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Found 71 results

  1. Hello to everyone, Apologize for my grammar I'm only a bit in a rush. Basically my partner has been in hospital(won't say which yet) since last tuesday with a strong pain right side of head (that lasted since a month ago). Also a little lump on forehead. In the same day(last tuesday) she's fainted/passed out, but she doesn't know what happened since she was walking alone. First 2 days they won't give her nothing stronger than paracetamol/ibuprofen stuff. Now she is on smth v strong similar with morphine that sedates her and every time i see her she's very sleepy and anyway looks "drugged". Now her neck is hurting and her right arm is very swallen and she won't move it properly. She's had 2 ct scans and 2 mri's(apparently first was not good or smth) and they won't say nothing about her diagnostic. Now I'm asking you, is this normal not to know what is going on with my wife, she doesn't know, and if she's allright why is she under so many drugs? Thank you.
  2. Hi All just wanted some advice...... I am contemplating writing to my CEO at the trust I work at without becomming somewhat a trouble causer because nobody else wants to speak out or are too scared to, although I am known to them due to the recent thrashings of Roxburghe in court but isnt that what whisleblowing is about ? The crux of the matter is this....The trust has announced it intends to go through with its parking plan in 2014 which means that staff parking permits will sor from £180 per year to an average £500 dependant on salary. In their defence the trust say staff have to pay this amount to pay for 750 new parking spaces, re surfacing, cctv and a reduced 2 year waiting list plan. They also refer to park and ride schemes, cycling and new bus routes...... I live 15 miles away, I cannot afford an extra £500 per year, and no bus route can get me into work to start at 7am. Although the trust says 655 people voted in favour, neither me nor a lot of my colleauges are aware of any invites or ballot to discuss the matter and there are many colleagues ! I see this as profiteering as the outline does not go far enough, for the following reasons.... 1. I accept each NHS Trust profit from parking and they say it goes back into care. 2. I think its morally wrong to charge this amount to staff looking after the sick when the taxpayer funds the NHS. 3. The new 750 spaces across all 5 sites will not guarantee parking so if somoene is in a contract and there is no parking space, are they entitled to a refund ? 4. If staff are paying for new parking spaces to be built, does that not mean we own the land?....What if I was to say to my neighbour "Im building a new conservatory but I want you to pay for it?" 5. The trust have not stipulated how long it will take to pay for these upgrades 750 in all and how much it will cost before we no longer have to pay £500 per year... Any thoughts, cheers
  3. Is it worth my while to put a complaint in to my local PALS service due to the miss handling of me by my local hospital? From misdiagnosis to repeatedly cancelled out patient appointments to losing the notes that was supposed to request me being admitted for more surgery to yet again this month me being lost in the system and not getting the 6 month follow up that I was supposed to have....with the oh you are not in the system and we dont know anything about it as the usual response?
  4. Hi, forgive the way this is done but my mental state is rather fragile at the moment, so I hope you good people don't mind a copy and paste. The first part is an email I sent to my MP, and the second is what the assistant to my MP wrote to the person in charge of parking at my local hospital. I do realise it is quite long, but hopefully covers everything. I am writing to you in desperation. A few months ago I had an appointment at Southport District General Hospital for physiotherapy on my back. I arrived in plenty of time as I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety where if I get too stressed I just cease to function properly. I arrived at the hospital a good 15-20 minutes before my appointment and went to the car park close to the side entrance to the hospital. The barrier let me into the car park and I searched for a parking spot. I got stuck behind another car looking for a spot and was in the car park for over 10 minutes. During this time my anxiety got quite bad. I finally managed to leave the car park and went to the car park close to the main entrance, where a very similar scenario occurred. This time however I noted that several cars had parked along the edge of the bays. By this time I was getting into a blind panic as the time of my appointment was getting very close and being late is another of my triggers. I had my treatment and paid my car park fee at the machine and came out to find I had a parking ticket. On the ticket it was explained that I could appeal the ticket. I wrote to the company explaining everything that I have just put in this letter and pointed out that it was surely wrong to allow cars into car parks which were already full. I feel this is especially so where people arrive for appointments at certain times and can get stuck in queues inside the car park. I also pointed out that my only income is lower rate DLA and lower rate Mobility allowance, which in total is only £42 a week. The fine was £100 which is extortionate, but I got a chance of appeal and paying a lower rate of £60. I did appeal and the reply did not mention any of my reasons for appealing, just that the parking areas were marked and the charges were adequately sign-posted. I would go so far as to say it was a standard cut and paste response where the person “dealing” with the appeal has not looked at the circumstances at all. I was NOT given an option of paying in installments, just pay the 60 pounds before a certain date or it would go to £100. This has been a significant trigger in my depression and anxiety and has affected me so much that I have not made any more appointments for treatment at Southport District Hospital. My mental health has taken a turn for the worse since this has started and I have had to contact my Acute Care Team because I was worried that I was close to breaking point and may do something to harm myself. I have a history of suicide attempts, and this whole incident has left me feeling very close to the edge. One of my symptoms of depression is to ignore problems such as this. I am not saying this is an excuse, just a fact, and one would hope when dealing with a Health Trust that some toleration may be employed by the parking enforcers. This does not seem to be the case though, as this morning I received a letter from a debt recovery company for £160. I summoned up the mental strength to telephone the company (This does not sound like much, but for someone with my mental health issues it is quite a huge undertaking) I spoke to a lady who said that basically the onus is on me to ask for installment options, and if I were to send proof of benefits they would look at offering me a plan… But at £160. Talk about kicking someone while they are down. Again, I pointed out that if such policies are going to be enforced, then there should be a car park full sign in place to stop people driving into a car park with no places available… Apparently a hospital doesn’t have the money to put a simple system that most car parks have. Even at the high normal parking rates they charge and the even higher fines they bring in. I really don’t know what (if anything) you can do to help me, but if you could at least bring this up with someone who can make a decision at the Health Trust to put car park full signs up to help avoid something like this happening again. And also maybe get to car parking company to realise that it is mainly ill people who frequent a hospital, and a little understanding could be employed in their replies instead of a standard copy and paste response with no reference to victims reason for appeal. Thank you xxx Dear Jonathan, Mr xxx has sent Dr xxx the attached email to which i would be grateful if you might get an appropriate officer to provide a reply. The first issue which one might hope the Hospital Trust might be able to address is the issue of the 'car park capacity' system being introduced. This is a fairly simple matter, very common in both municipal and supermarket car parks: the linking of the in and out barriers means that no one is allowed in (and hence wastes their time) to the car park if the number of vehicles already in is equal to the official capacity. The other matter is the apparent effect of the way in which he has been dealt with on Mr xxx's health. One might hope that the person dealing with the appeals for a hospital car park 'transgressors' might have some sensitivity to health-related matters. Mr xxx appears to be saying that he did what he did in order to not waste NHS time and money, having been unavoidably-detained by factors outside his own control which were essentially the responsibility of car park operators who now wish to charge him excessive amounts which exceed he penalties levied by the Local Authority on Southport's streets by some amount.. One would hope that you might be able to intervene to have them withdraw this 'charge' which as you know is actually a claim for breach of contractual term. Mr xxx might possibly assert that the contractual terms published were negated by the failure o the operator of the car park to only allow vehicles into their car park when there were genuine places available within the car park concerned? Yours sincerely, Tony Dawson Office of John Pugh MP Now I was just leaving this alone, but today have had a phone call and an SMS from the debt recovery company (Debt Recovery Plus) asking to contact them urgently. I didn't answer or reply. I spoke to them when the £160 bill came and was basically told that serves me right for parking in the wrong place. The operator alleged to have spinal arthritis and wouldn't dream of parking in the wrong place at a hospital, and to forget writing to my MP and get a good solicitor. I 'm at mental breaking point right now, and any advice would be ever so gratefully received.
  5. sticky29

    Hospital neglect

    This is in danger of being long winded so I will try to break it down as much as possible. Christmas eve my mum had a fall at home and was unable to get up as she was in so much pain. A ambalance took her to her local hospital where they gave her xrays and told her she had torn a muscle,they kept her in over night just to keep watch. Christmas eve they discharged mum even though she was unable to stand up we had to wheel her to the car in a wheelchair which they would not let us hire. On arrival to mums house we had to go and get a dinning room chair and carry her into the house as she was unable to walk. Mum spent the next 7 days at home unable to move from her armchair and having to do bodily functions in a bucket. The pain was so great that mum was taken back to the hospital where it was discovered that she had in fact broken her hip. At this point we put a complaint to the hospital trust as to why this had happened. Mum was transfered to another hospital to have the hip replaced she was given the option to go under general or have an epidurel but was strongly advised to have the latter because of other health issues. Mum had the op and all was ok so she was transfered back to the original hospital. While here mum had a chest infection which was treated . In the mean time they were giving mum physio and trying to get her mobile. Mum struggled with this and was in constant pain so they gave her another xray which was 13 day after the op and they discovered that the op had failed (mums bones were too weak ) and the hip was still broken. The next thing we know mum phones us on her mobile that she was being taken back to where the op was done they then done another op as soon as she got there (under general where as the 1st one they said would be risky) no member of family was informed by the hospital of any 2nd op. Mum came around from the op but the following day was put on total life support with multipal organ failiure and septicimia. Life support was shut down 7 days later and mum passed. Where do we go from here? we have not had an answer from the 1st trust as to why mum was sent home with a broken hip but we now have issues with both hospitals who are in different parts of london. Is there a body that will investigate both hospitals under one complaint? We don`t want compensation we just want truthful answers. Mum spent the last 5 weeks of her life in agony we deserve that and so does she.
  6. In april last year my wife and I were in fuerteventura on holiday for 2 weeks.On day 5 my wife had sickness and diarrhea I got some medicine from the chemist and tried that.It never worked and she was getting worse so I contacted the hotel desk and they sent a doctor.He gave her some medicine and said she had gastroenteritis.The next day she was still getting worse and sent for him again he then reffered hes to hospital.He sent for a ambulence and she was taken to hospital.She was put on a drip for 5/6 hours and had some blood tests done and said it was gastroenteritis.When she left the hospital she still had the sickness and diarrhea.The doctor that was sent for was paid some of the money there and some when we returned home.On return to the UK she went to see her doctor and was rushed into hospital where she was diagnosed as salmonella poisoning.A couple of weks ago I received a letter from the hospital in Spanish but I worked out they wanted about 250 euros I thought it was a mistake as I thought it would be taken care of by the NHS.I got another letter today asking for the 250 euros. I am not going to pay it as she was wrongly diagnosed and I think there was a bit of a hush up there was a outbreak of salmonela in Spain and they wanted to keep this quiet.My wife suffered terribly for a week because they did not treat her salmonela .Should I write to them and tell them where to go. Cheers
  7. Good morning. Our local hospital has woefully inadequate parking resulting in the disabled spaces being placed quite a distance from the entrance. The remedy for this is that benches have been placed so that disabled people can rest during the long walk. However my wife finds it impossible to complete the distance on foot and so parked her car in a "drop off only" space (displaying her blue badge). On her return to the car a red notice had been placed on it as a warning notice with no fee payable. The problem is now she has to go there again and will need to almost certainly park in the same place as there is no reasonable alternative. Where does she stand if a penalty notice is placed on her car?
  8. My brother passed away in hospital yesterday. He had been in for 9 weeks. He was initially admitted suffering uncontrollable fits. At the time nobody knew the cause and it was assumed he had been drinking too much. He was in intensive care for a week where they managed to control the fits. he was left with some brain damage as a result of oxygen starvation. He was moved to high dependency where he made such good progress over the next week or so they wanted to discharge him to a psychiatric hospital ( he has had mental health problems for many years). The only reason they wouldn't take him was because he had mobility and speech issues due to the effects of the fits. Moved to a stroke ward where he was given physio etc and was making such good progress we had a meeting about his discharge to a stroke rehab unit. It was just before this that he developed a problem with his blood. We had no idea at the time but have since been made aware that the week before he was given a transfusion whilst a relative was visiting. this problem became much worse and still we were unaware of the problem. Two weeks ago my sister went to visit him, we hadn't been for a few days. She thought he was ignoring her because of this. He was unresponsive and had his head turned away. When she got round the bed it was obvious he had had a stroke. He was staring with the right side of his face drooped. Nurses were alerted a dotor came and said he had had a stroke. He ordered a scan. I arrived and waited 2 hours. Nothing happened. Very few staff around. More visitors came so we left but still nothing was done. I phoned later that night still no scan. we were beside ourselves as we had all been made aware from publicity that action needs to be swift. It was sunday morning before we heard he had his scan. It was tuesday when we got to see the consultant who showed us the scan images that revealed the extent of the stroke damage. Half his brain destroyed. Obviously the prognosis was very poor. The reason he gave for the lack of treatment was that the blood problem prevented them from giving emergency care. This was the first time anybody discussed it. They didn't know what the problem was even though it had been there for at least 4 weeks! The following Saturday we arrived and he had greatly deteriorated. Again no staff to speak to. His ts hirt was dirty his mouth was in a terrible state. His teeth hadn't been cleaned for days. Visited monday still no staff that would talk to us.I phoned again on the evening and got quite angry when again the staff nurse would tell me nothing. I pointed out his lack of basic nursing care. i was very upset. Tuesday morning my sister and I get a call at work saying we needed to come in as his condition had deteriorated and doctor wanted to speak to us! This was Visited Wednesday and Thursday asked about the blood problem but nobody would answer He was in such a low state that they could do no more for him and would only keep him comfortable. On friday they withdrew fluids and all medication and would no longer feed him.Again I asked about the blood problem, what had been done to investigate it, what had been eliminated. The only answer I got was telling me what they would have done if he hadn't had the stroke. We were called Saturday morning but were minutes too late, he died without us. We are supposed to collect the certificate tomorrow but I am so angry that we don't even know what was wrong with him in the first place! Is that it? Will we never know? 9 weeks in hospital with no definite diagnosis only a stroke after 7 weeks! What went wrong? How can I go further with this? Thanks in advance
  9. t2000

    10+ weeks in hospital

    I'm not sure I am in the right place, but am looking for some advice for my Dad. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and went through radiotherapy treatment which was very successful. As part of this treatment a lump (benign) was found near his appendix and he had surgery to remove this. Key hole surgery was used and during the procedure there was a bleed that they attended to but in the process cut his bowel by mistake. At the time they did not know this, and sent him home for recovery. He was in pain, but thought this was recovery until it became too much and was admitted back into hospital. After some time it was decided to open him up which is where they found that his bowel had been torn and did further surgery to correct as well as fit him with a colostomy/stoma which he was told would be a temporary measure whilst his bowel healed. The surgeon apologised for his mistake, and looking back, it appears that key hole was not appropriate for my Dad, and that removing this non threatening lump so quickly after cancer treatment was not ideal, and should have waited for him to have recovered fully. He has since not left hospital, other than being transferred to Southampton General from a smaller hospital. The staff at the hospital seem to be taking good care of him, and tell him what is happening, but the message is that whilst he is getting better, it will be a slow process. I'm worried that this could go on and on and not sure what is best to do. At the moment we are taking each week as it comes, but seems like he is making little progress to us. Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks.
  10. I have just returned from the orthopedic hospital in Oxford called the Nuffield. That place is huge by the way. They had G4S staff everyware, crawling out the wood work to say the least They were not only doing parking enforcement on behalf of UKPS, but they have been given the cleaning contract by the hospital. Is it me or is G4S getting into all the state run institutions and growing like a cancer. Olympics Hospitals Government contracts on finding accommodation for asylum seekers Prisons and prisoner transport Call centre staff for added benefit queries Security guards for benefit offices The list goes on and on, and are all GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS Seems the funny hand shake brigade and jobs for the boys is in full swing, Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink
  11. I am currently claiming JSA (income-based) & attending the Work Programme however I am due to go into hospital as a outpatient for a diagnostic surgery under general anaesthesia. If I exceed the 2 week limit for being ill what are my options? Thanks Ubi
  12. Sparks_

    Hospital food!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21531545 Too true it can be awful, I spent almost a week, recently, in my local hospital for surgery, breakfasts was porridge or cereal and bread and jam no toast allowed! Oh could have an under ripened banana and some long life orange juice, no protein or healthy food provided! Not even wholemeal bread at times! Main meal at lunch time, very small, less than a hundred grams of protein, yes i can estimate that Evening meal was soup and a sandwich and a snack sized pack of biscuits for your supper. One evening the sandwich was chicken....3 tiny pieces of it! I know there is very little money put for hospital food but this is not acceptable, no wonder old people with no support network lose weight in hospital!
  13. Can someone advise me if it is legal for your employers to make you take time off in lieu for hospital appointments. My husband had a hospital appointment today, he gave his boss a copy of the appointment letter from the hospital 2weeks ago. Today when he went in and reminded them about his appointment he was told he could not go as he should have taken a lieu day or swapped his shift with someone. He did attend the appointment as he has been waiting a long time. He did not expect to be paid for the time off. When he asked to see the copy of the letter he had given them as they denied he had spoken about it, the manager had written received on the 10/1 but then someone had changed it to the 17th when my husband was not at work. Many thanks Sanpez
  14. If someone has to go in to hospital and they currently claim HB, CTB, ESA and DLA I know they have to inform the LA & DWP straight away and after a set number of weeks they stop receiving some benefits. My question is wrt non-dependent disregards. If the person has young adult non dependent children at home who are normally disregarded as the person gets MRC/LRM DLA, when the DLA stops as they are in hospital does this remove the non dependent disregard so as well as the loss of benefits the hospitalised person needs to fund extra rent and council tax, or as the DLA is only 'suspended' while they are in hospital is the non dependent disregard held in place even though the DLA is not in payment? The above is the important question but if someone knows the amount of weeks for each benefit before losing it once in hospital that would be great.
  15. Complicated situation. A relative of mine has a sick neonate. Baby needs to travel to London for a liver biopsy and the hospital have told them they must arrange transport. They don't have a car. Baby is not currently an inpatient but is going into hospital for tests and check ups daily, he was in neonatal intensive care for 3 weeks after his birth and has only been home a week or so. The boyfriend works at a fast food restaurant but is off because of the baby being poorly and is not entitled to sick pay there so they are living on child tax credits, working tax credits and child benefit. They have a 3yo as well as the neonate. Are they entitled to any help with transport to London? Seems amazing that they can be expected to take public transport with a poorly baby, plus atm they don't have a clue how they can afford the trip as there are no wages coming in. Also, as the boyfriend is not working and is not entitled to sick pay or anything (he's not ill) is there anything else they can claim in the meantime? They hope he will be off work only briefly but he needs to support the family right now and he is very worried about the neonate obviously. Any help and advice appreciated.
  16. I recently had to have an emergency c-section to have my son who is now 8 weeks old. 2 days later i was told i had to go home, i informed the midwife i did not feel right and was not ready to go home but was told it was normal practice and that i had to leave once the doctor had made his rounds and checked my c-section. I was upset by this but figured it ust be how all c-section ladies felt afterwards. The doctor eventually came and looked at the c-section, he said instantly that it looked quite red an sore around the wound and asked if it hurt when he touched it. I told him no, as it was still numb there and could not feel anything. I was then sent home, he did not give me any antibiotics and did not do a swab check to look for infection. 2 days later the wound began to weep and became very painful, the midwife came to check on the baby and after looking at my belly got me some antibiotics and sent a swab off aswell to make sure they were the right drugs to be taking. Another 2 days later the wound had opened up quite badly and i was very very ill. Another midwife came to check the wound again and said i needed to go to the hospital as i needed stronger antiiotics. We went straight there, the doctor took one look at my c-section and within a matter of minutes i was rushed into theatre where they opened the wound back up and had to cut out all the dead and infected flesh, along with the skin from outside the wound on my tummy as the infection had spread and began killing the outer skin also turning it black. I was left with an open wound 9 inches in length, 2 and a half inches wide and nearly 3 inches deep, i had to have a vac machine attatched at all times to the wound. I was kept in hospital for 2 weeks on morphine and 2 dfferent antibiontics and when eventually sent home still had to had the machine attached for 2 months to heal the hole in my belly. This pretty much left me imobilized and uanble to look after my son who i had already lost out on the first weeks of his life and was unable to bond with him. Currently the wound is infected once again. Friends and family are telling me that e doctor was negligent in sending me home when i had all the symptoms of infection and he did nothingnd that i should sue. do you believe i may have a case? I have lost alot of time with all this and dont want to waste anymore. thanks in advance
  17. Hi, I am not sure this is the correct place for this, but I will write anyway. I will split it into two sections, heres the first one. My Father is 70 year old. He was born in England, has a British passport, but moved to Australia when he was a young lad. He had pains in his stomach, and was rushed to hospital in Leicester. They couldn't/haven't found out what was wrong him exactly, his spleen is damaged but they aren't sure why, but while doing tests they discovered he had 2 blocked arteries and was rushed to a coronary hospital nearby (not sure if its cool to mention the name). He's been in there 17 days, went from needing a double bypass immediately to potentially being discharged, which has led from feeling extremely comfortable and confident in the hospital to losing total confidence. (this is a whole 'nother bag of tricks which I may get into in future depending on happenings at the hospital tomorrow). My query is, there have been murmurs from doctors that he isn't a 'native'. I had a quick look on the NHS website. He hasn't 'lived' there for quite a while and Im fairly certain he's never paid tax in the UK. But he was born in England and has a British passport? Is he covered under the NHS? I'd just like to say he is in no way a 'medical tourist', he was just about to finish a 3 month holiday of the U.S., France + England. He is covered privately (and publicly) in Australia. I thought Australia had some sort of agreement with the UK? And err, Australia is a Commonwealth country? The cost isn't the most important thing here, but I wonder if it's the reason hes being 'ushered' out the door? I am not sure how safe it is to fly with his condition but the hospital went from 'no way' to now possibly changing their minds (dear oh dear I could go on about them all day). Thanks
  18. This is a long story but i will keep it as short as possible and get to the point. but can you please give me some advice as im not sure what to do next. My dad aged 69 was admitted into a nhs hospital on may 7th just gone. he suffered with c.o.p.d for the last 2 years. and about 3 weeks ago started to complain of stomach pains which made his breathless alot worst, on the 7 th may 2012 we called for an ambulance, as he was in such pain and every time he stood up his sats would drop, we went into the hospital A&E, he told them about this pain in his stomach they examined his tummy and he said it was very tender and painful to the touch, the doctors decicide to send him for a chest x-ray, the result of this x-ray came back, they said he had a chest infection, and would need some antibiotics and would need to stay in hospital, he was then transferred to the medical admissions ward where we saw another doctor, he said their wasnt any chest infection and the x-ray was the same as the one he had done one month before, but they would treat him as thou he had a chest infection. less and than 4 hours he was moved to another ward called the wellington, all this time so far he was complaining of the tummy pains. every time he moved or tried to walk. again i felt this was ignored, the Tuesday night he had such pain they thought he was having a heart attack, they did a E C G this showed he was NOT having a heart attack, yet again they did not investigate the pain or anything else. on the wednesday he said he might be coming home on the thursday, even thou he had this pain. but.. . the thursday morning we had a phone call from the hospital to say can we go to him as he was in pain, when we arrived, he had vomited a lot of blood the remains of which was up the bed curtains and on his top. we asked what the hell was going on the doctor explained that he had a ruptured viscus. ( ruptured stomach ulser) and that he needed a operation. but by this point he was to weak to have a operation so there was nothing they could do except keep him comfortable. by 5.30pm he passed away it took the doctor until 6.30pm to comfirm this. Not once did they investigate the pain he was having, nor did they treat him for the pain he was getting at that time. they did treat him for a chest infection that he didnt have. and this cost him his life. if told them about this pain once he told them 50 times nothing was done.. the coroner telephoned and asked if we were happy with the cause of death that being a ruptured viscus, as he was happy to do a post mortam, because he had died of something he wasnt being treated for. we said yes we were happy with the cause of death and that we didnt want a pm, it then took a week for the hospital to release his body to the undertakers. i feel that he was let down by the nhs in a big way and that there is some kind of neglect. but i want answers why his pain was ignored and nothing done about it. mainly for closure. do you think this was a neglect or not. can you help and advice me on what to do next even get the answers that i need. i have e.mailed the chairman at the hospital but as No reply from the hospital. sorry this was long and thank you for reading it. lesley.
  19. Hi, this is my first post on this forum loving the information on here! I really need some advice regarding a couple of parking tickets I've recieved at work. I'm a nurse and work in a hospital I have a staff parking permit which I pay £10 a month for to park in staff parking zones. Due to my shift times I and many other staff have no choice but to park in pay and display zones as the hospital does not provide enough spaces for all the staff. Staff who have parked in residential areas nearby to avoid getting tickets are regularly getting their cars keyed and a couple of staff have been intimidated for parking in residential roads so that is not really an option for me! A couple of times in the past months I've recieved 2 parking tickets which I have ignored as they are never usually enforced. However I have just recieved a letter stating I need to pay a £90 fine within 14 days relating to a ticket back in January, the parking company is called Apoca. Do I have to pay this fine if I had a valid permit at the time issue? I eagerly await your responses! Thanks in advance!
  20. My car received a £30/£60 PCN from Total Parking Solutions for parking at a hospital car park. The car park was covered with snow, and unbeknownst to the driver, the car was parked with half the car on a marked bus stop (on the hospital grounds). The driver returned to the car, and found the PCN. The contravention was written on the PCN as: (Other: on a Bus Stop.) After reading some threads on here, I get the impression that it is not legally enforcible, and the best course of action is to ignore the notice. Am I correct? Or is there some other course of action I should take?
  21. Dear All, We would like some advice on a situtation we have just been through. We would like to know if you think there is a negligence claim, and if so what steps and advice. Our Baby Boy XXXXX was born on the 28th Feb 2011 by emergency C-section, as a blood sample from his head showed slight signs of distress. The doctor decided to operate immediately and within 20 minutes XXXXX was born. XXXXX was a healthy weight of 7lb 7oz and the doctors in theatre said everything is ok. As a precaution both XXXXX and my Wife were taken to a recovery room to be monitored. In recovery XXXXX managed to latch on and have a feed. His eyes were wide open and we were the happiest parent alive. 9am that same morning the mid wife decided everything was ok and they should be taken up to the ward. They got settled into the ward and were informed the paediatrician would pay a routine visit. After around an hour or so, we both noticed that XXXXX seemed very unsettled and asked the midwife to see if he was ok. She had a look and said he’s a newborn just playing up? As first time parents we took her advice and carried on. As the hours went by, his breathing became worse; he stopped feeding, no dirty nappies and would not stop crying. We asked the mid wife’s on a number of occasions to see if he is ok, and the reply was simply he’s a new born and he just a little restless. At around 5pm I went out to freshen up and returned at 6pm. XXXXX looked a different baby! His skin colour had changed; he was grunting and looked like he was struggling. I then forced a mid wife to call a doctor and up came a paediatrician from the neonatal ward. She took one look at him and took him straight into intensive care. I asked her, is everything ok and replied I’m not sure whats wrong him. I returned to the ward to my wife and informed her of the situation. We both sat on the bed hugging each other not knowing what’s happening. We then decided to go to intensive care at around 8pm for an update. There were a number of doctors and nurses around XXXXX and drips and drugs were surrounding him. The paediatrician told us to let them do what they have to do and we will inform you of any changes. We asked what’s wrong with XXXXX, and the reply was some sort of blood infection? We returned upstairs and were given a private room. We sat and waited for which seemed like days until we received a phone call at 2am, the next morning. We went to intensive care and the paediatrician told us that XXXXX has 2 hours to live due to the infection taking over his body. Our poor boy was blue, yellow and blotchy in colour. We thought how could this happen?........ Our parents then arrived to offer us support and to say goodbye to their grandson who was only a day old. 2 hours went by, and then 6 hours went by. We were by his bedside at all times and asking the docs for updates. They were just waiting for him to go, and we were praying for him to stay. The hours went by, and then a day went by. At this point blood samples were in labs, XXXXX was ventilated, he was having fits and seizures, he wasn’t passing urine and was on a number of drugs, but was not giving up. On day 2 the senior paediatrician took us into a private room to inform us of the situation. He told us that he has a serious blood infection which they can’t pinpoint and is very poorly. He then said, XXXXX is showing no signs of getting through this, so do you think we’re doing the right thing by keeping him alive? My thoughts were for XXXXX not to suffer anymore, but my wife insisted to give him a chance. On day 3 the same meeting took place. The senior paediatrician words were he’s not getting better so do you think we’re doing the right thing by keeping XXXXX like this? We both said if he’s made it to day 3 from only being given 2 hours then surely there’s hope. We insisted that everything should be done to save our boy. The final words of the consultant were that if XXXXX has a heart attack then it’s unfair to save him? We agreed with this and off we went to XXXXXX side. In the following days XXXXX managed to have a wee to show signs of his kidneys working. He was given blood and plasma to clot his blood. The blood results came back with no common infections? He was then given a lumber puncture to check for meningitis and the results were not meningitus. Day by day XXXXX began to shows signs of recovery. He was gagging on his ventilator, which was a good sign to show he was irritated by this. He then began to pass urine every few hours. His fits calmed down and began to move. In all we were in NICU for almost 8 weeks. The doctors did an MRI scan which showed brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The docs said his hearing and sight will be affected and a possibility of Cerebral Palsy . We took XXXXX home on April the 4th. XXXXX seems to be getting on ok, but he does show some signs of slow development. XXXXX seems to keep tense when asleep, and when he gets stressed his legs shoot up. He favours to keep his head on one side. XXXXX has also just started to smile. On the whole we believe there has been neglect in various stages and areas of the hospital. Firstly because XXXXX was given a prick test on his scalp, it should have been sterile dressed when born which it was not. Next he was never seen by a paediatrician on the ward as part of a routine with all babies. If he was seen earlier then maybe they would have noticed something? We raised alarm bells an around 5 occasions to say XXXXX was not well, but we were told he’s playing up. If it wasn’t for me acting on this, then XXXXX would have collapsed on the ward. Another thing that really bugs me is that fact the senior paediatrician asked us whether to keep XXXXX alive on 2 occasions! On the first meeting I nearly gave up! To this date we still don’t know what infection XXXXX caught, but on his notes its Sepsis. Only 2 weeks ago, the neonatal ward was closed, as they found MSSA on a number of babies. The paediatrician himself was on the news and stated that if this gets into the blood, then the consequences could be fatal. To this date we believe XXXXX caught MSSA of the ward from his open cut on his head. He should have been treated earlier to prevent the infection getting worse and to prevent the lack of oxygen to his brain. We are not sure what the future holds for XXXXX in terms of Cerabal Palsy, Brain Damage and development, but we are grateful that we have him in our lives. (We do thank all the nurses and doctors that helped XXXXX through his traumatic journey) Thanky ou for taking time out to read our special story. XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXX.
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