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Found 55 results

  1. Where my wife works they have said everbody has to take Friday December 27th 2013 as part of there annual leave. However my wife ony works a four day week, Monday to Thursday but she has been told this still applies to her. If this is the case, it actually means she loses a days holiday, is this right?
  2. Copy of letter sent this week says it all. Let's see if we get a response - based on experience so far, I doubt it: Wednesday 28th November 2012 Re holiday booking ref: 3xxxxxx In the name of [my parents] I'm writing to you on behalf of my parents, named above. They're in Madeira right now, on the 2nd of 2 trips they saved up for this year to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Upon booking the first trip - to Ibiza - they were assured by your in-branch rep that they'd get a fruit basket, champagne and an upgrade as a gesture for their special occasion. Nothing doing. So they left it at that. They're nearly 70 - they don't like to make a fuss - they put it down to a misunderstanding. At my encouragement, however, they mentioned the issue when booking this Madeira trip (booking reference at the top of this letter). The agent at the branch (Arnold, Nottingham) was 'mortified' and assured them that she'd fix it for them. They were excited at the gesture and looking forward to everything. Four days before departure, my father popped in to confirm everything and your rep assured him that an email had gone on 12th November to the hotel and 'everything was confirmed'. You can imagine his surprise, therefore, when he and my mother arrived at the hotel to see 3 other couples who'd been on their flight get upgraded to celebrate their (shorter than 50 years) anniversaries - and for my father? The response that no notification had been sent through so nothing could be done and they'd have to wait for the rep the next day. My mother was very upset as I discovered when I called on their first night to ensure they were having a lovely time. So*I called your branch in Arnold, Nottingham where this holiday was booked and where, again, 4 days before departure, my father was reassured that these special things would be waiting for him. I spoke to a lady who looked up the booking and confirmed that - on 12th November - a request for these things had been sent to the hotel but she maintained there was nothing more the store could do. She couldn't (wouldn't?) call the hotel or fax through the screen shot of the email or call your local rep. She wouldn't even call head office. When I asked for a number to do that myself, she told me these wasn't one - that there's no way for customers to contact your HQ with issues. All she could give me was a number for agents and she 'couldn't guarantee they'll even speak to you because you're a customer'. Would she phone them then? No, there was nothing more she could do. When I called the number, a recording told me it was no longer operational. Fantastic service experience so far. Meanwhile, back in Madeira, your rep arrived the next day with the same response - no message from the branch who'd sold the holiday = no anniversary treats. She did offer to write a report (yay! Very exciting for the anniversary celebrants) and to 'try' to arrange fruit basket and wine. So what does that result in? A plate with 2 bananas, an apple and an orange and a mini bottle of sparkling wine. Nice but good enough? Not really. So disappointment again. Her other remark - admittedly delivered with a smile - ''Well, your anniversary date's passed now (it was whilst in Ibiza) so it doesn't really matter because it's too late'. What a delightful response. No offer to connect to branch. Negotiate with hotel. To try to join the dots. In the meantime, having chatted to one of the lucky recipients of that elusive sea-view upgrade, my parents discover that the rooms on either side of them are empty. But hotel and rep alike say no rooms are free. It's extraordinary to me that - whilst your online site, your high street stores and your reps work in perfect harmony to allow people to spend money with you - that synchronicity disappears almost immediately when it comes to resolving an issue or providing a customer experience that's likely to generate positive word of mouth and repeat business. I'm not operating under any illusion here. I highly doubt you'll read this, let alone respond to it. And I'm pretty certain you'll make no attempt to offer something to my parents by way of an apology or long-overdue celebration of their anniversary. So instead of waiting to hear back from you, I'm going to spend my time posting this story on travel-related social media sites so that other potential customers of yours can truly appreciate the special service touch offered by Thomson. Feel free to prove me wrong. Yours sincerely [new cagger]
  3. Hello everyone i am traveling to rhodes with my wife and son on the 24th of october' unfortunatly today i had a call from the travel company (jet 2 holidays ) saying that the hotel we booked is no longer available ' me and my wife was not happy to say the least ' they have offered us an alternate 5 star hotel in another resort which we are not happy with , has any one been in this situation before what should i do we 100% want out holiday
  4. Unfortunately we can't take holidays during the school ones and that's the way it has been for a while. Not through affordability but because my OH has to work those times on contract through all of them without a choice. The best we can do is the second week in September to meet with my sister and her family that also have to take time from work and have to travel from Canada. I'm worried that we will be denied that time by my daughters school even though it's the first absence she will have had in 2 years. She's almost 11 and I know education is important and it's short notice to give them but this time will be important as a family also. Schools seem to think one size fits all and you are a bad parent for not taking holidays in the time they say. Not all parents can do that. Just as not all parents can afford the 'trips' away that schools organize but the rest left behind aren't getting the same education either and are left in the classroom as 2nd best. It suits them then that certain children can be absent and to have a 2 tier education. It's booked and I guess I have to face it when it comes to it. OH has booked the time off and got moaned at even though it's it's first in over a year and well in advance. He may not have a job to return to but that's life and sometimes family counts for much more.
  5. Hi. I'll keep this simple. I was made redundant in August last year. Around 2 months later my ex employer sent me a letter saying I owed them £300.00 for overtaken holidays. They have since reduced this figure to £160.00 as the first amount was an error on their part. I have checked my contract of employment and it does say they can deduct any overtaken holidays from my final salary. The fact is they failed to deduct the amount they now say I owe them. My query is that If the contract says they can deduct from my final salary but don't, then can they pursue me for this amount? Thanks Ots
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