while setting out categories of individuals who may potentially be vulnerable, it states the need to consider every situation individually and suggests how these may be dealt with. As police powers fall under the remit of the Home Office I cannot comment specifically on these. However, a person is guilty of an offence under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and risks imprisonment and/or a fine if he intentionally interferes with controlled goods without a lawful reason to do so. This may result in the enforcement agent calling the police to deal with the offence. Turning to the powers of an enforcement agent, they are able to go anywhere in England and Wales to take control of goods of the debtor and can only take control of goods, including vehicles, belonging to the debtor. The new rules allow enforcement agents to use a clamp and, if the enforcement agent is taking control of a vehicle on a highway they are required, by law, to first clamp the vehicle for a minimum of 2 hours before it is removed. Controlled goods are only abandoned if the enforcement agent fails to give the debtor the required notice of the sale. An enforcement agent can only use reasonable force to enter or re-enter premises, without prior authority of the judge, in certain circumstances and they may use a locksmith to do this. An enforcement agent may only use reasonable force to enter, without prior judicial authority, when they are collecting a magistrates' court fine or a sum payable under a High Court or county court judgment in commercial premises only. An enforcement agent may only use reasonable force to re-enter premises, without prior judicial authority, whenrecovering an unpaid magistrates’ court fine or any debt covered by the new rules where he has already taken control of the goods or there is a controlled goods agreement in place, which the debtor has breached, and the debtor has received notice of the intention of the enforcement agent to re-enter premises to inspect the goods or remove them for storage or sale. Kind regards Policy Officer Enforcement Reform Civil Justice | Ministry of Justice | 4th Floor post point ****| 102 Petty France | London SW1H 9AJ |
  12. I am new here so hope this is the correct place that I can get help. If not then apologies. I am looking for advice regarding Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts. As part of a recent schools closure consultation one of the other schools under consideration collected information regarding our children. Our local Council Department then collected this information from them but failed to mention that it had done so. This information included our children's full names, year of school they attend and exact distances from the actual school in each case. We feel that the Council Department should have mentioned this as soon as they received it. As we suspected the document collected had information regarding our children we have had to write to our local Council. We have then been refused the information on three occasions whilst invoking the freedom of information act. They have quoted that 'they have no obligation to provide documents' and other such claims. We only received the redacted data when we threatened informing the information commissioner. Our redacted copies we received do not include our children's names as they have been blanked out, but the distances of each child from school still remain. This is quite worrying as this is a small rural area then this can easily identify where a child stays. We also now believe that this information may have been handed out to others in unredacted form where the children's names were not necessary for the purpose they received the documents. Apologies for the long post. I just hope that someone can help. I am hoping that you may be able to help in several ways: * Are we entitled to complain? * Help point us in the correct direction as to what we should do in this case. * Possibly help with a template letter to the Information Commissioner. * Any other advice you can give. Thank you so much for your help in advance. It would mean so much to us.
  13. Medical Emergency Information Template This has been designed for you to complete and once finished place the completed for into a clear container then place the container inside your refrigerator. Please remember to regularly update the form if you use it. Medical Emergency Information.pdf Before Printing the PDF TIP If you DO NOT wish to print Page 1 (Cover Page) of the PDF, please ensure to do the following: Ensure you go to your Printer Settings and set it to 'Print from Page 2' (this way Page 1 (Cover Page) should not print out). Note: This will save you Ink & Paper
  14. Hi Guys, I'll apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum, I couldn't find any that maybe relevant to this post. I have been to my local registrar office to book my wedding and was given a guidance booklet containing details for planning the wedding. We were led to believe that we could book the wedding on the Saturday morning, costing £100, whereas if it was booked in the afternoon, it would cost £260. This would be a great saving and the £160 could be used towards the wedding buffet. Unfortunately, when we gave notice yesterday and finalised all the details, we were informed that the information provided in the guide was incorrect, and it is now £260 for a Saturday (all day) I'm not impressed because we have planned the wedding around the marriage fees information. Do we have grounds to submit a complaint and could anyone give us advice on how to word the complaint correctly Many thanks, Gaz.
  15. This thread is technically in the wrong forum - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-26725929 A pensioner from Greater Manchester claims he is being evicted after complaining about the solicitor who handled his father's will. Paul Cowdrey from Rochdale said his home, part of his late father's inheritance, is being sold to pay a £130,000 legal debt owed to a solicitor. He said he complained to the Law Society about the amount of hours he was being billed for by solicitor Michael Sandler. Mr Cowdrey said he was then billed by him for investigating the complaint. Two High Court judges have ruled Mr Sandler was right but the Solicitors Regulatory Authority described his behaviour as "morally reprehensible".
  16. Please note these will be uploaded over the course of today as more information is still being received.
  17. I have just been reading through 'the credit reference agency explained' section on the experian website and noticed that under the section 'what is credit reference information?' and the sub section 'credit account information' it explains that lenders can only share your information with your permission and that you would normally give this permission when you sign the initial agreement when excepting the terms and conditions etc. This has lead me to wonder, if I have an account which is now marked as defaulted 8 (agreement ended) would this not mean that the permission I gave ended when the agreement was ended? I have nothing from the bank that says the agreement has ended, I am just going on what is stated on my experian credit report. Hopefully this all makes sense, any thoughts from somebody more qualified than myself would be much appreciated. Many thanks, from a first time poster.
  18. Hi All, Would like to know if anybody has managed to take a case against wonga for the mis-advertisment that a loan with them will do wounder for your credit rating? R
  19. Can someone point me in the direction of a letter/template i saw quite awhile ago on here, im looking for the one which says about NOT giving a debt collector sensitive information (im trying to set up a payment plan and they have asked for EVERY detail of my illness and income etc) i refuse to give it to them, as i dont know where it will end up, but im sure there is a much better worded letter on here somewhere just cant find it! thankyou
  20. hi guys hopefully some one can answer this for me I was made bankrupt in sept 2010 and discharged in sept 2011 i need answers on 2 things one is relevant to these debt collection companies i decided lately to check my credit file and listed on one company file was info from a debt collection company with a default The default was to my overdraft with halifax bank which was closed by them at bankruptcy although they knew about bankruptcy in 2011 they sold the debt to tti sp after my discharge (could have that wrong but some one like that) and now that company has me down as a default registered in their name from 2010 i have already contacted this company and they have gave me all info but don't want to do anything about it i also have a case where a debt was owed in bankruptcy and the company registered a county court judgement against me although debt was included in bankruptcy maybe could some advise on this
  21. hello all , ive just been sent a letter from the dvla to inform me they are taking court action against me for failing to notify a change of keeper ( the v5c was returned but no surprise there eh ). i previously wrote to them explaining i had in fact sent off the v5c all filled in and i would robustly defend this if i was taken to court i also asked for full details of all lost or misplaced post within the dvla but as i expected i did not recieve this information . my question is do i need to send a payment to recieve this information as i think i should from memory is it a £1 or some such amount . also how long do they have to send me such information as i will be useing this as part of my defence in the forthcoming court action any help here would be appreciated .
  22. hi i was wondering if anyone who is with ingeus or has been ever been to a information session for jobs going at a company?
  23. I recently purchased a product (from a well known Store). Not in the catalogue so researched and chose online from their website. Put into shopping list, printed and brought into store. Made my purchase. On putting the product together an important item was missing. Told that the sale is different online than in store!! The missing item should have been collected and paid for separately with the rest of the product. I had to return to the store to pay for the missing item that I initially was not aware that I needed! If you buy a product surely it is a complete price for a complete product? Awaiting an appointment with the Branch Manager to take up this issue.
  24. Hi everyone, Have had loads of charges added to my loan account by HFC .Have not paid anything towards account for last 6 months so that they would take court action as I believe that a Judge would see that most of the charges have been wrongly applied. Now get a letter from their in house DCA (debt litigation and recovery services) stating Please note that the current amount to settle your acccount is £???? ,however we will waive £???.We have agreed to accept £??? at X amount in Dec, Jan and Feb in order to close your account. The Questions I have are that if I paid the amounts requested would that be the end of it or could HFC or a DCA come after the rest at a later date? and is the closing of the account only with DLRS or as they are acting on behalf of HFC it would close the account with HFC? For your info HFC have a enforceable CCA which contains within it a list of charges applicable for defaults and late payments that I signed. One other question ,if I accepted and paid amounts and HFC closed account would I still be able to complain to HFC, FSA and anyone else about the incorrect running of the account. sorry if post is too long. Sleepindog
  25. Hoping someone can help me. In December I received 2 parking tickets for the same contravention on different dates (being parked with 1 or more wheels on any part of the urban road other than the carriageway (footpath parking) Really angry as I had to park in that spot due to carrying out a job (kitchen and extension) and have heavy tools/materials to carry to and from. Within 30 minutes of being on the job I get distracted by beeping outside. When I go outside there is a bus there trying to get through and tells me 'to move my f**king van' (charming) There is a bus route down the same road that comes every 20 minutes so decided to park slightly tucked in with my wheels just on the kerbstone to avoid this happening again. On the 28th December I receive 2 PCN's (lovely Christmas present!) But......... When looking closely at the PCN I noticed that they have stated; Date Issued Posted; 24/12/2013 Date of Service; 26/12/2013 Further into the letter it also states; Please note the Date of Serviced has been calculated for you being 2 working days after the date of posting, as sent by 1st class post unless you can prove otherwise. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I am certain that Christmas Day (25/12/2013) and Boxing Day (26/12/2013) are not classed as working days?? Therefore do I have a chance to appeal on the fact they haven't actually calculated it correctly?? Any help would be great!!
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