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  1. My Landlords gave false information to the Rent Officer in support of an application to register a new rent. This was in respect to a fellow tenant who is vulnerable. I informed the landlords of their inaccuracies several times and they took no action to correct them. The Rent Officer made an inspection and heard evidence. The landlords sent a representative who did not give evidence. The Rent Officer accepted all of the tenant's evidence and fixed a fair rent. Is there any action that can be taken against the landlords who were either attempting fraud or at the very least being grossely negligent? The tenant has suffered no financial loss but several months of worry. The landlords is a Housing Association and has refused to deal with the matter under their complaints procedure so it is now being referred to the Housing Ombudsman's Service. I am wondering if anything else might be done to stop this abuse of a vulnerable person.
  2. Please would any member be able to assist with the following issue that I am having with Clydesdale Finance who have changed a default date with Experian Credit Expert which has greatly affected my Credit file. The issue is: I had had a debt that should have expired 04.01.16 after 6 years, I was eagerly awaiting this to enable myself to move forward with my own financial plans. I recently checked with Experian Credit expert to make sure that my score was still at 999 and that the expected bad debts would disappear from my personal report. I was amazed to see that my credit report score had drastically dropped to 734 barely over the poor mark. I duly contacted Experian to find out what has happened. Experian contacted Clydesdale on my behalf to be informed that I personally would have to contact them to discuss the matter. This proved to be impossibility as I could not find any information as to the contact numbers I would need to contact this company nor could Experian provide me with a contact number saying that they will only accept written contact. On the advise of Experian I duly wrote to them on the 22.02.16 asking them for an explanation as to how and why they have changed my personal financial data with Experian. I provided screen shots of the original default dates that were applicable which was 04/01/2010 which should have expired off my personal credit file from this date. To date I have not even had the courtesy of an contact/acknowledgement of my letter which was signed for and duly received. My questions are: 1) Can a Finance company operate this way legally? 2) What should I now do to move this forward 3) Can I take legal proceeding
  3. I hope this is the right place for this question. I currently receive ESA, but am considering trying to get back into work, although I'm not sure if I'm ready. I'm interested in a job with the NHS, but am worried that if I apply, but don't get the job or don't feel well enough to accept when I learn more about it, the NHS will nevertheless share the information about my application with the DWP, which will affect my ESA. So, would the NHS be able to share my personal data/details of the application with the DWP in these circumstances? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help me with a unique query. I need to get in touch with a particular surgeon that operated on another patient who was admitted to the same ward as me - this is for a very rare and specialist medical issue that I also developed. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the surgeon's name as this was a few years ago, but i should be able to identify the name of the surgeon from a list of names if I received a list of all surgeons operating at that hospital during the time when I was admitted there. Is this something I could ask using the Freedom Of Information Act, or would the names of surgeons not be provided? Thank you.
  5. Hi All, I could really do with some expert help here! A Bailiff visited me on 29/11/16 to collect money for an issue that i had no prior knowledge of. The bailiff told me it was for driving without insurance (something i have never done and can prove), and that is all the information i have. I want to do a section 14 statutory declaration, but have no information about the court hearing / date / court etc. How do i find this out without contacting the bailiff? I dont want them to find out im trying to stop them, and put further effort into recovering the money!! The only information i have on the final notice is a reference number and the client which is HMCTS London NW. Any ideas?
  6. Any advice anyone could give on this matter, I would be incredibly grateful. I have wanted a signet ring for some time, and my girlfriend said she wanted to buy it for me for Christmas. So that I got the exact ring that I wanted, I was tasked with purchasing it . I got in contact with a jewellery company based in London (we'll call LJC), and asked for the dimensions of two of the rings displayed on their website, and also asked for photos of these rings being worn on the finger. The two rings I enquired about varied in size (ring 1 was larger in face size), weight (ring 2 was a 'chunkier' ring), and price (ring 2 was around £80 more expensive). The jewellers responded with the dimensions of each ring, and pictures of what they said was ring 2 being worn. They said that ring 2 had a face size that was too large to be worn on the little finger, and was more suited to be worn on the middle finger. As the ring in the pictures (what I was told was ring 2) was exactly what I wanted, I purchased it (5th December 2016). It arrived four days later. I opened the package and saw the ring briefly, before I put it back in the box and took it to a local jeweller to be engraved (the jewellers I bought it from did not offer engraving). The ring came back from the jewellers a week later (just before Christmas), and it was wrapped and put away until Christmas day. After opening the ring on Christmas day and I started to wear it, it soon became obvious that the ring that I had been sent was not the same as the ring in the picture that I had been emailed, despite them supposedly being the same ring. The ring that I have been sent has a larger face size (it looks a bit too large to be worn on the little finger) and (more importantly) the depth of the face/table of the ring, is significantly thinner (the rink is not as chunky, and looks a little 'flat'). I now have a problem. I have spent over £400 on this ring, and it is not what I wanted. The ring is too large (in face size) to be worn on the little finger and is not as chunky as I had wanted. I am not happy with the ring and do not wear it. If I had noticed that the ring was different, I would have immediately sent it back for a refund. However, the differences were not immediately noticeable upon first inspection; it took some wearing and looking at it for me to realise the differences. It has now been engraved, and since the time since purchase is over 28 days, I cannot return it for a refund. Do I have any rights to a refund on this product? The retailer has provided me with clearly incorrect product information (in the form of the ring dimensions and the pictures), and I believe that they have therefore breached the Consumer Rights Act 2015. However, as stated above, it has been over a month since purchase and the ring has been customised. Any advice anyone could offer on this, I would be incredibly grateful. Many thanks.
  7. I joined this group about a year ago when a musical instrument I sent via Parcel Force arrived damaged. I knew that I could not get enhanced insurance on the item as it is on their list of prohibitive items for extra insurance coverage. But it is covered by the basic £100. (So I took the chance as I have posted this item to myself over a dozen times in the past with no issues as it was always well wrapped.) However, the response I got this time when things went wrong was terrible to say the least. I do admit I made my claim outside of the 60 days time limit (as I travel abroad alot), but I had hoped there would be some 'good will' for being a regular customer. No such luck! I took it to the top and still got a no. I did ask them for figures relating to claims in the past year under FOI, but as they point out since 2013 they were no longer a government owned business and it no longer relates to them! If anyone has any idea of the success rate (or not!) or claims, better post them here!
  8. Got a call today, the message was made using a automated weird voice. Message was: Reward of £30 in vouchers for Black Friday - all you need to do is provide your signature and name of organisation I volunteered with - to be eligible for the vouchers. the number is 0786-***-1261 maybe belongs to someone else trying to get credit for my work placement?? Anyone else had this at all?
  9. Our Nine year old son Receives DLA High rate care and low rate Mobility from the DWP. His mobility condition has changed and he is being referred for Surgery on his Achilles tendons by his Paediatrician, so I informed the DWP. The DWP wrote to our GP who we never see and asked for a report on him,she phoned me and asked some very basic questions and submitted a report that totally contradicts the Paediatrician. I have spoken to the DWP and was read the Doctors report and it is total rubbish, the Doctor who we have never seen has said our son can literally walk and run like a normal child. I have asked for a Mandatory Reconsideration, and asked that any information they need should be obtained from the Paediatrician not our GP. Can someone point me to where I can request all the details about our Son from the DWP, so I can confront our GP with her report.
  10. Up at 4am talking to a friend on facebook, her situation is that she is the sole carer for her 61 year old Husband who has early onset dementia, she has had problems with the 'authorities' when her husband was in hospital, first of all there was a deprivation of liberty order put on him and then a DNR so she has total mistrust of medical professionals. Now he is out of hospital she has district nurses in once a week, only one of them decided to report her to social services because her house was 'dirty' even though the nurse KNEW that two days before she had broken 2 ribs and could hardly move let alone sweep the @@@@@@ floor buts that's another story. Now she has had visits from SS and has been worried they are looking for an excuse to put him into a home and again they seem to be more interested in the state of her house then her well being and her husbands condition. Talking to her today its clear that she is suffering from depression ( I don't blame her) the catalyst is Christmas as her family don't support her and she is dreading spending the day looking at 4 walls with no celebration I, alas am too far away to get to her on Christmas day and strangers actually cause her Husband extreme distress so my being there will only make things worse. I have suggested she sees her GP, but she wont as she believes that if she does so and is put on medication her GP will inform SS and that she will not be deemed fit to look after her Husband So I need to know the process, would her GP actually give medical information to SS as a matter of course or would her GP have to ask her permission or ask her to sign a confidentiality waiver before they did so. I have suggested respite care, but again she is scared that once he goes into a home he will be kept there.
  11. I made a Freedom of Information request to my council because it smells bad near of my council library. I was dissatisfied with the result and I made a request for an Internal Review of the handling of my FOI request. Unfortunately the council told me that it has no obligation to reply to this request for an Internal Review because it has considered my Freedom of Information Request under the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004 and under Regulation 11 of this act a request for Internal Review should be made within 40 working days of the last correspondences of the council concerning my Freedom of Information request and I have made my request 50 working days after the last correspondence. I made my request for an Internal Review 50 working days after the last correspondence of the council because I was not aware that my FOI request was considered under the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004 and that there is a 40 working days deadline. 1. In the email that I received from the council acknowledging receipt of my Freedom of Information Request and giving me a reference number it is stated that my request will be considered under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 but it is not stated that it will be considered also under the Environmental Information Regulations Act 2004 because in the acknowledgement email of the council it is stated the following: “I am responding to your request under the Freedom of lnformation Act 2000, which we received on 10 May 2016, for information held by the Council” However I have found in the Internet that contrary to my council when other councils acknowledge a Freedom of Information request and consider it under the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004 they inform the applicant of this fact because I find the following in the Internet “Thank you for your request for information regarding the conservation area in Parkgate, which we received on 07 October 2015. We are dealing with your request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004” Therefore the council did not inform me that it will consider my FOI request under the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004. I would like to know if it is at the time that the council receives a FOI request that it has to decide whether or not to treat it as environmental information request and it has a legal duty to inform the applicant of its decision in its acknowledgment email? I learnt it only because I made a request for an Internal Review. 2. The only deadline to which the council makes reference in its emails is that he will reply to my FOI within 20 workings days but no reference is made to a 40 working days deadline. Contrary to other councils in the website of my council it is not made any reference to this 40 working days deadline In none of the emails that I received from the council about my Freedom of Information request it is made reference to the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004 and to this 40 working days deadline. Nowhere in the complaint form for Internal Review it is made reference to this 40 working days deadline In the last email that I received from the council about my Freedom of Information request the council advises me that I can make a request for an Internal Review of the handling of my Freedom of Information request but the council did not advise me to do this within 40 working days. I would like to know if because it has made reference to a deadline of 20 working days the council had a duty to make reference to all deadlines including the 40 working days deadline? 3. I would like to know if the fact that the council does not say in its acknowledgement email and in none of its correspondences that my FOI request is considered under the Environment Information Regulations Act 2004 means that the council did not consider it under this act and has changed its mind later when I made my request for Internal Review to use as an excuse the 40 days deadline to refuse me this request because it is too embarrassing? 4. I would like to know if the 40 days deadline starts when I was aware that I my FOI request was considered under the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004 i.e. when I was told that my request for Internal Review was refused? For the reason that paragraph 2 of this act says “Representations under paragraph (1) shall be made in writing to the public authority no later than 40 working days after the date on which the applicant believes that the public authority has failed to comply with the requirement” 5. I made my request for an Internal Review of the handling of my FOI request only few days after the 40 working days deadline, In this circumstance I would like to know if I can advise the council to accept to process my request for Internal Review and to amend its website and to inform properly the applicant in case his Freedom of Information Request is considered under the Environmental Information Regulation Act 2004 and that there is an important 40 working days deadline I have read the Environment Information Regulations Act 2004 and I found out that according to Regulation 14 of this Act in case the council refuses to provide the information requested under the FOI request the council has a duty to inform the claimant that he has the right to complain against this refusal within 40 working days under Regulation 11 of this Act. Regulation 14 of the EIR 2004 states: "14.—(1) If a request for environmental information is refused by a public authority under regulations 12(1) or 13(1), the refusal shall be made in writing and comply with the following provisions of this regulation (5) The refusal shall inform the applicant— (a)that he may make representations to the public authority under regulation 11; and (b)of the enforcement and appeal provisions of the Act applied by regulation 18." Regulation 11 of the EIR 2004 states: ["11.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), an applicant may make representations to a public authority in relation to the applicant’s request for environmental information if it appears to the applicant that the authority has failed to comply with a requirement of these Regulations in relation to the request. (2) Representations under paragraph (1) shall be made in writing to the public authority no later than 40 working days after the date on which the applicant believes that the public authority has failed to comply with the requirement." However I have not found in this Act that it is stated that in case the council accepts to provide the information request but the claimant is not satisfied with the information provided or with the handling of his FOI request the council has also the duty to inform him that he has the right to complain within 40 working days under Regulation 11 of this Act. I have not found also in this act that it is stated that when the council decides to consider a FOI request under the Environment Information Regulations Act 2004 it has a duty to inform the claimant I have maybe not properly read the Environment Information Regulations Act 2004. Therefore I would like to know if some of you know where it is made reference to these two important requirements in this Act or in another piece of legislation. I think that somewhere it should made reference to these two requirements because for example it would be unfair to deal with a FOI request under the Environment Information Regulations Act 2004 without the claimant being aware of this fact and without being aware that if he wants to make a request for an Internal Review he should do this without 40 working days. I need this information to convince the council to accept my request for Internal Review without the need to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner
  12. Hi I had a default placed on my account by Lowell Portoflio 1 limited. It only appeared about 4 months ago and had no relation to anything else on my credit file - it appeared out the blue as a default with a value of just over £100. I've since sent an initial letter that I found online, talking about how as they are the data processor they are responsible for providing with certain pieces of information etc. I have gone back and forward with them using letters - I had a response from them telling me they were unable to provide any of the information relating to the account or the default notice as they didn't keep this on their records. They have advised that they will also not remove the default. They mention in their latest response that the default is from a debt relating to a Vanquis account - I;ve only ever had one account with Vanquis and it clearly shows on my credit history as being a well managed and then settled account with no missed payments. I'm stuck as to what to do next! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. The council wants to gain access to my property to do some work on my neighbour’s property. I have already allowed them to put scaffold into my part of my land as my house is semi detach. This has been on for over three months I have no realistic time of when the job will finish. Furthermore i have been subjected to continuous cleaning resulting from the building and roof tiling dust. Thy have repainted the neighbour house while mine is still caked up in dust. I have reported damage to my roof tiles and my gutter damage by their workmen but they have not responded to my complaint 4weeks on apart from coming to view the damage. Now they are asking for more permission to put scaffold in my garden in order for them to complete their work. Please what are my legal position here? They might decide not to fix my damage properties after they complete their work or roll me in long time complaint and finally dismiss my complaint. What are my legal rights here?
  14. Our landlord is revenge evicting us after we pushed for repairs to the property. On reviewing our tenancy documentation it is clear the agent he used did not provide all the prescribed information required. We want to sue for the deposit return plus penalty award. We are aware the landlord is ultimately responsible but the agent signed the deposit scheme forms and managed the process. We feel the landlord may suggest it was therefore not their fault and minimise the penalty whilst the agent deals with many properties and our expectation of going thru them was for due diligence and process to be followed which warrants a higher penalty. So we want to sue both parties . Is this advisable and if so, how would any award by the judge be applied? As a relevant factor, we are suing in respect to the original deposit against a tenancy agreement for 12 months in 2013-2014. We signed another 12 months 2014-2015. From what I've read elsewhere it appears we can sue twice ie for the failure to comply with the PI of the 2007 Order for the first agreement then again for the second agreement . Indeed that 2nd agreement then rolled over to monthly renewable so is that a 3rd instance of noncompliance? So the deposit amount is£1200. We wish to apply for the maximum penalty of 3x 1200 being 3600 plus the deposit of 1200 making a total of £4800. And if this apples for both 12 month terms then the total settlement is £9600. Is this correct?
  15. My soon to be ex wife has given my business partner copies of my personal bank statements. Background: there were a couple of financial errors within our company accounts which were my fault and have since been resolved between myself and my business partner. Issue: when the issue arose, my business partner went to see my estranged wife, whom he knew had access to our old joint account, which by agreement I was using as my own personal account for the time being. When he asked her for the information, she printed off all statements and gave them to my business partner. Baring in mind that her name is also on the account, I am asking if she had any right to firstly access the information and secondly share the information without my consent. Thank you in advance for any help
  16. Hi Everyone, Looking for some help. My partner made an application via a PPI company to claim back any PPI he had on his old accounts, They found we had 1 from Welcome Finance on a car we had in 2004. they sent away to claim it back, Welcome instantly declined it and the management company dealing with the claim for him decided to send it to the FOS. 2 Months ago the FOS found against Welcome and advised them to reimburse in a proper manner. But now this is where we need help. Welcome has sent us a letter which I will attach for you to see. they have stated that they are going into liquidation in the next year so have been advised not to make any payments to people?? Can they do this? Or is this another way they are trying in order to get out of paying people there money. I have attached parts of both the letters they have sent. Any advice would be great
  17. Hi I have recently been offered a new job and have consented to background checks, i said i was unemployed for five months and they want evidence of this, but i didn't claim and benefits (was living on savings with some help from my partner). The issue i have is they want a bank statement spanning that length of time which makes me feel uncomfortable as i find it very invasive. Also my partner didn't have a bank account at that time so let him use my bank details for his employer to pay his wages into my account, this will obviously show up on my statement. Not only that, when looking through my account history i found a couple of jobs i had forgot about that i had for such a short time but didn't declare (because i didn't remember having them) one was less than 1 week, the other was 1 month. I am upset because i genuinely forgot to incorporate them and even if i had remembered them, wouldn't have declared them as they were crap jobs that i walked out of fairly swiftly and didn't want it to look bad on me. What do i do, do i tell them and hope they will understand or am i doomed?
  18. The following attachment contains guidelines on filing defaults with credit reference agencies. It was published in 2007. guidance_on_defaults.pdf These guidelines have now been superseded by a new set which apparently have been drafted by the credit reference agencies themselves but with approval and apparently "close involvement" of the information Commissioner. high_level_prinicples_document_final.pdf You can spot the difference because the original 2007 version is on information Commissioner headed notepaper and the information Commissioner claims responsibility for it. The more recent 2014 revised version contains merely a "foreword" by the Information Commissioner. Of particular interest is the clear difference in approach to disputed accounts. The 2007 guidance gives very clear directions as the steps to be followed when deciding whether or not to refer a disputed account to the credit reference agency file. The 2014 guidance appears to be completely silent on this matter. Although this important issue has clearly been deliberately excluded from the more recent guidance, you should remember that first of all – this is only guidance. Secondly, the original 2007 guidelines make it clear that the entering of a disputed account on to a credit reference agency file risks breaching the legal requirement of – accuracy. Although the subject of disputed files has been omitted from recent guidance, "accuracy" is still a lawful requirement for all entries placed onto credit files. This means that the steps which the 2007 document advises should be taken, are still relevant and we feel that where there is an account which is subject of a valid dispute – as per the 2007 guidance, that this should not be referred to the CRA's. We appreciate that this places some organisations in great difficulty because it must take a great deal of time and judgement to make the right decisions. However, we are also fully aware that many organisations are really quite cavalier about the status of disputed accounts and will even use the credit reference agency as a stick to beat troublesome customers with. If you feel that you have a marker which has been unlawfully placed on your credit file because you have a valid dispute – such as a mobile phone provider failing to carry out their side of the bargain, then you should read the two guidance documents above – and keep the 2007 version very much in mind. Just because the 2007 version has been revised, it does not mean that it has no validity.
  19. Rather late in the day I've just noticed this document http://www.scoronline.co.uk/sites/default/files/high_level_prinicples_document_final.pdf which purports to set high-level principles for the Reporting of Arrears, Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies. You would think that this kind of document would be put together by the Information Commissioner after great thought and deliberation in his role as the guardian of the human right of privacy under article 8 of the Convention. Not so. This document was put together by the credit industry and then merely approved by the Information Commissioner who has been persuaded to write a foreword to the document in which he merely says that he will continue to express a "keen interest" in how personal data is processed by the credit industry. More amazing is the fact that this document which is drawn up by the credit industry – the very people that the Information Commissioner is meant to survey and to police, is intended to replace or supplement the Information Commissioner's own set of rules/guidance which he published several years earlier in 2007 -Data Protection Technical Guidance: Filing defaults with credit reference agencies I'm sure that some enthusiastic people will find interesting to make comparisons between the two documents. I will be interested to see what posts appear on this thread. However, one thing that jumps out at me is that in the 2007 document it says unequivocally that disputed accounts should not be the subject of credit file entries. In the 2014 document, it doesn't mention this but merely skirts around it by talking about accuracy. Also, in the 2014 document, I noticed that there is a requirement that 28 days notice be given before a default is entered. I'm not sure how this squares with the FAQ on the Information Commissioner's own website which says very clearly that a default without notice is generally not a problem. https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/credit/ Is this delegation or abrogation by the Information Commissioner? high_level_prinicples_document_final.pdf guidance_on_defaults.pdf
  20. Stop [problem] mail The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) allows you to have your name and address removed from mailing lists. To register for the free service, call 0845 703 4599 or visit mpsonline.org.uk. Report to Royal Mail If you do receive correspondence you believe to be from fraudsters, you can forward it to Royal Mail with a covering letter to Freepost, [problem] Mail, PO Box 797, Exeter, EX1 9UN. You can also email [problem][email protected] or call 03456 113 413. Obviously the word sc4m has been replaced with the word 'problem' please use the correct word in the email address or other references to that word!!!
  21. Hey I have been advised to post my story here then once it has been assessed it can be moved to the correct section. I had an account with 2checkout.com back in 2012, the account was closed in September 2012. My father recently applied for an account with them and they advised he failed background checks, he contacted them for more information to find out the issues and work to resolve them. The person on the phone told him he had already had an account in 2012 which was closed. My father has never had an account with them and asked for them to email this so called account information to him. They emailed him my account number from their website and details for when the account was opened and closed. I know my father is not going to be doing anything with the information but fact is they still shared the information. My father had provided drivers licence and utility bill during the application. Myself and my father do not have the same first name only surname. My father phoned back again after receiving the email with my account information on only to be met with a reply of "nothing we can do, I have other customers to deal with in the queue, goodbye" I am confused how to complain, yes my father is not going to abuse the account information they shared but surely this breaks data protection Any advise on what to do next will be great
  22. I've been asked to attend an 'information session and interview' at my Jobcentre. It's a group thing looking at CVs, training and other opportunities to help people get back to work. Afterwards there's a one on one interview with an advisor to review your JSA and for you to give details about what you've done to find work. The letter goes on to say that if you can't show you're doing enough to find work 'a decision will have to be made concerning whether you are eligible for JSA'. It seemscurious it doesn't use the usual 'your claim may be referred to a decision maker etc' wording.... I'm just wondering if anyone else has been to an in-house JCP session like this with a personal interview afterwards, or if anyone can give me an idea what to expect?
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could please share some knowledge on this. Also please be kind A friend told me about this forum I checked my credit file and found that an old loan (which I am still paying off) has appeared. This was originally a Credit Union loan, which was closed in April 2012 and then transferred to a Debt Collection Agency. Since this has occurred I made a small amount of payments and finally agreed to £20 once I got a decent job. I actually was planning on paying this off this month, ironically enough! However, the Union has defaulted me for the last 5 years on the loan and have the wrong information on this e.g. it says I pay £64 a month and the debt has been going down. This is incorrect (as there is only £300 left, not £600!) and also how would I default if it was going down? So here is my questions: • If the original creditor closed the account in April 2012, can they now all of a sudden put this on my credit file? If so, is there a limit to the time they can put this on? After 5 years this seems ridiculous. • If the debt was transferred to an agency, should they not be the ones reporting on this? • I assume if I contact them they will correct this as per the April 2012 closure? If so, I can live with this…. But, I’m not want to continue to rage for another 6 years for the mistakes of my past to go away This is quiet upsetting as I went to apply for a mortgage today, but was denied. I’ve worked really hard since I’ve been a student to pay off debt and pay bills on time. I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even to the point my one and only default fell of last month and I hit the 843 mark on my score (even though scores are rubbish anyway, still nice to see). Please help Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi guys, Firstly I know I've done a ridiculous thing, but here's my story, hopefully you can help: When I was travelling from a station the ticket office was shut and the ticket machine was 'out of order' So I boarded the train. The train conductor went to sell me a ticket, when I opened my wallet i realised I had left my card and cash at home. He said I could get off at the next stop without a fine, however I stayed on as I had a really important meeting. He proceeded to give me £20 increased fare, however, out of pure desperation and panic I gave him my old address and a false name. He did not say the details wernt validated so shall I proceed to pay the fine at the station and not mention the details were false or should I confess in an attempt to settle with no criminal conviction? As I said before, I know this was stupid but we all do crazy things when we panic. Hope someone can help, Adam
  25. Hello, I had JSA for about four months total of £840 (approx). I knew at the start that I had around £28,000 in savings in a separate account. The savings are for university. full cost of course and living for three years. This was my plan. I was off work for 7 months with depression, still receiving an income. I went and signed on and received one week (£71) and never went back. I was off work at this time. I had an argument with HR at work who were complaining about me not being there. I told them that I quit and didnt want to go back. I assumed that I resigned there and then. I went and signed on, then a week or so later I got a call from my union rep who told me that I hadnt resigned, he spoke to them about my problems and I could come back. He told me that they were giving redundancy soon. I returned, a few months later I got redundancy. Fell a little more into depression. I had over £10,000 in my account. I transferred £5900 to ISA and then signed on. I took a few weeks, then quit. Then I went back again and got a few weeks more. This was a few years ago. I got a letter the other day asking for more information as inland revenue flagged up that I had more money in my account when I made a claim. They are asking for my financial situation of that time. I ncluding statements covering two years. I looked at my statements online and saw that the money transfer was maybe a week or two before applying for JSA. I am worried that I will go to prison for this. I am going to send the statements with the letter and answer the questions honestly. I have read about how they will try to prepare a prosecution if they could prove that I knowingly didn't tell them of my finances. It will look that way on the statement. I don't know what is going to happen. Could this lead to prison? I haven't told my parents, I am 35 and still live at home. I haven't been able to get a diagnosis for aspergers but believe that I have it. I am still struggling with depression. A result of my aspergers is that I really struggle to get on with people, I have had some very bad experiences at work and I am terrified of returning to that sort of situation. I have had threats of physical assault and have had fights with people. My things have been damaged/vandalised. I dont know what I can do, any help or advice would be appreciated. I have made a self-referal to talking change. My uni course is going down hill, I dont think I will be able to go onto year two. That is if I am not in prison. So much failure. Does anybody have any advice, I could really use some right now! Thank you
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