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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Me again! I received a charge notice for parking on their clients property for a CHARGE NOTICE from Highview Parking, Bradfield Road Car Park, Sheffield S6 2BW Date: 18.12.18 Time: 19:47 Time left: 22:27 Duration: 2hrs 40 mins I had been for a meal at the Italian restaurant for my managers retirement hence the late time of arrival. The car park was empty and so presumed it would have exceeded the time period with it being unsociable hours. Having spoken with friends and family, I decided to ignore the first letter but have received a second one today to
  2. Good evening, My first post here ... 1 Date of the infringement 20/06/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 16/07/2018 reminder - never received any previous notices 3 Date received 18/07/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Y 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] Y (...) 19/07/2018 09:35:22 There was a traffic light failure on the exit of car park and I was stuck in the
  3. As usual, not looking for anything, just posting this so that others can have a giggle at Highview's expense. Since my last update on these clowns, I've received another 7 NTK's from the Muppet Show, all for different parking events. Date of Parking: 05/05/17 - Date of NTK: 03/07/17 - Received: 06/07/17 - (62 days after event) Date of Parking: 03/06/17 - Date of NTK: 04/07/17 - Received: 07/07/17 - (33 days after event) Date of Parking: 16/07/17 - Date of NTK: 10/08/17 - Received: 15/08/17 - (29 days after event) Date of Parking: 22/07/17 - Date of NTK: 27/09/17 - Received: 30/
  4. Hello, I have today received a letter from SCS Law who claim they've been instructed by Highview Parking Limited to recover an alleged penalty charge notice incurred by myself/my vehicle. Incensed by the content of this letter, I sought to establish what the address of the alleged contravention was supposed to have taken place it turns out to be my local gym where I've been a member for nearly 20 years and as such a legitimate user of their car park. I initially contacted Highview Parking to enquire about the reason for the letter and/or alleged contravention was adv
  5. Hello, My sister in law has just recieved a PCN form a company called Highview Parking. She overstayed in an anpr covered retail car park. She parked at night, so obviously the shops were all closed. They are asking for £85 reduced to £50 if she pays within 14 days. Is this one worth ignoring or should she appeal it? Thanks in advance for any advice
  6. I've received a parking ticket from Highview Parking - See attached. It states that the visit contravened the terms and confitions displayed on the signage. I used the facilities and thought i was well within the terms and conditions but they do not seem to think so.. Would appreciate any help with how to respond to this letter as i think they are acting unfairly. Cheers,
  7. I received a PNC from HighView Parking for an overrun of 2 hours at a retail car park in Livingston Scotland. In this particular case I was definitely not the driver and that is absolutely genuine. I obviously know who the driver is but not about to divulge this information to them. The alleged incident happened on Oct 30th 2016, their PNC is dated 7th November 2016 and I received the PNC via second class post today 16th Nov 2016 some 17 days later. I thought they only had 14 days for to send this out, but I could be wrong. Who on earth posts out time sensitive
  8. Well, as I predicted in my previous thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?476584-Highview-Parking-want-another-go-***Success*** I was half expecting a PCN from LowLife Parking for 7th & 8th April, and I have to admit, was rather surprised when they didn't send one. However, today, the postman has brought me a gift That'll be 29 days then, and as there was no NTD (as LowLife don't do those) it'll also be game over. I wonder if I'll get another one (for 8th April) on Monday The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
  9. I've had yet another PCN from Highview... This time though, I'm going to poke them (and others) with a stick and see what happens. Here's the letter that will be posted tomorrow. I think that should concentrate their minds one way or another As this ticket is for 1st April (It might be a April Fool ) I'm expecting another two PCN's for 7th and 8th April as the vehicle was parked there all day on both occasions. They're already chasing another one from 31st December 2016 that I didn't even bother posting about. There's something springing to mind about not bein
  10. I am a disabled badge holder on Friday I went to my local shopping center and parked in a disabled bay. The car park is a nightmare to park in at the best of times as the bays are surrounded by huge concrete posts. At the moment they are having modernisation done to the car park so half of it is closed off making spaces even more difficult. Cars are forced to park at odd angles to even get in the spaces. I returned to my car after shopping to find a ticket saying that I had not parked wholly in the bay. In fact I was parked at an angle with a tyre slightly
  11. Hello, My car lease company have received an invoice from Highview Parking which they have sent on to me, demanding £95 for staying in their carpark for 43 minutes. They initially offered a discount of £40 but by the time I received the letters from the lease company, the 14 days had expired. There is photographic evidence of me entering and leaving the car park. However, I used the car park to drop someone off at a police station opposite and returned again to collect them. I used the car park to turn around in as the signs stating that it was pay to park aren't visible until you ge
  12. My OH used local car-park on Sunday 22nd May to go shopping. Entered car park. No barriers or ticket collection on arrival. Returned to car-park went to enter car details in first machine, in which shut-down. Went to another machine entered details. Payment request advised in which she paid but this time did not take option to take receipt, in which she usually does. Therefore no way of not paying correct amount. Left car park and again no barriers on exit. Well today (2nd June 2016) she received the attached PCN (dated 31/5/16), details attached. On googling
  13. Hi all, Newbie here so please forgive me if this has been covered off elsewhere but I'm hoping for a quick bit of advice.... I made the mistake of leaving my car for 2 hours, 20 minutes and 3 seconds in a Highview car park on 11th December 2015. I'm certain that I was still present in the car for at least 20 minutes prior to leaving the car on a call, and any CCTV would back this up, doubt that's particularly relevant though. Anyhow, I've changed address since and have received no communication, or engaged in any form of dialogue with Highview Parking Ltd. As such I've had a l
  14. Hi there - I park in tesco wealdstone every thursday and saturday night, the sign was so small i had no idea that you were not allowed to park there. I use Tesco a lot. I received a letter with a £40 fine and a picture of my car entering and exitng the car park. I've googled it and read lots about this being non enforceable and hoping this is true! Can anyone give me guidance on what i need to do? Thank you v v much
  15. Hello all I will probably not be the only one to receive a demand from Highview/DRP for an old parking fine which they never followed through at the time of issue because I disputed the terms of the contract. However, in the post-Beavis era I guess they are now going through their records and restarting proceedings in dormant cases. So, quick question - for a parking fine issued in 2013 can they suddenly restart proceedings now (and demand payment in 7 days)? If they can, what is the best way to deal with them? I no longer have any of the original paperwork. I did inform th
  16. Hope someone can help ... Recieved a letter from Debt Recovery Plus this morning demanding a sum of £148,99! This charge, originally £90 was brought about firstly through Highview Parking for a longer than 2 hour stay in Livingston, Scotland. The car I was driving was a hired car, (Alamo / Europcar), which in turn gave Highview my name and address here in Germany. ( also charged an extra £35 from my credit card for doing them the service) Since then I have recieved a total of 3 letters from Highview Parking all of which I have ignored.... Just ignore this one too?
  17. Hi guys... here is my situation... I work for a charity in London on a beautiful summer's day (15th July 2015) we had to offload 1,500 cakes to be delivered to donors across the city to raise money for our charitable cause. Our volunteers are our delivery agents that go door2door personally delivering these cakes. We decided to meet at a retail car park, which was dead quiet that afternoon, to quickly unload the cakes from our van onto the volunteers' cars. However due to severe delays in traffic that day the van arrived 2 hours late. However the volunteer
  18. These clowns just don't learn. Received yet another PCN from them today, and have emailed them thus. Only this time, I've upped the stakes. If I were them, I know which option I'd choose
  19. Have received the usual 'waste paper' NTK from Highview Parking, and have emailed them thus. Can't wait for this reply I wonder which I shall get?
  20. Just thought I'd post this so that everyone can have a giggle. Back in April of this year, I received a Parking Charge Notice from Highview (as NTK). I ignored it. Then I got another, and I ignored that too. Then another. Guess what Then it all got serious lol. I got a letter (threat) from Debt Recovery Plus ltd, that if I didn't pay £149.99 they'd instruct their clients to take me to court. I ignored it. Then another letter arrived, which I also ignored. So.. This morning, I get yet another letter, but I decided to reply to this one via email. [ATT
  21. Having received, out of the blue, a fine from Highview parking in November 2013, I emailed them back the following... I am furious to receive this letter.. I am a law abiding, senior citizen and always park and pay correctly... There were 3 adults and a small child in the car. .We all are astounded that you have the cheek to send us this bill... The time clocked on us entering the site, does not take into account the 5 or 6 minutes after that, trying to find an 'all day' parking space in the underground part of the car park. .We could not find anywhere.
  22. Hi guys, Haven't been here for a while. Not since you all helped me out with some Excel Parking issues a couple of years ago. Anyhoo, I've now received one from Highview Parking for outstaying our welcome in a Tesco car park. In light of all the 'New law effective from 1st October 2012' malarky, what is the current advice? Back when I was dealing with Excel it was to just ignore and not to communicate with them in any way. Is that still the case? Or do these jokers have a bit more clout now? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi there As you can guess I've received a Charge Notice from the above and, having scoured this forum, am just concerned that legislation may have changed the 'ignore' instruction? If Highview did pursue this to court I think I would have little defence - whilst I quickly checked signage on entering the car park, I didn't actually use the store so maybe clear warnings inside? I have already written to Tesco as another poster found this successful. I only have a couple of days to pay the 'reduced' amount if that is now the advice so any guidance much appreciated.
  24. I was notified on the 22nd December, that on the 8th November 2012 I incurred charges at the Edward Street Car Park. I was to pay £95.00, or, if paid within 3 days, this would be reduced to £75.00. as luck would have it.. I had my pay and display ticket. Which was Printed wrong - the ticket said the 9th November 2012. I have challenged this and am able to prove I was not in the car park on the 9.11.12. But I am concerned for all the other people who parked in the car park, the length of time it has taken for me to be informed. Has anyone else recieved charges for parking in this
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