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  1. Hi there. Ran into difficulty paying my t-mobile bill, which has now ended. Contacted by a company called Buchanan Clark and Wells demanding payment of £155.21. I checked my t-mobile account, and am still able to pay off my balance on their website, which comes to £140.21. I emailed BCW saying if I can pay them, why should I pay a DCA? I then to be safe set up a payment agreement at BCW's website, and paid on the 14th September by bank transfer. Received however a letter today stating that they would be making a home visit as the agreement has not been honoured, despite having my own evidence that I sent the bank transfer. Despite this, the balance has not been changed to reflect this. I have sent an angry email along these lines to ask why a payment has been ignored. I refuse to communciate with them by phone, only be letter or email. I will soon have enough money aside to pay off the tmobile bill, shall I just pay tmobile directly and tell BCW where to go? Thanks!
  2. I lodged a complaint over the phone with Halifax in early May and obtained a reference number. Halifax failed to issue any correspondence or response to the complaint and after more than eight weeks I referred the complaint to the FOS. I received back a letter saying I must first take up the matter with Halifax and my complaint had been referred back to Halifax for handling. I phoned the case handler and he said that because I had not included the final response or any other evidence of making the complaint, he wasn't going to take the complaint forward. This despite me saying that I hadn't received the response within the eight-week period, nor anything else at all. Halifax is proceeding to re-ignore my complaint (assuming it was ever sent back to them in the first place). Any ideas on what to do next?
  3. Hope someone can advise I had an overnight stay at a hotel in York on 14th June 2012, booked through Laterooms- there were several problems, including indifferent staff, spiders, webs, dust, stained curtains, dirty jacuzzi jets in the bath, scrubby old desk, no wifi in room. I asked the on-duty staff member for the room to be cleaned whilst I was out, but when I returned later it hadn't been- the person who was then on-duty came and sorted out the spiders though(!). I made a complaint to the hotel (by email) on 25th June 2012 and received a reply immediately, saying they would look into it and would be in touch. I have heard nothing since, despite me emailing on 5th July to ask if there was any update in their investigations, and again yesterday. I want to take my complaint further, but am unsure as to the next step. I cannot establish who owns the hotel (it's not a chain). This hotel has received excellent reviews on Laterooms and TripAdvisor by the way- I clearly had the comedy room! Any advice? Thanks, V
  4. Hi, I've had a look around the forums and can't quite find the answer to my question, so I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has some advice on what I should do. Last week I returned my ESA50 for my conversion from IB to ESA. It was damn hard work filling it in, i had help and we wrote pages of supporting information etc, with specialist medical evidence. I've had a relapse in my illness which means I have completely lost the past 10 days due to post-exertion fatigue. I was hoping that I would be one of the lucky ones and avoid the dreaded medical, but it wasn't to be. I got my appointment through for an afternoon, 14 days from receipt of the letter. Why do I have a problem? I have mobility issues and having been to my closest centre (A) before, which is approximately 20 miles away, I specifically requested 3 times, on my ESA50, on the attached pages of notes and in a separate covering letter not to goto centre (A) and I specifically requested centre (B) which is 8 miles further away from my home address. I made sure I was specific in my explanation that centre (A) is inaccessible with no drop off point, and that centre (B) I could be dropped off outside. I explained mobility issues upfront and yet this has been ignored. Also I requested a recorded assessment (again on all 3 documents) and there is no mention on the appointment I have received that this has been granted. I also have issues on the telephone, so I have requested for postal contact only, unless when discussing an appointment and I gave a friends number for them to specifically call. Of course there was no call. Having read around, there is clearly no reading of any of the literature I sent! I should have known better really. What can I do? I don't want centre (A) as I cannot be dropped off outside, and attending there will be detrimental to my health. I also want the assessment recorded, do I or my friend have to call to confirm this and try to change the centre. Or doi wait until Monday (earliest opportunity) to post copies of 'centre b' requests to DWP or ATOS? To ensure there is a paper trail? What happens if I turned up to the appointment and there was no recording equipment? Do I have to participate? Stressed is an understatement! Thanks Me_too
  5. Hello, i was wondering if i could get some advice, my daughter owes K& CO money and she has not paid since she lost her job a few month ago, she was owing round about £600, now she has had a letter from Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd, saying they have bought the debt and she owes £908, what is the best way to deal with this, she was not in arrears or anything and paid regular until she lost her job but what should she offer payment wise, she does not have much money just now, i have read lots of topics and do not think asking for the CCA would do any good , but i just do not know what would be a reasonable offer, thank you.
  6. Three years ago, my ex-wife contacted Tesco Pet Insurance to cancel a policy but was told that as I was the policyholder, I was the only one allowed to do this. What she then did was to go to the Nationwide to cancel it, was handed a sheet of paper which she duly signed. Having done this she thought no more about asking me to cancel it. Our daughter looked through her mothers bank statement in the last few days and Tesco have still been calling for the £40 a month and the Nationwide, despite being told to cancel it, have been paying it. Has she any redress against the Nationwide?
  7. I will keep this brief Official complaint submitted to my local job centre on their treatment of claimants. Job centre telephoned me next day with nothing more than a lecture. I told them i was still not happy and wanted the complaint sent to the next complaints tier, Director General of Operations. More than three weeks have now elapsed and it is one excuse after another from the job centre, i am being ignored and fobbed off How do i now elevate this complaint outside the internal job centre procedure
  8. Hello, I do not want to go into detailed specifics but could do with some advice. Please can someone help on the following: I raised a grievance basically along the lines of being treated unfairly by management. I was interviewed by the management with a HR rep present. It then took five months to get a response. The response was (in my opinion) unbelievably flawed and only selective truths were investigated and the main bulk of my grievance ignored. I am aware of the three month rule to go to Employment Tribunal, so my first question is: 1. If my employer has not kept to stipulated times within the companies grievance policy does the 3 month rule still count? I appealed (in writing within the 10 days stipulated time to appeal) for the reasons above adding that I believe the management team of my department should not have investigated my grievance and that the investigation did not look into my main points raised. I then attended another meeting with the next highest manager and the manager of HR. They seemed to listen and respected my opinions and told me a response should be with me within 2-4 weeks. It is now another 6 months down the line and after numerous attempts to gain a response I have been completely ignored. I have requested they call me to discuss why there has been no action, it was ignored. I have sent at least four e-mails to both attendees of the interview with no response. My second questions are: 2. Where do I stand with regards to next steps or have I completely missed the boat by allowing these people to drag their heels for so long? 3. Do I have to leave the company if I were to take this matter to an Employment Tribunal? Any help or advice, good or bad, would be much appreciated. I must stress I do not want to leave the company I just want this matter rectified and taken seriously. Thanks in advance
  9. hi list My wife has lost her job, she was self employed. After running out of cash she missed several payments to Halifax credit services. I found out about payment plans etc. My wife phone up the Halifax, made a request to freeze the interest, she stated that she did not have an income. I spoke to Halifax, and offered them £10 per month until such time that our joint finances improved, currently I am the only bread winner and I am making all mortgage payments, buying food etc. After two months of paying £10 per month, we have received a letter stating 'As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transfered your HALFIAX debt to debt collection agency. I have phoned up the Halifax on 11/12/2012 and asked them what is going on. They claim to have sent a credit default notice 3 months ago which they cliam allows them to do this. I have pointed out that we reached a payment plan with them, this payment plan has been honored by myself. The Hailfax called back today and said that the messages was unclear offered me £30 because of the 'inconvenience' of their answers and that they had not made themselves clear. I have asked them to explain themselves in writing. 1. Are they allowed to do this type of thing after accepting a payment plan? I have not defaulted on it. 2. I wonder why they have offered me £30 if they are so innoccent ? 3. What options are available to me? My wife did not choose to loose her job, its problem of being self employed. I am hard pressed to make my own payments otherwise I would have offered them more.
  10. Hi CAG. Over a month ago, I got caught in a supermarket for stupidly using the self-checkouts making some pricing errors. I got stopped by these security guards who took me to the back room. They asked me my address and in the panic of it all, I gave them it. I apologised and apologised but they would not have any of it. They ended up calling the police, who told me to accept a FPN or I would be brought to the station. The police said the FPN would be the end of the matter so of course, I accepted it. I paid up the FPN and was told by the security I was banned from the store. I have stayed away and thought that this would be the end to the matter. However, these past weeks, I have received letters from a firm called DWF who claim to act on behalf of the supermarket. In these letters, they state they are solicitors and have been instructed to my incident. They go on to say: Security costs: £150.00 Amount now due: £150.00 So upon receiving this, I have read through a lot of posts on the forum who have said civil recovery have no real legal standing, especially with the Oxford case. As such, I have since done my best to ignore these letters. However, a court order - or at least what looks like one - showed up in my mail today. The court order demands I pay £150.00 or risk this sum increasing in court. I can't believe this is happening. I was told to accept the FPN at the time and that would be the end of it. I paid this the day after. The goods did not even amount to £10. I really just wanted to forget this ever happened, but they're taking to squeezing everything out of me. I never wanted the police involved, I co-operated with them. It seems so harsh to pay £150.00 more when I've already been banned, shamed with a FPN on top of it all. PLEASE HELP!!! I don't know what to do. £150.00 is so much money :-(
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a bit of advice, hopefully someone can help? I applied for an internal vacancy back in March, following my companies procedure set out on the vacancy page. I followed this up several times and had responses citing that applications were being processed etc. Fast forward to last week where I am told by a colleague at my branch that this role had been filled, and this without me being offered an interview. The manager of the department I applied to has emailed me saying he never had info on my interest, despite me emailing him 2 days before the job was offered to someone else and the several emails to HR regarding the vacancy. HR called me 1/10/12 saying that they had spoken to this manager and he has told them he phoned me in April and that I withdrew my application (an application he knew nothing about?!), this is a complete lie as I was still emailing in May! The role the manager is relating to is a completely different role that I turned down in October 2010 as it was based roughly an hour away from my home and I had no means of getting there and back. I strongly believe that the manager is aware he has done wrong by me and is trying to shift the ignorance onto me by suggesting I turned the job down?. I have several emails regarding turning the role down from October 2010 which were between myself and the same manager so how could he mistake this for a vacancy that was advertised 5/6 months later! I have emailed the manager AND the HR contact I had to send my CV to asking if they can offer an explanation as to why my application has been overlooked/ignored but I have not received anything back, other than the HR phone call. I have ALL emails relating to the most recent role I applied for, both sent and received, and to back up the truth of events for the role I showed and interest in back in October 2010. I also believe that the person who has been given the role I applied for is a former colleague of the manager of the department, although without access to our companies employee history I have no proof, only what I have been told. The only problem I have is that I really don't know where I stand and I'm not sure what route to take next, do I follow my companies grievance procedure?, knowing that the way they work and try and sweep things under the carpet nothing will come of it? I've looked at several websites but things are not any clearer, can anyone help? Thanks for reading
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