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  1. Hfc sent a letter after a claim asking for copy of the agreement and proof of final payment. The offer they have made falls short. I tried to phone the number but the guy I spoke to does not appear to understand what I'm saying. Again a call centre abroad. Can you look at this agreement and figures my spreadsheet so simple but they cant seem to accept it. They have stated total payments £526.75 = 8% 388.93 Total 915.68 Falls short according to my spreadsheet . They cant tell me where they got figures from in fact no help at all . Just need it checked prior to me sending a letter requesting breakdown.
  2. Hi all, have been visiting the forum over the past few months, other peoples posts and advice have really spurred me on to try to claim back mis-sold PPI from HFC! Long story short, had a loan which finished in 2011 and the only piece of paper I still had was the confirmation of loan paid off. Sent HFC a SAR which they duely responded to in January. Turns out I had three loans with them, the first loan was arranged via PC World in Nov 2004! Not sure if I was lucky with my SAR but I didnt expect to get info that far back, If you are in any doubt do a SAR! You might be surprised what you get back Now had copies from them of all three CCA's so complaint letter sent in along with three FOS Questionaires, one for each loan as the second was a re-finance of the first and the third a re-finance of the second. Yup you guessed it PPI on all three - certainly not asked for or advised I had it. Didnt even realise that I had it until I sorted through my SAR paperwork. Guessing this will include an element of rolled over PPI from one loan to the next? Had my confirmation letter from HFC today acknowledging reciept of my complaint and advising about the standard 6 week wait, aim for final decision within 8 weeks etc..... So now I wait! Will keep you all posted
  3. I found an old HFC Loan Agreement from 1986 not sure if anyone has claimed back that far. Will be sending the doc's off today will keep you informed. It's Ironic that at the top of the agreement it says TRUST would you trust them:roll: davsib:-)
  4. HI ALL Started a ppi claim with hfc bank for a loan taken out in july 97. I have the loan and policies of insurance agreement which have both been stamp in top corner paid in full. These have both been sent to hfc and got a letter back asking for these again, and bank statements or hfc account statements showing that the account had bene fit of ppi , but i have not got either of these. help needed!!!
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I took out a personal loan with HFC Bank in 2004 which after a year or so was passed to their debt collection agents and was settled in full around the end of 2009. I have recently submitted a PPI claim to them to which they responded within 2 weeks stating they agree that I was mis-sold PPI and was due compensation however according to their records I was still in arrears with them for almost the full loan amount and in turn only offering me a very small settlement figure which would be used as redress against the arrears. After obtaining a 'Settlement of Account' letter from their debt collection agents and forwarding this on to HFC Bank I have now received a letter stating that they accept that I am not in arrears however the settlement figure has remained the same despite their acceptance that the loan has been paid off in full. Are they correct to offer me the same amount as before but this time as a payment rather then a redress or should the settlement figure now take into account the full amount of what I have paid? Many thanks in advance.
  6. While sorting through some boxes in the loft I came across some old Loan agreements from HFC Bank. The loan was for £1237.00 add £649.40 interest at APR 19.6% The loan has Life covers £187.51 Act/Sick/Unem £215.02 Total £402.53 interest £211.27 @19.6% Total £613.80 On top of this we had to buy a policy called Take 5 which is a 15 year renewable term life insurance TAKE 5 £815.00 Life insurance £123.53 Act/Sick/Unem £141.64 Cost of the policy £1080.17 interest 566.83 @19.6% Total cost £1647.00 Both documents are the same date Jan 1989 I also have a bank statement from May 1991 showing payment to HFC for the loan I have sent my claim to HFC using the PPI-consumer-questionnaire 3 weeks ago including photo copy's of the documents. At the time of this loan both my wife and I were working for local authority, we would both get 6 month's full pay and 6 month's half pay and we had an endowment mortgage and I remember it was a hard sell but at the time we had no choice we needed the money. I have all the documents associated with this loan both green and pink copies and all the insurance documents. I have noticed that you claim interest at 8% but We were charged at 19.6% so should they not pay back at 19.6% If anyone can tell me what are the chances of success? Am I too late with this claim. Any other advice would be really appreciated. Think they must have been rubbing their hand when we walked through the door Thanks
  7. Hi All, I took out a loan with HFC bank in desparation at a low point in 2007, and realised very shortly after (5 payments later, to be exact), that I couldn't afford to pay it! I was sure at the time that I had misunderstood the agreement I was entering into, as I wanted to consolidate my existing CC payments and the new HFC payment was significantly more than this - I put this down to my confusion at the time, on reflection I think their tactics were shoddy to day the least but you live and learn!! I buried my head in the sand for quite some time and eventually HFC took me to court and got a CCJ. I then contested the payment and went to a hearing, where I was told by a Restons idiot that I was 'insolvent, ma'am' (!) which really spurred me on to start to take control of my situation. I am happy to say that in the last 5 years I have completely paid off a number of creditors and continue to pay the rest, all due to be paid in full by 2014. However, in reviewing my HFC account recently, I realised that I didn't think they had applied my original 5 payments on the loan to the figure they have on my CCJ. I SAR'd them, which they have replied to today, less than 40 days, which I found surprising. However, when I have looked through the information they have sent, they have not sent anything pertaining to the CCJ at all. Do I need to now SAR Restons to marry up the payments? The statement of my acccount from their computer system that they have sent me says I owe about £3k, which will be correct, but with the charges they beasted me for, I will still owe about £9k in reality. Neither Restons or HFC has ever sent me a statement of account - is this against FSA guidelines and if so is this anything I can pursue? Once I have determined whether they have actually credited my account with the payments I made, I want to know if there is any way I can 'contest' the charges they have applied to the CCJ. I know I should have done this at the time but I was going through a marriage breakdown and not thinking clearly - however the amount I have paid back monthly is only £40 less than what was on the original agreement, so it seems really unfair that they have turned an £8k debt into £15k. If there's nothing I can do then please feel free to tell me I was an idiot, I learned the hard way!! But I would really love to be able to make things hard for them - I am actually soon to be in a position to pay the whole outstanding debt off, but I would love to minimise how much that actually is. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated
  8. Hi folks, Quick explanation, I am new here any advice would be great! I had a loan with HFC as a young 20yr old and was taken for a mug massively. last year HFC repaid me over £3500 in interest and compensation for ppi I did'nt know was optional. I had a loan taken in 2006 for £5000 over 5 years. I was struggling in 2007/8 and made a few payments late and did miss some payments, hence I received a Default. The crux of this is, when HFC offered me compensation I stated in the offer letter I returned I would only accept this offer if the default was removed as they has admitted the loan and ppi was miss sold I wanted to be put back in the same position as I was before I took out this loan. I even said in the letter do not repay my loan and forward me the rest of my compensation if you do not remove this from my Credit Profiles! A number of weeks later I received a few thousand and my loan was repaid and to my excitement the whole HFC folder on my experian credit report had been removed restoring my credit back to over 900+ score ( it was the only negative item on my report). The problem came earlier this year when I was turned down for a mortgage and even a different bank account, I went to equifax and callcredit and realized they had'nt removed the defaults from these CRA's. I created a notice of correction with both expecting they would be updated to my surprise they were not. I wrote to HFC and they point blank refused to remove them on the other CRA's. Even though they agreed they had adjusted one CRA they basically said tough!! The question is what should I do now, I got a mortgage through a bank that used Experian and even managed to get a Mortgage advisers job in a bank because of how clean my Experian report is, I could probably get away with not having them corrected but I hate HFC for going back on our agreement and therefore want to chaise them up!! Advise would be greatly received!!!
  9. hi all im a newbie to all this im inquiring on behalf of my auntie & uncle who are in their 70s who i believe have been totally taken advantaged of by HFC bank in northampton. they went to them in 1996 to get a loan to take all the family on holiday to florida. long story short is that they came away with a loan of £15000 (alot more than they wanted) with ppi (which they didnt want) & the loan was also secured on their home ( which they didn't realize at the time & would definitely not have agreed to). i have helped my mum n a few friends reclaim bank charges & ppi in the past & are now helping them because im disgusted with what happened to them. they have not got the original agreement but have a few documents such as an early repayment letter with the account number on & a letter concerning the charge on the property. we wrote to HFC & have had a reply. in this they said that they had sent an earlier acknowledgement letter (which was never received by my relatives) also that they could not find any details of the account on their systems blah blah blah!! so they requested that my relatives send a copy of the agreement & statements etc. we have requested statements from the bank asap but we really need help & advice on our next move so if anyone could give some direction that would be FANTASTIC!! thanks peeps x:-D
  10. hi i applied to hfc for the refund of ppi on my account before i went bancrupt (7 years ago.), i have had a reply, but they want to offset the payment against monies owed to them. is this right. pt.
  11. Old loan to clear off cc from years ago. Just about to pay last £30 they grabbed £450 out of my account which included £420 late payment charges from 2003 - 2009. Talking to indian call centre is a waste of time, told them i was disputing the charges and i would make the last payment of £30. sent me a paying in slip(would not give them my new account details). On the same day got a letter from dca asking me to ring them.(as if). any advice on getting these late charges sorted.
  12. ............or any other name they are calling themselves:roll: Tried phoning a couple of companys that reclaim for you, but as its not a straightforward claim they dont want to know. So I thought I would ask here for advice and possibly help and go it alone We took out a loan in 2004, it was more or less said it would be better if we took out the ppi, even though they knew I got 6mths full pay from my employer if I was ill. A few years later I phoned and asked to cancel the ppi only to be told that the only way to do it was, as they no longer did unsecured loans, I would have to take out a secured loan to cover the original loan. So as I didn't want to get a secured loan I just carried on. Unfortunately, in 2009 I was made redundent, so as I had the ppi, I claimed on it for the 12mths. I managed to get a job, but on reduced hours and money and arranged to reduce payments. I have recently found out that the ppi policy has been cancelled because of the reduced payments. I also believe the policy is what is known as front loaded. I also have the agreement that shows this. So, what I want to know is, do you think its worth me claiming?
  13. I have received one payment from HFC for one loan for 7 months ending in December 2001. There were 8 other loans which they say they had no paperwork on and therefore I should go away. I was lucky enough to have a credit expert printout which listed all the loans giving the term and monthly payment. I have written to HFC giving them a copy of the print out and telling them that the fact that they could find one loan from 2001 but not the last one settling in 2005 is astonishing and that unless they make a sensible offer I will issue County Court proceedings. Can somebody tell me how I can work out what the compensation is likely to be. The payment I have just received was for £380 on 7 months of payments at £285 over 180 months. I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you
  14. sent off letter to hfc for mis sold ppi and recieved letter back saying they have looked into it and they did not set up ppi.i sent them proof of the ppi as i still have the original loan agreement what i dont understand is if they did not set up the ppi who did.any help much appreciated thankyou
  15. Hi Would be gratefull for any advice I put in a claim for ppi on a loan (Nov 2004) I do not have bank statements for 2004/2005 but recollect It was for a car. I have a copy of the loan agreement (not signed by either parties) I used the fos claim form which was sent by recorded delivery on the 17th Aug.with a copy of the loan agreement because the 8 week deadling was up..with no corrispondence from HFC. I telephoned them today to chase my claim.....the response was as follows They have no details of any claim or account with them? this was followed by me giving them the loan agreement number.. and quoting that they signed for the claim form on the 19th Aug. Response the loan agreement number i provided to them was not my name or address? they do not have a copy of the loan agreement They also require copies of bank statements to prove payments were made. A letter was on its way to me regarding my claim strange since they started off telling me they have no record of my claim form or any details of this loan on there system? Would welcome any advice on what should be my next move should be with HFC Tony
  16. This my second post as it seems my last one went amiss, been a while could any one advise Claimed a ppi refund my husband took a personal loan a few years ago with HFC bank , he paying the loan after about a year had financial diificulties so it went to ccj (pass six years on ) and went to third party debt collector please could you advise , as he is still paying it off if the ppi refund will go to third party dca or go straight to my husabnd. I had a small debt that had gone to dca but i had a ppi refund straight back to me.
  17. Hi, Having issue with HFC put in ppi claim they amint they mis sold offer sum then say they will take it of the debt owned hfc sold debt to tbi and they have not forward the money to them just want to take of the debt owned to them. Question if they sold the debt then how can they still have outstanding balance second question do hfc own TBI Help pls spoke to FOS there cases are 12-18 mths behind
  18. I have SAR HFC and they have twice returned my £10 postal order saying they have closed the account 6years ago. I have also informed the ICO. I have done 2 LBA but still have not got compliance by HFC. What is the County Court process please.
  19. i checked my experian about a year ago and it was fine, fine again today. I have only about £3.5k of unsecured debt and can manage this quite easily but I was surprised to see an account in arrears on my equifax report.. .an old loan i was a guranteeror on in 2008 (stupid and young, for an ex bf) the last payment was made in 2008 june and since then its showing as this.. 6 payments late since december 2008. now the current balance is showing as £450 for an outstanding amount of £270 and I can easily clear this in two payments (1 if the car wasnt getting mot'd next month!) and understand that i will have to live with this adversity however if its not been paid shouldnt it have hit default by now? I have written to HFC twice an they have come back asking for signature to look into the matter so today I have sent official CCA request highlighting they do not require my signature to send me this information. any tips on how to deal with this?
  20. hello, this is my first post here, so there will probably be mistakes along the way but I'll try my best. I recently sent a SAR to hfc, this was replied to by them on 17/08/12 but not actually franked by them till the 22/08/12 and was received by myself today (my letter was dated and sent on the 10/08/12 and was signed for by them the next day. the letter says they need proof of my identity in form of copy of driving licence or passport, they also returned my £10 cheque and said once they have received a resubmitted claim with the extra info, their 40 days will start, is this right?? I no longer live at the address that I lived at when I had the loans with them (1 to pay off another of their loans by the looks of things) and I believe this is why I will probably have to supply them with the above, again, is this why?? they also put a line in that said "details of any account which has been closed over six years may no longer be held on our systems" I do have some paper work with relation to my loans that I had, but only found it last week, after I was given some personal belongings my mum found in her loft, unfortunately it isnt a great deal of paper work, though I can tell that i had what appears to be two loans, the second paying off the first, with ppi on both, and also health and life insurance on the second loan, it was a four year loan, which I paid off after only 6 months as my mum was horrified when she saw the 31%apr and £28.48 a month ppi payments! I am going to continue to pursue these people as even my mum can remember how horrible they were to deal with, and I remember being told that if I didn't take all the extras with the loan I wouldn't get the loan approved, ahhhh to be young and naive again!! that's all I can think of for now! i will post up my loan details if anyone thinks that would help? thanks Tony
  21. I am trying to help my sister in law with her fianances since her husband died in June. Trying to tread carefully because she is in a very vunrable state. She has an Equity Loan with HFC and her payments are £600+ a month. Now she tells me that they did go to the omnibus when her husband was first diagnosed with rapid MS in 2008 but there was no PPI on the loan. She has been paying the above amount each month out of savings even though her husband became incapable of dealing with finances late 2008. I actually got to see the credit agreement and having dealt with welcolme finance the credit agreement didn't look like it was worth the paper it was written on. She also signed this credit agreement so the loan has transferred over to her. I have told her not to speak to them on the phone which landed on deaf ears as she did discuss with them her present situation applying for ESA (employment support ) they agreed to send an income and expenditure form and are moving her payments till later in the month. They also said they would give her till sometime in September to send this I&E form back (haven't seen that letter) so I don't know the exact date but they are still taking the full amount from her bank account. If i had delt with this how I wanted I would have got all payments stopped until she knows what her future finances are going to be. Now I would like advice how to deal with this would you recommend SAR that way I have a copy of everything and hopefully see if there was any PPI on the loan or not. I can see we are going to have real trouble with HFC because when we do get to the adjusted payment stage it's not going to be anywhere near what they will want her to pay. I want to make this as less painful as possible for her because of her circumstances but know to these corporations she is just a number and they have no feeling or sentiment to her predicament.
  22. Hi All I am new to PPI claims and would like some advise if possible. I have discovered through looking back over old paperwork I have paid PPI insurance on a Beneficial Bank loan I had back in 1998 which I never agreed to. I was told I had to take out this insurance in order to get the loan. I was working FT and had no requirement for this Loan was approx £1500 PPI charge was approx £395 I have today rang through to HFC bank 0845 6023793 who advised me that they have no record of my account and that I would need write to their complaints department proving that I have paid PPI. They have asked that I send in a copy of my agreement and also a copy of the bank statements proving I have paid the PPI. Although I do have the original copies of the agreement unfortunately I do not have a copy of my bank statements going back that far. Does this mean I have no chance of claimimg this PPI. If I do still have a chance is there any advice you can give me to take this further and is their a standard letter template I could use Thanks for your help Regards B
  23. Hi guys, I'm new to this site but I had an HFC and a Beneficial Finance loan that I took out back when I was a student working part time, I have my old bank statements showing the payments made to them but not the original loan paperwork or loan agreement number/account number so is the first step sending off £10 and a SAR request to try and find out this information? Sorry for being a noob but I am new to this. Thanks, Craig
  24. We have just found out that we may be able to claim PPI back from HFC & Welcome, we have been in touch with Welcome and they do admit we have 2 accounts but they were cleared in 2001 & 2002 they still have the account details as they quoted them to us after we phoned the ffsc for help. The account with the HFC was cleared again in 2003 and we think they still have the account on record to. We have been told that we may still be able to claim the PPI back for both as we only discovered that we may be entitled to in 2011 we have been told we have 3 years to make a claim after the date we dicovered we could claim it back . The questions are as follows 1. Can we still get the PPi for both. 2. Does the 3 year time period apply to us. 3. If we can what is the best way to go about it for both. Thanks very much in anticipation. Dave
  25. Posting for a friend, currently in dispute with Lowells, claiming for statute barred debt (Scotland), os balance £380 which originated from HFC. Reclaimed PPI from HFC and was offered £280 which he accepted. Ph HFC today enquiring where monies were and was told they had paid the monies to Lowells. He wasn`t informed at anytime this was going to happen. If a PPI refund is for monies he has already paid for missold insurance, can they legally give this to Lowells? Any advice appreciated.
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